It is said that everyone & everything has some secrets which are unknown from the whole world and if revealed can affect the life of many people.


Sheeshmahal; the name itself sound so fascinating is th


e 3rd biggest palace of India which held the power to captivate people due to its flawless beauty. People from foreign came to get a glimpse of its beauty but no one knows the hidden secrets which laid deep burried inside the past of sheeshmahal. It isn’t so easy to know what had transpired in the past leading to these secrets… Neither it is so simple to forget the past… But the time which had made these secrets a lost memory can bring it back in front of us anytime resulting in a devastating & huge effect on our life.


THE SECRETS OF SHEESHMAHAL is a story of two respectable families living in Lucknow- Raizada’s & Gupta’s. Both the families are very rich and poweful but at the same time follow enmity with each other. They always found one or other way to make other person loose. This enmity between them is the result of a past incident which has shattered both the families and make them worst enemies of each other. But what will happen when the son & daughter of Raizada and Gupta family respectively will fall in love with each other with out their own wish or you can say by the game played by their fate.


Now the question is will their love can bridge the vast differences of their families.
But this is not the only question. The real question is what will happens when the secrets of sheeshmahal will start haunting them????
How will they fight with all these problems???




We are going too fast…


Calm down I am in control. ok don’t worry…


Ji truck look in front…Stop the car…


I am trying but the brakes are not working…


What why are the brakes not working…


Seeing the truck aproaching them with speed he quickly changed the direction of the car leading to the different side but the car got out of control..




Khushi got up with a start covered with sweat she was breathing heavily. Hey Devi Maiyya again the same dream from past 3 months this is the 32nd time I am getting the same dream. Who are they and why is this dream so familiar ? She thought to herself just then she heard a soft click noise and the door got opened with Khushi’s Nani coming in..


Nani- What happened bitiya…I heard your voice everything okay ?


Khushi- (Keeping her head on Nani’s lap) Again the same dream Nani..Again the same thing the accident the shriek Oh god why does it feels so real…


Nani- Let it go bitiya It happens you see those movies and then get such vivid dreams and look at the clock it 2.30 am don’t you have office tomorrow…


Khushi- hmmm…


Nani- Then sleep bitiya trust me it happens…


After making Khushi sleep she pulled the duvet over her switched off the bedside lamp and left her room. I thought after some days it will go away…but things are worsening now..I have to do something about it…Nani thought before…


Devi Maiyya- are right even I have to do something about it..infact I have done it.


Next day Khushi got ready for her office after her parent’s demise Khushi had to take over the responsibilities of Gupta Enterprise…her fashion industry which she loves more than anything as it is the last thing she has left which makes her feel more close to her parents.


Khushi reached the office in her formal attire wishing everyone a good morning Khushi left for her cabin not before telling Sheena her PA to come in her cabin.


Khushi- Yes Sheena tell me what are the news for today ?


Sheena- Mam It has been heard that the Raizada son is back in India.


Khushi-Sheena how many times do I have to tell you do not call me Khushi…I have a beautiful name Khushi, which goes with my personality(she said excited)but you never listen to me…


Sheena-Sorry Mam…opps Khushi but I am your PA your employee..


Khushi- I know that Sheena but before that you are a human being and my partner in my every crime…I mean my friend too…


Sheena- Yeah Khushi but…woh…


Khushi-(in serious tone)- I know Sheena. News of Arnav Singh Raizada’s comeback is all over India. But nothing is gonna change by his comeback in India(To herself) Nothing…


Devi Maiyya- Of course Khushi not nothing everything is going to change. The history is going to repeat itself with some new twists and turns…Lets see if you all will be able to stop the past from coming out or let those deep buried secrets decide your fate…


At the same time a helicopter landed in the vicinity of Sheesh Mahal and comes out a Hot handsome hunk with chocolaty brown eyes, perfect M shaped lips and a well toned body.


He is none other than Arnav Singh Raizada known as a ruthless and youngest business tycoon. He removes his shades and looks at Sheesh Mahal recollecting the childhood memories where his family resides..His One look could kill many girls…


Arnav(Closing his eyes &Sighing)- Finally back here after…Four long years..I missed you…


And with all the memories before leaving India flashed before him…



Arnav moves towards the entrance gates of sheeshmahal but before he could enter he saw his di standing in front of him with puja ki thali alongwith his daadi & jeeju.


Arnav: Di what’s the need of all this????


Anjali: Aree why not chotey???? You have come back after whole four years and you think that all this is not necessary. Moreover i don’t want any evil eye on you or any family member of this house.


Arnav rolled his eye at his di’s antics and look towards his jeeju for some help who shrugged his shoulder showing his helplessness.


After that when his di did his puja he enters his home; his sheeshmahal and took blessings of his daadi & hug his di and jeeju.


Shyam: Aur saale sahaab how are you???? And haw was your trip back to India????


Arnav (sitting on the sofa): I am absolutely fine jeejaji… And why shouldn’t i be… I was damn excited to meet you all after such a long time.


Anjali: We too are happy chotey… That yoy are back… But now you will not leave us alone…


Arnav: Never di… Now i am not gonna leave you guys alone…ever…


And the trio smiled at arnav’s statement.


Subhadra: And i am so happy chotey that you have make your own name in this world. Your parents will be too proud on you chotey.


And arnav gives a small smile to her daadi.


Subhadra: Moreover i want you to takeover all the responsibilities of AR. I hope you are ok with it chotey.


Arnav: Sure daadi… You need not to worry about it…


Subhadra: I know chotey (giving a wide smile to him).


Shyam: offooo… Saale sahaab has come now… Let him take some rest atleast… Saale sahaab you go and freshen up.. 


Anjali: Yes chotey you take some rest and get freshen up.




Devyani is standing in front of devimaiya’s idol.


Devyani: Heyy devimaiya… Please protect my khushi from every evil eye. She has seen too much in such a small age. Now don’t let her suffered anymore. Bless her devimaiya… Bless her…


At the same time khushi hugs her from backside.


Khushi: Don’t worry naani… Your devimaiya will not let anything happened with me. She is there to protect me so stop worrying naani…


Devyani: i know beta… That devimaiya will always protect you… Now do the breakfast…


Khushi: uhh… No naani… Have an important meeting so will have breakfast in office only.


Saying this khushi kissed her naani and left from there towards her office.




Arnav while talking on phone with Aman.


Arnav: No aman i want this meeting to be fixed anyhow…


Aman: But ASR it’s not so simple… We need some time atleast…


Arnav: I don’t wanna hear no from you Aman… And you know very well that i hate rejections. So dare you say that you are not able to do it… Arrange the meeting by tomorrow anyhow.


And he cut the phone leaving a perplexed & confused aman behind him who is just thin king that how will he make them agree and arrange the meeting.




Subhadra is resting in her room but in a deep thought. She doesn’t want any hindrance in future of her child due to the past. She is scared what if the past come in open… Then everything will be destroyed. She just hope that everything will go the way its going till now unaware that time has taken its own pace and now however she wants to hide the truth it will come out in front of all shedding all the walls around it and changing everyone and everything around them.




Sheena: Mam…


Khushi raised her eyebrow and looked at her as if saying not again.


Sheena: oopss… Sorry khushi…


Khushi: Yes sheena…


Sheena: Khushi.. Umm actually AR company wants to keep a meeting with us.


Khushi: Meeting… That too with AR… isn’t it strange… Have they tell you the reason of this meeting.


Sheena: Not clearly Khushi… They just said that ASR wamts to meet you and this meeting will be in our benefit…


Hearing his name again her heartbeat started to rise but she control it before sheena could notice this change in her.


Khushi: Hell with them… Who are they to decide whether it will benefit us or not. Say them that we are not interested in it.


Sheena: ummm… Khushi can i say something…


Khushi: off course sheena… Your suggestion are always welcome.


Sheena (gives a small smile): Khushi i think you should meet him once.


Khushi: And why you think so…


Sheena: See… After meeting him you can judge whether it will be in our benefit or not… Moreover you have always an option to decline it.


After thinking for sometime khushi said yes for the meeting.




Both of them are eagerly waiting for the next day… One is quite apprehensive about it… While other is quite relaxed knowing that no one can reject him and went for a peaceful slumber… Not knowing what a game their fate is playing with both of them to bring them closer to each other.




~Next Morning~


Khushi was sitting in the Raizada conference room and feeling very uneasy. 


Khushi (self-thought): What the hell is wrong with me…So what I am going to meet him first time its not a big deal yaar he is just Arnav Singh Raizada..She was consoling herself as her heartbeat was going on a mini train speed. This was the case always with her that whenever she saw his face her heart beat would start running her breathing stopped…So Arnav Singh Raizada was a serious problem for her.


On the other hand Arnav entered his office thinking that he had a very important meeting with the Gupta’s today he had to offer them partnership for the upcoming Fashion Show which he was sure would go in his favour. But today he was feeling really weird as if he has lost something very precious which he is getting back today but somehow he just shrugged of the feeling and headed to the conference room…


As soon as Khushi heard the conference room door getting opened she stood up to greet Arnav but as she looked at him for the first time in person her only thought was…


OMG I am getting a HEART ATTACK…



As soon as Arnav saw her he felt a strange sensation in his heart as if some unknown warmth engulfed his heart to protect this girl from any evil of this world but soon he came out of his reverie immediately cursed himself for such idiotic thoughts. But seeing her approach him his heart skipped a beat but he somehow he managed to come out of his Trans to join hands with her.


