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Time flies very quickly, tomorrow Arnav is of 18 years while Khushi has turned 15 years.

Arnav was sitting on the stairs looking upset when Khushi comes there and seeing him so gloomy she too sat beside him and asked “Buddy, what happened? Why are you so sad?”

“Nothing like that Angel,” said Arnav trying to smile which didn’t reach his eyes.

“Buddy, you will lie to your angel now?” asked Khushi pouting.

“To accomplish my dream I want to go to U.S. angel. But I don’t have enough money for the same and now I think that I will not be able to fulfil my dream,” he said sighing.

“Buddy keep faith in devimaiya and everything will be fine.”

“Don’t believe in her so much angel. If your devimaiya has to give us something then why will she snatch anything from us at first place itself,” said Arnav irritated at her belief on that stone idol.

“Okay buddy. Not on devimaiya but if you have believe in your angel then just for once pray to devimaiya. Pretty please,” she pleaded to him.

Now how can Arnav neglect her innocent pleads? Moreover he knew he believe her, maybe more than himself because it is only her who can bring smile on his face even in the worst time. Thinking all this he cupped her face and said “Okay angel, I will pray to your devimaiya but not because I believe in her but in you.”

“Awee…. I love you buddy,” she said hugging him making him felt a jolt ran through him as Khushi’s soft body was crushing in his hard manly chest making him smile and soon he too reciprocate the hug.


Next day Prachi went towards Tanuja’s room and knocked the door. Tanuja who was looking out of the window lost in her thoughts came out of her revere and look towards the door only to see Prachi standing on the threshold of the door and smilingly she gestured her to come inside and asked “Prachi beta you here at this time? I hope everything is fine dear.”

“Yes maaji everything is fine. Actually I have come here to let you know that money has been arranged for Arnav to go to U.S. and fulfil his dreams. So you don’t worry now.”

“But Prachi from where did you get the money?” asked Tanuja in a shocked voice.

“Maaji. I have arranged everything. You just don’t worry. After all Arnav is also like my son.”

“But Prachi…”

“No maaji. If you have really believed that I think Arnav as my son then you will not say anything.”

“Thanks Prachi beta. Otherwise I had lost all my hopes,” said Tanuja with moist eyes and soon the day comes when Arnav has to leave for US.

“Angel you will miss me naa?” asked arnav cutely cupping her cheeks.

“Buddy, you are my best friend, so I can’t forget you ever and it means that I don’t have to miss you because we miss those to whom we forget. But yes it may happen that you will forget me. Moreover they you will get many new friends, especially girls to replace me,” she said pouting sadly.

“Hmm… You are right. Moreover they will be so hot that there will be no time for me to remember you,” said Arnav with a lopsided smile.

“Haw! Buddy, you will really forget me?” asked Khushi sadly pouting with tear brimming in her eyes.

Seeing her pouting so cutely Arnav just wishes to take those pouting lips but soon mentally smacked himself and said “Or else what angel? If you will ask me these kind of questions then I too will answer you like that only,” saying this he hugged her and added “I can never forget you angel always remember it.”


It’s been long that Arnav and Khushi have not seen each other, ten long years to be precise. Such a long time can change anyone, but have they change? Only time will tell this.

Khushi was sitting in her room smiling to herself. And why not?  Tomorrow her buddy is coming back to India. This news is enough to bring a hearty smile on her face.

‘Buddy I know that our friendship is too lovely and out of this world. Please come back buddy. Now I can’t wait anymore. Your angel is waiting for you,’ she thought excitedly but then her smile soon turn into a frown and she murmurs “But I don’t even know whether you still remember me or not? Because there in U.S. you must have so many butterflies around you who would want to suck you up like a vampire. Moreover it’s been ten long years neither we have seen each other nor have we talk to each other,” saying this she remembered her last talk with her buddy where she took that promise from him.


“Buddy I want a promise from you,” said Khushi seriously.

“Yes angel ask me. My angel wants something from me and I don’t abide by it, it can never happen. If my angel will ask me to bring stars and moon on Earth hen I will do that too. You have to only command me,” said Arnav cupping her cheeks.

