PART- 16

Khushi enters inside Gupta Mansion and straightly went towards her room making Devyani frowned at her as before today she has never ever went directly in her room without wishing her.

‘What is up with her today? Daily when she comes back from her office she will hug me so tight that I will feel like someone has knocked out my breath from my lungs. But today she is so silent? And haven’t even wished me forget about hugging me. Hmm… something serious. I should let her be alone for some time because I know that if she didn’t solve on her own whatever is bugging her mind then she will definitely come up to me to seek the solution to her problems,’ thought Devyani and she too left towards her room.

Here Khushi enters her room and after bolting the door she sat on her bed and started remembering all the instances from the time she has met him.

“What is happening with me? Why I felt unusual whenever I am around him? Unusual but good? Why it felt so alluring to be around him? Why my heart goes haywire just seeing his smile? Why his smile matters to me? Why if he gets upset then it feels that my happiness had turned away from me? Hell from when did I started needing his approval… scratch that… his silent consent? What kind of problem I have caught up with? Does I need a doctor? But then, I haven’t heard this kind of illness ever. Arghh!!!!! God help me,” she murmurs frustrated not understanding what is happening with her.

‘Naani…. I need to meet her…. But what will I say her? Whatever Khushi but this time only she can help you,’ thinking this she left towards Devyani’s room.


Here in Raizada Mansion Anjali and Subhadra were sitting in the main hall and discussing about Arnav’s future or rather say having an argument on Arnav’s marriage.

“Daadi please try and understand that if Arnav ever wishes to marry then he will himself selects a girl,” siad Anjali.

“Huh! You are saying as if the day is ever going to come? We both know Anjali that what is Arnav’s thought process regarding the marriage,” said Subhadra frowning.

“Daadi I know, but we can persuade him for that and make him understand that it is not what we are thinking. But forcing him to choose a girl from all these photos is just not going to work.”

“If this is not going to work then nothing is going to work Anjali. And what is the problem in these girls?” asked Subhadra showing the photos she is holding in her hand to Anjali who just shook her head and said “Daadi I am not saying that there is any problem in any of these girls. They all are good in their own ways. But then also this is not going to work.”

“I don’t know anything Anjali. I have decided that I would make him marry to one of these girls I have chosen and that is final.”

“And I am afraid that your this stubbornness will lead Arnav away from us ONCE AGAIN,” said Anjali emphasising on the last two words making Subhadra jerk her shoulder and then looking away said “Nothing has happened due to me Anjali. It was all his decision years back. I have never wished for him to leave us like this ever.”

“I am not saying daadi that you have ever wished for it, but you can’t change the truth that directly or indirectly it was you due to whom he left us.”

“NO…. He doesn’t left due to me but due to the incident that took place years back.”

“And who is the reason behind it daadi? Why all that happened years back? Isn’t it due to your selfishness?” she asked with moist eyes remembering the fateful day which have snatched every ounce of happiness from their life.

“No…. Never Anjali. All this happened due to those Gupta’s. I have told them to stay away from my family and also keep that girl Payal away but they didn’t. And then I have to did whatever was required on my part,” said Subhadra determinedly.

“I can’t believe daadi. You still think that it was their fault while….”

Anjali’s voice trailed off when Subhadra show her palm asking her to stop and said “You believing or not wouldn’t change anything Anjali because I know that whatever I did years back was right. And I would never want to hear those Gupta’s name in Sheeshmahal. Don’t forget that I am still the elder here and all final decisions will only be taken by me. And regarding Arnav’s marriage then I have decided upon it too and things will proceed as per my wish. I hope I am clear Anjali,” she said in a tone of finality at which Anjali could only nod in yes while Subhadra turns to leave, but then stopping she added “And remember that I don’t want to hear the name of those people in Sheeshmahal ever otherwise it will not be good for anybody,” saying this she left from there while Anjali slumped on the sofa once again in defeat of making her granny realise that years back those people were not at fault.

“Wish I could make you understand that it was not Payal but your stubbornness daadi which had led to that fateful day,” murmurs Anjali to herself with moist eyes.


Khushi knocks on the door of Devyani’s room only to heard ‘Come in Khushi’. After which she enters inside and saw her naani resting on the armchair with her eyes closed. She move towards her but before she could make her feel her presence she heard her say “You came Khushi. I was just waiting for you,” said Devyani opening her eyes and looking towards her.

