“Arey daamadji we were searching for a nice girl for our chotey,” said Subhadra smiling slightly.


“WHAT?” was the prompt reaction from Shyam but upon seeing both the ladies looking at him he immediately schooled his expression and then said “I mean you are deciding about Saley Sahab’s wedding so have you guys talk to him regarding the same.”


“Not now damadji but today


I will talk to him regarding it.”


“Not now daadi,” said Anjali at which Subhadra look towards her with raised eyebrow as if seeking an explanation from her on which Anjali readily answer “Daadi you know after whatever happened in past it will not be easy for chotey to believe girl and if we directly said him that we want him to get married then to save himself he will get numerous excuse so it will be better that we will talk to him once we decided a nice girl for him.”


“Hmm….. I think it’s a good idea Anjali bitiya,” said Subhadra and they both keep on discussing about the same while Shyam was sitting their deep in his own thoughts and seeing him like this Anjali asked “What happened Shyamji? You are looking lost?”


“Ugh! Nothing Rani saheba, just that I have a little headache.”


“What? You have headache and you are saying this to me now,” she said worriedly while Shyam just shrugged his shoulder knowing well that it’s a usual reaction from his Rani saheba.


“Okay now you come with me so that I can apply balm and give you a head massage,” she said standing up from her sear at which Shyam tried to deny her “Rani sahiba let it be. I think I will take a short nap and then i will be fine.”


“Yes damadji you must took a nap but before that took a head massage from my Anjali bitiya as she has magic in her hands. And then you will see that your headache is gone,” said Subhadra Raizada proudly while looking towards her granddaughter who lower her head in shyness.


Hearing dadi saying it, Shyam was left with no other option but to abide by them and hence nodding his head he left towards his room with Anjali in tow while leaving a smiling Subhadra behind them.




Here in Gupta Mansion Devyani Gupta was pacing to and fro in the hallway waiting for her only grandchild but to her disappointment there was no sign of her coming downstairs. Realizing that it’s quite late and she has been in her room from almost two-three hours she decided to call her and have a word with her. Thinking so she left for upstairs but as soon as she reached near her room she can heard her sob which squeezed her heart in pain making her realize that once again the traumatized past has make her child cry which automatically make her eyes moist but soon she wiped away the slight wetness below her eyes and knocked the door.


As soon as Khushi heard the knock on the door she realized that it must be her naani and not wanting her to see her in this condition she quickly put all the things back in the box, closed it and put it back from where she had took it out, washed her face and comb her hairs removing every trace of her vulnerable state and went to open the door but not before giving a last glance to the place where she had kept the box.


As soon as she opened the door Devyani Gupta barged in with a worried face and hugs Khushi tightly. After few minutes when she parted from the hug she kissed her forehead and then asked looking straight in her eyes “Are you all right?”


At which Khushi averted her eyes and then nodded her head in yes but whom she is fooling- her own naani who knew everything about her- her vulnerability, her deepest fear and what not. How much hard Khushi may try she can never hide her tears from her own naani. Like always no words was spoken between the duo because they don’t need words to convey their feelings. It is the silence which like always convey their message to the other person. Both keep standing there for some time gripping each other hands giving the silent support to the only family they have.


After few minutes Devyani took a deep sigh and kissed Khushi’s forehead and hugs her tightly and after parting from the hug she said “Khushi dear come down and have your dinner. I am waiting,” and saying this she left from their while after sometime Khushi too joins her. Both were eating in silence when out of blue Devyani said “Khushi there is this boy named Abhinav. I have met him and I like him instantly. To me he seems to be a good guy. He is a well-established doctor and I think that he will make a good match with you.”


“What?” was the only word Khushi could mutter after hearing out her naani.


“Now why are you looking at me like that dear? Don’t tell me you don’t want to get married?”


“It’s not like that naani. You know me- so you must know that for me marriage is a very sacred relationship which binds not only two soul but two families together forever.”


“If it is so Khushi then why are you not ready for marriage?”


“Because I have never thought about it till now naani.”


“Then think now Khushi. He is really a true gentleman who will always keep you happy.”


