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Arnav was sitting on the recliner and thinking about the turn his life has taken.

‘I have never thought that one day would come when I will be appointing Nanny for my Pari… But now when I have appointed her, I just hope that nothing goes wrong. Well I can believe Miss Jaiswal for it. I have seen her bonding with my Pari so well,’ thought Arnav and closed his eyes remembering the past.

“I can’t believe ASR that in next one month our Pari will be with us. We can see her, touch her and what not,” said Lavanya smiling and caressing her baby bump.

“Yes baby… you are right, but you know what? I still can’t wait for this one month. Argh! This one month time is really killing me,” replied Arnav looking at her lovingly while Lavanya ruffled his hairs and said “Awee…ASR… You are whining like a kid.”

Arnav moving his hand on her bump said “What to do dear? My Pari is coming naa… So I have to behave like a kid with her… Usiki practice hai jo mei abhi s kar raha hu.”

But upon getting no reply from her when he looks up he saw her engrossed in some deep thought and so he shook her and asked “What happened baby?”

“Just thinking how will I manage all things… You know my work & Pari too,” she said.

“Hmm… Problem is you can’t take a leave naa… Don’t worry we will appoint a nanny for her,” said Arnav.

“Don’t you dare Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada… I love my baby too much to appoint a nanny for her… Samjhe tummm… She is my daughter… My princess… And I will took care of my princess. So dare you appoint a nanny for her,” said Lavanya angrily at which Arnav cutely nodded.

Arnav opens his moist eyes and murmurs “There was a time Lavanya when you are strictly against a Nanny for our Pari. But see today I have to appoint a naany for her. May be this is her destiny only,” saying this he wiped his moist eyes and move towards his bed for getting sleep which he knows will not come to him so easily as his memories will never let him sleep peacefully.


“Mom… Where are you?”

“What Sia dear… Tell me what you are up to now?” asked Madhu.

“Nothing mom… Actually my stomach is rumbling and making weird noises so I was just asking you to give me something to eat,” she said showing her pout.

“Yes dear… I am bringing food for you,” said Madhu.

“For me too auntyji,” came a voice from behind at which both Sia and Madhu look behind only to find Ashmita standing at the door with a smile on her face.

“Aree Ashmita beta tum,” said Madhu.

“Ji auntyji mai,” replied Ashmita.

“Ashmita dear why are you standing there? Come inside.”

“Namaste Ashmitaji.”

“Namaste Sia… How are you?’ asked Ashmita entering inside and taking seat beside her.

“Absolutely fine Ashmitaji and what about you?”

“Me too good.”

“Aur beta… You here?”

“Why aunty? Don’t you like me coming here?” asked Ashmita showing a fake hurt expression.

“No dear… Nothing like that… I was asking because its morning and I thought you should be with your family naa… That’s why.”

“Don’t ask auntyji… see first wohh my husband Akshat- he is always busy performing his duties, and then Arnav- he is a grumpy man. Always busy with his files or laptop and last but not the least our devil angel Pari. Well she has gone to school. So I thought to come here and talk with Sia. Hope I have not disturb you guys,” said Ashmita.

“Not at all dear… Okay, you both talk. I will come in sometime.”

“What have you decided?” asked Ashmita turning towards Sia.

“Decided? About what Ashmitaji?”

“Ofo! Sia… Of course for the job of Pari’s nanny.”

“Oh! Umm…. I have decided Ashmitaji… And my answer is yes.”

“That is good Sia,” beamed Ashmita with happiness.

“Yes Ashmitaji… I am ready to become Pari’s nanny.”

“If you have decided this then I am really very happy. So now what are you waiting for? Pack your bags.”

“Pack my bags? But…”

“I know Sia what are you thinking. But it will be more convenient if you will live in Raizada Mansion. See you don’t have to travel daily and above that you will be with Pari all time. But only if you have no problem in it.”

“Okay Ashmitaji.”

“Good Sia. Now spend as much time as you want with your mom because from tomorrow you will be in Raizada Mansion,” saying this and after hugging and bidding bye, Ashmita left from there.


“Officer Roy have you get any information about her?” asked Akshat.