Girl- Main kisi aur se shaadi nahi karungi. ( I will not marry anyone else).


Man- Main aisa kabhi nahi hone dunga chahe uske liye hume humari jaan kyun naa deni pade. Main humare pyaar ke bich kisiko nahi aane dunga.(I will never let this happen even for this we have to give our lives. No one will ever come between us.)


Arnav immediately pulled his hand away from hers what was that? Who were that couple and why the hell I am feeling pain in my heart. He thought sweating he was suddenly feeling suffocated but Arnav Singh Raizada can’t leave his work for anything. He gave Khushi a small smile and gestured her to take a seat.


Khushi( Ignoring her heart beat now getting into her business mode)- Well Mr. Raizada nice to meet you I am Khushi, Khushi Kumari Gupta. I am sure you have already done all the research of me before meeting me here.


Arnav- Well of course Ms Gupta I have each and everything in detail about your company and your reputation and well I am impressed and would like to offer you partnership  for the upcoming Paris Indian fashion week.


Khushi- I already know that Mr. Raizada what’s the Drill? Tell me that. (She said confidently crossing her legs and looking in his eyes.)


Arnav-(thinking)- Attitude is it ? Ms Gupta- to Khushi- Ms Gupta we will give you 40-60 share seeing the position of our companies.


Khushi- Mr. Raizada Our Company has something that’s why I am here right now sitting in front of you. I am sorry but I don’t agree to this deal. I want 50-50 partnership because we both deserve it. You think about it and let us know.


Arnav- Well I have to think about it Ms Gupta. I will study the deal properly today and let you know as soon as possible.


Khushi- Sure Mr. Raizada I will take your leave now.


With that Khushi left Arnav’s office taking his leave and feeling strangely confident. Where as Arnav was still thinking about their meeting silently admiring Khushi’s confidence her speech when his phone rang showing his Di calling.


Arnav- Ye…


Anjali- Chotte where are you? And why the hell was your phone off since past 3 hours? Are you okay? Did you have your lunch? Did you take your medicines before lunch? When are you coming home? SPEAK UP…


Arnav- Gosh Di… How much do you speak? I don’t know about my medicines but I am surely bringing an asthma pump for you.


Anajli- Shut up Chotte. I called you to ask when are you coming home?


Arnav- I am leaving the office Di.. I will be there in half an hour.


And with that Anav left his office starting for home. Somewhat getting out of Khushi’s thoughts now.


Khushi’s car halted in middle of the road with a jerk.


Khushi: What happened??? Why have you stop the car in middle of




Driver: Woh mam… Actually don’t know what’s the problem but


the car abruptly stop… Let me check mam…


Khushi: Hmmm… 


Khushi (sighed irritatingly & murmur): Now only this is left…


Firstly I am getting this weird feeling from the time I have met that


Arnav Singh Raizada… And now on top of it this car broke down…


God knows what more weird and unusual things are coming on my


way… Huhh…


And then she steps out of the car…


Khushi: What happened??? Have you fix the broken car???


Driver: Sorry mam… I am not able to point out the exact fault..


Khushi: arghhh… Okk… You find some mechanic and got it done


while i will call another car and leave…


Driver: yes mam… 


Saying this he left from there in search of a mechanic.


Khushi: Damn this phone… It’s battery has to be gone dead now


only… Nani must be getting worried for me as it’s getting dark…


And here i am struck… What to do… Devimaiya please help me…


Devimaiya smiles at her favorite child.


Devimaiya: Your help is on your way khushi beta… Be patient… 


At the same time one SUV crossed her and then stooped at some


distance. Arnav stopped the car screeching at halt and frantically


looked back from the mirror. First he thought he was hallucinating


but staring at her for five seconds from the rear view mirror he


slowly moved his car backwards he stopped the car in front of her


and rolling down the glass he asked her..


Arnav- Tum ? Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? (What are you doing




Khushi- (At first getting shocked seeing him but quickly recovered


and said) – Oh Mr.Raizada actually I am playing Cricket. Would


you like to join me?


Arnav- Very Funny. I see your car broke down…isn’t  it ?


Khushi- Obviously Mr. Raizada…


Arnav- Well get inside then…I will drop you.


Khushi- WHAT???



Arnav: Come on Miss Gupta… Come inside…


Khushi looks nervously on the road here and there…


Arnav: Ohhooo Miss Gupta… You will not get any vehicle here at this time… Not probably so soon… So get inside… Moreover i have not free time that i will keep waiting for you here… While you decide to get inside the car or not… Otherwise i think i should leave… Vaise bhi i don’t know about you but i have to reach my home at timr… (Murmur to himself : otherwise di will start eating my brain… By asking her non-stop train of questions…)


Seeing that Arnav was about to start the car she said.


Khushi: Nono… I will join you… ( cursing her bad luck…  unaware of the plans of the destiny..)


Arnav: Hmm…


And Khushi gets in the car and arnav drive off asking the way of her home.




Devyani: Pranam Guruji…


Guruji open his eyes and look towards Devyani Gupta who is bending her head infront of him. He knows that she will come here to find solutions to the unanswered questions. He smiles at her nodding his head and said.


Guruji: Khush raho beta… Bhagwaan apni kripa tumpe aur tumhari bacchi p hamesha banaye rakhe. Kaho aaj yaha kaise aana hua.
(Be happy beta… God will always protect you & your child. So tell me how come you are here today.)


Devyani: Nothing is hided from you guruji. You know i have come here for my only child Khushi. I have lost my whole family guruji… And now i will not be able to live if something happens to my gudiya. She is the sole reason of my existence.


At this guruji smiles and said.


Guruji: Hamari haath ki lakiro mai jo likha hai usse koi bhi badal nahi sakta beta. Meai jaanta hu ki tumne bahut kuch khoya hai… Par vo sab usi ki marji thi…yaad rakhna beta… Agar usne kuch china hai to vahi vapas bhi dega… Dard vo deta hai to marham bhi vahi lagata hai… Andhera vo karta hai to suraj ka prakash bhi vahi laata hai… Ham sab ki dor uske haath mei hai… Hum sab to sirf katputaliya hai… Hame nachane vaala to vahi hai… Vishwas rakho uspar… Jo bhi hamare saath hota hai… Aacha ya bura… Uske piche koi na koi kaaran hota hai… Sahi vaqt ka intezaar karo… Sab sahi hoga…


(No one can change what is written in our destiny. I know that you have lost a lot of things… But that was his will… Always remember beta… If he has snatched something from you… Then he will only return it… If he gives the pain… Then only he will give its medicine to reduce that pain… We all are his puppets… We all will act according to his wish only… Believe in him… Whatever happens with us… Either good or bad has some reasons behind it… Wait for the right time… You will know everything.)




Arnav halted his car with a screech…


Arnav (angrily): Haven’t you seen that my car is coming… And without any horn or anything you take a U turn… How could you… If i will not stop the car then we had an accident today… And you…


Man: Sorry sir… I know i am at fault… I was in a hurry and i don’t see your car coming…


Arnav: what the?? If i…


Khushi: Its ok Mr. Raizada… (To the man) You can go…


Man: Thanks mam… (And he left from there)


Arnav: What the???? How can you send him so easily…


Khushi: He admits his mistake Mr. Raizada…


Arnav: But… (At the same time he sees khushi rubbing her forehead.) Are u alright???? (Worriedly)


Khushi: Yes Mr. Raizada…


Arnav: First of all stop lying… I can see that you are not…


Khushi: No it’s ok Mr. Raizada… Just bump my head with window… Nothing else…


Arnav: Are you sure… You don’t need a doctor…


Khushi: yes i am Mr. Raizada… It will be all right in some time… Well what’s the second thing you are talking about…


Arnav: uhh… Please stop calling me Mr. Raizada… It sounds awkward…


Khushi: But then what will i call you…


Arnav: You can call me ASR or Arnav… Whatever you want????


Khushi (thinking): okk… I will call you Arnavji… But then you will also call me by my nane…okk…


Hearing Arnavji from khushi’s mouth was so tempting for him. He can never believe that his nane can sound so good… But then his revire broke by her next words on which he nodded assuring her that he will also call her by her name only… And then he starts the car once again.




Devyani: I understand guruji… And that’s the reason i have a firm belief on devimaiya… But khushi…


Guruji (smiling): what happened to her…


Devyani: Guruji… She has having the same dream from so many time. I can’t see her like that… Daily she will wake up during midnight screaming… I can’t see her in pain… I know she herself is tensed but she will not show it to me… So that i will not worry… But she forget that i am her naani… I know her too well… Thats why i have came here… Guruji please tell me what’s that dream about???? Why she is getting such wierd dreams…


Guruji: shant ho jaao devyani beta… Shaant… Maaf karna beta mei tumhe kuch nahi bata sakta… Bas itna hi kahunga ki uspar vishwas rakho vo sab theek karega…
(Calm down devyani beta… Forgive me beta but i can’t tell you anything… I will only say believe in god… He will do everything good…)


Devyani: I have always believed in god… But insipite of so much faith… I have lost so much… But i can’t loose my khushi… I can’t guruji… If something happens to her then i will not be able to live… (And her eyes get moist).