Just hearing the talks about marriage and her name getting linked with some Abhinav she was getting uncomfortable. All this was making her feel weird in the pit of her stomach. She don’t know what’s happening with her but she was not liking it anyhow. All this is just not settling with her heart while her mind was trying to find the reason of this sudden weird feeling she was getting from inside since the time these marriage talk has been started. And her mind comes with the best possible reason it could ever- the death of Pal, but in her heart of heart she knew that it has nothing to do with the death of Pal because she knew that her sister was never get cheated in love, it was the destiny which makes circumstances to snatch her life away from us. But her chain of thoughts were broken by Devyani’s next sentence “Where have you been lost dear? See Khushi it’s not in your mind but till when you will sacrifice your life for me. I know you are not ready for it because you think that after marriage I will be alone in this big house. But have you thought how I am feeling seeing you working day and night like a machine. The girl who used to play prank on everyone is today don’t even like to crack a single joke.It’s hurting me Khushi and making me guilty that due to me you have lost the will to live.”


“I am living naani. So don’t think too much.”


“But the way you are leading your life is not what I want for you,” she said while tears of helplessness flow out of her eyes.


Seeing tears cascading down from her eyes Khushi immediately wiped them and hugged her. After parting from the hug she said “I need some time naani to make myself understand all this. Will you give me some time and I assure you that I will not disappoint you.”


Hearing her Devyani gave her a small smile and issing her forehead she said “Take your time Khushi. I am not forcing you my dear but I just want your happiness.”


At this Khushi nodded and then after dinner she make her naani sleep on the bed while she came back in her room and slumped down on her bed thinking back on the conversation she had with her naani and she don’t know when she fall asleep.




Arnav was tip-toeing in the Mansion silently when suddenly lights of the hall on and he looked at the front and gulped his saliva upon seeing his daadi standing in front of him with her hands on her hips and eyes glaring at him to dare.


“Is it a time to come home Arnav?” asked Subhadra angrily making Arnav gulp some more, but then gathering his courage he said “I was working in office and didn’t know when time passed and it’s midnight so…”


But he was cut short by Subhadra who said almost shouting “Don’t lie chotey, I have talk with Aman and he had told me that you have left from office quite early today.”


Upon hearing his daadi, Arnav’s eyes widened and he keeps on looking at her not knowing what to say. It’s not like he is scared of her No- Never. Arnav Singh Raizada is not scared from anyone let alone his daadi or di, but yes he love and respect them and never wanted to hurt them at any cost. But now what will he say to his daadi that he was confused thinking about a certain Miss Gupta and his feelings for her. He was confused that why he was getting so possessive about her? Confused that why was he even thinking about her? And what not? And thus he wanted sometime alone and had left to the only place which gives him immense happiness in his life. But did he get the answers to his questions? NO-A big No. Yes, he understood that he was feeling attracted towards her but at the same time he failed to understood that why her? And that too all of a sudden despite his dislike towards girl he was getting attracted towards her like a moth to the fire. He was in his own thoughts when daadi’s next sentence bring him back.



“You have not answered me yet and I am waiting for it.”



Knowing well how stubborn his daadi can be he replied looking straight in her eyes- a gesture which means he is saying the truth so what if it’s the one side of coin. “I was at the place which always soothes me,” and without waiting for the other person to reply he left from their towards his room while Subhadra just sighed and left for her room knowing well that it’s not the time to have a talk with him.






“Kya hua? Itni pareshan kyu lag rahi ho?” (“What happened? Why are you looking so tensed?”)



“Pata nahi… par ek ajeeb si bechani ho rahi hai jaise kuch bahut bura hone vala hai…. Bahut hi bura” (“Don’t know…. But I am having this weird feeling that something bad is going to happen… very bad.”)



“Itna mat  socho kyuki jaisa hum sochte hai vaisa hi humare saath hota hai aur isiliye hume humesha accha hi sochna chahiye.” (“Don’t think so much because whatever we thought it actually happens and that’s why we always have to think positive.”)






“Hum bahut tej jaa rahe hai…” (“We are going too fast…”)




“Shant ho jao sab kuch mere control mei hai, ghabrao mat…” (“Calm down, everything is in my control. Okay don’t worry…”)




 “Samne dekhiye truck hai… Gaadi rokiye…” (“Ji truck look in front…Stop the car…”)




“Mai koshish kar raha hu par brakes nahi lag rahe…” (“I am trying but the brakes are not working…”)




“Kya? Brakes kaam kyu nahi kar rahe?” (“What? Why are the brakes not working?”)