“No sir, we are trying our best but we are not able to find any information about her till now,” said Mr. Roy.

“I am getting the same answer again and again. I don’t understand why you are not able to get any information about her,” asked a frustrated Akshat.

“I know sir you are disappointed, but you yourself know it is not so simple.”

“Hmm… Okay, You continue with your work.”

“Yes sir,” replied Mr. Roy and after saluting Akshat he went from there leaving a tensed Akshat behind who sat in the chair and closed his eyes in despair and murmurs “Again the same result… Why I am not getting hold of anything… Not a single thing to start my investigation… Oh god please help me to solve this mystery.”


“Well shot Miss Tamanna… I must say you are very good in your work,” said Aman with a small smile.

“Of course Aman… If I was not good then why will your company appoint me as a model? And on top of that wait for me too because I have heard AR never waits for anyone.”

Aman smiles at this and said “Well you are absolutely right Tamanna.”

“Hey Aman I was wondering how do you cope with your boss?”

“Sorry… I didn’t get you,” said Aman frowning.

“Oh! Come on… Aman your boss I mean Mr. Raizada is too moody. I still remember the way he introduced himself to me. I don’t know how he manage to run such a big empire?”

“I understand Tamanna… But believe me no one more than him can be better in it. ASR does all his works with perfection. And about his mood… Well it is due to some personal reasons… So yes he is like this… But then there is only one person who can made his day.”

“And who the lucky one is?”

“Pari Singh Raizada… His daughter.”

“Oh! And what about his wife?”

“She is no more,” he said sadly.

“Oh! I am sorry but can I ask something Aman?”


“Why hadn’t he marry again then? I mean he has a daughter and his whole life so…”

“May be you are right but he loves his wife too much to even think about someone else in his place.”

“Aweee… How sweet of him… Where can we see this kind of love today?”

“Yeah you are right. Well I think I should leave now.”

“Yes, Nice talking to you.”

“Same here,” saying this Aman left from there.

“ASR loves his wife… What a crap? Nothing much gain from talking to him. These all I know already, maybe more than him. But now what to do? Where to find what I wants to know,” she murmurs to herself and sighed deeply.


Ashmita enters in mansion and called for Ramu.

“Ji didi…”

“Ramu Clean the adjacent room of Pari..okay.”

“Ji didi… I will do it asap.”



“Awee… Mera baccha how was your school today?” asked Ashmita seeing Pari standing on the threshold with a cute smile adoring her lips.

“First class bhui… I enjoyed so much today… But leave all that and yell me why are you telling Ramu bhaiya to clean that room,” she asked.

“Aree… You forget naa Pari… Sia aunty is coming tomorrow here as your nanny and she will stay here with you.”

“Haww.. I am buddhu… I forget such important thing… But sacchi naa bhui she will stay with us,” asked Pari excitedly.

“Haa mera baccha (Yes my darling)… She will stay with us…”

“Yipeee… Yipee… Then I will do loads of masti with aunty…but she is coming home first time naa… So we should properly welcome her naa,” asked Pari jumping.

“Woh to hai… So any idea in your khurafati (mischievous) brain…?”

“Welcome cake… Yupp… Chalo bhui we have to go for selecting a good cake for aunty,” said Pari after thinking for a while.

“No worry… We will order online…okay…You will select the cake and we will order then,” said Ashmita patting her shoulders and then they both move towards Pari’s room. She select a pretty cake and then they order it. All the while one person was looking at them. He was happy to see both of them happy. But somewhat worried too.

“It is the first time after her death they all are so much happy. Wish they always remain so. But for that i have to shield all of them and find out the truth. God please help me,” thought Akshat and left from there to his room.

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  1. hi
    like d update. I'm.happy for pari. she is getting her happiness. wat will be khushi n arnav equation in their future life?? let's see.

  2. Loved the update, brilliant. Pari is happy Sia is coming. Will Akshat be successful in finding out the truth, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  3. Ok… She is going to be in RM
    But so much mystery
    Why she is sia not khushi
    What is her past
    What is akshat finding
    What is tammanna's main motto


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