Guruji moving towards the window; looks outside & then smiles…


Guruji: Waqt badal raha hai; Haalat badal rahe hai; Mausam n karvat li hai; Itihaas apne aap ko fir dohrayega; Ek baar fir jung hogi aachai aur burai k beech mai… Takleef to is baar bhi hogi; kai thokar lagegi is raaste par… Par uske baad jeet ka maja bhi to dugna hoga… Vishwas rakh us par… Vo sab dekh raha hai… Kuch galat nahi hone dega vo… Jaa aaram s ghr par jaa… Sab kuch theek hoga… Chinta naa kar…


(Time is changing; circumstances are changing; weather has taken its own way; history will again repeat itself; war between good & evil will take place; pain will also be there; its not an easy way; many hurdles will be there… But after that the joy of winning will be double… Believe in god… He is seeing everything… He will not let anything bad happened… Go home and rest… )


Devyani: Thanks guruji… You have lessen my worry…


Saying this she left from there while guruji smiles at her and looks towards the temple.


Guruji: They have to find their own ways… Just keep your hands on their head my god…




Arnav stopped his car infront of Gupta Mansion. And Khushi got down from it and after bidding each other bye both left for their home.


Khushi enters her home and saw her naani waiting for her…


Devyaani: where were you khushi???? You know i was so worried for you…


Khushi (hugging her naani): ohhoo naani… Don’t worry… Actually my car broke down… So have to take a lift…


Devyani: Lift???? Why you will take a lift??? You can call other car naa…


Khushi (still hugging): ofoo meri naani… My phone battery was dead… So… Don’t worry… I know the person from whom i have taken a lift.


Devyani: Then its okk… Chal dinner…


Khushi: No naani feeling really sleepy & not wanna eat anything… So good night..


And she kissed her naani and went towards her room.


Devyani: Pagli…




Anjali: ye chotey bhi naa… I have asked him to come home on time… But see he is so late…


Shyam: Raanisaheba… Why are you worrying so much… He must be in his way… Let him come naa…


Anjali: But is it a time… I have tell him to come on time but he will do what he wants… Let him come i will not talk to him…


Huffing & puffing she left towards her room.


While duo shyam & subhadra looks towards each other with helplessness… As they know Anjali too well & also that how much she loves her chotey.




Arnav was waiting on the red light when his eyes fall on something shining in his car. And when he bend down to take it only then he realise that it was a locket. But then he was confused as to how come this locket came in his car.


And then it stuck him that this locket may belongs to Khushi..


Arnav (self thought): I think its of khushi… Maybe when i have to stop the car abruptly then only it came out of her neck… I will give it to her tomorrow… Yes… But what if she was worried for it… Seeing the locket it looks precious… No i should give it to her today itself… What if she is searching it… Yes…


And he zoom his car back to Gupta Mansion. After reaching there he came out and was about to knock the door when his eyes landed on his wrist watch.


Arnav (murmurs): OMG!!!! Its half past ten… I don’t think it will be good to disturb them now… But after coming here i can’t go back without giving this locket to her… what should i do now…


At the same time he saw the pipe and then he do what he never dreamt of. He climbed on the pipe & reached at the window and then got in the room but the sight there made him glued. Khushi was sleeping there looking lile an angel descended from heaven. And his gaze stuck at her forgetting his sorrounding. But after sometime his revire broke and he calls her in his ever so husky voice.


Arnav: Khushi… Khushi…


Hearing her name been called Khushi woke up with a start and was about to check who it is when she saw Arnav leaning to the wall besides the window and his arms folded, he was looking at her with a smirk playing on his face. Khushi jumped out of the bed as if someone just gave her a shock of 600 volts.


Khushi- Tum ? Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho ? (You ? What are you doing here ?)


Arnav smirked some more and went towards her and leaned on her bed and said in so husky voice that even an iron rod would have melted…


Arnav- Khushi you look very beautiful when you sleep… and was about to say more when there was a knock on the door and came in Khushi’s Nani’s voice.


Nani- What happened Khushi bitiya ? Did you just shout? Is everything Okay Beta?


Khushi was just numb on what to react on this… If Nani found out Arnav she would push Khushi from the terrace… She was thinking what to do when she heard Arnav…


Arnav-(in a teasing innocent tone)- You wait I will open the door for your Nani. She must be worried.


Khushi: No Arnavji… Please no… You hide behind these curtains… Please…


Arnav: And if i refuse to do so…then…


Khushi: You will not do so…


Arnav (smirking): Try me…


Khushi: Pleasee… I am pleading you… Please hide…


And he nodded & hide behind the curtains. While khushi went towards the door &open it.


Devyani: What happened beta??? Why you shouted???


Khushi: Nothing naani… Just a bad dream…


Devyani: You are alriggt naa beta… Nothing to worry naa…


Khushi: Nothing naani… You go & sleep… I too will sleep…


And kissing khushi’s forehead she left towards her room while Khushi closed the door and took a sigh of relief which is short lived as she remembered arnav is there in her room. And as if he heard her… He came out behind the curtains…


Arnav: Gayi kya??? (Does she leave)


Khushi: Yes naani has gone… But tell me why are you here… And be honest…


Arnav thought that now he should tell her the reason and shows her locket.


Arnav: It drops in my car… Came to give you back…


Khushi (taking the locket back): Thanks… Its very precious to me.. (And she tied it around her neck). But you can give it back to me tomorrow also.. No need for you to came all the way back to just give me this…


For which Arnav himself has no answers.


Finally Destiny has started playing its game…But no one knows what it has stored in its card… And which card will be opened when???



“What happened beta??? Why you shouted???” Asked a tensed Devyani.



“Nothing naani… Just a bad dream…”



“You are alright naa beta… Nothing to worry naa…”



“Nothing naani… You go & sleep… I too will sleep…”



And kissing khushi’s forehead she left towards her room while Khushi closed the door and took a sigh of relief which is short lived as she remembered arnav is there in her room. And as if he heard her… He came out behind the curtains…



“Gayi kya??? (Does she leave?)”



“Yes naani has gone… But tell me why are you here… And be honest…”



Arnav thought that now he should tell her the reason and shows her locket.



“It drops in my car… Came to give you back…” Showing her the locket.



Khushi (taking the locket back) “Thanks… Its very precious to me.. (And she tied it around her neck). But you can give it back to me tomorrow also.. No need for you to came all the way back to just give me this…”



For which Arnav himself has no answers.



“Uhhh… Vohhh… (Composing himself)  You know what Arnav Singh Raizada never kept anything which does not belongs to him. And definitely this locket can’t be mine. By the way you should be thankful to me that i returned this locket too you that too risking my life” saying this he smirked.



Hearing him Khushi thought “he is praising himself as if he has climb everest…huhhh… Arrogant Singh Raizada….Hehehe… I think in reality this is the full form of his name ASR… suits him… (And she giggles)”



“Wierd… Smiling on her own…  Ohh hello madam…  (Clicking his fingers infront of her eyes) If u have stop imagining things then you can thanks me” saying this he folded his hands on his chest and waited for her reply; to be more precise her thank you.



“Hawww… I have already said thanks to you so why should i again tell you the same… Haa”



“It’s the limit yaar… See i have come all the way back to your home just to return this locket and here you are showing me your damn attitude.”



“Oyeee… I am not showing any attitude to you…okk… And yes i agree that you came back just to return my locket  but i had not ask you for the same and by the way you can give it to me on our next meet. There is no need that you came all the way to return it. Now tell me what’s the reason… Ohh.. One minute…. Tell me if you come here to steel any information about my company and all.”



“Don’t you dare Miss Gupta… Never forget that you are talking to Arnav Singh Raizada who never resort to so cheap and low class idea.” He said with gritted teeth.





“I am just joking….. ” she stuttered nervously.



The accent in which khushi said these words make him roll his eyes and then he did the unexpected as he brought khushi close to him by her waist and said looking straight in her eyes “Never ever joke about it Khushi because i don’t like people who jokes about such stuffs and i don’t want you to enter in my hate list”. He said in flow without realising what he had said to her.



On the other hand as soon as Arnav touch her waist to pull her close to himself khushi get a wierd sensation in her whole body and then her head started feeling heavy and soon she becomes unconscious. But before she falls unconscious she heard a voice. A voice which sent numerous tremor through her body.



“You have to pay for the sin you did and I will make sure of it.”



Arnav was shocked to core upon seeing Khushi’s limp body in his hands.



“Khushi…. Khushi… Hey what happened to you… Damn..”



He first laid her on the bed and then sprinkle some water on her face to make her conscious. And soon Khushi open her eyes.



“Whoaa… Lady i never knew that my words can make someone unconscious” and he chuckles.



“Shut up Mr. Raizada… It’s not like that..”



“Okk… Then care to tell me the reason for it.”



“Hmmm… Actually wohh… (Nooo… How can i tell him all this when i myself don’t know. Yes it’s better if i don’t  tell him anything)”



“Hello madam….. In whose dream you are going again and again??” He said snapping his fingers infront of her making her come out of revire.



