PART- 24

  “Arey! Today my princess is smiling a lot. So can I know the reason behind her magnificent smile?” Devyani asked.
  “Naani I’m like this only.”
  “Well! I know that this is your true self, but at the same time also the one which has been lost in the spectrum of the past,” Devyani said caressing her hairs while Khushi looks down not knowing w
hat to say.
  “Naani please I don’t want to talk about all that now,” Khushi said as always, not wanting to remember all those events which’re still hurting her deep down.
  Evasion was easy as it helps her show everyone that she has forgotten that bitter incident and moved-on in her life, that she is strong enough to take care of her belongings. But is it the reality? Huh! A mocking smile twitched on her pink lips showing her the reality of life. In spite of the fact that from long she’s been attempting to indicate everybody out there that she has beaten each one of those agony inflicted upon her in the hands of time and her fate, yet at the same time the misery to lose your sister-cum-closest companion who resembled other portion of your spirit from your birth isn’t as simple as it appears.

  She had realized that the world is not a fairy-tale. The demise of her parents in her childhood about whom she doesn’t recollect anything, and after that losing your soul-sister in the hands of fate, and you could do nothing in return apart from grieving for the same.
  All her life she had seen people living in the delusional world of grandeur, faking sympathy before the society but when time comes to stand beside someone then abandoning them to to lament all alone. Ironic! But the bitter truth of life with which she has started living the day she has realised it.
  “Sorry dear. My intention wasn’t to make you remember all those fateful memories. But what to do? Time and again I end up doing the same,” said Devyani cursing herself for making Khushi remember something which she shouldn’t.
  Coming out of her stupor Khushi wiped her granny’s clammy eyes, after making her sat beside her and said “No naani… Never say that again.”
  “Why not dear? See! I brought the sadness back on your face making you remember the tormenting time of our life that too when my child was smiling.”
    Taking her hand in hers she brought it near her lips and placing a light peck on her wrinkled hands she said “Naani please! Always remember that you can never bring sadness in my life because you’re the sole reason why I’m still alive.”
  “Is it so?” asked Devyani grinning.
  Bowing down a bit with a glint of mischief in her voice Khushi said “Definitely my love.”
  “And yes! Now we’ll not discuss the past,” she added after a hiatus to which the elderly woman nodded in affirmative.
  “So now, care to reveal to me my child that what has happened so well today, that your smile is just not ready to leave you?”
  “Haw! That implies you need my smile to abandon me? Not reasonable naani,” Khushi said animatedly, faking a heart-break.
  At this Devyani just shook her head in amazement and said in between her eye-roll “Well! If it was up-to me, then I would have permanently fix the smile on your face with some kind of magical glue. Now stop acting and tell me the real reason and not to forget the person who is the reason to bring this smile on your face.”
  “Oho naani! You’ll not leave me until I let you know. Isn’t that so? By the way it was not something out of the world. Just that someone realizes his folly and at the same time apologises to me sweetly. Nothing more.”
  “No dear! That’s not at all the reason of your smile. There is more to it. So out with the real truth?” demanded Devyani.
  “I’m not lying naani. It’s about it.”
  “You say it and I’ll get fall for it? Huh! No dear. Keep in mind that I’m your granny and not the other way around.”
  Knowing her granny too well, she took a deep sigh and afterward uncovered to her each and everything which occurred in the between her and Arnav. How with no reason he yelled at her and when she left from there, he came up-to her and apologizes to her for his slip-ups. Not just that later how they progressed toward becoming friend and then she asked him for a treat and though whining like a small child but still he took her there and they enjoyed it.
  “You know what naani? You should’ve seen that furious young fellow to end up being a whining child,” Khushi said as yet reeling in today’s heart-felt occasions.
  “I admire that man who have guts to acknowledge his imprudence and returned to apologize it. There’re not many individuals who can do this dear.”
  “Yet, I’m more glad for that stud to become a baby,” saying this she winked at her grand-daughter while both starts laughing.
    Here after having a nice time with a certain Miss Gupta Arnav came back to his house. Though he was still astonished by himself that he has become friend with someone apart from Aman that too a girl, when in the first case he never ever wanted to have a cordial relation with any girl, let alone Khushi. But still she has managed to breakthrough his resolve and enter inside his life like a soft breeze. Though, he is still confounded about it, but at the same time he didn’t regret it.
  Switching-off the engine, he came out of his SUV and move towards his mansion only to be halted at the door step upon finding commotion in the main-hall making him realise that all of his family members are present there. But what really stopped him was the back of an unknown lady sitting beside his brother-in-law.
  “Finally the only person whom you’ve not met till now too have come dear,” said Subhadra gesturing towards the door.
Tucking the hair strand behind her ear she turn towards the entryway only to find a lean and tall dusky man wearing a tuxedo standing there and looking towards her with his enigmatic honey orbs. ‘Dreamy’ that was the only word which came in her mind that time.
  “Arnav you came?” said Anjali bringing her out of stupor while Arnav who was looking towards Lavanya with curiosity dribbling from his eyes too regains his composure and nodding in affirmative move forward.
  Getting seated on the couch after placing the laptop bag on the table he gulps down the water brought by their servant and then once again from the corner of his eyes look towards the young lady who was sitting with his brother-in-law.
  As though understanding his disarray Anjali said “Arnav meet Lavanya, Shyam’s rakhi-sister. You recall that I’ve told to you before that there was this young lady who’d helped Shyam in his crucial time. Well! She is the one,” saying this she pointed towards Lavanya.
“Pleasant to meet you Miss Lavanya,” saying this Arnav extended his hand for a handshake which was reciprocated by Lavanya with a smile.
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  1. Interesting update:)! Another twist to the story! I hope Lavanya doesn't become a nuisance in Arshi's love life. I think Subhadra is scheming for Arnav and Lavanya to be together. And I don't want that but more Arshi moments.

  2. Nice update
    Khushi telling her Nani about arnav
    Arnav lost in thoughts of khushi
    N now lavs entry
    Wonder what's gonna happen now
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin


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