Seeing the truck approaching them with speed he quickly changed the direction of the car leading to the different side but the car got out of control…


“Nooo…” Khushi got up with a start covered with sweat she was breathing heavily. “Hey Devi Maiyya again the same dream-the same accident. What’s happening with her?” It’s been long she is getting the same weird dream. But yes this time she dreamt a bit more than usual. Before the accident she saw a girl and a boy talking with each other. What was that? What are they talking about? Who were they? There are so many questions in her mind but no answer to them. She immediately took a glass of water and gulped down and then relaxes a bit realizing that her naani hadn’t got up today. It’s a good sign for her because she knew that seeing her like this all sweating she too will get worried. But soon again the flashes of her dream came in front of her eyes and unconsciously she clutched the OM locket which was tied around her neck which reminded her of the night when Arnav had come into his room just to return that locket and thinking about it while still clutching the locket sheclosed her eyes while sleep was far away from her.






It’s the next morning and Arnav was again and again looking towards the clock which amuses his PA cum friend Aman who soon realizes that Arnav is waiting for Khushi eagerly and that’s the reason that in past ten minutes he had at least gazed at the wall more than twenty times. Nothing is hided from the hawk like eyes of Aman. He had seen the sudden smile on his rude and arrogant boss as soon as he let him know that Miss Gupta has confirmed the meet and will be joining them soon. This happiness, possessiveness and impatience is making him realize that his best buddy is bewitched by the charms of a certain Miss Gupta, but on the other hand it is confusing him too because he knew the thoughts of his friends about marriage. After that fiasco years back ASR has stopped believing in love, marriage and girls. So is he aware that he is getting attracted towards her?- It is the question which is time and again raising in his head and adding fuel to his fears about the future and that’s why he is not leaving a single hint to point out the same to ASR. But soon he broke out of the revere hearing the shrill ring of phone letting him know that Miss Gupta had reached and is on her way to the cabin.  Soon Khushi entered the cabin and exchanged the pleasantries with both Aman and ASR and took her seat. But Aman could not help and ask her about Sheena on not finding her with Khushi getting to know that she is not feeling well and hence took a day off. But all the while the person on other side with chocolaty brown orbs was looking at her without blinking and has noticed the pale colour of her skin, dark circle below her eyes which makes him frown realizing that she too is not well. He wanted to ask her but not before Aman, knowing well that by this he will get a chance to tease him again so at first they discussed about the project and when it got over he send Aman out of the room on the pretext of some work who left from their but not before giving a naughty smile and winking at him while Arnav could only roll his eyes.



As soon as the door get closed Arnav look towards Khushi who was busy in reading the file, so to gain her attention he cleared his throat while she look towards him and their both lose themselves in each other eyes. But Arnav was the one to return back and averted his eyes and asked “What happened to you?” making her snap back in the real world.



“Ugh! Nothing,” she manage to say but that didn’t convince Arnav so he said “But it didn’t feel to me the same, so care to tell what’s up with you?”



“I said naa Arnav it’s nothing. I am totally fit and fine.”



And this raise the anger in Arnav and he shouted “Nothing… you are saying nothing but your face


 is saying everything. You are looking pale, having dark circles below your eyes which are looking almost lifeless. This much sudden change in you and still you are saying you are fine. Am I looking dumb to you?”




Seeing him so enraged at first she got scared and then his concerned bowled her. So she stand up from her place, move towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder and tried to calm him down but as soon as she touched him a weird sensation pass through her body. It always happened whenever she touches him. But she shrugged it off thinking that there are many things happening with her these days and then said “Shhh…. Calm down Arnav. It’s nothing to worry. Don’t think about it.”



“But Khushi you…..”



But before he could say anything more Khushi placed her index finger on his lips to stop him from saying anything further. Both were lost in each other eyes forgetting about their surroundings. Arnav’s hand automatically reached her face and tucked the hair strand behind her ear while caressing her cheeks. On the other hand Khushi just closed her eyes feeling his hand over her cheeks. Still caressing her face his fingers reached near her lips and start rubbing the corner of her lips while Khushi parted her lips on its own accord. Both were so lost into each other and there was not even a slight of hesitation in any of them as if it was very natural for them, like it was meant to be. But both come out of their revere when Khushi’s phone beeped showing an incoming message and as soon as they realize there position they were shell shocked. None of them can comprehend that what had happened to them in just few seconds that they got lost in each other. Khushi can’t blame him because she knew that she was an equal participant in all this, but now she couldn’t meet his eyes too so she started gathering her things so that she can left the room while on the other hand Arnav too was not able to comprehend what lead him to act like that. He was cursing himself as to why have he sent Aman out of the room and decided to call him back while Khushi after gathering her things was     going out of the room.  Arnav was just going to call Aman when he saw Khushi swaying in the air, but before she could fall on the ground he catches her in his arms and made her lay on the sofa worriedly.