“Uhhh… Nothing and no one… Well are not you getting late to your home?”



On hearing her he looks towards the clock and mentally noted that he is really quite late for home and now his family is not gonna spare him in anyway and he pretty well knew that next morning is gonna be his bad morning and no one can change it. Thinking all this he chuckles to himself and then bid bye to her and left from there the same way how he comes inside.



After he left Khushi has a small smile playing on her lips while her hands touch the locket. But soon that smile turn into a frown when she remembers the words she heard before falling unconscious.



“What was that??? How can i heard those words. I am pretty sure i was the only one who heard it because if Arnav too had heard it then he must have reacted to it. But nothing of that sort happened.” She thought confusedly.



“Chill Khushi… Nothing happened… Believe it all to be false.. Moreover how can it be possible. Yes… I think all this is due to my work stress.” She said to himself. And thinking it to be a part of her imagination due to stress she slept unaware of the coming future which will change her life for good or bad this only time can tell.






Here Arnav enters in his house and tip toes towards his room. But as soon as he keep his right foot on the floor all the lights of hall are on and he saw his daadi infront of him and gulps his saliva.



“Is this the time to reach home Arnav?” she asked in a strict and commanding tone which meant that he can’t escape this time.



“No daadi… Actually wohh…” But he was cut by daadi who wants to know the truth.



“Don’t you dare to lie with me. I am seeing that you are behaving quite oddly these days.”



Gulping his saliva and then composing himself he said “What the daadi; how can you even think that i can even dare to go against you all. After all you all are my only family.”



“Haha… Arnav son don’t try to sweet talk me got it and moreover I very well knew you… If you have made up your mind then no one can stop you from it and that’s the reason you had left us years back alone.”



“It’s not like that daadi…”



“Then what was that son tell me naa… What was that…haa…Before leaving us here you never thought that how will we live.”



“Daadi you knew the reason for it. I needed some time alone at that time and that was the only reason that I left you all.”



“Really Arnav is this the explanation you have… At that time i didn’t said you anything but today i can’t stop myself… Just answer me this one question arnav ‘Were you the only person who suffers that day?’ Think about it arnav and then you will know that how wrong you were in taking the decision for going abroad.” Saying this Subhadra left from there leaving a thoughtful Arnav behind.






Devyani enters in her room and shakes her head upon seeing her granddaughter sleeping like an innocent child with a slight open mouth. She came towards Khushi and sits beside her and then started caressing her face which makes khushi squirm and soon her sleep broke.



“So finally my princess is awake hmmm…” She asked lovingly.



“Ohhoo… Yess i am awake my sweet nani….” She said kissing on her cheeks making her smile.



“Okk now go and get freshen up. You know naa what day is today?”



“Yes daadi how can i forget today’s day. This day was a blessing for me which devimaiya snatched from me brutually. But still i will not blame her because I knew if she did something like this with us then there must be some reason behind it.”



“Absolutely.. Now go my baccha because after that we have to go to temple also.”



“Yes” saying this khushi left to freshen up.






“No di it’s not fair… You can’t do this with me. I am not coming with you.”



” I don’t know anything chote but you are coming with me.”



“Ohh.. Come on di i can’t leave my all work just for the sake of taking you to temple.”



“Haa… Right why would you… When you not even once think before leaving us then why would you take me to temple.”



“Di….” He said with hurt visible in his eyes.



“Chotey woh i didn’t mean it”



“No di you are right. How can i be so selfish to leave you all alone”



“Chotey it was not your fault.”



“No di not today. I was wrong that time di and i had realised it now. (He said looking towards daadi who gives him an assuring smile). But i promise you di that i will not repeat this mistake again. And I am taking you to temple.”



“Really chotey”



“Yes di”



And his one yes brimgs a thousand volt smile on Anjali’s face. And both left for temple while Subhadra just smile for them and prays for her children to remain happy in all their life.



As soon as they reached temple Anjali started moving towards the temple but when she sees that her brother is not beside her then she look back and saw him standing near his SUV and she moves back towards him.



“Chotey why are you standing here. Come on”



“No di you go i will be waiting for you here.”



“What do you mean by waiting for me? Aren’t you coming inside with me?”






“But why? I mean you come till here so why not going inside”



“I came here for you not for that statue. So please stop insisting me for entering there.”



“Chotey” she said with disbelief on her face. “How can you talk like that about god. Don’t forget that devimaiya is the supreme power and you are talking like this about her. I just can’t believe.”



“Please di…. Don’t side your so called devimaiya. You think that whatever happens with us is due to devimaiya’s wishes and also that there is a reason behind it all. Then tell me one thing di what was the reason that we suffered so much di. What was the reason of all that…. Tell me di. And just answer me di that what good it did to us.”



Anjali was silent hearing him. Her eyes are moist remembring that fateful day. That one day has changed everything for them but she knows that one can’t live with the baggage of his/her past so she is trying her best for it but she also knew that the most affected person with all the happenings was arnav and that was the sole reason that he left from here. But her trance broke hearing arnav.



“I know you don’t have any answers for it so please never try to convince me for all this. And yes don’t worry i will never stop you from all this. Now what are you seeing me go and come fast i am getting late.”



And then Anjali went inside temple for offering her prayers to devimaiya with a heavy heart. Arnav was looking here and there when his eyes catch a glimpse of someone with long silky hair; petite waist; milky skin and “What the????? How can i think like this” thought arnav and he averted his face but could not resist looking back for long. Moreover this is the first time he is seeing her in salwar suit. She is looking like an angel in that red salwar suit. But then his eyes moves towards her hands and he groans “Why the hell everyone are offering prayers to this statue who knew nothing other than snatching.” And he closed his eyes for few minutes to calm himself but when he again open his eyes Khushi was nowhere to be seen and he looks here and there to locate her.



“Whom are you searching chotey?”



“No one di… Shall we leave now”



“Yes chotey that’s why i am here.”



And after leaving Anjali back he left for his office.






Aman is waiting for ASR in his cabin and smiling to himself. At the same time Arnav enters his cabin and saw aman smiling to himself and got confused. Taking his seat he clears his throat which broke his revire.



“ASR you came…”



“I think so Aman…”



“Sorry ASR… I didn’t notice…”



“How can you… When you are sitting here and smiling to yourself…”



“Nothing like that ASR”



Arnav raising his one eyebrow “Ohh really… “



“Hmmm… I mean yes…”



“Ohh comeon Aman… Don’t forget you can’t hide anything from Arnav Singh Raizada (with attitude)… So now spit it out…”



“Actually ASR i was thinking about Khushi…”



Hearing her name from Aman’s mouth Arnav clenched his jaws & tightened his fist and said “Miss Gupta for you…”



Aman looks at Arnav with amused expression as this is the first time ASR is asking him something like this but soon composed himself and said “Sorry ASR… I was thinking about Miss Gupta…”



Arnav (still clenching his jaws) “What about her???”



“I was just thinking ASR that company wants to work with you… And for that they agree to all of our conditions… But it is the first time when someone has kept their condition in front of our company… Kuch to baat hai Miss Gupta mei… (There is something in Miss Gupta)”



“Leave thinking about her and concentrate on your work. I think that will be better for you.”saying this he glared at aman at which poor aman nods his head.





Aman and Arnav were talking sitting in his cabin when arnav received a call from his secretary who informed her that Miss Khushi Gupta is here and he asked her to send her in and soon Khushi enters in his cabin wearing formal outfit which was perfectly hugging her curves making her look more sexy.


“Hey Asr.. Hello Aman,” she politely greeted both of them with her smile and in return get a curt nod from Arnav while Aman greeted her back with a sweet smile and get an angry glare from her boss which makes him immediately looks away.


Khushi took her seat and along with her Sheena too get seated but not before greeting the mighty ASR and his PA. She can’t believe that how someone can be so damn hot and sexy. Not for even a single second she let her gaze wander away from his sexy voice which was not get unnoticed by her friend cum boss who nudged her making her come out of revire and then she straightened herself and look towards her boss who was raising her eyebrow as if asking what was all that? And in response she just shrugged her shoulder as if nothing happened which made Khushi to roll her eyes. She knew Sheena well to understand that she is going all gaga over ASR. And why not? If Sheena has any weakness then it is that she just can’t resist herself to fall for any hot and handsome man. As soon as she thought about it she look towards him who was already looking at her as if expecting her to say something and then she look around realising where she is, she bit her tounge and then clearing her throat she said “Umm.. well at first let me introduce you to her,” she said pointing towards Sheena and would have continued if Arnav hasn’t interrupted her in between.


“Miss Khushi Gupta as far as I know we are here to discuss about the meeting and not for playing introduction game. So can you please tell me your decision so that we can move further.”


Now that was quite rude and Aman realised it seeing the shock faces of both the ladies so he tries to handle the situation. Not only he but Arnav too realised it but he can’t do anything now as the cat was already out of his hands. Moreover he knew that as usual Aman will handle everything.


“Well Miss Gupta you see ASR doesn’t mean it. It’s just that sir is very busy todayand upon that not in a good mood. Moreover he has a bad headache,” he bluntly lied at which Arnav look shocked but his attention soon got diverted hearing her voice.


