PART- 23


  Though Arnav was a bit reluctant but upon seeing the joyous face of Khushi and her demand to have an ice-cream to celebrate their newly found friendship he agreed to have an ice-cream date with her.


  This was what he was telling himself fromthe time he’d agreed to a certain Miss Gupta’s demand, he smiled which soon turned to a frown when he realized that what he has been saying all this while.


  “Date? Like really? How can I called it a date and why would I? No Arnav… It’s just a slip of tongue… sorry my thoughts… Yes! It’s just a normal meet and I agreed to her because it’s me who had hurt her earlier,” he thought to himself and then both left for having an ice-cream to celebrate their friendship.
  Here in Sheeshmahal three of them were having their lunch while talking about different things, especially Anjali asking from Lavanya about her family which she was answering. All this while Shyam was being nervous as to Anjali will not ask her something which she wouldn’t be able to answer or she wouldn’t say something which can lead him to problem when he heard Anjali’s next question and look towards her waiting for her reply.


  “So Lavanya! A
ny boyfriend?”



  At this Lavanya’s head popped up and she gives a hesitant smile while giving a look to Shyam in between.


  “Ugh! Actually no…. I don’t have one,” she said after a minute.


  “Oh! I thought you must be having one. After all you’re a beautiful and lively girl whom every boy would want for himself,” Anjali said with a smile playing on her lips.


  “Awe! Thank you for the compliment and I hope that your words will come true for the man of my dreams,” Lavanya said tucking the hair-strand behind her ear.


  “Oho! Dream man! So you didn’t find him till now and are still waiting for him?” she asked mischievously.


  At this Lavanya looks down with a shy smile and nodded her head in yes.


  “Well! Then I’ll pray so that you’ll get your dream man soon.”


  Irked at where the conversation is heading towards and with the intent of stopping it Shyam intervened and said “Anjali dear! You and your hundred questions game will never over but do think about the girl sitting in front of you? And please dear stop being going over the potential qualities she must be wanting to have in her dream man she must be feeling embarrassed.”


  At this Anjali gives a sheepish smile and then looking towards Lavanya she said “Oops! I’m sorry.”


  “It’s okay Anjali,” Lavanya said smilingly after which she looked towards Shyam and mouthed thank you at which he blinked his eyes in acceptance.


  Here foiling Arnav’s plan to have the treat in a posh hotel Khushi took him in an ice-cream parlor and ordered a Neapolitan for herself while Arnav ordered a Chocolate Marsh-Mellow for himself.


  “By the way Khushi that’s not right you see,” Arnav said.


  “What’s not right?” she asked placing her both hand above the table and bending a bit towards him though knowing very well what he is talking about.


  “Humph! You’re talking as if you know nothing about what I’m talking,” Arnav said raising his eyebrow.


  At this Khushi hides her smile and shrugged her shoulder making an innocent face while Arnav just rolled his eyes and said “Don’t act innocent because you definitely aren’t the one. Huh! On the name of friendship you’re blackmailing me again and again.”


  “Oho! Don’t make that face Arnav. Moreover that’s what friendship is about,” she said giving a sweet smile to him and then taking a scoop of ice-cream in her mouth.


  “Wow! It’s amazing,” she said after a hiatus with her closed eyes cherishing the taste of her ice-cream.


  Upon seeing her childish antics a smile formed on his lips. Nodding his face on her antics he said hiding his smile “What? You mean to say friendship is all about blackmailing?”


  “Dumbo!” she muttered under her breath then with a frown marring on her forehead she said “Why you always find fault in every statement?”


  “When did I?” he asked shocked at her statement.


  “When you didn’t?” she countered and then after a hiatus added “By the way it isn’t called blackmailing but making a friend to see the life through a different angle.”


  “What?” Arnav asked confused at her statement.


  “Oho! Let it be! It’s not your cup of tea,” she said having her delicious ice-cream while Arnav just rolled his eyes wondering- where have I struck myself into?