“Khushi! Khushi! Khushi open your eyes dammit. Oh god! What happened to her?” But on getting no response from her he got all the more worried and closed his eyes in frustration and then opened them and immediately took the glass of water and sprinkled it on her face but to no avail. He tries once more but the result was same which scared him so he immediately called his family doctor and summoned him to reach his office as soon as possible.



PART- 12

Arnav was just going to call Aman when he saw Khushi swaying in the air, but before she could fall on the ground he catches her in his arms and made her lay on the sofa worriedly.


“Khushi! Khushi! Khushi open your eyes dammit. Oh god! What happened to her?” But on getting no response from her he got all the more worried and closed his eyes in frustration and then opened them and immediately took the glass of water and sprinkled it on her face but to no avail. He tries once more but the result was same, which scared him so he immediately called his family doctor and summoned him to reach his office as soon as possible.


Here Aman also comes to knew about Khushi being unconscious and now both of them were eagerly waiting for doctor. Though both were tensed for Khushi but still Aman was not able to comprehend Arnav’s reaction when he saw him anxiously pacing up and down in the cabin, maybe because he has never seen him getting so worried for anyone other than his own family, and as far as he knew Khushi is nothing to him.


“What had happened to ASR? Why is he behaving like a maniac? It’s not like Anjali di or daadi is in such a state. It is Khushi who is lying unconscious and who meant nothing to him or is she?” he asked to himself.


‘I know that from day one of their meeting I have been teasing Arnav because I have seen something different in his eyes whenever she is around him, but still have not thought that her getting unconscious can lead him to this state,’ he was thinking all this but his chain of thoughts broke down when the doctor entered in the cabin.


“Mr. Das”


“ASR, what happened my son? Why have you call me so urgently that too at office. Is everything alright? Anjali bitiya and Subhadraji…”


“Yes… Yes uncle they are alright. I have not called you here for them.”


“Oh! Then what? Oh dear what about your sugar levels?”


“No… No… Uncle I am also alright.”


“Then?” he asked confusedly.


“Actually It’s about Khushi.”


“Whom?” he asked trying to believe his ears that Arnav is worried about someone else other than his family, and that too a GIRL. He has known Raizada Family from a very long time and thus he also knew their past and is well aware of Arnav’s dislike for girls but today when he heard him taking a girl’s name it just shocked him and that’s why he asked him again to confirm that he indeed heard a girl’s name from his mouth, and not any girl but a girl for whom he is so much worried.


“Khushi,” he said pointing towards the couch where she was lying unconscious and Mr. Das too look towards the direction and his eyes widen seeing a beautiful girl lying their looking pale.


“Check her as to why she got unconscious Mr. Das,” he said in a tone etched with worry while Aman and Mr. Das shared a quick glance and then start examining the girl while Arnav was tapping his foot impatiently.


After checking her and giving her the required injection he stand up and patting his shoulder said “Don’t worry my son, nothing to be worried for.”


“But… But what happened to her?”


“Arnav son, she got unconscious due to high BP. I think she is in some kind of stress and have not taking proper care of herself, and all this leads to rise in her BP due to which she fainted. But don’t worry I have given her injection and she will be up after sometime. And yes now you don’t stress yourself otherwise I have to treat you also along with her,” he said winking to lighten the atmosphere at which Arnav gives a meek smile to him.


“Son, I am going as of now but in case of any problem do give me a call,” said Mr. Das while Arnav nodded his head in affirmative.


“Chaliye Mr. Das let me accompany you till the door,” saying this Aman left with Mr. Das closing the door behind him and giving some space to Arnav.




It’s been half an hour now after the doctor left and still Khushi didn’t get consciousness and this is making Arnav more tensed. He was pacing up and down thinking to call doctor when he heard a faint voice and immediately he look towards Khushi and saw her trying to sit up.


Arnav went towards her and help her in sitting and then himself sat beside her.


“What I am doing here and what happened to me?” she asked looking around her surroundings.


“You fainted,” he said.


And then she remembers how she was going out of his cabin when suddenly blackness invaded her senses and she fall down.




Words died in her throat because she was soon engulfed in the tight embrace of Arnav and she felt like her lungs will burst out due to the lack of air, but Arnav was nowhere near its realization as he was too scared to think anything else. When he first saw a lifeless Khushi in his arms he got scared to the core, it felt to him like someone has suck the breath out of him, so now he just wants to assure himself that she is alright.


“Ar… Arnav I am choking,” she hardly mumble and that’s when Arnav realised that indeed she was… as she was breathing hard and thus he immediately parted from her and give her a glass full of water while Khushi took long deep breaths before gulping down the water.


