PART- 8 (A)

Here at Raizada Mansion Pari was trying to wake up Arnav.

“Dadda… Dadda wake up.”

“Pari let me sleep baccha,” said Arnav groggily.

“Huhhh! Dadda wake up or else I will not spare you,” she said with attitude.

“Pari… Mera baccha… I am sleepy beta… Go to your Ashmita bhua,” saying this he muffled his face more in the pillow.

‘Yei dadda bhi naa… But don’t forget that I am also PSR… daughter of ASR… you just wait and watch dadda,’ thought Pari to herself and move towards the door of the room. As soon as she reached the threshold she screamed “Aaahhh… Dadda… Uhuuu…uhuuu…”

Hearing Pari’s scream Arnav jerk himself out of bed and reached in two long strides to his daughter worridely.

“Pari… Baccha what happened? Let me see,” said Arnav worriedly and he started examining Pari. At the same time Ashmita and Akshat too reached there hearing Pari screams and asked “What happened Arnav? Why was Pari screaming?”

“Don’t know jiju… See naa she is crying… Bachaa tell me do you get hurt anywhere…huhh?” asked Arnav.

All this while one person was looking at Pari calmly. Yes Ashmita has seen the glint of mischief in Pari’s eyes as soon as she enters the room and knew that she is up to something.

“Arnav nothing has happened to her,” said Ashmita.

“Di… How can you say that? Didn’t you hear her screams?”

“Yes I heard it Arnav… And that’s the reason I came here… But now I knew that nothing has happened to our Pari.”

At this Arnav looked towards his di in confusion. As if understanding it Ashmita continued “Arnav look at your daughter. She is neither hurt nor crying. That means nothing happened to her. This simply means that she was up to something.”

Now Arnav look towards Pari with narrow eyes at which Pari make an innocent face.

“So care to tell,” asked Arnav folding his hands on his chest while raising his eyebrow at which Pari nervously stuttered “Wohh dadda… Umm…”

“Pari…” said Arnav a bit sternly.

“Woh… You were not waking so,” saying this she starts looking here and there.

“So you play this prank?” asked Arnav at which Pari nodded her head in affirmative.

“You are not my daughter Pari..

Arnav said it with hurt evident in his voice and look away from Pari. And instantly Pari look towards him with her eyes brimming with unshed tears.

“Dadda… Why are you saying like this?”

“So what should I say? I know my baccha is fully prankster. But she never ever hurt or play with someone’s emotions. But today you did it,” he said looking away while Pari got sad.

“Arnav she is a child,” said Ashmita not able to see Pari’s sad face.

“I know di. And that is why it is important to make her understand that what is wrong and what is right.”

“Pari is sorry dadda. I was just… I will not do it again,” said Pari pulling his lower.

At this Arnav look at her from corner of his eyes and then said “How can I believe you? See today I believe you and what I got in return?”

“No dadda… Pari plomise (promise) you… She will never do it again… Pakka vala… But dadda talk to his Pari… (And she started sobbing).. Pari is bad… Very bad… She makes dadda angly (angry)… Uhhuuu… Me bad girl..sob..”.

Arnav can’t see his baby girl crying. After all she is his life. He can never be angry on her. He was just trying to make her understand that what she did was wrong. But it results in her crying which makes him turn towards her and taking her in his arms he said “Naa… Pari is not a bad girl. She is a good girl,” saying this he kissed her forehead affectionately.

“But Pari makes dadda angly (angry)… So how can she be good girl?” she asked innocently.

At this trio of them smiles.

“My Pari can never make me angry. Okay baccha… But you will never do this kind of prank again,” he asked.

“Pakka dadda… Will never do it,” saying this she gives a wet sloppy kiss on his cheeks and then move her face forward showing him her cheeks as if asking him to kiss her now which he did. Ashmita’s eyes were moist seeing the scene while Akshat was smiling happily.

Later Ashmita took Pari in her arms kissing her and said “Arnav, Akshat you both fresh up till then I will ready my cutie pie.”

At this Arnav nodded and left towards bathroom while Akshat too left towards his room but not before kissing the choti prankster and his dear wife who just blushes seeing him kissing her in front of Pari. And then Ashmita too left to make her cutie pie ready.


“Sia beta you have make the whole upside down? What are you doing? I am not getting,” said Madhu frowning looking around.

“What to do mom… I am not understanding… What should I take and what not?” said Sia pouting.

At this Madhu held her hand and make her sit on the bed and she too sat there and caressing her head she said “Sia are you nervous?”

“Yes mom… I… I don’t know how I will manage there.”

“Ofo! My daughter is strong. Then why this nervousness? And they are good people. Moreover Ashmita bitiya is there. So don’t worry. And don’t forget Sia that you are going there for Pari.”

At this Sia nodded her head in yes and said “But mom… What if… What if I did something wrong… And they get angry and,” she shuddered even thinking of something like that.

Seeing her getting vulnerable Madhu hugs her immediately and patted her back and then said “They will not harm you. Never… I know them enough to say this. Moreover I am always there for you beta. Don’t forget it.”

Hearing it Sia closed her eyes and got relaxed.

“Now get up and pack your bags. Driver is waiting for you.”

“Will miss you mom,” she said kissing her cheeks.

“Me too dear.”


Here Arnav enter Pari’s room and saw her making weird faces.

“What happened to my baccha today?” he asked taking Pari in his arms and kissing her who try to move out of her dadda’s grip.

“Arnav your daughter has become a tantrum queen,” said Ashmita giving a glare to Pari while Arnav just raised his one eyebrow as if asking now what?

“Don’t ask me… Ask your darling daughter.”

Huffing and puffing Ashmita left from there while Arnav looks on amusingly and then turn towards Pari and asked “Now what you did to make your bui grumpy… Hmm… Tell me.”

“Nothing dadda… I just said to bui that I will not wear any of my current dresses,” said pari innocently.

“But why baby?” asked a confused Arnav.

“Because they are not good. I want to look too good. So that Sia aunty will always stay with me.”

At this Arnav shook his head and murmurs “ Pari and her antics.”

Later Arnav make Pari sit on his lap and then said to her while lovingly caressing her cheeks “Pari baccha… Never show yourself to anyone what you are not just to impress him / her. Be what you are… And that person will love you for that only.”


“Muchii… Chalo now get ready.”

And soon Pari ran and pick her dress to get ready.

Precap: Sia in Raizada Mansion and Akshat’s investigation.

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  1. Nice update
    pari tricking arnav to wake up
    but he aint happy n gave her into trouble making her cry ….poor wee soul
    awe how cute she wanted to dress up for sia
    looking forward to seeing whats gonna happen when sia arrives
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin


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