“So finally you are here Sia and I am so happy for the same.” said an excited Ashmita.



“Oh! Really? Well can I know why you are so damn excited about this?”



“Ugh! That’s a secret yaar.”



“Well don’t you know that there must not be any secret between two friends. So it means you are not considering me your friend” said Sia showing fake sad face.



“Oho! So you are trying to emotionally blackmail me…huhhh…. Okay I will tell you but only if you will tell me that you also don’t have any secret with yourself about which I don’t know anything.”


Hearing Ashmita, Sia’s face lost all her colour but before Ashmita could understand all this her attention got diverted when Pari comes there shouting for her Sia aunty.



“Aunty… Aunty you are here and I am finding you in the whole house,” said Pari pouting.



At this Sia hugged Pari and said “Aweee… My baccha why are you searching me?”



“To play with you,” she said innocently making both Sia and Ashmita giggle.



“Aweee… My cute baccha” saying this Sia kissed Pari on her cheek while Ashmita admire this new growing bond between the duo.



“Okay Sia you guys carry on with your masti and I will take your leave.”



“Why bhui? You also join us.”



“Pari I will definitely join you but not now as your bhui has to go for some urgent work.”



“Ashmitaji, Is everything all right? I mean suddenly you are saying about this urgent work and all.”



“Ofo! Sia don’t worry my work is like this only. I myself don’t know when I have to leave and for what. You know what in past we use to scold Lavanya a lot as she was the one who looks after all this. But now I understand why always she was in such a hurry. It’s a saying naa that till the time you would not keep yourself in one’s shoes you will not understand his/her problem.”



“Hmmm… You are right Ashmitaji.”



“Okay I will take your leave now,” saying this Ashmita left from there.



After Ashmita left Sia took Pari in her arms and kissing her cheeks she asked “So princess what do you wanna play with me?”



“Hide and Seek”



“What? Are you crazy doll. I mean inside the house and between just two of us you wanna play Hide and Seek.”



“So what? I and bhui always used to play this game. Don’t you wanna play with me” said Pari makimg sad face.



“No… No… We will definitely play.” And this brings a smile on Pari’s face. And soon both of them got engrossed in the game.






“Sir can I ask you something…” asked Mr. Roy



“Of course Mr. Roy you can,” said Akshat



“Ummm… Sir woh…”



“Oh come on just ask naa… Why are you hesitating in it?”



“Sir I just wants to know why you are hell bent to investigate about this case. I mean you know we are trying to find about all the details of it from years. But unable to trace anything. So why can’t we stop searching.”



“I can’t do it… I have to solve it anyhow,” said Akshat looking lost.



“But sir…”



“I know what I am doing… And I don’t need your suggestions in it. I am grateful that you are helping me. But don’t try to poke your nose in between my work. You are my junior so just follow my orders. Now you can leave.”



Hearing Akshat’s words Roy felt sad but he follow the order of his boss and left from there. As soon as he left from there Akshat closed his eyes, leans on chair and thought to himself “I am sorry Roy… I shouldn’t talk to you like this… But I can’t tell about this to anyone till the time I myself find out the truth. I believe that it’s not the right time. That is the only reason why god is not favoring me to find out the truth,” thinking this he sighed. Then he open his eyes and said to himself “No Akshat you just can’t keep quiet. From years you are keeping quiet because of that promise but not anymore. Till now I have not got any proof or clue so now I think it’s time to enquire the one who is really close to all this because now I can’t wait anymore.”







As Arnav enter inside Raizada Mansion he can hear some laughing and giggling sound and curiosity got better of him so he move towards the place from where he can hear the voices coming and the sight made him stunned, happy and at the same time somewhat hurt too. Stunned because he had never seen his Pari and di so much happy, happy because he is now assured that his Pari is in safe hands and hurt because somewhere he knew that all this belongs to Lavanya. But before his thought process can go any further Ashmita’s voice caught his attention.



“Aree Arnav you came back quite early today.”



“Yes di actually today I got free early so thought to spend some time with you guys.”



“That’s great. Ok so come here.”




“Sure di, but let me freshen up first,” saying this he left towards his room.


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