PART- 22


  “Khushi! I am really sorry. I know I’d hurt you by my rude behavior and baseless accusations. But at that time I was really disturbed and you just came and starts pestering me and I couldn’t control myself and said all that to you. But, honestly now I am feeling ashamed on my own. Please forgive me for my callous behavior.”


  He waited for her to say something while she keep staring outside. After few minutes she looks back at him and asked “Is it over?”


  “What?” Arnav asked shocked.


  “Why’re you getting shocked as if I said something which I shouldn’t,” she asked indifferently.


  “Huh! You! You didn’t forgive me,” he asked apprehensively.


  “What do you think?”


  “Ugh! I’m not able to gauge anything.”


  “Wow! ASR! The great Arnav Singh Raizada isn’t able to understand such a simple thing. That’s something new,” Khushi said sarcastically while Arnav stood there shocked.


  He has thought that once he’ll ask forgiveness from Khushi, he’ll be granted the same and then everything’ll be like it used to be. But here, to him it seems impossible.


  Sighing! He looked at her and asked “But why? I mean… I know that I’d told you off but I said sorry too.”


  “Wow! That’s awesome! First do mistakes and then say sorry. Have you ever realized how much your words have hurt me? What was my mistake? Just that I was trying to know the reason of your worry. But you? Huh!”


  At this Arnav looks down ashamed at himself as he knew that it’s all because of him due to which today he is facing such a situation, but then he won’t back-out too.


  “I understand Khushi, that I’d hurt you. But now when I’d realized my mistake then please… forgive me.”


  But upon getting no response from her he further added “Khushi! Even god gives a second chance to people so that they can make-up to their mistake. Won’t you give me one?”


  At this she stared at her for few minutes and then said “But what’s the guarantee that I’ll not be hurt again in future? Just tell me one thing Arnav if it was your family member instead of me then also would you’ve done the same?”


  “Honestly speaking yes! I would’ve done the same with them too Khushi. In fact in morning I’d done kind-off it with my family.”


  “Wow! That’s great. The one who can do this with his family. What can I expect from him? I think we should let it be and concentrate on our professional issues,” saying this she was about to turn when Arnav stopped her and said “I understand your view point but what can I do? I’m like this only. It’s not like that I don’t love my family. I do… but that doesn’t give them any right to take decision of my life.”


  “But they’re your family and they’ll always think for your betterment,” she said confused as to where all this was leading to, but didn’t stop him.


  “Yes! I agree Khushi! But still they can’t take any decision of my life that too against my wish. How can they force me to marry? No! They can’t,” he said a bit angrily.


  Hearing him say about marriage Khushi look towards him stunned. She hasn’t thought that this is coming her way. To her it seems as if someone is trying to suffocate her. Just now she has realized that she is falling for him and now this. No! Why her? She thought and looked towards him to find him speaking, but she wasn’t able to hear anything. It was as if the words which were coming out of his mouth weren’t finding a right way to reach her ears.


  Khushi was brought back from her stupor when Arnav jerked her.


  “Huh!” she murmurs.


  “Tell me Khushi was I wrong? If I didn’t intend to get married then why can’t they just drop this topic rather than dragging it?” he asked.


  After hearing him, somehow Khushi composes herself and said in a low voice “What can I tell you? It is your family matter.”


  “But you can advise me. Right? After all you’re my friend.”


  “Friends! Friendship! Huh! It was never there. But yes there still was an indescribable bond we used to share and which you yourself broke with those harsh words of yours.”


  “Please Khushi give me a second chance. Please…”


  “How can I trust you again Arnav?” she asked while a layer of unshed tears forms in her eyes.


  “I agree it’s not easy. But please trust me this time Khushi. I can’t assure you that I’ll never do such a thing again because considering my temper problem I can’t make a false promise. But yes! I can assure that I’ll try my best. Please Khushi! Please!” he pleaded.


  “Hmm! Okay! I’m giving you this second chance thinking that this time you’ll not break my trust. But yes1 if you do it again then I can’t say that I’ll forgive you again,” she said giving a teary smile upon seeing the truth and honesty in his eyes while Arnav too nodded happily.


  “So! Friends?” Arnav asked bringing his hand forward for a hand-shake.