“You knew that I will come to you?” asked Khushi confusedly.

“What to do my child? I have brought you up and hence knew each and everything going n your heart and mind.”

“Okay so tell me that why I have come here?” asked Khushi sitting on the floor and putting her head in Devyani’s lap.

At this Devyani smiles and caressing her hairs said “Because you are confused. Now don’t ask me what it is about? Because I don’t know the reason.”

“How?” asked Khushi raising her head above.

“Because I am your mothers’s mother,” said Devyani winking at her making her smile.

“Oh naani… I love you,” saying this Khushi once again placed her head in her lap.

“Now tell me what it is about?”

“Actually naani… Umm…”

“Out with it Khushi.”

“Naani, I want to know that why does it happens that we starts fling weird around someone? Why does our heart beating fast whenever that someone is around us? Why does someone’s happiness matters to us more than our own? Why does someone else thinking matter to us to such an extent that it influences our decision? Why does being with that person we felt complete? Why naani? Why?” asked Khushi baring her heart out while Devyani just kept looking at her grand-child for good few minutes and then said “You are falling for him Khushi.”


“Yes Khushi. I would not say you are in love but yes you are falling for him my dear. You are falling in love with him,” said Devyani while Khushi looks on stunned.

It was not that she has no idea about it but still she have come here towards her naani with a hope that it was not true. But hearing her naani saying the same and that too so soon just hearing her few words about her feelings stunned her. Is her feelings so deep that her talks are reflecting them?

“I know Khushi you are a bit confused. Not because you don’t believe in love but because you have not thought to fall in love so soon.”

At this Khushi look towards her naani shockingly while the elderly lady just cupped her face and said “I know it because just few days back you were laughing on the same things but today the way you bared your heart in front of us itself speaks volume. And I know the guy must have something special in him that makes you fall for him so hard and fast.”

“But naani how could I? I mean isn’t it too fast? How someone can falls so fast for someone. I just know him from few days? Though it’s a different thing that to me it feels like that I have known him from eternity.”

“Love is a special feeling dear and there is nowhere it is written that falling in love takes time. Khushi sometimes it takes eternity to fall in love while sometimes it doesn’t even takes a glance to fall in love,” said Devyani cupping her face.

“But then…”

“It happens dear. Each and everyone has a dream man. And everyone searches for the same in his life-partner. Sometimes we tends to make him fit in our dream man’s imagination but there are few lucky people who finds their dream man very easily.”

‘Dream man? Is it?’ thought Khushi and then she remembers how before even meeting him she has started feeling a strange bond with him like she has known him, like she was waiting for him, her restlessness everything which makes her show others like he didn’t affect her. ‘Does naani telling true? Am I falling for Arnav?’ thought Khushi and then asked “But how can I be sure that it is true love?”

“This only time will tell dear,” said Devyani smiling and patting her cheeks.

“But what if he doesn’t feel the same for me?”

“Khushi dear always remember that never expects love in return of love. If you love someone then it doesn’t means that he/she too will reciprocate your feelings. Because if you are expecting the same then it is not love but a mere deal where you are asking for his feelings in return of yours. Love is a sacred feeling which asked you to just love unconditionally without any expectation, boundation or selfishness. Because if your love is true and selfless then one day or other you will get what is yours.”

“I understand naani,” said Khushi with a small smile playing on her lips.

“So when will you make me meet him?”

“The day I will know that we both will not only have feelings but also the desire to live and die for each other,” said Khushi with a glint in her eyes.

“Hmm… So now that your confusion is cleared I think you will want to rest?”

“Yes naani.”

“Then go what are you waiting for?”

“Oh! I so love you my coochie-pie naani,” saying this she kissed Devyani and left from there leaving behind a smiling Devyani who looks upward and said “I think that this is your indication devimaiya with which you wants to show me that happy days are back in the life of my Khushi.”


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  1. Nice story, girl. Will go read the previous chapters as well. Great relationship Khushi shares with Naani. Waiting to see how Khushi deals with the new development.


    Anu567 on IF

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  5. She doesn't have any such problem….
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    There are many things hidden behind the layers which will affect all drastically….
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