“Oh! Is it so… I am sorry Mr. Raizada well then I think I should not take much of your time and will let you know my decision and my decision is yes. Yes Mr. Raizada I am ready to work with you. In fact I am looking forward to it.”


Arnav never knew that he was so desperate to work with her. He was almost holding his breath till he heard her say a yes. Only after hearing her yes he let out his breath and took a sigh of relief. He is happy. He himself doesn’t know that what the reason of his happiness in reality is? Does this deal really mean so much to him? Yes he had badly wanted this deal to be in his favour. But this happiness is now irking his mind.


On the other hand Khushi too is happy and excited to work with his company (or is it him?).  And at last it happened. So she shakes her hand with him and as soon as her hand touched his, this time too she felt some weird sensation in the pit of her stomach. But it does not last for long as Arnav left from there as if he was in a hurry. At this she frowned a bit but later shrugged her shoulder and starts talking with Sheen who too is happy for her. While after congratulating both of them Aman too left from there.


Here Arnav was standing at the window in his cabin lost in his own thoughts and recounting the last night events. He still couldn’t forget her beautiful sleeping face, her sweet pout, her fake tantrums. She was such a child he thought. But then his smile wiped by the worried lines which form on his forehead as soon as he remembered her fainting in his arms. He still couldn’t comprehend the reason of it. Neither could he understand that why was she seemed so lost when she got her consciousness. But above all these things what is making him worried is his unusual reactions. Yes this is the real reason of his worried state. He don’t know that why had he went to her house at that odd hour just to return that locket? Why doesn’t he like someone else even thinking about her? And now when he touched her hand it was so….. He just can’t name what he felt that time. The feeling of her touch was like it was what he wants, it’s like he was just yearning for her touch. He doesn’t understand what is happening with him. But he knows one thing that whatever it is he has to sort it out before it mess his mind anymore.


On the other hand Devyani Gupta was just standing infront of the devimaiya idol, tears were flowing out from her eyes while her hands were joined with each other in prayer. “Devimaiya you know everything about everyone. Nothing can be kept hidden from you. You have the account of every person bad and good deed. You know what has transpired with us in the past. We have lost everything devimaiya- every single thing, whether it’s our loved ones, our happiness or anything, but had still not lost faith in you because I still believe that there is a reason behind everything which happened with us. But the only thing which I knew is that today my sole reason of existence is Khushi. If I am alive and standing infront of you then it’s only because of her. I don’t know what is her future. And after guruji’s words I can’t even think straight. I just know that my child has suffered a lot now let her get her share of happiness devimaya. Do some miracle that my Khushi’s khushi will come in her foot, send someone who can take away all the thrones of her life and make her walk on the bed of roses. Grant me this wish devimaiya… please make it the truth of her life….”


At the same time the doorbell rang making her wonder who could have come at this time because she is sure that it can’t be Khushi.



As soon as Devyani opened the door she was shocked to see the person standing in front of her.



“Namaste aunty” said the person standing in front of her. At which she nodded and then said “Anjali bitiya you here?”



“Yes aunty… But will you not ask me even to come inside.”



“No nothing like that beta… Please come inside dear.”



And then Anjali enters inside and roam her eyes around the mansion smilingly.



“Take the seat my child and let me ask Ramu to bring some tea and snacks for you.”



“No aunty…  please don’t bother yourself. It’s not required. I just came here to meet you.”



Hearing this Devyani became serious and asked “Is there something important you want to talk with me.”



At this Anjali nodded first in negative and then said “No aunty nothing like that… It was just that I saw you in the temple and then couldn’t stop myself from coming here.”



At this Devyani frowned and then said “You have not done right Anjali bitiya… You shouldn’t have come here at any cost.”



“But aunty seeing you after such a long time I just couldn’t stop myself from coming here.”



“I understand your point dear. But you also knew that why I am telling you not to come here at any cost.”



“I understand aunty but what to do? Seeing you after such a long time I just couldn’t stop myself. My legs automatically started moving in this direction and don’t know when I was standing in front of your mansion.”



“I understand you dear but you too know how the relations of both the houses are currently. Anjali bitiya you shouldn’t have come here. You know that if anyone from your family came to know about it then it will not be good for anyone of us, especially your grandmother.”


At this Anjali looks down and said “I know aunty that none of my family member will like me meeting you or your family. And about daadi… Then yes she will be really angry about the same. I know all of this aunty but still I couldn’t stop myself from coming here. It’s been years we have met.”



“It’s good that we have not met Anjali bitiya and it will be good that none of us will meet in future too.”



“But till when aunty… I mean I just want this tiff in our families to end.”



“It’s not any small argument or tiff Anjali. In these years now it has become a war. And you know that war between two families is always dangerous. Dangerous than acid itself because when we throw acid it will only harm that person but two families fight will not only involve them but will carry on to their next generation and this will only create more problems to all of them. And whoever will try to resolve the issues will fail badly. So it’s good if we let it as it is.”



“Sorry aunty but earlier I have a hope that you will also want to change our present relations which are badly affected due to our past. But I think I was wrong. You too had accepted it and don’t want to change it or one can say you too want this enmity to remain so.”



“I think Anjali that you know the answers better than me. You know whatever had happened in past along with the reason that why it happened and most importantly I hope you remember Anjali after so much I still have come to your door and not only that I have extended my hand for friendship too. But what I get in return? I hope you remembered it Anjali. And I know you still remember that day’s happening like I do,” she said wiping her tears which are continuously descending her eyes while she was reminiscing that day’s events.



“I remember aunty… I do remember… How can I forget that day which took away all happiness from our lives just leaving bitter memories with us and whose scars are still not healed properly.”



“True bitiya… It is said that time is the beast healer. But still there are some scars which even time can’t heal because the bitter memories related to it haunt us forever and ever never letting us took even a single sigh of relief.”



“But can’t we do anything to mend it aunty.”



“No bitiya we can’t.”



“But why aunty? At least we can try for it naa aunty.”



“No bitiya let the things remain as they are. Don’t try to change them.”



“But aunty then this enmity will go for life long.”



“Yes bitiya as we have no choice because even if we try things will not change…. Because your daadi will never change her mind. I think this is devimaiya’s wish as of now. If someday she will want to change the equations of our family then it will definitely happened but till then we have to wait bitiya.”



At this Anjali nodded and after bidding bye left from there.






Here as soon as Khushi reached her cabin she turned and look towards Sheena making her confused.



“What was that Sheena?”



“What? Now what had I done Khushi?”



“Oh! Hello, now don’t behave as if you have done nothing. I was seeing how your eyes were glued to ASR.”



“Oh! Actually Khushi he is such a greek god that I just can’t keep my eyes away from him.”



“Yes Sheena I know that. After all handsome and smart boys are your weakness dear.”



At this Sheena shied away while Khushi does face palm and then said “But Sheena don’t do this again as ASR don’t like these things at all.”



“Khushi you are saying as if you know him very well. But according to me it’s your second meet with him.”



“Oh! Come on Sheena it’s true that I don’t know him well. But that time anyone can tell that he was not comfortable when you were drooling on him. Moreover now he is my business partner so you have to be cautious about even a small thing. Okay dear,”



“Yes mam, By the way can I ask you a question?”



“Of course Sheena you can.”



“Do you like him?”



“Who?” asked a shocked and confused  Khushi.






“No way Sheena, and you know that I have already decided that I am not gonna marry anyone. But why this question suddenly popped up in your mind?”



“Just like that Khushi. But don’t you think you should change your decision on marriage. Moreover….”



But Khushi cut her off in between in a stern tone and said “I don’t wanna talk about this again. I have already taken my decision and no one can change it. Now go back to your work. We have enjoyed alot.”



As soon as Anjali reached Sheeshmahal, she faced the questioning looks of her daadi. She was damn sure that today she was caught by her and no one can save her- not even her chote because she knew that he too will side daadi this time. So, she tried her last option and give a pleading look to her husband who look away. So now here she is, standing in front of her own daadi as a thief and trying to form an excuse in her mind when she heard her ask her whereabouts which startled her.


“Anjali bitiya I am asking you something- Where were you till now? Chotey has called two hour back telling that you had asked him to go to office as you will come back on your own. Can I know the reason behind it,” she asked.


“Ugh! Oh! Yes daadi actually vo…. Yes… Daadi I met one of my old friend in the temple, so we start chatting with each other and we don’t knew how time flew.”


“Hmmm… It’s okay but at least you should have inform us naa. Here I and damadji were worrying for you and there you were enjoying with your friend.”


“Sorry daadi,” she said showing an innocent puppy face, which can melt anyone then how her own daadi can remain unaffected by it. Though she had successfully convinced her granny but she brutually failed to convince her husband who had his own suspicion about her story, but he didn’t show it in front of daadi thinking that he will ask her later on when the duo will be alone. And so this matter was closed making Anjali sighed that she just got out of it safely and no one knew about her visit to Gupta Mansion and thinking this she left for her room on pretext of taking some rest for a while. She just sat on the bed when she saw Shyam entering the room with a sober face. But this didn’t shock her as much as her next question did.


“Why you lied to daadi?” he asked.