“Are you okay Khushi?” he asked not able to hold himself anymore as the fear of losing her is returning back to him. He don’t know why but he is feeling really scared at present.


“Yes I am,” she said with a little smile trying to assure him that indeed she is alright and there is nothing to worry though his one hug has stirred something deep within her but her revere broke when she heard his angry voice.


Here after hearing her say that she is fine makes Arnav relaxed a bit, but that was just for a split of second because soon flashes of her getting unconscious came in front of his eyes making him angered and then without thinking anything he shouted at her in his famous anger while holding her shoulders and jerking her back slightly “Can’t you even take care of yourself? If you were not feeling well then why you came for the meeting daamit? You should have informed me and we would have postponed the meeting? But you silly girl always do what you think is right never thinking about your loved ones. What if something happens to you? Have you ever thought about your family? And if not then you should have think about me Pr….”


“Shhhh……” said Khushi while putting her index finger on his lips not knowing how to calm him and then the time came to a standstill for both of them.


Here Arnav started shouting on her whatever came to his mind. It was as if he was not in his senses and someone else was controlling him and only letting his heart feel the fear- fear of losing her and it makes him insane and he started shaking her in his anger, but as soon as he felt Khushi’s finger on his lips, he felt a jolt and look towards her and then they both got lost in each other’s eyes. It was as if time stopped for them. Neither he was able to remove his eyes from those beautiful hazels nor she was able able to avert hers from his honey chocolate orbs. Both were gazing into each other eyes lost in some other world unaware of their surroundings. But soon they came back to reality after hearing Aman’s voice.


Here Aman too was getting tensed upon not getting any news about Ms. Gupta so he decided that he himself will see to it. But as soon as he enter inside ASR cabin he himself got shocked on seeing ASR and Miss Gupta sitting so close to each other and gazing into each other eyes, but as if it was not enough that he saw her finger resting on his lips. Now, seeing all this he was sure that anyone could get a mini heart attack, but then suddenly a mischievous idea popped in his mind and he silently move towards them without making a noise. When he reached close to them he bend on his knees and started singing quite close to them.


Do Dill Mile Rahe Hain…


Magar Chupke Chupke…


Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain…


Magar Chupke Chupke…


Sabko Ho Rahi Hai…


Haan Sabko Ho Rahi Hai…


Khabar Chupke Chupke…


Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain…


Magar Chupke Chupke…   



(Two hearts are uniting…


But quietly…


Two hearts are uniting…


But quietly…


Everyone is noticing…


Yes everyone is noticing…


But quietly…


Two hearts are uniting…


But quietly…)


Hearing Aman singing a song brought back the two lost persons to reality and the only words Arnav uttered at that time is “What the?”


“Yes ASR I am also very curious to know that WHAT THE hell happening here?” he asked winking.


“WHAT?” he asked glaring at Aman who chose to be on safe side and thus ask “Oh I mean how is Kh… I mean Miss Gupta,” Aman corrected himself upon receiving a glare from the mighty Raizada.


“Ugh! I am fine,” said Khushi coming out of her thoughts.


“That’s good Miss Gupta. But why were you so stressed?”


As soon as Aman spoke those words Khushi’s face turn towards him with shock written all over it.


“Oh! Sorry Miss Gupta if I intrude your privacy. Actually doctor said that you were stressed out and that’s why you fainted, so only I asked you.”


“It’s okay Aman. And yes I was stressed because of my naani’s health,” she lied.


“What happened to her? Is she alright?” asked Arnav this time.


“Don’t worry Arnav, she is fine.”


“But just now you said that….”


“Oh Arnav, You know that she is old now so that’s why I was worried regarding her health and nothing more.”


“Oh!” he sighed.


“By the way Aman Why are you calling me Miss Gupta? Have you forget that I have a name too,” she asked at which Aman look towards Arnav with a what should I say now look.


“Khushi I understand what you want to say but we are in a professional environment so…”


“Ofo Arnav! What professional environment has to do with the name now?” she asked frowning and then turn to look at Aman and continue “Moreover I don’t like people calling me Miss Gupta because it feels like they are referring to some old age woman with wrinkles and all. Huh! So from now onwards you will call me Khushi. Okay,” she asked at which he nodded and then look towards Arnav who was seething in anger and jealousy and he enjoy the plight of his buddy, after all it’s not common to see Arnav Singh Raizada burning in jealousy.


