PART- 20



  Arnav was sitting on his arm chair frustrated at himself for behaving like an idiot with Khushi while she was just trying to ease his worry, but poor her, instead gets to hear hurtful words by him.



  He knew he was wrong and mean to her, but what to do? She chose a totally wrong timing to probe him.



  His short temper is his worst enemy, his sister had said him and today exactly the same happened. In his anger he had hurt an innocent girl, he thought.



    “Well now when you had committed a mistake, then you alone had to rectify it anyhow Arnav. But how?” he murmurs to himself, rubbing his forefingers on his forehead.



  “By apologising for your mistake,” responded his conscious mind making his eyes widen.



  “Apologise? And Arnav Singh Raizada? No- Never. ASR has never apologise to someone,” he murmurs but then after a pause added “But till date I had never done any such mistake too. Moreover if mistake is done by me then I alone have to rectify it and for that I’ve to say sorry to her.”




  Determined he rings his secretary to know whereabouts of Khushi, only to find that she had already left for her office.



  “What the? How can she left like that without letting anyone know?”



  “So what are you thinking that she will come and tell you about her whereabouts, that too even after what hurtful words you had said her?” asked Aman entering in his cabin.



  “Aman you?”



  “Shouldn’t I?”



  “Nothing like that. Actually I just talked to you, so didn’t thought that you will come here.”



  “Well! Though I am annoyed with your behaviour, but at the same time I need to know what are you thinking to do now, so had to come back.”



  “I know Aman that I am at fault, so I have decided to apologise to her,” said Arnav after taking a sigh.



  At this Aman’s eyes widen, because it is another first in Arnav’s list, and like earlier this time too it’s Khushi who is the reason behind this. And he is happy for this change she brought in him unknowingly and now all he wished is just that she will forgive him for his mistakes and rekindle once again. He was brought back from his revere hearing Arnav’s voice.



  “Aman how to apologise from her? I mean how to say sorry? Or is it necessary to say sorry to her? Can’t I give any gift to her and in return she will forgive me?” he asked.



  Hearing him say that Aman rolled his eyes and then giving a mocking smile he said “Yes, Of course, it is the best idea. You know what? I should first hit you with a hockey stick for no reason and after that I, myself should admit you in a hospital for your proper treatment so that you can forgive me. Isn’t it?”



  “What the hell Aman? Why would I forgive you for hitting me that too for no reason?” Arnav asked annoyed at Aman’s illogical rant.



  “But I am not letting you die ASR. I would admit you in the best hospital…”



  “So what? That doesn’t mean that I’ll forgive your mistake.”



  “Exactly ASR. If you had committed a mistake then rather than sending her gifts, you should apologise to yourself. She’ll only forgive you if she will feel that you are really repenting for what you had said to her. By sending gifts and all, you will show her that you are trying to buy her apology rather than feeling guilty of your deeds. As your friend it’s my duty to make you see the right, but it’s up to you now that what you think is right,” saying this he left from there leaving Arnav in thoughts.



  Here in Sheeshmahal, Lavanya after taking a cool shower was just relaxing on the recliner, looking around the room, wearing a white tank-top with an ice-blue colour denim capri, when Shyam barged in her room.



  “What are you doing sitting over here?”



  “Nothing much… Just thinking that how good of a family you have got Mr. Jha but…” she trailed off not saying anymore while the person standing in front of her had gotten the underlying meaning of her words.



  But shrugging it off knowing it is a waste to talk to her he said “Need your mobile. Give me.”



  “Why? Don’t you have your own?” she asked raising her eye-brow.



  “Well! My phone’s battery is dead, so give me yours.”



  “Arey! If it is so then use your wife’s phone or landline phone why to use mine?” she asked not understanding why he is asking her phone.



  “Don’t argue Lavanya. Just give me your phone. I need it urgently,” he commanded her.



  “Sorry, but neither this phone is yours and nor I am your servant. So be in your limit my sweet and loving brother,” she said in a honey-sweet voice.



  “Arey! What’s happening here?” asked Anjali coming inside the room with furrowed brows.



  “Nothing Anjali. See your husband and my brother is getting worried unnecessarily that how will I adjust here.”



  At this Anjali looked towards Shyam and cupping her face said “Don’t worry Shyam! We all are here for her and I assured you that she’ll not have any problem while staying over here.”



  “I know Ranisaheba and I believe you,” said Shyam with a tight smile.



  Anjali then turn towards Lavanya and said “Lavanya! Come downstairs. We all’re waiting for you.”






  At the same time her phone rings and looking at the caller-id her expression changed, but she soon composed herself and said “Anjali- Shyam you guys go, I’ll come downstairs attending the call as it’s important.”



  “Okay,” saying this Anjali along with Shyam move out of the room but not before Shyam giving a last stare to Lavanya.



  While as soon as they move out of the room Lavanya bolts the door and then taking a sigh receives the call.


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  1. Awesome
    Loved amans way of explaining to arnav that sending khushi a gift to apologise would be a BAD idea
    Wonder who's calling lav
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  2. Wow great story please update soon
    I can not wait for the next part of your story and i hope all of khushi and Arnav misunderstanding clear soon and where is khushi.
    Happy new year to you and your family and friends for 2017


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