“Sorry, but I don’t know how to dance. Actually, dance is not my cup of tea. Hope you won’t mind it,” she said giving him a tight smile making him retreat back. From the corner of her eyes she once again saw him and seeing him now calm and relax brought a small smile on her face. She don’t know why she rejected the offer of dance when she loves dancing, she wondered to which her heart reply that it is because of Arnav but her logical mind come up with the excuse that she has stopped dancing the day her Pal left her and satisfied with the answer she looks away.



While on the other side Arnav relaxed himself as soon as he heard her denying the offer of that guy and mentally thanked that boy’s stars because he knew that if by any chance Khushi has opted to shake leg with him then he would have burn everything and this thought himself amazes him. He knew he felt attracted towards her, like he have never felt for any other girl but at the same time the intensity of this attraction shocked him. Somewhere deep down he knew that just liking can’t be the reason of feeling this strong attachment but then the thought that it can be something more than liking scared him like hell. He can’t believe that he can fall for any girl that too so soon. ‘Yes he can’t,’ he thought to himself as if assuring himself that this is true when his heart countered “Do you really think that you can’t fall for her?”



“Yes I can’t,” his mind promptly replied.



“Why so?” his heart asked.



“Because I just can’t fall in love. There is nothing like Love at first place. I have said earlier and I am saying again Love is just an illusion of eyes, nothing more and nothing less.”



“No, it is not. It is a divine feeling which can bring back even a dead person to life,” screamed his heart.



“Oh really, but as far as I know you are wrong. The truth is Love can make a living being dead. Love is the worst poison anyone can get and I am better off without it,” countered his mind and smirked evilly upon seeing the man in question agreeing at the point.


“No…No…No…. You are absolutely wrong. Love is that pious feeling which can’t be forget even after death. Remember that people can die but their Love can never die. It continues to float in the air even after decades,” said heart.



“What rubbish?” screamed mind.



But this time too before his heart can countered Arnav’s reverie broke down with the jerk given by Khushi.



“What happened to you Arnav?”



“Me… What? Nothing… Nothing happened to me,” he said stuttering.



“Are you sure?” she asked seeing his confused reaction for a split second before he composed himself and not to forget his stuttering.



“Of course, what will happen to me?



“Ugh! Actually you were so lost that I thought…. “



“Nothing like that Khushi…. Was just thinking about a deal,” he lied blatantly.






“Well… Do you wanna talk to me regarding something,” he asked raising his eyebrows making her shuffle from one feet to another and then giving him a sheepish smile she said “It’s not like that I will come to you only when I want to talk to you regarding something.”



“But I think from last week it’s going on like this,” he said.



“As if you are now doing the same,” she replied immediately and then put her hands on her mouth realizing what she just blurted out while Arnav too looks away.



In an instance the surrounding around them become awkward. The talk which they were avoiding from a week now was out that too in such a way when no one is ready to confront on the same. Neither of them knew what they should say on this, and how can they when none of them is ready to even accept the feelings bubbling inside them.



To avoid this awkwardness Khushi looks here and there and then looking towards him said “I think we should head back to our home. The purpose of this meet is already over so….” she trailed off.



At this Arnav jerk his head towards her and then nodded in affirmative while after bidding bye to their clients they left from the party.






Shyam is sitting in his room replaying the conversation he just had with that unknown person who is giving him threats that his secrets will be revealed if he will not abide by them making him helpless.



“Where have you landed yourself Shyam Manohar Jha. The person who is best known for playing as per his wish and making other person dance to his tune is himself bound to follow others,” he mumbled to himself furiously passing his hands through his hairs and making a face.



At the same time his mobile beeped indicating an incoming message. He immediately open the message to read it and as soon as he did so his eyes widen at first and then a small smile appeared on his face.



Hey bro,


Howz you?


I know you must have forgotten me and why not? After all we are talking after so many years. But I am still just hoping that you do remember me. Well I have texted to inform you that I am coming back to India… Actually scratch that… Because I am coming to Delhi. And as I don’t know anything there so I am going to stay with you. Hope you are okay with it. I will be coming next week so you have all the time in your hands to make proper arrangements for my stay in your house. We have a lot to catch up which we will definitely do whn we meet again *wink* *Mischievous smile*






“Damn it!!!!” said a frustrated Arnav while hitting the car from his foot and then squeal “Ouch!!!!”



