PART- 26

  Feeling parched, Lavanya get up from her sleep and look beside at the corner only to find the jug empty. Sighing! She look towards the wall-clock only to find it striking quarter past one. With no other option in her hand she came out of the bed, taking the jug with her she moves out of the room so as to quench her thirst.

  After quenching her thirst she was moving towards her room when she saw light illuminating from one of the room making her curious.


  “Isn’t it ASR room? What’s he doing up at this time?” she murmurs to herself and then placing the jug filled with water on the side-table she move towards his room which was slightly open.

  Not willing to enter inside she knocks the door and waited for response but upon not getting it she opens the door a bit only to find it the bed vacant.



  Curious at this she enters inside and looks around to find the whole room empty. Furrowing her brows she was just about to turn away when she heard some voices from poolside making her legs to move towards there.

  But as soon as she reach near the glass door she stood rooted on her spot seeing the man in question bare chested only in his boxers taking a backstroke while the moonlight spilled onto his chest and shoulders making the water droplets to sparkle making her throat go dry.

  On the other side Arnav who wasn’t getting any sleep due to a special someone who was present in his thoughts first decided to do some work to divert his thoughts. But when this too didn’t work out finally he resorted to the second option to calm his mind and divert his thoughts, i.e. swimming which really helps him to some extent. And as a result here he is exhausted of swimming from last two hours. So, finally taking a backstroke he decided to call it a night when he his eyes landed on the tall, slim figure leaning on the glass door staring at him.

  “Lavanya?” he said astonished to see her present in his room let alone in the pool-side.

  Hearing his voice Lavanya came out of her stupor, widening her eyes she murmurs a hurried sorry and was about to go from there when she heard him call out to her.

  “Hey! Wait!” said Arnav upon seeing her about to turn so as to dash out of the room.

  Hurriedly coming out of the pool he wore his robe and move towards her raking his long fingers from his wet hairs.

  Here as soon as she heard him asking her to stop only to find him coming out of the pool all wet making her gulp the saliva upon seeing his wet and sexy glory.

  But soon she was brought out of her revere when Arnav snap his finger in front of her face.

  “Hey! Where’re you lost?” he asked raising his eyebrow.

  “Huh! Oh! Nowhere,” she said looking at him from head to toe while he just smirks and said “Well! I know Miss Lavanya that I’m irresistible.”

  At this Lavanya look sideway making his smirk widen and after a hiatus he added “Though no one can resist my charms but at the same time I’ll not fall for anybody’s charm.”

  At this Lavanya gapes at him while he shrugged his shoulder casually and ask her to wait, while he himself went to have a change.

  After changing into a white tee and black tracks he came out of bathroom only to see Lavanya sitting on the bed waiting for him.

  Taking a seat beside her and maintaining a decent distance he sit beside her and asked “Lavanya what was you doing here in my room at this odd hour?”

  “Ugh! Oh! That! Actually ASR I was just going back to my room after drinking water when I saw the lights in your room and curiosity got better of me. So…”

  “Hmm! That’s okay. But why were you staring at me? Haven’t you seen any men in pool before?”

  “Oh that I certainly did. But not someone as handsome and sexy as you,” she said with a wink while Arnav raising his brow asked “Are you trying to flirt with me?”

  “You think so?” she countered looking straight in his eyes at which he casually shrugged his shoulder and said “Well! I don’t like girls flirting with me.”

  “Huh! That’s really not done ASR.”

  “And may I ask why so?”

  “Well! It’s not good that you don’t like girls flirting with you but at the same time you can flirt with them.”

  Hearing her say so Arnav looked towards her sharply asking “And why do you feel so?”

  His tone was something which sent shiver down her spine.

  “Ugh! Actually it’s just that…”

  But before he could even complete her sentence Arnav interrupted in his stern tone “Neither I like flirting nor I do it. My question to you was genuine. Don’t take it in other way.”

  Nodding her head in affirmation she looked away not having the courage to say something more.

 Few minutes before she was happy that he is talking to her freely but now hearing his rough tone she doesn’t know what to think of it. She’d heard enough about him and his behaviour towards the girls. And from all what she’d heard she could only grasped that he doesn’t entertain the female population unless necessary.

  Sighing! She looked at him from the corner of her eyes to find him looking into his iPhone. Gathering her courage she turn towards him and said “Don’t mind me ASR, but can I ask you something?”

  “Hmm!” he hummed still not looking towards her.

  “ASR from what I’ve known you stays away from women. Hell! You don’t even talk to them until and unless it’s necessary. But then you’ve been good with me. Am I someone special?”

  As soon as heard her, he stops doing whatever he was, but then after a few seconds he continued with his work and said without even sparing her a glance “You’re family Lavanya. And now if your questionnaire is over then I think you should catch some sleep. It’s quite late.”

 Silence spread in the room. Lavanya get up from the bed nodding her head very well knowing that it’s a clear indication to leave him alone.

  Mumbling a good night she left from there closing the door behind her back.

  As soon as she left Arnav stared at the closed door, his body stiff, hands closed in a fist, knuckles turning white.

  “What the hell?” he thought.

  “Here I was genuinely asking her as to why was she staring at him like that and there she was taking it as flirting. Flirting? Like really? That too me? Huh! Here I even don’t want to be in a relationship with any girl and there she is saying all those shit. The betrayal I had seen earlier is enough for me to keep all these things at bay. Cool down Arnav! Cool down! She is family. Jeeju’s sister.”

  He told himself and then lie down on the bed to get some sleep shrugging all his thoughts.


  Early morning mist began to clear. The yellow shining sun started rising in the sky filling the sky with mighty colours of red and orange while splashing the clouds with endless pinkish hue.

  Sunrays entered through the glass window making Khushi to flutter her eyes open. Coming out of her cosy bed she reached near the window exhaling a deep breath. The gentle breeze caressed her skin. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath with a smile and whispered.

  “Good Morning Pal! I really miss you and hope wherever you’re you too will be missing me the same way. Wishing you a joyful day,” saying this she wiped the lone tear which escapes from the corner of her eyes and hurriedly left from there knowing well that her naani must be waiting for her.

  After getting ready Khushi comes down only to find her sweet naani already waiting for her near the temple area.

  Quickly she went towards her, wishing her morning, both of them offers their prayers to god and then have their breakfast.

  “Khushi dear how are you feeling now?”

  “Fit and fine naani. What’ll happened to me?” Khushi asked with a smile.

  “No… Nothing… Just that dream…”

  Hearing her naani, Khushi’s face become pale thinking about those weird dreams which have been coming almost every night now making her confused, but then soon she shrugged her shoulder, composing herself she said “Well nani! Let it be. Don’t know why those dreams are running behind my beautiful sleep,” she said not wanting to reminisce about all that. Taking a pregnant pause she added “Oh yes! I will not be able to come today with you to temple as I’ve a meeting.”

  “Oh! That’s not a problem my dear. You go,” said Devyani caressing her hair while Khushi gives a peck on her forehead and biding a bye left from there.

  After few minutes Devyani too left from there to go to temple and meet guruji to get her answers.

Precap: “The time has come for the battle of love and hate to surface.”

*I know many of you are disappointed with no Arshi. But it was needed as Aranya (Arnav-Lavanya) also going to play important. *Wink*


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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Looks like Lavanya will be some sort of catalyst. Eager for the next part. Thank you for the pm. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. U know crystal after browsing like ghost of hunted house with cross connection n I felt destiny of two shatter soul United s dear crystal after long time I’m feeling nice reading all ff n freshen up wt all ur ff


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