“Ugh! What are you saying Shyamji?” she asked innocently showing that she didn’t get what he wants to say.


“Don’t act smart Ranisaheba. I know you very well and only seeing you I can say when you are telling truth and when are you lying.”


“No Shyamji…. nothing like that… and why you felt so?” she asked.


“The way you spoke to daadiji is what makes me to think like this only.”


“Then you are absolutely wrong Shyamji,” she lied first time in her life knowing well that if truth comes out then it will bring a thundering storm with it too.


“Okay Ranisaheba if you don’t want to tell me then it’s your wish,” saying this he left from there thinking that soon he will find out what Anjali is hiding from him.




“Sheena come in my cabin right now.”


“Yes Khushi”


And within a few minutes Sheena came inside the cabin after knocking the door and getting a nod from her boss to come inside.


“Khushi you called me?”


“Yes Sheena, actually I am going back home so handle all the meets and don’t choose today’s date for any meeting. Okay,”


“Yes Khushi, but why are you going so early today? Anything Special?” she asked.


“Ummm… Vo Sheena actually today is….”


“OMG! Sorry I forget,” she said face palming her head and then continued “Today is her b’day naa… Is that the reason you are going early today.”


“Yes Sheena”


“Khushi I am really sorry I forgot about it. I don’t know how it skip out of my mind.”


“It’s okay Sheena I understand it.”


“Still Khushi I really felt bad that being your friend I forget about such an important day of your life.”


“It’s okay Sheena I can understand. Okay I should leave now…”


“Hmm… Okay. Ugh! Listen should I accompany you?”


“No Sheena your presence is required here in my absence,” said Khushi and after hugging her she left for her home.


On the way Khushi stopped her car at red light and was just looking here and there when the sight in front of her caught her attention. She saw two girls near an ice cream parlor. One of them is smaller and other one elder. The elder one was wiping the face of the younger girl while talking with her. It seems both are siblings and enjoying their day out with the elder one taking proper care of the younger one. Seeing all this tears started forming in her eyes and flashes of past started coming in front of her eyes.


“Gudiya when will you start behaving as a grown up? You know as you are growing up you are becoming all the more mischievous.”



“Ugh! I don’t wanna grow up pal. Moreover there is already one grown up child,” she said pointing towards her and then continued “So someone must be childish to balance the house and that’s me,” she said winking and giggling.



“Oh! Really, and what will happened when I will go away from you?”



“PAL” she screamed in horror even thinking about the same.


But soon Khushi jerked back in reality hearing the sound of horn from the car which is behind her and realized that it was just a fragment of her past which she remembered and hurriedly after wiping her tears, she zoom her car from there.




Here Devyani was remembering the old incidents when once again the doorbell rang which somewhere scared her. Hoping against the hope that Anjali’s family didn’t get even the inclination of her meeting, she slowly walked towards the main door to open it. And as soon as she open the door she took a sigh of relief seeing Khushi in front of her and closed her eyes when she heard Khushi saying- that she is tired and will come after getting freshen up and taking some rest. But before Dwvyani could even ask her what’s the matter she saw her moving up stairs hurriedly. Devyani felt weird seeing her like this because Khushi has never enter inside or left the house without giving her a bear hug and pecking her cheek any day. It’s like a ritual for her and today when Khushi left like this towards her room it felt like she was hiding something but What? She was wondering on this but later decided that she will ask her when she come down because she knew well that however she tried she couldn’t forget today’s importance and she also knew that Khushi need sometime for herself too so that she can gather herself to face the world again.


Here Khushi rushed inside the room with hurried steps and closed the door of her room, after which she took sigh of relief as she was successful in avoiding her naani and also hiding her tears once again from her. With heavy steps she move towards her cupboard, open it and took out an old wooden box and lovingly move her hand over it while tears started flowing from her eyes on their own accord just remembering the beautiful and bitter memories which are hidden inside it. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes and today she too was not trying to wipe them away because she knew very well that this is the only day when she can cry her heart out. Though she can’t show the pain inflicted upon her heart to anyone else not even her naani because she knew that seeing her like this will only hurt her more. She is already old, suffering from all ways and now what she desires- only her happiness. Yes, her happiness is what matters to her now and she will give that too her. No matter what, even if it means hiding her pain inside her heart. She clearly remembered that on that fateful day she has promised herself that she will never let tear come in her eyes. But today she is feeling helpless as she is breaking the promise which she has given to herself but somewhere she is happy too that she has stopped herself to cry in front of her naani- thinking all this she closed her eyes while still caressing the box.



She clearly remembered that fateful day on which she has promised herself that she will never let tear come in her eyes. But today she is feeling helpless as she is breaking the promise which she has given to herself but somewhere she is happy too that she has stopped herself to cry in front of her naani- thinking all this she closed her eyes while still caressing the box with her hand.


“I miss you Pal. I really miss you,” she said this with closed eyes while tears were escaping her eyes telling the story of the pain which has been inflicted on her with no medicine to heal it. After taking a long breath she open her eyes and with trembling hands she open the box. But as soon as she open the box more tear escape from her eyes and she sat on the bed with thud while holding that box close to her heart.


It’s been years but still time is not able to heal her wounds or maybe she has never let time heal her wounds because she has always shown everyone that she forget everything and move on. But she knew it’s easy to say then done. There is a saying- ‘If you share your joy it will doubled and if you share your pain then it will be lessen.’ And Khushi has never let her grief come out in front of anyone- not even her own naani. Though she somewhere knew that Khushi is only pretending to be okay but reality is totally opposite to it. And that’s the reason many a times she had tried to console her, to talk to her about it, to become a shoulder on which she can cry, but that day never come. Khushi had never let anyone see her wounded self. She alone is trying to nurture her vulnerable heart.


With trembling hands Khushi took out a smiley in her hands and stare at her while a sad smile form on her face remembering the past.


“Gudiya you are angry with me,” she asked.



“No… why should I be angry on you Pal? You didn’t do anything wrong. Did you?” Khushi asked while turning her face away.



“I am sorry naa gudiya. I know that I should have come there but you see it was important for me…”



“No… I don’t care for anything. You didn’t come and that’s why I lose my competition.”



“Hawww… now what had I to do with your losing?”



“Everything. It’s all because of you. I hate you,” Khushi said stubbornly.



“Oh! Hello it’s your fault that you didn’t dance well, and that’s the reason you lose to that stupid Neha.”



“And why didn’t I dance well?” she asked raising her brows but on getting no response she continued “Because all the while I was searching for you but on not seeing you I shouldn’t concentrate which make me lose to that stupid idiotic girl. So it’s all your fault. Hmph! And because of this I lose the bet too and now I have to give her the party. Argh! I hate you Pal.”



“What’s all this drama Khushi bitiya? Payal said naa that she was busy and that’s the reason she didn’t come in your completion. So you should understand it, but here you are making fuss of such a small issue,” said Devyani Gupta entering inside with puja plate in her hand.



Hearing her naani saying all this Khushi as usual roll her eyes and then said “Naani please don’t take Pal side. She promised me, but didn’t fulfil it. And now after all this you are taking her side and saying me not to even show my anger on her. See devimaiya… see my family… I have always heard that the younger one of the house always get pampered while the elder one get scolding but here it’s just opposite. If it’s the case then why don’t you make me the elder one while Pal the younger one,” she said looking upward while pouting. But soon she felt her ears been pulled by someone and when she look towards the person she saw her naani holding her ears and said “You have become a total drama queen Khushi. God knows what Garima ate at your time to bring up such a notorious child in my family. No one can compete you in all this.”



“Ahh! Naani leave it naa… Ouch! It’s hurting…” she said showing a pouted innocent face at which Devyaani melted and left her. But as soon as Devyaani left her Khushi ran away from her and hide behind Payal.



“Aree… why are you hiding behind Payal?” she asked.



“Because Naani don’t know when you will again twist my ears so it is better to be at a safe distance from you,” she said winking at which Devyani facepalm and then shook her head as if saying that this girl will never behave.”



“And yes Pal don’t think that I forgive you.”



“Ugh! That means now I don’t have to buy ice creams for you, neither I have to brought your favourite desert while hiding it from naani nor I neeed to buy dresses for you,” whispered Payal in her ears which makes Khushi’s eyes wide and she shouted on top of her voice “Noooo… Okay I forgive you this time.”



“Really,” she asked battling her eyelashes innocently at which Khushi nodded her head in yes and then said “But don’t stop bringing all those things for me,” she said in a low voice so that her naani couldn’t hear her voice because she knew if her naani got to knew about it then she will banned her from having all these things. As according to her over pampering is injurious to health. But who will make her naani understand that in Khushi’s case every damn rule changes.



“By the way Khushi how many times do I have to tell you to stop playing this bet game? But you never heard me and always behave childishly. Can’t you ever behave maturely?” asked Payal.


“Oho! Pal You are enough for that and let me as I am. Otherwise this Earth can’t bear another Pal,” she said giggling and then get a smack on her head from her naani who said “You cannot expect mature from Khushi, Payal bitiya because the day it will happened will be the last day. I just pity his future husband.”



“Don’t be daadi because he himself will be enough to pity himself thinking about the day he married me,” she said giggling but stopped on earning a glare from both her elder sister and naani.



