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PART- 17

Life has never been so cruel for them. She has never thought a day would ever come in their life which will snatch every happiness of their life alongwith making a pathway for an enmity between two families for lifelong. An enmity which has no end it seems. She has no clue that why her granny is against them? But at the other hand she has an inclination that what she has wanted. She was never against those Gupta’s but…. She couldn’t even think on those lines. She has known what she is against of? But why she is against it? This is still a question mark for her, after all those years. It is not that she has never thought to ask her the reasons behind all this that too keeping the happiness of their grandchildren at stake but then all she got in answer was either her silence or ignorance on the same. She knew that she had told her grandmother that she will be with her decision of Arnav’s marriage, and she still is, but at the same time she doesn’t want to force him into something fearing its consequences.

Anjali was busy in analysing her thoughts when Shyam barged in and throws his phone on the bed in frustration making her brought out of reverie.

“What happened?” she asked at which Shyam looked towards her at first warily but then soon covering his expressions he said “Nothing Ranisaheba.”

“Now don’t lie. It is clearly written on your face that you are distributed about something,” said Anjali.

“Ugh! Nothing for you to worry. It is just some work regarding tension.”

“Oh! But what had happened that you are throwing your anger on that poor phone,” she said looking at the mobile which was now lying on the bed mercilessly.

“Umm…. Nothing Ranisaheba. Just that Client is not agreeing on what I am saying to him and insisting me to do something unethical.”

“But you didn’t agree. Did you?” she asked and getting a positive nod from him she gives a sweet smile to him and went away from there saying “I will brought tea for you.”

As soon as Anjali left the room, Shyam thumped on the bed picking his phone which was lying on the bed and looking at it angrily murmurs “If it was possible for me then I would have killed you by now for blackmailing me into giving in your demands just because you have some proofs against me. Just once let me know who are you and what you wants then I will plan my move. But, alas!!!! You have been successful in hiding your identity till now. How much hard may I try I am not able to reach you. But if you are thinking that by doing all this you will win then you are wrong. For time being I may lose this game to you but not for forever, because Shyam has not learned losing,” saying this he smiles evilly.


Arnav was sitting in his car in the mid road with his head leaning on the seat and eyes closed remembering the moments he shared with Khushi in the party and later in the rain. He couldn’t decipher what is happening to him. He has been surrounded with various girls from a long time and all were very beautiful but he never felt something like this for anyone, especially after that day he had block each and every way for any kind of emotions for any girl except his own family and has been stand by it till now. But what is happening to him whenever he is with her is just out if his hand. He had known her from hardly few days but to him it feels like that he has been knowing her from ages and above all what shocked him is his own behavior towards her. He had known that Aman is always trying to tease him with her name, but is he shocjed? No, the answer is quite clear to him that he is not. Reason to it is simple, he himself can see how he behaves around her as if he is a possessive lover of her. He knew he is changing- changing for her and that is what is scaring him like hell.

“Damn, No Arnav you can’t. You just can’t change for anybody. Years back you have took a decision and you have to stick to it, no matter what. Don’t fall for these stupid emotions which are used only to play games. Stay away from that Khushi Gupta and just maintain a professional relationship with her and nothing more than that. Yes, I will do just that,” murmuring this to himself he start his car and went away from there.


It was next morning and Subhadra Raizada was sitting in the hall with the photos of those girls in her hand. Last night when Arnav has come back then she has tried to talk to him, but to no avail as he has outright refused to talk at any matter saying that he is tired and she has left it there trying not to make him mad, knowing well about his temper. But now she will not let him leave without having a word with her and soon she saw him coming downstairs.

“Good Morning daadi,” he greeted at which she smiled and responded back warmly.

Arnav saw her holding something in her hand so out of curiosity he asked “What is in your hand daadi?”

“Ugh! Well before answering you what is in my hands, I want to have a talk with you.”

“Oh! Okay, tell me.”

At the same time Anjali and Shyam too came downstairs and by the looks of her granny she understood that what is she talking about and thus gestures her to not to talk on the same but the later just shrugged it off.

“Arnav dear first have the breakfast then we will talk about it.”

“No daadi… First you tell me that what is so important that you wants to talk with me?”

“Actually dear I was thinking that now you have reached marriage she so why not to choose a girl for you.”

“What?” was the only word which escaped from his mouth after hearing his granny.

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  1. Loved part 17, brilliant. Will Arnav be able to stay away from Khushi? Will there be fireworks after the suggestion of marriage? Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Awesome V <3
    I loved Anjali and her care but why Daadi is so irrational…

    Now will Arnav be able to control his desires,, emotions and all by keeping him out of Khushi zone.Lets see Mr.Ego.
    Now Shyam, filthy animal …just hate him 🙁


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