PART- 27

After offering her prayers to her deity Devyani descended from the stairs of the temple and moved towards the backside to meet guruji and asked him for all the unanswered questions.


Entering the small hut she finds him and his disciples sitting on mat in meditation with their eyes closed. Not wanting to disturb them she was going when she heard his voice.


“After reaching so closed to find the answers one should never backs away.”


Turning she saw guruji opening his eyes and looking towards her with a faint smile.


“Pranam guruji!” Devyani said joining her hands after facing him and then bending a little to show her respect while he just smiled nodding his head and then gestured his disciples to leave.


As soon as the disciples leave Devyani move towards him and joining her both hands kneel down in front of him.


“Help me guruji! My child is in problem and I can’t see her in any problem. Please help me.”


At this guruji smiled and said “Joy and sorrow are part and parcel of life Devyani ji. No one on this earth can remain untouched of it. And a mother will always worry for her child’s safety. Then what is new in it?”


“What is new in it? You’re asking me this guruji? You knew what had I lost in my life, god has snatched everything from me. Now the only precious asset of mine is my grand-daughter Khushi. And it seems she too is in danger then how can I be calm,” she asked worried for her child.


“Life and Death are inevitable parts of life. The one who has taken birth has to die one day. The difference is just that some live long and others short,” he said with a serene smile playing on his lips.


“I’m not saying that you’re wrong guruji and that’s the reason even after so much sufferings I’ve not lost my trust in god. But then I don’t want my Khushi to suffer the same fate as the other one. All I want is my grand-daughter to have a normal life.”


At this guruji asked with a smile “So how can I help you in that?”


“Only you can help me guruji. I know that you knew what is happening with her and why. So I just want you to tell me the same guruji,” she pleaded earnestly at this he just smiled and said “I’ve said you earlier too and saying now also that I can’t tell you anything as it’s god’s chosen path and I’m nobody to end up noticeably an obstacle in it. And regarding the things which are happening with your grand-daughter then all I would say is it’s her destiny.”


Upon seeing Devyani going to say something he interrupted her and said “See Devyani ji every person’s birth has its own goal to accomplish and they’ve to travel alone on the path which will lead them to their goal. Maybe what you’re thinking as a threat to your grand-daughter’s life in reality is her destiny.”


“I didn’t get you guruji,” she asked confused.


“You remember Devyani ji what I’ve told you when you’ve shown me her horoscope for the first time?” he asked at which she nodded remembering that incident.



“Guruji this is the horoscope of my younger grand-daughter. Please have a look at it,” Devyani said forwarding the horoscope towards him.
  Taking the horoscope he looked at it and then started doing some calculations on his fingers.
  After few minutes he looked up and said “She isn’t a normal child. She has born for completing the uncompleted. With her things will change. Evil will try to trap her but her belief and love will win over it. Bad eye will always be there on her but god itself will protect her from evil. Wherever she’ll go, she’ll bring happiness and her presence will be like a melody to all, that’s why from today she’ll be known as KHUSHI.



Devyani came out of her stupor and said “Yes guruji I remembered that.”


“If you really do then you would never have a doubt in your mind regarding the same,” taking he deep sigh he continued “Devyani ji I can understand your situation as a guardian. But I would just say that let the things happen as per god’s wish. Haven’t you heard that it’s great when things happen as per our wish however in the event that they don’t then that’s best as it implies that now things are occurring as per god’s wish and will.”


“Thank you! Thank you guruji for clearing my doubts, to help me regain my shaken trust in god,” saying this and bowing her respect to the elderly man she left from there with a contended heart while the man kept looking at her retreating figure and soon a smile etched on his lips and he murmurs “Your fear is right at your place as the time for battle of love and hate is soon going to resurface once again. But unlike earlier, this time good will overcome the evil. The second chance god has given to her is just to prove this world that how much ever the power of disdain ends up noticeably solid yet toward the day’s end love will overcome it all. This time the incomplete story will be completed because true love has enough power to obliterate the evil.”








After finishing her meeting Khushi reached back her cabin and slumped down on the chair, leaning back she closed her eyes in tiredness when there was a knock on the door.