“Okay dear from now on I will call you Khushi,” though he said it to her but from corner of his eyes he was looking towards him and seeing him fisting his fingers he smirks inwardly and mumble to himself “Way to go Aman…”


“Okay I think now I too should leave,” saying this and after bidding bye she left from there while Arnav was still staring at Aman.


Upon realizing that now he alone is standing in the den of Lion he thought ‘Aman beta khisakle yaha se varna y Sher tujhe kaccha chaba jaayega (Aman dear you should leave from here otherwise this Lion will pounce on you and will eat you raw.)’


“Ugh! ASR I remember that there is some urgent work which require my immediate attention so I think I should leave,” saying this he rushed out of the cabin without giving him any chance to speak.




“No… You can’t just order me.”




“Oh really and you think that I will believe you.”




“What rubbish?”




“How? How do you know about it,” he asked in a scared voice.




“What do you want from me?”




“But it’s not easy.”




“Okay, I will.” he sighed.




“But Why me?”




“Hmmmm…. Okay…. When?”




After hearing what the person on other side said he cut the call and throw the phone on floor in frustration.




Hearing his wife’s voice from behind he immediately turn towards her and meekly utter “Ranisaheba…”


Anjali immediately came towards him and said “What happened Shyamji? Why are you looking so worried?”


He gave a fake smile to his wife and said “Nothing Ranisaheba just work pressure.”


“Oh! But then Why you throw your mobile on the floor?” she asked.


Shyam was already frustrated and his wife’s questions were adding more to it. But still he tried to maintain his calm and said “Nothing Ranisaheba, Actually I am working on a new case but not able to gather proofs to prove my client innocent and hence I got frustrated, and in frustration I throw my mobile.”


“Oh! You don’t worry everything will be fine Shyamji. Meanwhile I will bring coffee for you,” saying this she left from the room while Shyam just closed his eyes and muttered “F**k, where I have gotten myself into.”




Here as soon as Aman left the cabin Arnav slumped on his chair, leaned back and starts thinking about all the happenings from the time he had meet a certain girl name Khushi Gupta.


“What’s happening with me? I was never like this then why? Why whenever she is around me I got attracted towards her on my own. What is it that is enticing me towards her? I have seen hell lot of girls who are more beautiful and sexy then this Gupta girl but still I never felt even slight of inclination towards any of them, but with her it always seems to be different. That day I reached her room at that odd hour just to give her locket back and that too by climbing in her room through window. And today I move one step ahead of it. I hug her like my life depends on her. Just seeing her getting unconscious makes me scared. Why dammit? Why? I was never like this then what’s happening with me now? It is like there is something invisible which is again and again bringing us together. But the question remains same- Why us? Oh god I think my head will burst with so many questions for which I have no answers,” saying this he closed his eyes in frustration.


On the other side just like Arnav Khushi too is confused with her own behavior. Like Arnav she doesn’t hate males, though it’s a different thing that till now she has not been in any relation. Well she did had few male friends, but she has never felt something like she felt today when Arnav hugs her. She still remember how she felt a tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach as soon as he hugs her. No one had ever affected her like him. To her it felt so right and she can’t deny the fact that she never wanted to part from him, from that hug. It was as if her whole life she was craving for his touch. It felt so right to her, though she knew that it is not right to think and feel about him like this but then she is not able to stop herself, how much hard she may try and then she murmur to herself.


“I don’t know what it is between us…


I don’t know if it’s right or wrong…


I don’t know whether I have this right or not…


But I do know that I want it more and more…”






Here inside the ashram Guruji was smiling and his eyes were twinkling. At that time one of his disciple came there and seeing him like that he asked “What happened Guruji? Is there any auspicious news?”


“Yes dear, today I am very happy and now I wants to thanks devimaiya for her miracle which were hard to understand, yet have a deep meaning behind them.”


“What are you saying Guruji, I am not able to grasp the meaning of it. And miracles… What miracles are you talking about Guruji?”


“Miracles that she did for teaching the evils a lesson.”


“But Guruji devimaiya always do these kinds of miracles.”


“Hmmm… But this is different from them. This wind… This wind is whispering to me her miracle and its success. I can feel it… Iska ehsaas ho raha hai mujhe,… Mehsoos kar sakta hu mai…” he said spreading his arms in the air to feel it, to listen it.


“What this wind is whispering to you Guruji? And what can you feel?” he asked in curiosity while Guruji just smile looking upwards for few minutes and then closing his eyes he said.



