PART- 18

“Actually dear I was thinking that now you have reached marriageable age so why not to choose a girl for you.”

“What?” was the only word which escaped from his mouth after hearing his granny.

“Yes Arnav, and now don’t say that you don’t wish to get married and all.”

“Then what do you think I will say,” he asked a bit annoyed and then added “You very well know that I am not going to get married after whatever happened in the past and still here you are selecting girls for me and that too without even talking on the same with me.”

“I am your grandmother Arnav and I know what is best for you.”

“I know that you are my grandmother but that doesn’t gives you any right to interfere in my personal life or impose your decision on me.”

“Arnav, Is this a way to talk to daadi?” asked Anjali.

“Sorry di but if anyone will try to impose their decision on me then it is not going to work. We already have a talk on the same and I have cleared out that I am never going to marry because it is not my cup of tea.”

“But till when Arnav. Someday or the other you will need a partner to support you and standby you forever in good or bad,” said Subhadra trying to persuade him.

“Yes, a partner who will deceive you in the worst possible way, a partner for whom nothing comes beyond their own selfishness,” said Arnav sarcastically.

“Why are you saying so Arnav? Just one incident and you have make so many assumptions of your own,” said Anjali with moist eyes while all this time Shyam was a silent spectator not knowing what to say. Moreover he was tensed about his own problems.

“Yes Arnav, not everyone is like her,” said Daadi while Anjali just frowned hearing that once again that girl was told to be at fault when she wasn’t. But alas! She can’t do anything about the same. When she wasn’t able to do anything years back then how she can now when things have gotten all the more worse apart from making her little brother understand and remove the hatred from his heart about love, if not for Payal.

“Arnav, I know whatever happened in past have make your thinking this way but if you have a bad paradigm then you also have a good one that too in your own family. See me and your jiju. We have been married for so many years and living our life with no qualms,” said Anjali and this time Arnav was rendered speechless as he really have no answers for the same, but this doesn’t mean that he will bend down in front of them and get married.

“I don’t care about it. But my answer is same that I will not get married.”

“Arnav don’t act so stubborn,” said Subhadra getting angry on Arnav’s behaviour.

“Well I am a born stubborn if you have forget it,” reminded Arnav.

“I don’t know Arnav you are going to get married that too very soon.”

“If so daadi then be ready to not see me for rest of your life as I will be heading back to where I was all these years,” saying this angrily he stormed off without having his breakfast leaving all the members stunned.

“How can he say something like that,” asked a shocked Subhadra.

“I have told you earlier to not bstart it off now but you didn’t listen to me daadi,” saying this Anjali rushed back to her room while Shyam as a good son-in-law tried to calm Subhadra and then left towards his room to be with his wife.


Khushi reached her office when she gets to know from her secretary that ASR is waiting for her in her cabin. Hearing it a sweet smiled came on her lips remembering her last night talk with her naani and then her admission. She immediately move towards her cabin with a big smile telling Sheena to follow her who was amused seeing her smiling hearing about that rude but charming ASR.


Somewhere in a dark room a lady was sitting on a chair frightened while tears were flowing continuously from her eyes.

“Please…. What have I or my family done? Why are you doing all this,” she asked.

“You have done nothing apart from being linked with Raizada,” said the person menacingly who has covered his face with a black cloth and was wearing a hat.


“Shhh…. Don’t ask so many questions otherwise it will not be good for your family, especially your sister,” he said.

“What? What do you want?” asked the girl fearfully.

“Do as I say,” he said and then explain her something at which she nodded fearfully while the person standing in front of her smirk evilly.


As soon as Khushi enters her cabin her smile got widen upon seeing Arnav, but soon she cover her expression with a blank face so as to not let anyone know about her thoughts and greets them formally and they too responded back.

But then Khushi frowned seeing an angry Arnav rather than a calm and composed one. Though he was trying to show that everything is okay but Khushi was not the one to fall for his play. But at the same time she couldn’t ask him so they starts discussing about their project. This goes on for almost two hours and after that when they were going to leave Khushi stops Arnav from going making up an excuse while Aman and Sheena left from there smiling inside.

“Yes Khushi, What is it about?” asked Arnav after seeing that Aman and Sheena had left.

“Well that was my question,” she said.


“Ofo! Arnav is there any problem,” she asked hesitatingly not knowing well how he will react.

At this Arnav looks away remembering his morning fight with his family while his anger which he was trying to control till now once again starts raising and not wanting it to direct towards Khushi he said “I think I should leave.”

Arnav tried to move but at the same time Khushi quickly comes up to him and hold his hand stopping him from moving any further.

“Arnav if there is something then you can share it with me. Maybe I can help you.”

The anger which till now he was controlling was now out of his hand hearing her words and he looked at her with so much anger that she immediately leaves his hand backing up while he jerks her towards himself holding her from waist.

Precap: Lavanya’s entry finally

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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Arnav angry about marriage, will Khushi be the one on whom he will release his anger? Who is the person being held, is it Payal, is she alive and not dead? Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Nice chapter
    dadi determined to marry arnav off willing or not
    anjali telling her dadi I told u so
    shyam just watching
    Arnavs control has snapped n khushi is in the firing line
    what will he do
    say something he doesnt mean? Regain control b4 too late??
    Or maybe he might act on desire
    either way looking forward to next update
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  3. Ok, I guess its bound to happened as Khushi was the one who ask ASR that she could help him.. I just hope that the walls are sound proof..
    Who captive who's and what does he/her wants?? Lavanya entry??

  4. Your narration of Arshi ff with Sheeshmahal theme is very entertaining and keeps me guessing about ur next chapter, where in u gave equal power to both Arnav and Khushi's characters ( Khushi is equally empowered)


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