PART- 8 (B)

“Hello… Mr. Roy is there any progress,” asked Akshat on phone.

“No sir… We can’t find anything… But we are still trying,” replied Roy from the other side.

“You are trying from a long time but still you are unable to trace anything,” he said a bit frustrated.

“Sorry sir… But you know about it… It’s not so easy sir… Moreover no one is helping us.”

“Yes I know… Okay… As soon as you got any information tell me.”

“Yes sir… For sure…”

And after cutting the call Akshat closes his eyes and murmurs “Why is no one helping me? Why? I want to go to the bottom of it but still here I am not even able to trace its start,” saying this he then open his eyes and move towards the cupboard. He took key from his pocket and open the drawer in it and took out a diary but at the same time he heard Ashmita’s voice calling him, so he hurriedly put the diary back on its place and lock the drawer and closes the cupboard.

“Akshat are you ready?” asked Ashmita entering the room.

“Yes Ashmita.”

“Then come down we all are waiting for you.”

“You go Ashmita… I am coming.”

As soon as Ashmita left he sighed in relief. Once again he look towards the cupboard and then moves out of the room.


“Bhui… When will aunty come? I am tired of waiting,” she said now getting a bit irritated.

“She will be coming soon. Must be on her way. Wait for some time dear,” said Ashmita caressing her head.

“Waiting only.,” said Pari pouting and at the same time Arnav feels a cool breze touching his face and when he look towards door he saw Sia entering inside.

“She is here,” said Arnav still looking toward the door.Hearing him everybody look towards Arnav and then follow his gaze. Seeing Sia entering Pari ran towards her and tightly hugged her.

Sia bends down, took Pari in her arm and kissing her lovingly said “How are you Pari?”

“I am fine aunty, but angry on you,” saying this she makes an angry face.

“Haww… Pari is angry on me… But why?” asked Sia.

“Because you are late… You know I was waiting for you from so long,” she said widening her arms.

“Aweee… Sorry shona… Will never ever let you wait from now on,” said Sia cupping her chubby cheeks.

Seeing the interaction between Pari and Sia Arnav left towards his room silently while Ashmita’s face fell down as he doesn’t meet with Sia but her trance brake hearing her niece’s voice.

“Pakka?” asked Pari innocently.

“Haa… Bilkul pakka,” replied sia kissing her cheek and then lifting her in her arms she move towards Ashmita.

“Hi Ashmitaji,” said Sia.

“Hello Sia… How are you?”

“Fine,” saying this she gives a nervous smile upon seeing the person behind Ashmita staring at her with narrow eyes. As if understanding her Ashmita introduced both of them to each other.

“Sia meet my husband Akshat,” she said while entwining their hands and then continued “And Akshat she is Sia… Pari’s nanny.”

“Aree… You all talk later… First we will cut the cake… Chalo chalo…” said Pari intervening in between.

“Cake? Is it your birthday today?” asked Sia confusedly.

“Ofo! Aree… This cake is for you,” said Pari doing a facepalm.

“For me but why?” asked a confused Sia.

“Sia wohh actually Pari wants to welcome you in her style so… I hope you won’t mind it,” said Ashmita.

“No… Not at all… Why should I di… Ermm… Sorry…” she said overwhelmed with emotions.

“For what?”

“Woh… I just called you di so…” she trailed of nervously.

“Not a problem Sia… You can call me di just like Arnav calls me.”

“So you are not angry on me?” she asked hesitantly.

“Not at all dear… In fact I would love it… And thinking on it I have decided that from now on you will call me di only,” she said winking.



And they both hug each other. Afterwards they cut the cake, feed each other and then Akshat who soon left towards his room.


Ashmita, Sia and Pari were sitting in the main hall talking, laughing and giggling when Ramu came there. Ashmita saw him and asked “ Ramu what happened?”

“Wohh… Chote malik is calling Sia ji in his room.”

Hearing it Sia became hell nervous and as if understanding her Ashmita kept her hand on Sia’s shoulder while nodding at Ramu who left from there.

“Why are you getting nervous dear? He is not going to eat you up. Just relax and meet him. May be he wants to talk to you regarding Pari,” saying this she shows her his room.

At this Sia nodded at her and left towards his room.

Here Arnav was on his bluetooth barking orders at poor Aman as usual and putting his coat when Sia enters his room.

“Today is Sunday. Then why is he getting ready? Is he robot or what? Huhh!” murmurs Sia to herself.

As if knowing her presence Arnav turns and upon seeing her standing on the threshold he gestures her to come inside. Seeing him calling her inside she moves in his room and saw that his room has a classy and elegant look but very dull with no colours in it except black and white. But the thing which amazes her was that it was very clean and tidy. Arnav saw her looking around his room and to gain her attention he move towards her and clearing his throat said “Miss Jaiswal please have a seat.” And when he saw Sia comfortably sat then he continued “Actually I wants to talk to you about Pari.”

At this Sia nodded her head as if asking him to continue.

“See miss… I am a very straight forward person… I don’t know how to talk in riddle. I just wants to say that appointing you as Pari’s nanny was not my decision because in the first place itself I never wanted Pari to be in nanny’s care but alas my di won over me and you are here.”

“I understand Arnav. But why are you saying me all this?”

“It’s because I wants to clear it out that you are not my but di’s choice,” he said it in attitude which somewhere hurt her but soon she composes herself but her expression was read by him and he added “See I don’t intend to hurt you in anyway. It’s just that I do not believe in people so easily especially when it’s about my princess. But as I have seen your bonding with my Pari… So I am giving you a chance believing that you will not let me down.”

“Well I assure you Arnavji that I will not let your trust break in me,” said Sia confidently.

Arnav nodded at her while she left from there and he saw her retreating figure till she vanished from his sight. At the same time a soft smile adore his lips remembering the confidence in which she said the last line. A smile whose reason was not his Pari (at least not directly) but someone else which never happened after the death of Lavanya. Is it the start of a new beginning? Or there are many hurdles to still come in life which will decide their path.

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  1. hi
    yes its start of new beginning . Like it pari's unique style to welcome khushi. Akshat is going for background check on khushi???

  2. Loved the update, love the bonding between Sia and Pari, she reassures Arnav that trust will be kept. What secret is there in the diary, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  3. Awesome update
    so sia has arrived
    n arnav has had the boss talk with her
    cant wait to see how things progress now sia n arnav r going to see each other every day
    especially with his cupid di on the case


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