“Weather is changing…


Time is nearing…


Love is searing…


Enmity is following…


Past will be repeating…


Battle will be ensuing…


Yet the eternal lovers will be united for forever and ever…”



PART- 13


Weather is changing…


Time is nearing…


Love is searing…


Enmity is following…


Past will be repeating…


Battle will be ensuing…


Yet the eternal lovers will be united for forever and ever…


(Written by me)


After that incident in office Khushi was a total confused soul. It was going to be a week but she is still not able to comprehend her own behaviour towards Arnav and the way she forget everything around him. So to be on a safer side she starts avoiding him until and unless it’s very important and that too not alone because either Aman or Sheena are always with them. At first she thought that avoiding ASR will not be so easy because she is been working with him but it is not the case because she hardly got to meet him in this week and for that she thanks her devimaiya. Moreover she has seen a rapid increase in those weird dreams nowadays which is taking a toll on her. And all these things together are making her frustrated to the core. And as if all this is not enough that today she is going to client’s party that too along with Arnav which is giving her goose bumps. And thus she is praying to her deity so that she will not fall in any embarrassing situation like last time least she knew what awaits for her in the near future.


On the other side Arnav’s situation is not much different from her except the fact that he is not as confuse as her, because he had realised that he is getting attracted towards this hazel eyed beauty. And this is the only reason that he is avoiding her because he doesn’t want to change this attraction into its second stage which people usually called as Love because to him Love only means stratagem and deceit.


For him all those people who said that ‘Love is unconditional and eternal, not something you can turn on and off as you desire. It is that condition in which the happiness of other person is essential to your own and it is all you need to live’ are mad.



Because according to him ‘Love means playing awful games to fulfil your desires and needs. And when you got what you desired throw the shit out of the person you till now claimed to love.’



But today he has to face her and that too alone. Though he has already made up his mind that he will not give even a damn to her and behave as if she isn’t present with him. But is it so easy? And the answer to this question is a big NO, because somewhere in the core of his heart he knew that whenever he is around her he tends to forget everything else. He don’t know what attracted him towards her? But at the same time he knew that it’s not just her beauty alone because earlier too he have been with many beautiful and sexy ladies, but none of them have a power to even catch his eyes let alone attracting him. Thinking all this he sighed and took a deep breath making himself remember again and again that he doesn’t have to let Khushi affect him and started getting ready. Both of them had decided that they would meet at AR and from there they would be leaving for venue together as they have to discuss something important regarding the same event which is unavoidable and so he is just hoping that this time they didn’t get into any embarrassing situation.


Here in his room Shyam was pacing up and down thinking about the phone calls he is getting off lately. He knew that this time he has been put on a tight spot with no scope to escape, and that is what is worrying him to the core. Moreover he don’t know what that caller wants from him and at the first point how did the person know about all those stuffs. As far as he knew no one has the clue about all this then how the hell that person knew about all these. Not only knew but that persons have proof of all those things which can make him rot in hell, if even a single person from this house gets to know about it, especially his saaley sahaab. Even the thought that what would happened if Arnav ever comes to know about this dark side of him is enough to make him tremble in fear.


“No… I can’t let the secret be out because if it happens then that will be the end of my life. Yes, I can’t take chance here, at least not now. First I have to take that person in my confidence and then only I will think of doing something else. That caller may have been a step ahead of me as of now but who knows things change in future making me to take the lead of this game once again. And I will make this come true. Dear, you may thought that you are the best because currently situations are in your favour. But if you think that it will remain so then you are wrong, absolutely wrong. Shyam Manohar Jha very well knows how to turn the situation back in his favour, and that day is not far when you will be the one following my orders and not the other way around,” saying this he gives an evil smirk to himself.




As soon as arnav enters inside his office he knew that she is present her. He can feel her presence. ‘Feel- what rubbish? How can he just feel her,’ he chided himself and move towards his cabin. But as soon as he open the door of his cabin he stood rooted on the spot seeing Khushi standing near the glass pane clad in a plane red sari with shimmering border looking ethereal. But the next moment his heart literally jump out of his chest seeing her face. Her long silky hairs giving her an exquisite look with the minimal makeup of kohl magnifying her hazel eyes all then his eyes move towards her glossy lips which were trembling and he just wanted to taste them once. But his revere broke down hearing her calling his name ever so lightly as if she is just whispering his name to feel how it would be to feel his name on her lips, and soon he smack himself mentally to even think like this about her.


‘What had happened to you Arnav? How can you think all this about her?” screamed his mind.         



“But what I can do if she looks so beautiful?’ countered his heart.



“So what? You have seen more beautiful girls then her,” said his mind.