“Vaise gudiya I have brought this for you,” said Payal showing a smiley too her which instantly brought a smile on Khushi’s face.



“Oh! Pal thank you so much. I love this cute smiley,” she said hugging Payal while the other two smile at her childishness and innocence.




Anjali was sitting in her room while pondering over the conversation she had with Devyani Gupta when suddenly someone placed her hand on her shoulder making her jerk back to reality and she look upward to see her daadi- Subhadra Raizada standing there with worried lines itched on her face.


“What happened Anjali bitiya? Where were you lost that you didn’t come to know when I entered in your room?” she asked at which Anjali took a deep breath and said “Nothing daadi, but you say? Anything important that you come here?”


“Why? Can’t I come here to see my granddaughter?” she asked.


“No daadi. It’s your house and you can come here whenever you like. I was just little curious because I can see that you want to talk something to me. And it seems from your look that you are very eager about it.”


Subhadra took a deep sigh and said “Well yes Anjali bitiya. I want to talk to you about chotey.”


“Chotey? What about Chotey daadi?”


“About his marriage Anjali.”


“Marriage? Daadi you know that chotey will not agree for all this. And it’s not the right time. I mean he has just come out his grief while trying to lead a normal life and you are talking about his marriage. I don’t think it is right daadi.”


“But I think it is Anjali.”




“See Anjali he is trying to lead a normal life but somewhere past is still with him. Though he had overcome the initial phase but he is not able to forget it fully and I think by getting him married he will forget the remenants too.”




“Marriage will make him more responsible. And he will not get time to remember the past.”


“I don’t know daadi. I really don’t. But if you think it’s the only way and it’s good then I am with you,” she said sighing. At this Devyani move towards the window and said “I am not his enemy Anjali. I want his good. He is the only one for whom we are living.”


“I know daadi and don’t worry I am with you.”


“I am glad that you understood my perspective, but now I just hope Arnav too understood it and agree for the marriage. Otherwise those Guptas have not left a chance to ruin our peaceful life. If it was in my hand then I would have killed her whole family, but it’s you who stop me that day otherwise….”



“I did what I think was right for everyone. Daadi why can’t we just forget our past and move on in our life?”


“We are doing the same Anjali,” said Subhadra while looking out of the window.


“No daadi we are not doing the same, in fact till today we are holding on our past and moving forward with its baggage on our shoulder. Daadi please try and understand we have to let it fall so that we can live peacefully.”


“So what do you want Anjali that I will forget and forgive everyone? If it’s so then my answer is a plain no and better you don’t try to make me understand this again because I will not buzz of my decision,” saying this she left from the room leaving a disappointed Anjali behind.


“I always hope daadi that you will forget this enmity and move forward but you always proved me wrong. It has been so many years but till today you are holding that poison in your heart. Though I have stopped you from doing anything but I failed to stop you from poisoning Chotey. And as a result today Chotey also hate all of them to the core, and this is my biggest failure knowing well that it was not Gupta’s fault.”




Arnav was sitting in his chair when Aman enter inside.


“ASR you called me?” he asked.


“Hmm…” he said still continue to look at the file in his hand. “Aman as now Khushi and I are together…”


Hearing Arnav say it, Aman cleared his throat and look at Arnav in amusement at which Arnav too look at him and asked “What? Why are you staring at me like this?”


“What you just say? Can you please repeat it ASR. As I am not able to believe that the might ASR on whom girls fall head over heels, whose one look is enough to make girls drool him is finally falling for someone.”


“What the?”


“Not What the ASR because its pyaar ka tadka,” he said winking at which Arnav roll his eyes and then said “Have you gone mad? What are you talking about?”


“No it’s not me ASR it’s you who is mad and that too in love.”


“Shut up Aman, I have not called you here for hearing your rubbish talk” barked Arnav angrily. But he forget that it’s Aman in front of him who can never be scared of him and that too when such a topic is in his hand.


“What I did that you are asking me to shut up? I only said what you told me,” he said innocently while Arnav raised his eyebrows at his fake innocent face because he very well knew that Aman and innocence can never go together. Aman can be serious, mischievous or irritating but innocent? A big No.


“Oh! I told you something,” he said thinking. “Maybe but I don’t remember so can you please remind me.”


“Ofcourse ASR, just now you mentioned that you and Khushi are together,” he said winking at which Arnav furrowed his brows thinking hard and then he got it and shook his head at the madness of Aman.


“Well Aman if you will not let me complete my sentence then you will get many more bhabhi like this for yourself,” said Arnav smirking while Aman raised his eyebrow seeing ASR taking part in this.


“Oho! Someone is changing ASR. Whose magic is it? Oh! Wait a minute, let me guess…” he said putting his index finger on his head and showing that he is really thinking too hard and then immediately squealed with delight and said “Oh! I got it. ASR I think it’s Khushi’s magic.”


“Shut the hell up Aman and listen to me leaving all your idiotic behaviour.”


Hearing him say like that Aman murmured which is quite audible to Arnav “See ASR is back to his moody mood.”


“I heard it Aman.”


“Sunane ke liye hi to bola tha.”  (I said only to make you hear it.)


At which Arnav glared at her but this couldn’t wipe off the smile from Aman’s face and he sighed and said “Aman I want you to arrange a meet with Khushi as I have to discuss something important with her regarding business.”


“Okay ASR,” he said while grinning like a fool.


“And now stop grinning like a fool Aman and move your ass for some work.”


At which Aman nodded and left from there knowing well that if now also he won’t move than ASR will burn him down and then smile at his own thought. While here Arnav too was smiling remembering Aman’s baseless talk. But he can’t ignore the truth of what Aman said. Yes it’s been long he had joked or even smile- as long as that fateful day. But today here he not only joked but smiled too. But Why? As soon as he think about the reason only one face flashed in front of his eyes- Khushi. But he shrugged it off thinking it’s all because of that stupid Aman and he indulge himself back in his work.



Tears trickle down Khushi’s face remembering how happy she was in her own small world with her elder sister Payal (or Pal what she referred her as) and her Nani- Devyani Gupta. But Devi Maiyya has snatched that small happy world from her and now she is left with nothing. Don’t know what enmity Devi Maiyya has with her that all her dear and near ones are snatched brutally from her by the clutches of death. First her parents died when she was too small to even understand all this and later her loving sister and now she only has her Nani with her and at no cost she wants anything bad happening with her. Thinking all this she then kept the smiley back in the box when her eyes land on a diamond studded beautiful ring and she took out it and kept looking at it with a small twinkle in her eyes and automatically the flashes of past both sweet and bitter came in front of her eyes.




Payal was sitting in her room and smiling to herself when Khushi enters the room in her usual chirpy mode; but stop short when she saw her elder sister smiling to herself which make a frown appears on her cute face. So without making any noise she move towards Payal to know what had mader her sister insane; but what she saw made her eyes open wide in astonishment. Not able to stop herself she at last asked her “Pal; What is such an expensive ring doing with you?” Her sudden question jerk Payal back to the real world and after a few seconds her eyes open wide realizing that Khushi has seen that ring in her hand and somewhere she also knew that her vague answers can never make her believe on her words as Khushi is too smart to be fooled. Payal was just contemplating whether to say the truth or not when Khushi’s next line broke her revere; making her realize that there is no way in which she can hide the truth from the ever time ready Sherlock Holmes so she finally decided that she will confide in her about the same. “Pal don’t you try to lie to me as you knew that I will catch it;” said Khushi in a fake threatening voice cutely. At which Payal first raised her eyebrow and then slightly shook her head and said “I know my detective and I will told you about it but first promise me that you will not let anyone know about it.” “Never;” said Khushi cutely pinching her throat assuring Payal that she will never spill the beans in front of anyone; no matter what? Khushi; It’s been given to me by your jeeju;” said Payal smilingly. “WHAT???” shrieked Khushi not understanding how should she react; should she be happy for her sister- that now she belongs to the one she wants or sad for the fact that her own blood sister has hided such an important matter from not only her but from Nani too. “Pal you get married?” exclaimed Khushi in shock. “No” was the prompt reply from Payal which confused her. “But you just said ‘my jeeju’- that means…” No Khushi; It’s not like what you are thinking. It’s true that I love him but that doesn’t mean that I will marry him like this. Never Khushi… It’s just that I had already accepted him as my husband in my heart and that’s why I referred him as your jeeju;” said Payal shyly. To say Khushi was shock would be an understatement. She was just trying to grasp every bit of information provided to her by her own elder sister. Seeing Khushi in such a shocked state Payal understood that her child sis needs a good explanation and not to forget a hell lot of pampering to keep her big mouth shut. So she make Khushi sit alongside herself and then said “I know that you must be confused that if I love him so much then why hiding this from everyone and all naa…” At which Khushi cutely nodded her head in affirmative while Payal took a long sigh and then started telling her how they meet; started developing feelings for each other; his sweet proposal and their confession; his wish to keep their relationship a secret and not to let anyone knew about the same. “Pal don’t you try to lie to me as you knew that I will catch it;” said Khushi in a fake threatening voice cutely. At which Payal first raised her eyebrow and then slightly shook her head and said “I know my detective and I will told you about it but first promise me that you will not let anyone know about it.” “Never;” said Khushi cutely pinching her throat assuring Payal that she will never spill the beans in front of anyone; no matter what? Khushi; It’s been given to me by your jeeju;” said Payal smilingly. “WHAT???” shrieked Khushi not understanding how should she react; should she be happy for her sister- that now she belongs to the one she wants or sad for the fact that her own blood sister has hided such an important matter from not only her but from Nani too. “Pal you got married?” exclaimed Khushi in shock. “No” was the prompt reply from Payal which confused her. “But you just said ‘my jeeju’- that means…” “No Khushi; It’s not like what you are thinking. It’s true that I love him but that doesn’t mean that I will marry him like this. Never Khushi.. It’s just that I had already accepted him as my husband in my heart and that’s why I referred him as your jeeju;” said Payal shyly. To say Khushi was shock would be an understatement. She was just trying to grasp every bit of information provided to her by her own elder sister. Seeing Khushi in such a shocked state Payal understood that her child sis needs a good explanation and not to forget a hell lot of pampering to keep her big mouth shut. So she make Khushi sit alongside herself and then said “I know that you must be confused that if I love him so much then why hiding this from everyone and all naa…” At which Khushi cutely nodded her head in affirmative while Payal took a long sigh and then started telling her how they meet; started developing feelings for each other; his sweet proposal and their confession; his wish to keep their relationship a secret and not to let anyone knew about the same. “But why Pal?” Asked Khushi frowning not understanding the reason that why he had kept their relationship a secret. “Don’t know Khushi; he just said that he will let everyone knew about it when the right time comes and I trust him as I have seen pure and unadulterated love for me in his eyes.” “Oho! Now I too wish to meet the person who had stolen the heart of my Pal;” she said winking at which she got a light smack on her head and then Payal said “Don’t worry you will meet him soon but before that I have to convince him that my darling naughty sister will not spill the beans in front of anyone by any chance.” At which Khushi cutely nodded her head and god knows for how long they sat their talking with each other- mainly Khushi talking no scratch that telling her sister about her wish list which her jeeju or say soon to be jeeju will have to fulfill.


