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PART- 4 (Last Part)


“Oh shit!” said Arnav realising that Khushi has heard their talks.


“What happened Arnav?” asked Trisha parting from the hug.


“Trisha baby, you have to go to the market and bring gifts for all of my family members,” he said cupping her face.


“But why?” asked a confused Trisha with this sudden demand.


“Ofo! To impress them or else what?”


“Okay, but you are also coming with me. Right?” she asked.


“No, I have some important work which I want to finish before you come back. So you have to go alone.”


“Oh! Okay,” saying this she moves out from there while after some time he too move towards Khushi’s bedroom giving some instruction to Aman on his phone.


“Aman give them the notice because now time has come for them to face ASR.”


“Okay sir”


“Hmm…” saying this he cuts the phone and keep it back in his pocket and then knock the door of Khushi’s room.


But upon getting no response from her he said “Khushi open the damn door or else I will break it.”


Within a minute he heard the voice of turning of knob and soon the door was open. As soon as he got inside his heart cried upon seeing the whole room in mess while tears flowing from his angel’s eyes.


“Angel,” whispered Arnav painfully.


“What you want now Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?” asked Khushi angrily, the words he said to Trisha still ringing in her ears.


Hearing her taking his full name he felt a searing pain in his heart, but he doesn’t feel angry knowing well that it is all his fault so he said calmly “Angel just for once hear me out, please.”


“Don’t call me that. I am not your angel, not anymore. Your angel has died,” shouted Khushi while angry tears flow out from her eyes.


Hearing her say something like this Arnav got angry and in next moment she was pinned to the wall and he was kissing her madly. The kiss shows hunger, passion and his possessiveness.


Khushi was feeling like she was in some other world which was like heaven to her but then the position in which she saw Arnav and Trisha and then those words which Arnav said to her came in her mind and she jerked him away giving a tight slap on his left cheek.


“What do you think of yourself? Hmm! That you will play with the feelings of two girls and none will say you anything,” she asked angrily.


Arnav was hurt that his angel think so low of him, but then he knew that it was not her fault fully. So he thought to first clear her doubts and said “Angel, do you want to know why I am doing this all?”


“Yes… I want to”


“Okay, so now listen Trisha’s full name is Trisha Raizada. She is the daughter of Somesh and Sheena Raizada- adopted brother of my dad who cheated us and after my parent’s demise throw us out on road. She came to U.S. on the insistence of her parents who are now behind the property and money I have earned with my hard-work. She wanted me to fall for her charms and then somehow make me signed the property papers just how her dad did with mine. But, I was aware of all of this. Still I pretended to know nothing and act as per their plan. While on the other side I was gathering information about my ancestral property which they snatched from us by cheating which in reality belongs to me. I am just pretending angel so that I can give them the punishment they deserve.”


“So you don’t love her?” she asked in a baby voice.


“No- Never”


“So that means you are not in love with anyone?”


“Ugh! Well angel I am in love that’s for sure,” he said with a lopsided grin.


“And who is that?” she asked disappointed as she was thinking to confess her feelings to him.


“I am in love with my angel- with you Khushi,” he said cupping her cheeks and then without any warning takes her soft and luscious lips for a soul searing kiss and this time Khushi also responded to him.


After a long passionate kiss they both parted for some much needed air when Arnav said rubbing his thumb pad on her lower lip “Angel, you know that in my dreams I daily used to saw you in my arms kissing you like a mad person.”


This makes Khushi beetroot red while Arnav after pecking her forehead make space between them and then taking out some papers from his coat pocket he said “Okay angel, on a serious note I want your sign on these papers.”


“Why? What are these papers for?” asked a confused Khushi.


“Do you believe me?” he asked.


“More than myself.”


“Then sign them.”


“Okay,” saying this she signed on the papers without even reading them.




Next day Trisha came to Arnav’s room and said in a tensed voice “Arnav I need your help.”


“Anytime baby, just tell me.”


“Actually Arnav, my dad’s business is facing financial problem so I was thinking if you can help him.”


“No problem. But Trisha I can’t take personal advantage as you know that my business is in partnership. So you have to mortgage something in return of the money I will be financing you,” he said hiding the grin which was threatening to form on his lips.


Arnav somehow convinces Trisha the same and they mortgage Raizada Mansion or say sold it to Arnav as they thought that soon Trisha is going to marry Arnav and all this will come back to them eventually. For Arnav, it is what he was waiting from long as majority of shares of Raizada company has already been purchased by him through his different sources and now with the Mansion getting back to him he has got what he desired.


So after a few minutes he said “Trisha, I was thinking to declare my future wife in front of all as now I am not willing to wait anymore.”


“Wow! That’s great Arnav. When are you going to do it?”


“Tomorrow evening. Come with your parents as it will be a big day for you.”


“For us Arnav.”


“Yes, for us,” he said smirking.




Next day the party was on its full swing. Everyone was enjoying it and was waiting to know who has stolen the heart of this hottest hunk.


On the other side Arnav was waiting for Trisha, when he saw Khushi descending downstairs in red sari looking like an angel.


But soon he was brought back from his revere hearing Trisha’s voice.


“Hey Arnav…”


“Hey Trisha! Your parents?” he asked looking around not able to see them anywhere.


“They are coming in a minute. But I can’t wait anymore for you to announce about us to the world,” she said lost in her own world.


At this Arnav smile and saying her to wait for a few minutes headed towards the stage and then addressed all “Ladies and Gentlemen today I wants to introduce you to my fiancé and the most beautiful lady of this world who have stolen my heart.”


At this Trisha blushes to herself.


“So please welcome the angel of my life- Miss Khushi Gupta soon to be Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada,” said Arnav leaving a shocked Trisha who watched both of them exchanging rings in front of the whole world and later she along with her parents were given a reality check, after which they left from there cursing their fate.


Next morning Trisha with her parents were thrown out of their mansion mean or better say Raizada Mansion which is the legacy of Arnav Singh Raizada and is now on the name of his angel.


The people who cheated them for their own greed got what was due to them. Years back they have thrown the real owners on the roads without any mercy and today the justice was met to those people as the real culprits in a same way were thrown out of the same mansion.


While both Arnav and Khushi lives a beautiful and peaceful life with their increasing love for each other till eternity.




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  1. Wonderful story
    Loved the whole story together
    Its really a sweet and beautiful story
    Thanks for giving us such a lovely story
    IF id (star_fan1)

  2. Nice one
    Sad this story ended so soon
    Glad it was all Arnavs plan to get back what was stolen from him
    N he never had interest in anyone but his angel
    Loved how he introduced her to the world n his ex gf shock
    Gonna miss this story and missing cross connection too plz update soon

  3. Loved the ending, brilliant. Arnav got everything he had lost. Happy ending with Arshi, loved the story. Regards lily30 from IF.

  4. A beautiful journey which started from an innocent friendship in the childhood and survived the test of time and bloomed into a wonderful love.

    Well written 🙂

    Lots Of Love.. 🙂 🙂


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