“But none of them are Khushi- so innocent and pure hearted,” said his heart.



“Arnav are you falling for her?” asked his mind.



“Maybe,” answered his heart.



“How can you even think about Love knowing well that it results in only heartbreak?” asked his mind.


But this time before his heart could even answer anything he jerks back to reality when Khushi shakes him lightly and upon looking towards her he saw frowning and asking whether he is okay to which he nodded in affirmative.


Khushi was standing near the glass pane when she felt his presence in the room making her heart go dhak dhak. And then she felt his eyes boring into her back making her turn back. But that was a clear mistake on her part as now instead of her back he was staring at her face intently and then his eyes move down towards her lips making them tremble and she could only whisper “Ar..nav..” and took a sigh of relief as she saw him looking away. Finally gathering herself she called him once, twice, thrice but to no avail making her realised that he is again lost somewhere so she went near him and shook him lightly which finally brought him back to the reality and asked him whether he is okay or not and upon getting a positive nod from him she asked “So should we discuss the matter now?”


“Umm… I think we will discuss it during driving,” saying this he left from there with Khushi in tow.




The drive was silent once they discuss the matter regarding the upcoming event. None of them tried to start a conversation thinking it is best to be quiet then to make any other embarrassing situation. The whole drive Arnav was looking ahead, firmly gripping the steering while Khushi was looking out.


Soon they both reach the party venue but as soon as they enter inside all head turn towards both of them. Boys were drooling over her while girls were either giving angry glares to her or staring shamelessly at the man beside her. Though they were maintaining a decent distance between them and were avoiding looking at each other, but the way people were glancing at them is making them really uncomfortable, and as if on a cue Mr. Bhatia- their client comes there to break this uncomfortable silence. All of them exchange the pleasantries and Mr. Bhatia then took them to meet his associates. And soon they both get busy in talking to them leaving the awkwardness which was surrounding them till now.


After around half-an-hour the dance starts and one guy which was staring at Khushi from the time she had entered came near her and asked her for a dance making Arnav to turn his face towards her and fist his fingers so tightly that his knuckles turns white. He was feeling like murder that guy then and there for even thinking about dancing with Khushi let alone dancing with her. He was moving forward towards the guy to make him realise that he has tried to trespass in wrong territory because she belongs to Arnav Singh Raizada when all his anger calm down hearing the words uttered by Khushi.


Khushi was just talking with a lady when this guy appeared from nowhere and asked her for a dance. For few minutes she was shocked to react anything to him but soon with the corner of her eyes she saw Arnav moving towards them with anger spitting from his face. She don’t know what he was angry for but on her own the words came out of her mouth.


“Sorry, but I don’t know how to dance. Actually, dance is not my cup of tea. Hope you won’t mind it,” she said giving him a tight smile making him retreat back. From the corner of her eyes she once again saw him and seeing him now calm and relax brought a small smile on her face. She don’t know why she rejected the offer of dance when she loves dancing, she wondered to which her heart reply that it is because of Arnav but her logical mind come up with the excuse that she has stopped dancing the day her Pal left her.


  1. so they are falling for each other…what a twist on one side guruji happy and shyam is worried dadi is in with shyam

  2. Just read all 14 chapters! Love the story so far! so much mystery! looks like 2 stories in the past with that family – her sister (payal) and also probably a previous birth?? Or am i barking up the wrong tree?? can't wait to read more…

  3. I feel bad for khushi that she has to go through so much. Poor Payal:(! They were such a happy family and everything got ruined. And Shyam is Trouble with a capital T. Very mysterious story and I love mysteries:)! Please pm for the password for chapter 14 and onwards. Thanks

  4. Ok so I am really intrigued with the updates.
    First are the dreams that Khushi is getting. Are they for real? Have they already happened and if it is so then why Khushi doesn't remember them…
    Also I thought for a change, Shyam will be a clean character but no here also he has some things which is hidden from us and he is scared about the repercussions of what will happen if they ever come out in the open.

    Arnav and Khushi's chemistry is undeniable for sure. They have a crackling one. But what surprised me was the intensity of Arnav when Khushi got unconscious and he was all concerned for her. And not only that he also scolded her for not taking care of herself.
    My my.. The boy is a goner for sure.

    Lets see what happens next. Please PM me for the next part.

    Lots Of Love… 🙂 🙂

  5. Thanks dearie…
    Glad u like this story…
    About the dreams…
    Well u have to wait to know the mystery behind them…
    No he is not positive here… 😂
    Hahaha… Yes he is after all its about his soulmate 😉


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