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A boy of 13 years having chocolaty eyes was continuously crying… And due to the excessive crying his eyes were swollen and mouth becomes thirsty… But he does not care…
On the other hand an elderly lady draped in a white sari was performing last rituals of two persons while she also has tears in her eyes… And supported by two another person throughout the ceremony- Prachi Gupta.
A 10 year old girl having hazel eyes, cute button like nose, pink plump lips who was watching the boy continuously crying can’t control herself and went towards the boy and placing her chubby hands on his shoulders said “Hey, Why are you crying?”
“Huh! You go from here. I am not in a mood to talk to anyone,” said the boy jerking the girl’s hand away from his shoulder.
“Haw! I am only trying to lighten your mood. So that you don’t cry anymore. Okay wait,” saying this she try to find something in her bag, and at last when she found it she extends her hand forward towards him which has Dairy Milk and said “Take it.”
“Huh! What will I do with this?” asked the boy confusedly.
“Aree Buddhu!  You will eat it else what,” saying this the girl giggles to herself.
“But this is yours, and mommy said that we shouldn’t take other’s things,” said the boy and soon remembering his mom and dad he started to cry again.
“Aree! Why are you crying?”
“You won’t understand,” said the boy wiping his tears.
“Then make me understand,” said the girl cutely cupping her face.
“No one can make you understand what I am going through because I lost my parents and not you,” said the boy irritatingly while the girl sadly looks at him and then said in a babyish voice “I understand… Because I too lost my father when I was just 6 year old.”
At this the boy looked at her with a stunned face while the girl continued “But you know I am not sad about it because my mom told me that now my father has become a star, and he is always watching me from the sky  because he loves me loads.”
“If he loves you then why does he left you,” asked the boy innocently with moist eyes.
“Because god needs him more than me, stupid,” said the girl with a small smile.
At this the boy looked away from her while the girl nudged him and extending her hands towards the boy asked “Mujhse frendship karoge?” (Will you be my friend?)
That boy stared at her and after a while smiled shaking his hand with her and said proudly “My name is Arnav Singh Raizada.”
“And my name is Khushi Kumari Gupta,” she said in the same manner and then both become friends unaware of the fact that what their friendship will turn into the future.
Yes the boy is Arnav while the cute girl is Khushi and the lady performing the last rite is Tanuja Raizada- grandmother of Arnav.
Tanuja Raizada was crying while Prachi Gupta was trying to console her.
“Maaji please don’t cry,” said Prachi.
“Prachi beta… What will happen now and how will I manage all?”
“Maaji please don’t say so… Trust devimaiya… She will show us the path.”
“What to expect from devimaiya now. She has snatched everything from us by snatching my son and daughter-in-law.”
“Don’t say so maaji. If she has snatched something then she will give us back our happiness. As of now we should leave for home. Think about Arnav. He has only you now.”
“Yes, Prachi dear you are right. Let us go.”
And they all head towards Raizada mansion. But when they entered the mansion they were shocked to see the packed luggage.
“To whom this luggage belongs to?” asked Tanuja wondering who has kept it here.
“Who else? It is yours,” said a lady wearing a cyclamen colour zari sari with loud makeup coming downstairs.
“What are you saying Sheena?” asked Tanuja not understanding anything.
At this Sheena smiles evilly, but even before she could answer another person came from behind and said “She is saying correct because now this mansion and the so called company, both are in my name.”
“But how is that possible Somesh?” asked Tanuja in a shocked voice.
“It is,” saying this he showed the property papers to them and then said “I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry I will give u a short reply. We cheated you. Now you may go,” said Somesh with an evil smirk plastered on his face while his wife Sheen too smiles evilly.
“At last you have shown that you are an adopted child who can never become ours. And Sheena you? My son has always treated you like his sister and this is what you have given to us in return?” said a teary eyed Tanuja.
“We are like this only and will remain like so. It was your mistake to trust us. Well now you just move out of here because still now I am thinking about your age but if you didn’t move then I will have to throw you out of the mansion myself,” said Somesh with no regret and as soon as they move out he too left from there with his wife.
“Now where will we go? He has taken advantage of my child’s innocence.”
“Maaji please don’t say like this. Our house is also your house,” said Prachi.
“No Prachi, I don’t want to become a burden on you.”
“How can you say like that maaji? When you have helped me in my need of time then why you feel that I can’t help you in your need. Yes our house is not big like your mansion but still it has enough space for all of us”
“How can you compare it Prachi. I don’t need a big house because what matters to me is how big your heart is. Okay dear let us move to your house,” saying this she smiled slightly and they all headed towards their destination.
After few days
“Angel wake up. Today we have to go to fair,” said Arnav trying to wake up Khushi who is sleeping soundly.
“Oyee! Why you called me angel? My name is Khushi Kumari Gupta,” she said opening her drowsy eyes.
“I know. But don’t you know that you are my angel?”
“But why?”
“Because you befriended me when I needed a true friend by heart. So you are my angel.”
“Okay, then I will also call you something. Yes, you are my buddy and I am buddy’s angel,” she said and then giggles herself while a smile formed on Arnav lips too.
Soon there days started passing away and their bond of friendship grew even stronger than before.
But like it is said that life has two face joy and sorrow, so likewise their bad days kick in again.
As soon they started facing financial problems because Raizada’s all property and money was taken over by Sheena and Somesh Raizada and they didn’t give them even a penny from that money.
This financial crisis started taking a toll on Arnav’s mind and he promises to himself that he will become rich enough and then one day would take his parents hard earned money back from those cheaters who backstabbed them for their greed and selfishness.
Now he started taking his mind off from other things and concentrated only on studies so as to get successful but still he never forget to have some fun time with his angel.
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  1. Beautiful start…..Arnav staying at Khushi's place and she is his angel…..ouchhhh lovely!!! Would love to read this story further. Thank you.
    eka.verma (IF name)


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