“Well if one will try to kick a body of tin thinking that it will start moving then the result will be this only,” said Khushi trying hard not to show her white pearly teeth but failed miserably making him all the more frustrated.



“You!!! You are laughing at me while all this is happening is because of me,” he said angrily making Khushi to widen her eyes.



“What? What do you mean to say by this Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?” she asked resting her hands on her waist.



“Well I said what you heard. Now I don’t think you are so dumb so as to not understand the meaning behind my words. I simply Sid that all this is happening because of you. You are with me that’s why my car stopped. Till date it never happened that my- Arnav Singh Raizada’s car stopped before reaching it is destination. But see today when I am with you it happened for the first time. Remember the day when your car broke down and I give you a lift. Well to be honest is there any relation between these two things.”



Hearing him say that Khushi’s jaw dropped and she stared at him as if ready to eat him alive.



“Oh now please don’t show me those big eyes of yours because rather than making me scared it is just making me laugh.”



“And why so?” she asked.



“Well because you are just looking like a kid whose candy has being snatched and who was trying to scare the other person in which she failed miserably,” he said smirking.



“Huh!!! Nice joke. Now please would you concentrate on finding a way to repair the car rather then cracking silly jokes,” she said rolling her eyes.



“What the?? I am not a mechanic Miss Gupta,” he said in a little anger.



‘I wish you would have been. Then it would have been really nice,’ she thought to herself and then said “Well I know you are not Mr. Raizada. So would you mind using your Harvard brain and think on how we will reach our home,” she said raising her eyebrow as if daring him to say that he will not.



And taking it as a cue Arnav too decided that It’s the right thing to do only to get a shock of his life as his phone is switched off dye to no battery and showing a puppy face he told the same to Khushi asking her to call Aman from her phone who just double up while laughing and managed to say “I see! This Harvard brain also sometimes forget being a perfectionist.”



“Stop laughing on me and do the needful Miss Gupta,” he said.



“Okay Mr. Raizada,” she said taking out her phone but before she can even unlock her phone, it was being snatched by none other than Arnav.



“What the heck is this?” she asked to him being a little on his stupid behavior.



“Well I will give your phone back to you. But before that care to tell me why are you calling me Raizada. I have told you that I don’t like you calling me that. I would prefer you calling me by my name. Then why the hell you are calling me Raizada?”



At this Khushi put her hands on her waist and said “Oh hello! If you have forgotten then let me remind you that we both had a deal in between us that both of us will call each other by their names. But It is you who breached it by calling me Miss Gupta. And I just abide by the second part of deal.”



“Oh! Is it? Well I didn’t realize when I told Gupta instead of Khushi. But please Khushi never ever called me like that. It sounds so formal and I just don’t like being so formal with you,” he said what is in his heart earning a smile on Khushi’s face. None of them realize that the ice which has been created between them from last week has melted in just few minutes, taking away the awkwardness and silence with it.






Anjali and Mrs. Subhadra Raizada were sitting in the hall talking about their chotey and when Shyam came their and coughed a little to gain their attention.



“What happened Shyam? Are you alright?” she asked worried.



“Yes Ranisaheba, I am fine. Urm…. Actually I want to say something to you guys,” said Shyam nervously looking towards his wife and daadi.



“Aree… Shyamji from when did you need our permission for it,” asked Anjali smiling a bit.



“Yes dear, go ahead we are all ears,” said Subhadraji.



“Actually Ranisaheba, daadiji  my sister is coming to stay here with us for few days. I hope you will not mind the same.”



“Your sister?” asked Subhadraji.



“Yes daadiji, my sister Lavanya,” he said and then from corner of his eyes look towards Anjali who was already looking at him with furrowed brow.



“But daamadji as far as I know you don’t have any relatives?” asked Subhadra.



“Yes daadiji, you are absolutely right. I don’t have any blood relatives or any cousins.”



“Then from where does this sister of yours come?” she asked.



“Well daadiji, it is true that neither she is my real sister nor my cousin. But you can say that she is my rakhi sister. Actually we both met during our school days and then we developed this special bond of brother-sister between us. She was my pillar of support. But then few years back she left from India and so we were no more in contact. But then now she just texted me saying that she is coming back to India and wants to stay with me. So, I just wanted to know is it okay with you all otherwise I will make arrangements for her to stay in a hotel.”