  After having their treat with the spiciness of their cute arguments both were going to leave when Arnav saw a bit of ice-cream was stuck at the corner of Khushi’s lips and he gestured her the same.


  Understanding his unsaid words Khushi wiped the corner of her lips with her hand and then asked him through gestures whether it is okay now at which he nodded in negative as even though most of the part was wiped out but a bit of it was still stuck at the corner.


  Khushi tried to wipe it off two-three times but when she couldn’t then at last Arnav took a tissue paper and himself wiped it out while Khushi stared at him.


  “Done!” he said after wiping it off making her come out of her stupor.


  “Thanks,” she said giving a small smile to him which was acknowledged by a nod of his head and then both of them left from there.


  Dropping her off to Gupta Fashion House he left back to his office.


  Here after having launch Lavanya came back to her room and thumped down on the bed with a sigh of relief.


  “Gosh! What kind of family it is? So many questions as if they’re ready to play KBC, especially that Anjali. Thank god! Shyam stopped her otherwise god knows what more she would’ve been asking me in the name of talking. God! Where had I stuck myself into?” muttering this she leaned onto the bedpost closing her eyes when her phone buzzed showing an incoming call.


  Picking it up, she slide the green button showing on the screen and keeping it on her ear said “Hello!”




  “Yes! I know that.”




  “No! Till now I hadn’t.”




  “That you know but…”




  “I will definitely do it. But people over here are too good.”




  “No don’t. I’ll do as decided after all I’m here for the same reason but you too keep up to your part.”




  “But would I’ve to let him know about this before-hand?”




  “Okay! As you say.”




  “No! I’ll not! I promise,” saying this she pressed the red button on the screen and keeping the phone beside her she murmured while rubbing her forehead with her thumb and index finger.


  “Not even an ounce of relief. Gosh! Fist that Anjali and now… humph!”


  Here in Gupta Mansion, Devyani was sitting on the bed, in her room with a scrap book or better say beautiful old memories in her lap as the scrap book contains various photos along with the description about each one of them.


  She was going through all of them, caressing those pictures with her hand, her eyes dampen remembering those events which are now only the remnants of the joyful moments of past when she heard the doorbell. Upon looking at the wall-clock she realized that it’s quarter to nine.


  Oh god! It must be Khushi! If she saw it then she’ll definitely get sad which I don’t want. Thinking this she immediately closed the book and placed it back in the cupboard below her saris and move out of the room.


  As soon as she reached in the main hall she found Khushi entering inside with a sweet smile playing across her lips.


  “Champa! Go and bring water for Khushi,” she said to the maid who nodded and left from there to follow her malkin’s words while Devyani turned towards her grand-daughter who till now has thumped down on the sofa keeping her laptop bag on the table.


  Sitting beside her grand-daughter she starts massaging her forehead making Khushi to open her eyes with a wide smile.


  “You know nani, your hands have some kind of magic. Every time you starts massaging my head all my stress just vanished in the thin air.”


  “Well! That’s called nani’s magic,” Devyani said smilingly.


  “Yes! That I know but you know what?”




  “That I love this magic of yours nani,” said Khushi hugging her granny tightly while the latter patted her head and asked “By the way my doll! What is up with you?”


  “What?” she asked confused.


  “Arey! Today my princess is smiling a lot. So can I know the reason behind her magnificent smile?” Devyani asked.


  “Naani I’m like this only.”


  “Well! I know that this is your true self, but at the same time also the one which has been lost in the spectrum of the past,” Devyani said caressing her hairs while Khushi looks down not knowing what to say.


Precap: Arnav and Lavanya’s first meet and….



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  1. Loved the update. Arshi spending time together. What is La's plan and who is she working with? Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Nice update
    Arnav calling their ice cream visit a date then convincing himself it isn't lol
    What is this lav up to n who called her
    Has she been told to hide something from Shyam n if so what n why
    Looking forward to next update


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