  “Friends!” replied Khushi after a hiatus and then shook her hand with his.


  “Thanks!” he mouthed while taking his hand back from her after a minute and then closed his honey orbs cherishing this moment of his success to win back her forgiveness.


  Here in Raizada Mansion everyone were sitting in the main hall talking about various things and laughing when Lavanya asked.


  “By the way! Shyam has told me about your brother too di… what’s his name? Oh Yes! Arnav! Right?”


  “Hmm! Yes! Arnav is my younger brother,” said Anjali smilingly.


  “So where is he?” asked Lavanya.


  “Where else other than his office,” Subhadra said with a smile gracing her lips.


  “Oh! So I would’ve to meet the eligible bachelor and hottest hunk.”


  “I am afraid Lavanya but the answer to it is in affirmative,” replied Anjali.


  “Oho! No problem! It’s just that it’ll be my first time to meet him in person as till now I’d heard about him from Shyam,” said Lavanya giving her charming smile.


  “Hmm! hopefully you got to heard positive things about my brother.”


  “Kind-off!” replied Lavanya.


  “By the way I’m feeling a bit hungry, so…” trailed off Lavanya after a hiatus.


  “Oops! Sorry! Skip out of my mind. Let’s have our lunch and then we’ll continue with our talks,” said Anjali and lead her towards the dining table, while Shyam and Subhadra Raizada too joined them soon.


  While in Raizada Mansion the atmosphere was quiet cool, in GFH on the other hand the scenario was different. Though the fight between the duo was resolved but it’s remnants in the form of splintered affiance and friendship stasis still persists which’ll be removed only with their ingenuous efforts over due time.


  “So now that you’ve forgiven me should I go back?” Arnav asked with a happy and contended smile playing on his lips making her fold her hands below her chest and look towards him raising her eye-brow.


  “Oh! So you’ve come here just for forgiveness?” asked Khushi.


  “Of course! Otherwise for what else should I come here?” replied Arnav amused at her question.


  “Hmm! So now that I’ve forgiven you, shouldn’t it be time for something else?” she asked trying to make the atmosphere casual. Moreover after knowing about her blooming feelings for the man standing in front of her, she really wanted things to go in right path.


  “Ugh! What else?” Arnav asked imbroglio as to what she is referring to.


  “OMG! Can’t believe that you’re not aware of it. But then I couldn’t expect anything else from you,” Khushi said making faces.


  “Khushi! Please stop making those idiotic faces and tell me that what’re you talking about?”


  “Humph! An idiot finds everything idiotic,” she murmurs to herself and then faking a stupid smile said “Well! The Arnav Singh Raizada let me tell you one secret of a newly found friendship…”


  “Oh! Okay! Tell me,” he said in between making her pissed.


  “That I definitely will if you’ll let me,” Khushi said glaring at him making him shut and then after a hiatus added “So! The secret is that one should always seal a new friendship with an ice-cream treat so that no one can come between the friends.”


  “What the hell? So childish! It’s outright stupidity. Stop behaving like a child,” Arnav said annoyed at her demand.


  “What is childish in it? In fact I find it lovely,” said Khushi feeling offended at his words.


  “No… We’re not going to do all these stupidity. I’m ASR and all these doesn’t suits me,” he said.


  “See! Just now you were all up for friendship and now,” she tries to black mail him emotionally.


  “You can’t be serious Khushi?” Arnav said.


  “Oh! I am,” Khushi said crossing her hand across below her chest trying to hide her smile.


  Sighing! He decide to do as she say not wanting to risk this new found friendship which he’d got  after so much of pacifying this Jhansi ki Rani.

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  1. it was awesome i just loved it what a twist but i have doubt they were collage student then shyam would have been very old if he was involved with gauri or he was very small when he was with gauri i am confused…… anyways overallthe story was superb it was different it conveys everything very properly i loved it

  2. I think u r talking about Ghost Of The Haunted House Season 1
    Well if u see the house is not haunted from very long as Khushi has mentioned it earlier…
    Regarding Shyam then it's that he has not passed his college from 2-3 years… Sorry I have not mentioned it I believe…
    I am glad u liked this story dear 😊


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