“Arey… No Shyam. You are son-in-law of this house, and she is your sister. So it means she too is related to this house and it gives her right to stay in this house. Right Anjali bitiya,” asked Subhadra looking towards Anjali who till now was unusually silent and was just looking towards her husband with a forlorn look. But her grandmother voice brought her back from the reverie and giving her a tight smile she just nodded her head in yes, but not able to resist anymore she asked the only question which was bugging her mind from the time her husband has mentioned about his sister coming to stay here.



“Shyamji, I do remember you telling me about a girl who has helped you a lot considering you as her brother. But I don’t know why I felt like you told some other name to me at that time.”



At this Shyam who was just smiling after getting a positive nod from daadi abruptly stopped smiling and then taking a deep breath he said “No Ranisaheba, she is the same girl. I think you must have been mistaken because you heard me talking about her only once that too hears back.”



“Oh! Yes may be,” she said and then added “So when is she coming?”



“After a week Ranisaheba.”



“To be honest I am glad that the girl who has helped my husband in his need of time is coming here and finally I will be able to meet her,” said Anjali smilingly.



“Indeed it is,” said Subhadra patting Anjali’s shoulder.






“How much more time will it take the driver to come here,” said a frustrated Arnav.



“As if I know,” said Khushi shrugging her shoulders.



‘Well you don’t know anything, ‘ mumbled Arnav to himself.



At the same time wind starts blowing very fast and in just a blink of eye rain start pouring.



“What the? Only this was left,” said Arnav making an irritated face and hurriedly ran towards the car and sat inside cursing the rain. But soon he realized that Khushi has not enter inside the car and when he looks in front to see where the girl is, his eyes widen seeing her playing in the rain like a small kid.



“What the? Is she mad to get drenched in rain that too playing like a five year old kid?” he mumbled shocked and surprised and then shouted from inside “Khushi come inside.”



At this Khushi look towards him and then said “No Arnav I am not coming inside. In fact you should come out and enjoy the rain.”



“Are you insane? You would catch cold. Come inside,” he shouted again.



“Not I but you are mad Arnav. Who the hell sit inside the car while raining? But then you are different from others naa… So you would act differently too. But don’t expect the same from me,” she said and started twirling in the rain like a free bird making Arnav spellbound. He was not able to say another word to her after seeing her like this. It was like he had been transported to some another world. He came out of his car not caring that he will get drenched. His legs on its own started moving towards Khushi. The man who hates rain for God knows why, the man for whom rain is nothing else other than a way to spoil your dress, makes the road muddy, a man who has never ever get drenched in rain, the same man is today standing below the clouds, getting drenched in rain, not minding even a bit of it and just staring at the girl in front of her who is twirling and dancing in the rain.



His feet automatically stopped when he reached near her and his breath falls on her nape. Khushi stiffen and turn only to get clashed with the pair of chocolate brown orbs. It was like time stopped for both of them. None of them was aware of anything else. Neither rain nor the fast blowing wind. It was as if the world ceased to exist for them. They kept staring at each other and soon a smile broke on Khushi’s lips. She started getting neared him not leaving the eye contact and neither of them realizing their increasing proximity.



Khushi cupped his face and immediately once again she heard some weird voices.



“You can’t do this to me. You can’t. Do you understand it? Snatching the peace of my life you think you will live in peace. No… Never… I will never let this happen… Wherever you will go you will find me… You will find me… I will not let you live in peace ever again…”



And as soon as those flashes came before her eyes she jerked back and look towards Arnav confusedly who was looking at her worriedly. Before he could ask anything a thunder sound resonated in the surrounding making Khushi jump in fear and hugged him tightly, which he too reciprocate.







Here in the Ashram Guruji came out in open and rain starts drenching him. While he too welcome the same spreading his arms, looking upward and closing his eyes in content. At the same time one of his disciple came out with umbrella and make his way towards guruji.



“Guruji why are you getting drenched in this rain? You know naa that it is not the time of rainy season and this rain can harm your health.”



“This rain can never harm me dear. Yes, you said right that it’s not the rainy season and that’s why it is not a normal rain because it is the rain of love and affection. You know why this sudden rain?” he asked to his disciple who nodded in no.



“Because the creator of this world himself is crying in joy.”



“But why so Guruji?”



At the question of his disciple he just smile looking upward and said “Something are not meant to said but just to feel, as when the right time will come they will be known to everyone on its own.”






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