But none of them were aware of the coming storm in their life. Though Khushi wanted to meet her jeeju but it never ever happened as next day she went for a trip to Goa for two weeks with her friends and when she returned back nothing was same as it was when she left from there. She has lost her sister for forever. It came as a real hard blow for her. She lives in an illusion for god knows how many days that her sweet and caring Pal will return back to scold her; to pamper her; to save her from Nani’s scolding but it never happened. She never cried thinking that her Pal never like tears in her eyes. It took her days to understand that her Pal will never come back to her now and that day she cried; she cried with all her might and then Nani revealed how all that happened. At first she was furious at that person who wants to become her jeeju but later she realized that it was not his folly. Both of them were just pawn in the hands of their destiny. Someone has said so true that no one can change their destiny; how hard they may try and that’s exactly what happened with her. It was her destiny to loose her dear and near ones. It was as if god has not only snatched her Pal but her will to live anymore. She wanted to die so that she can go to her Pal; her parents but then the thought of her Nani make her see the hard reality that she can’t break like a fragile doll as no one will wish it for her and that was the last day she ever cried as the same day she promised to herself and Pal’s soul that she will never ever cry and become strong not for herself but for that old lady who has brought them up like their own child. She will become her eyes in that old age and will never leave her; neither she will let any sadness reach to her. And then emerged this Khushi Gupta, who owned Gupta Fashion House; one of the top most Fashion House of India. Though she has abide by her promise which she has given to Pal’s soul but in all this she has lost herself. Yes; a matured Khushi Gupta has emerged from all the happenings but the cute; bubbly; naughty; mischievous and Prankster Khushi got lost in midst of all these. More tears trickled down her cheeks remembering all those painful memories and she cried; cried till her heart felt lighter. She doesn’t remember the count of time but her revere from the past memories broke when she heard a knock on her door. OoO Arnav was sitting in his cabin and going through Mehta Project File when once again Aman barged in his cabin with a silly grin on his face which irritates Arnav to the core. “What?” barked Arnav in irritation which only made Aman’s grin wider. “Nothing ASR I just want to inform you that the meeting with GE has been fixed for tomorrow.” “So…?” asked Arnav not understanding why his friend-slash-PA is behaving like this. “So ASR it means that tomorrow yet again you are going to meet Khu…ugh! I mean Miss Gupta” corrected Aman on receiving a glare from the mighty Raizada for taking her name when he has strictly told him not to. Oh! How he wishs Anjali di was here with them at such times because then it will be so good to tease him; but then he sighed thinking that if not Anjali di then at least he is there to do the honors. But soon he came out of his thoughts hearing Arnav’s voice. “That doesn’t make a difference I believe Aman because it’s on professional front;” he said. “So you do want to meet her on personal front;” asked Aman only to gain another glare from the mighty Raizada and bit back the laughter knowing very well it’s not the right time to show his teeth as in return he will only earn another deathly glare or if more dangerous then a threat to get a termination letter which he is hearing from the first day of his job. “Aman I really think that you need a doctor who can treat you;” said Arnav in an irritated and annoyed tone. “Treat me for what?” asked a confused Aman. “Argh! Treat you for your madness Aman. What happened to you? Why are you behaving like a mad man?”


“No ASR I am not the one behaving like a mad man but definitely you are the one behaving like a love sick puppy;” said Aman muffling his laughter only to hear the trademark line of ASR “What the?” “Change the line ASR because now it’s getting kinda boring to hear the same set of line…oops sorry…words from you.” “I am warning you Aman that just because you are one of my friend doesn’t mean you will not behave professionally.” “Correct that ASR- not one of the but the only friend of yours and about professionalism then I am totally professional but being professional doesn’t mean that you can’t crack jokes or get social. You know human beings are social animal and…” “Oh! Cut the crap Aman and leave me alone;” he said in a curt and authorative voice which means do as said. And taking the cue Aman decided to go back but then Arnav too forget that Aman is not the one to back down so easily and so before leaving he uttered enough loud to be heard by Arnav “Think about the only girl who is successful to occupy your mind and heart till now.” And before Arnav could blast at him he went out from the cabin hurriedly while Arnav slumped back in his chair and start replaying Aman’s words about Khushi which on its own accord brought a smile on her face. He will be damn if he outright reject Aman’s words because somewhere he too knew that something is not right with him from the time he has met a certain Miss Gupta. He knew he can’t name those feelings like Aman is saying. But deep in his heart he knew he likes to be with her; that there is something in her which is pulling him towards her like a moth is attracted to the fire. He remembered their first meet and their first formal handshake and not to forget how giddy he feel at that time. It’s like their is something more to it and he wanted to experience it. Never ever he thought that after such a past he will feel different for a girl. Oh! He knew he has strictly told his family that he don’t want this marriage fiasco and all and somewhere this past is the reason that getting so much attention from all the females around him he still didn’t glance at them in different light but now after meeting her he just couldn’t gather his way wards thought which time to time reminds him of her only. OoO Anjali and Subhadra were sitting in the hall having some photos in their hands which were shown to them by a short and plump lady with wrinkled face wearing a peach colour net sari applying dark maroon lipstick and a thick line of kohl in her eyes. All in all her make up was too loud that it makes her look scary rather than modest. “Rajni; Are their only these girls?” asked Subhadra annoyed. “Yes Subhadra ji; See how beautiful all of them are? I have told you earlier only that Rajni- the Match Maker always have the best.” “From where do you think that they are best? They don’t even match the standard of my chotey;” said Subhadra eyeing those pictutes in her hand with irritation. “Why? What happened? Don’t you like any of them?” asked Rajni. “No; I want a girl who is classy but at the same time traditional too. Upon seeing whom my chotey falls so hard that even if he tries to resist he just can’t do it. And when you get this kind of girl then only came here. Okay;” asked Subhadra at which Rajni nodded and left from their. At the same time Shyam enters the mansion and upon seeing Rajni leaving the mansion he frowned and straightaway went inside to know the reason of her sudden visit.


“Rani Saheba what that Rajni was doing here?” asked Shyam taking a seat beside her dear wifey. “She is here for her work only Shyam ji;” answered Anjali. “Can’t get you Rani Saheba;” asked Shyam with a slight frown clearly visible on his forehead. “Arey daamadji we are searching for a nice girl for our chotey;” said Subhadra smiling slightly. “WHAT?” was the prompt reaction from Shyam but upon seeing both the ladies looking at him he immediately schooled his expression and then said “I mean you are deciding about Saley Sahab’s wedding so have you guys talk to him regarding the same.” ” Not now daamadji, but today I will talk to him regarding it.” “Not now daadi;” said Anjali at which Subhadra look towards her with raised eyebrow as if seeking an explanation from her on which Anjali readily answer “Daadi you know after whatever happened in past it will not be easy for chotey to believe girl and if we directly said him that we want him to get married then to save himself he will get numerous excuse so it will be better that we will talk to him once we decided a nice girl for him.” “Hmm… I think it’s a good idea Anjali bitiya;” said Subhadra and they both keep on discussing about the same while Shyaam was sitting their deep in his own thoughts.


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