PART- 21




  After Aman left from there, Arnav finally decided to apologize to Khushi rather than sending gifts or to say buying the apology in Aman’s words.



  Thinking so, he called at Gupta Fashion House to know about her whereabouts and about getting the confirmation that she is in her office only, without waiting anymore he left from his office to her office, to meet her, to apologize her for his ridiculous behavior.



  Entering in his sparkling black SUV he commanded his driver to take him towards GFH, while his phone buzzed showing Aman’s name on the display. He shook his head knowing well that Aman must have seen him exiting the office.



    Smirking, he receives the call only to heard Aman’s voice.



  “ASR, where had you left now? You know that after an hour we have a meeting to attend.”



  “Yes Aman, I know. But currently my presence is required somewhere else.”



  “Where?” he asked confused.



  “I am going to apologize to Miss Khushi Gupta,” said Arnav.



  “Oh! I am glad you’re,” Aman said grinning ear-to-ear, then after a hiatus added “Umm! About the meeting…”



  “Don’t worry! I had already went through it and liked it. Confirm the Kapoor’s contract, you have my consent to it.”



“Alright!” the call was ended after a hiatus.



  Arnav gazed out of the car window contemplating on what to do and how to do, past the hurdles of numerous cars towards the horizon where the sun was descending spreading the reddish hue in the welkin making the sky look ethereal.



  After almost a drive of thirty minutes, his car came to halt outside Gupta Faishon House, jerking him out of his thoughts.



  Sighing! He looks outside at the gallant building of GFH.



  Coming out of his car he entered inside the building and was going towards Khushi’s cabin, when the receptionist stopped him.



  “Sir to whom do you wants to meet?” she asked through quite aware that she is stopping the mighty ASR. But at the same time couldn’t break office rules.



  “Miss Khushi Gupta,” he said in his no-nonsense tone.



  At this the receptionist gets nervous but then said “Sorry sir! But mam has strictly said not to disturb her.”



  Her this statement makes Arnav a bit angry but before he could say anything a female voice interrupted them making him turn his face to see Sheena standing there.



  “Roma! I will handle it. You don’t worry,” she said looking towards the receptionist first and after getting a nod from her she looked towards ASR.



  “ASR! You here?” Sheena asked, confusion etched in her voice.



  “Yes! Have to talk to Khushi regarding something.”



  “Ugh! I understand ASR. But Khushi is currently not in her right frame of mind. I don’t know what happened to her but for sure she is woebegone. So, I would say that it is not the right time to have a business talk with her. Moreover as far as I remember you guys just had a meeting. Right?”



  Hearing her say that Arnav shifted on his legs and then said “Yes! You’re right. We do had a meeting sometime back. And about talking to her now. I think this is the best thing that would happen with your mam.”



  He didn’t reveal much to her, but those few words uttered from his mouth were enough to point out the situation to Sheena. She knew that this matter is somewhere related to both of them and they alone have to sort it out so nodding to him she too left from there while Arnav starts moving towards Khushi’s cabin.



  Here Khushi was sitting on her chair with eyes closed and head leaning backward on the chair remembering all those harsh words uttered by Arnav which had pierced her heart making the hollowness seep inside her, when she heard a knock on the door.



  Not opening her eyes, she said a little loudly “I don’t want any disturbance.”



  But when she heard the clicking sound of door and then rustling of shoes she angrily opened her eyes saying “Don’t you heard…”



  But her words trailed off as soon as she saw Arnav Singh Raizada standing in front of her.



  The anger which was taking a back seat, resurfaced once again as the accusation hurled by this man started echoing in her ear.



  Standing from here chair, she looked at him with a look that send shudders to Arnav.



  When he enters inside he knew he had to apologize to her but now seeing her standing in front of her with hurt, pain, anger all emotions crossing over her face, he felt ashaned of his deed. But Khushi’s next set of words brought him back out of his revere.



  “Why are you here Mr. Raizada? Is there anything which is still left for me to be accused?” she asked sarcastically.



  At this Arnav closed his eyes in despair. Opening his eyes after a few minutes he moved towards her and said “Khushi!”



  “Don’t… Don’t take my name Mr. Raizada. I am Miss Gupta for you. And yes! I don’t want to talk to you, so you can go now,” saying this she turn back to go, but before she can she was pulled and hit directly with a rock like structure in a moment of blink, even before she could register anything.



  Arnav didn’t what to do when he saw her moving away from him. Not able to take all this, he pulled her tiwards him making her hit his manly chest and looks down at her meanwhile she too looks up towards him.



  Her hazel eyes meet his carmel orbs and the moment stopped from they. An unknown silence spread in the sorrounding while both got lost in each other forgetting everything else.




  For few minutes they both kept staring at each other’s face, but then the memory of how Arnav had accused her came in front of her eyes making her look away, which brokes the magical moment between them.



  Khushi wriggled in his arms trying to free herself but Arnav just tighten his hold making her stiffen in his arms.



  “Arnav! Let me go,” she said a bit irritated.



  “No! I’ll not,” he said smirking, knowing well that now the ball is in his court.



  “What kind of behavior is this Mr. Raizda?” she asked looking angrily at him still to get herself out of his grip.



  “Arnav! Arnav for you,” he said staring straight in her eyes.



  Hearing it she looks away, while her eyes turn moist.



  “Sorry! But I don’t think so. Now would you please leave,” she said rather a bit rudely, glaring at him, wiping off the smirk from his face.



  “Okay! I will. But…”



  “But?” she asked frowning.



  “But I want you to hear me out for once and I promise that I will leave from here. Please Khushi,” he pleaded.



  Staring at him for few minutes she just nodded but not before gesturing him to leave her which he abides this time.



  Moving away from him she looks outside the window at the vast expanse asking him to continue.



  “Khushi! I am really sorry. I know I’d hurt you by my rude behavior and baseless accusations. But at that time I was really disturbed and you just came and starts pestering me and I couldn’t control myself and said all that to you. But, honestly now I am feeling ashamed on my own. Please forgive me for my callous behavior.”


~ What do you think will be Khushi’s reaction?



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  1. Loved the update. Arnav apologized, Khushi will forgive him, but will she do it instantly or will he need to work further, eager for the next part.Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. wow awesome update loved it can't wait for next part she will forgive him but not straight away it will take time i hope so thank you for pm.

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