PART- 19



Arnav tried to move but at the same time Khushi quickly comes up to him and hold his hand stopping him from moving any further.



“Arnav if there is something then you can share it with me. Maybe I can help you.”



The anger which till now he was controlling was now out of his hand hearing her words and he looked at her with so much anger that she immediately leaves his hand backing up while he jerks her towards himself holding her from waist.



Seeing him looking at her with so much anger she shudders and manages to say his name.



“Ar… Arnav…”



“What? What do you think of yourself? Who had given you the right to meddle in my personal life? Or what can you do knowing my problems? Nothing…. Nothing at all. So stay out of it and mind your own business. Moreover you are related to me professionally so be professional don’t try to become personal. I know girls like you are all same,” he said gripping her waist tightly not knowing how in his own haze of anger he is breaking someone’s heart who was just trying to gather it after so much pain which she herself has faced in her life.



Khushi was hurt hearing him say something like that. She has never thought that he would behave so insensitively ever and say such things about her. But she is not a girl to take such shit from anyone even if that person is the one she has started falling for. So angrily she jerk his hand away from her and said in the same tone as his “I have never thought that you can behave so harshly with me that too without any fault of mine. But guess what- I was wrong to think so. True that it’s my fault to show concern to a person like you who doesn’t even think twice before hurting others sentiments. Maybe till now everyone had taken your this behaviour without uttering anything but don’t think that I will also do the same. I am not the one who will bear the wrong with sealed lips and cry in a lonely dark corner on her fate. So never try to show your dominance over me because I am not going to take it. I don’t know what you think about me but let me clear you my point Mr. Raizada that I was just concerned for you nothing else. But from now I will keep in my mind to not even let your thought cross my mind let alone be concerned for you,” saying this angrily she went away from there leaving a stunned Arnav behind her.






A girl in her early twenties with dusky skin, beautiful eyes and dimpled cheeks wearing white tank top with denims came out from the airport with her luggage and looks around trying to locate someone and in few minutes a full-fledged smile bloom on her lips as if she has found her treasure. Smilingly she move towards the same direction.



“Finally I found you Shyam,” saying this the lady hugged that person while he too reciprocated it.



“You have to found me anyhow. Haven’t you?” asked Shyam parting from the hug.



“Yeah! I have to. But I hope that you have tell in your home about me coming over here and staying with you,” she asked.



“Yes I have let them know what they needed to know. I think now we should move towards Sheeshmahal. Will talk the rest on our way.”



“Yes, Sure,” she said smilingly and they both move towards the car and left towards Sheeshmahal.






Here at AR Aman was pacing up and down after Arnav had tell him how he has behaved with Khushi.



“I can’t believe buddy that you have behaved in such a way that too with Khushi Gupta,” said Aman really disappointed with his boss-cum-friend’s behaviour.



“I know Aman that I shouldn’t have. But what to do? I was not in my right frame of mind and upon that she just pushed my wrong button and hence I blasted upon her.”



“I can’t believe that you are still finding her fault and blaming her for your wrong doing. Arnav she was just concerned for you and it was not a crime. But what you did? You just took out your frustration on her. Someone has truly said ‘kare koi aur bhare koi’ (Someone’s deed paid by someone else) Hmph!” he said annoyingly.



“It’s not like that I am not feeling bad. I know it’s my fault and that’s why I told you so that you can tell me how to handle this,” he said rubbing his finger over his head remembering the harsh words he hurled upon her.




“Well! My dear friend it’s not any business deal that I can give you any solution for all this, neither you are any child that someone will tell you how to apologise for your mistake. It is you who had created this mess. So you on your own have to sort it out as I am not going to help you in this,” saying this he left from there closing the door behind him while Arnav leaned back on his chair not understanding how to face her for what he had done.






Here in Sheeshmahal Subhadra Raizada was sitting her grand-daughter Anjali and were talking about something when Shyam enters inside with the same lady beside her and clears his throat to gain their attention.



“Aree Shyamji! You came?” said Anjali with a smile which soon turns into a confused frown upon seeing a beautiful lady standing beside him.



“Shyam beta, who is this lady?” asked Subhadra Raizada upon seeing her son-in-law with some other lady.



“Daadi ji have you forgotten that I have told you about Lavanya- my Rakhi sister.”



“Oh! Yes… Yes Shyamji. We do remember,” said Anjali. Her expression changing slowly as if understanding what her husband is trying to convey.



“Well, then she is the same girl- Lavanya Kashyap,” he said smilingly and then added “And Lavanya she is my wife- Anjali and she is her daadi and now mine too- Mrs. Subhadra Raizada,” he said pointing at both the ladies one by one.



“Oh! So she has finally arrived,” said Subhadra smilingly and then cupping her face added “Welcome home dear. And yes I have mentioned it as home because I want you to feel it as one. Shyam has told me how much close you both were and how you have helped him. And I am glad to finally meet you in person.”



“Thanks aunty ji! It’s your warm nature that you have accepted me as your own and I am really thankful to you for that. Regarding helping Shyam. Then I have treated him as my own so why wouldn’t I help him,” she said giving a dimpled smile.



“Well if that’s so then you can call me daadi too,” said Subhadra smilingly.



“Awee… How sweet of you aunty… oops… I mean daadi ji.”



“Okay, we can talk later also. First let me show you your room so that you can freshen up Lavanya,” said Anjali.



“Yes sure Anjali.”



And soon both move towards the guest room talking about random things.


Precap You idiot, moron Raizada! – Khushi’s thought. How do you think will Arnav apologised her and will she agreed so easily?


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  1. Loved the updates..

    Well after the party, I thought that Arnav and Khushi had talked out things when that rain incident happened.. But no.. when have things ever been easy and smooth for them. Arnav was angry on Dadi and it all came out in front of Khushi.. I agree with Aman…” Kare koi Bhare koi!!!”

    I am very apprehensive of Lavanya's entry. Somehow I am not liking that. And I also don't know why I felt strange when Shyam said that she is his Rakhi sister. I don't know whether he meant it or not!!
    And in between you also showed a scene where a man has captured a girl and was threatening her using her sister's life.. I wonder who that girl is!!!

    Too many mysteries to unfold.. Waiting for the next update.

    Lots Of Love… 🙂 🙂


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