“Come in,” she said straightening-up herself only to find Sheena entering inside with a smile.




Hearing her say that Khushi frowned at which she immediately corrected her and said “Oops! Sorry! Khushi, here is your coffee.” Saying this she placed the cup on the table and then added “Umm! Khushi you and ASR have a meeting with Mr. Raheja at 4 O’clock in Vivanta.”


“Oh! Okay! Arnav knows?” she asked at which she nodded and said “Yes! Aman just confirms it.”


“Hmm! Okay then,” saying this she looked at her wrist watch and added “Its half past two, so there is still some time I believe. Umm! How much time will it take?”


“It’ll take around 45 minutes.”


“Okay! In the mean time I’ll go through the Desai Project. Bring its file,” she said but upon seeing Sheena hesitating she asked “What happened? Do you want to say something?”


“Umm! Khushi! Actually! It’s that…”


“Oh come on Sheena! Spit it out,” she said a bit irritated.


“Actually Khushi Aman had said that ASR will be coming here anytime now as he wished to go along with you for the meeting.”


“What? But why?” she asked shocked at the piece of information she just received.


“Ugh! Ugh! You are asking the question to the wrong person,” Arnav said standing at the threshold with his usual smirk.


“Arnav you here?” Khushi asked still not able to grasp the happenings, just a minute before Sheena had told her that he’ll be coming here and now he stood here in front of her in all his glory.


Entering he gestured Sheena to go which she obliged, and then looking towards Khushi he said “Well! I know I’m handsome but you don’t have to make it so obvious Khushi.”


“What? Haven’t someone told you that praising ownself isn’t good,” she asked coming out of her stupor and taking her seat while he sat opposite to her.


“Well! Yes! But sometimes it’s okay I believe,” he said with a wink while Khushi’s eyes widen.


“Are you trying to flirt with me?” she asked actually liking the way their conversation was leading to.


Maybe this way she’ll get to know him more and can analyse her feelings and his too, she thought.


While on the other hand hearing her words Arnav turned serious, he don’t know why is he behaving like this with her? When all his life he’d done nothing but to keep the girls at one arm distance then why not her? What’s in her that he’s getting pulled towards her, he thought but then composing himself said “Flirting isn’t my type you see Khushi.”


“Oh! Really she asked, smile grazing her pink petals.


“Of course! I was just trying to lighten the mood.”


“Well! I don’t think so, but for your sake let’s buy this excuse of yours,” saying this she winked and then added “By the way? You didn’t answer me that what’re you doing here?”


“Oh! Really? But I think Sheena had already answered this question of yours.”




“Okay! Okay! Actually I thought when our destinations is same then why to take different paths to reach it. So you see, here I’m in front of you to take the same path as you to reach our destination.”


“I must say that my company has improved you a lot. The mighty Raizada whom whole world knows as a rude and arrogant person, who doesn’t entertain female species is sitting in front of me, flirting with me and talking philosophical things,” she said with a wink while Arnav looked away embarrassed not knowing why is he behaving this way with her but at the same time liking it too.


To divert her attention he said “Well! I came here early thinking that if we’re going together then why not we have our lunch together. Hope you don’t have any problem.”


Not wanting to make him feel conscious she too didn’t probe further and said with a smile “Of course not Arnav. Let me just order the same.”







Here in Sheeshmahal, Lavanya was pacing in the garden when Shyam approached her.


“Have you got any message?” he asked straightly.


“Yes and you?” she asked at which he nodded in affirmation and asked “So you knew what you’ve to do?”


“I know what we’ve to do but I don’t know how,” she said in a confused voice.


“So no plan?” she asked.


“Well! Planning is your department. Isn’t it? After all that’s the reason why you’re still here even after having betrayed them. You know I’m shocked seeing that the family who treats you so well, you’re going behind them only,” she said rudely, her voiced laced with sarcasm.


“Well! That’s none of your business. Moreover it’s not as if you’re innocent. You’re also doing the same what I’m,” he said with a smirk.