“Oye! Don’t rodomontade so much. First promise me that you will do as I say,” said Khushi showing her index finger to him at which he cutely nodded making her sigh in relief and then she said “Promise me buddy that you will not call me till the time you decide to return back.”

“What? Have you gone nuts? You very well know that I can’t keep myself from talking to you,” he said in a shocked voice hearing her demand.

“I know buddy and that’s the reason that I am asking this from you. Buddy I don’t want our friendship to become a hindrance in your studies. You have my promise,” she said looking straight looking away not wanting to fall weak.

“Okay, I agree,” he said slightly frustrated at this but soon his naughty mind works and he said smirking “See angel, I agree with you so now you also have to agree with me.”

“Yes, tell me.”

“Give me something with which I can feel you near me every moment.”

“Huh!” she thinks for a few minutes and then ran away saying “Wait for a minute I will just come.”

Khushi ran to her room and came back and giving her photo to Arnav said “take this buddy. Now whenever you remember me just look at this photo of mine and you will feel me near you.”

“I don’t need this photo of yours. I was talking about something else,” he said slightly irritated and then directly look in her eyes so intently which makes her shivered. And then Arnav without any warning kisses her forehead, then her both eyes and then at last took her soft pink plump lips in his and taste her sweet nectar. But after a minute when he doesn’t find her responding to him he parted himself, closed his eyes and cursed himself for doing so. But then he needed it now to survive as his angel has restrict him to even call her.

Opening his eyes he look towards Khushi who was standing their looking like a confused kitten and cupping her face he said “I am sorry for the rush Khushi. I know you are confused but at the same time I know that when I will return back, at that time your this confusion was over. Moreover I needed something of you to hold onto and I have get it now. So, I think I should leave,” saying this he left from there, not before giving a peck on her forehead.

-Flashback Over-

‘He was so right,’ thought Khushi as true to his words today she knew what that kiss was for and smiling to herself she murmurs “I am waiting for you buddy. Come back soon.”


“Sheena you have talk to her. Right?” asked Somesh.

“Aree! Why are you worrying so much? She has gone on me. You just see how she will accomplish for what she is there. Huh! Here all are thinking about Arnav and Khushi while there Arnav is head over heels in love with our daughter Trisha,” said Sheena smirking.

“But does they know the same? I don’t think so. Hahaha… They will get the biggest shock of their life when arnav will reveal what he wants,” said Somesh cunningly.


“You are looking ravishing,” he said staring at her from top to bottom while she just shied away. Arnav started moving towards her with his eyes boring in her while she kept backing away. Seeing her stepping backward Arnav pulled her from the waist making her land on his manly chest. He nuzzled in the crook of her neck and inhale deeply, then kissed her earlobe making her lost under his black magic. He started giving her butterfly kisses on her collarbone and when he feels her knees getting weaker he pick her in his arms and marched towards the bed. After laying her on the bed he hovered over her and took her lips in his. After a long passionate kiss he moves down and started placing kisses all over her neck and collarbone. Satisfied he moves down and started cupping her breast making her moan in ecstasy. When he could not get enough he tore open her top and took one of her twin in his mouth while kept messaging the other one.

“Arnav,” said Trisha.

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  1. Oh my god he forgot khushi and is in a physical relationship with trisha what will happen to khushi feeling sad for khushi what will be her reaction when arnav will tell his family about having a girl freind can't wait for next part.

  2. hi
    how can he do that khushi. I hate him. khushi is going to shattered after this. hope her devi maiya help her to go through this.

  3. Oh no
    there khushi is waiting for arnav to return to her
    n he is in love with another
    or is it just lust?
    Fingers crossed when he sees khushi the other girl is history
    Hoping its love at forst sight when he sees khushi
    dont want her to be hurt

  4. Hahaha….Khushi is pinning for Arnav and he is being all Romeo and lusty in US….is it only Trisha or there were many others like Risha, Tina. Shila…etc.

    Am sure he remembers his Angel….10 years gap is no joke they really need a strong reconstruction!

    Love the update and wait for the next part👍


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