“Not really! You’re doing all this for your selfishness. While I’m doing this all because I’ve no other option. If I didn’t follow his orders then he’ll…” she stopped short realising that she said more than what was intended to. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and then opening them she said.


“Listen! I’ve no idea and I’ll hardly get any because it’s not my cup of tea. So you think and plan it all. And when done let me know as all I can do it is help in execution of your plan,” saying this she went off from there leaving the person in his thoughts.


‘You’re the key for me to reach the person who is blackmailing me. But now I think that before reaching the person I’ve to reach to the bottom of your story. Till now I thought that you’re some professional or greedy person. But no, it seems you’re one like these Raizada’s. But if it so then why’re you doing this all? What is it that is forcing you to go against your own conscience,’ he wonders but then looking at his mobile murmurs twisting his face “But before all this I’ve to do what he told me.”







It was quarter to seven. Arnav and Khushi after finishing their meeting with Mr. Raheja were coming back. To reach fast Arnav had taken a short-cut, the road was like a black velvet ribbon, albeit, one that had been worn over time filled with cracks and pot-holes making the car jerk continuously while Arnav was giving Khushi a sorry expression for bringing this way while she just shook her head muttering profanities under her voice while trying to save her head from bumping.


“Telling you never brought anyone from this way Arnav, especially when it’s a girl,” she muttered annoyed.


“Well! Other than you, and my family no girl have ever get the privilege to have a seat beside me in my SUV. So no worry for the second part. But yes, I’ll for sure keep it in mind,” he said with a lop-sided smile while Khushi’s eyes widen thinking that the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada is once again trying to flirt. Well, then both can play it, thinking this she said “Oh! Is it? Then I think I’m someone special to get this privilege,” saying this she winked while Arnav remembered Lavanya’s words, as she too had said the same thing to him. But unlike that time, this time he doesn’t feel a need to correct her as if he is accepting it. And this thought really shook him from inside. How can he behave so? Why is he feeling all this unwanted emotions in his life now after Khushi enters his life? He was in his own thoughts when he heard Khushi’s screaming to stop the car.


Panicked, he stops the car and look towards her to ask her something only to find her hurriedly unbuckling the seat-belt and stepping down from the car and moving towards the bushy area.


Calling out to her he too ran back behind her, but to no avail.


Khushi was in her own trance running towards the place where her heart was leading her not hearing Arnav’s voice calling her.


At last she stopped in front of a deserted hut. Arnav too came behind her huffing and puffing.


“What was that Khushi?” he asked annoyed.


But she didn’t respond to him, instead started moving towards the hut making Arnav frowned.


“Why’re you moving towards this stinky place,” he asked with a frown looking towards the muddy-clay walls of the hut.


But she didn’t utter anything and enter inside with a forlorn look on her face. Not having any other choice he too enters only to find her moving towards the place where bunch of hay was kept. Sitting beside it she caressed the hay when voices start reverberating in her ears making her scrunch her eyes while her head starts aching.



  “You look so beautiful,” the man said caressing her face.
  “Really?” the lady in front of him asked as if to assure herself.
  “Hmm! You know I never lie. To me you’re world’s most beautiful girl ever,” saying this he cupped her face and placed a peck on her forehead while a smile lingered on the girl’s lips.
  “And if something happened to this beauty of mine then you’ll stop loving me?”
  “Never ever,” the main said with a determined voice, cupping her face he looked straight in her eyes and added “It’s true that your beauty attracted me towards you, but you must know that it’s your soul which bonded me with you.”
  Hearing such a soulful confession from the man she loved, she hugged him while he started caressing her back.
  After a few minutes both parted from the hug when the man brings his finger close to her lips and started caressing her.


“Aah! No… Aah! This… Aah!” Khushi held her head in her both hands as severe pain shot through it, her breathing gets laboured while the flashes and voice fainting.


Arnav who was beside her, trying to bring her back from her stupor got panicked and calls out to her.


“Khuhi! Khushi! You okay? Khushi?” he asked patting her face, trying to wake her up while his own eyes got moist seeing her in such a vulnerable situation.


Precap: Arnav reflecting on his own feelings.





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