Arnav reached his mansion early as he has to speak to his di. He don’t know why but he was felling restless from the time he has taken this decision and he wants to share it with someone. As soon as he enters the mansion Ashmita saw him and move towards him.

“Aree Arnav… Today you are back early than your usual time… All ok naa,” she asked.

“Yes di… Everything is fine,” he said and then looks at the whole mansion and then again at his di furrowing his eyebrows askled “Di where is Pari?”

“Ohh… She is sleeping Arnav.”

“Sleeping at this hour? As long as I know di she doesn’t sleep in evening then what happened today?” he asked in a panic. “Di is she fine? I mean has something happened to her?” he asked worried about his daughter.

“ofo! Arnav. Don’t be panic. She is absolutely fine just a bit tired… So slept early.”

“Tired and Pari? I don’t think so di… Because as far as I know she never gets tired from anything,” he said raising his eyebrow.

“Yes, You are right Arnav. But today it is different Arnav,” said Ashmita with a smile.

“Whats different today di?” he asked taking a seat on the sofa.

“Ugh! Wohh… Actually today she played with Sia so…” she trailed of not knowing how will arnav react to it.

As soon as Arnav heard her he look at her with narrowed eyes as if asking how is this possible?

“Wohh… Arnav while coming back from school Pari insists to meet with Sia and I don’t have a heart to refuse her. So I took her there. And I think my decision was good because I have never seen Pari laughing so heartily except when she is with you,” said Ashmita with a smile lingering on her lips and then narrate him the same.


Sia is sitting on her bed in her room when someone closed her eyes. At first she was scared but then she touch the hand and got it that it is of some child and thus relaxing she asked “Whose that?”

“It had to be guessed by you naa… How can I tell who am I?” said Pari innocently. At this Sia instantly recognize the voice as if she knows her from a long time and said “Hmmm… You are right… I have to guess… Then according to me you are…ummm…”

“So much time to guess. You forgot me,” she said getting sad thinking that her Sia aunty forget her.

At this Sia said “How can it be possible that I forgot Pari…hmm…”

And hearing her name she instantly remove her hands from Sia’s eyes and move towards the front side, hugged her tightly and almost sobbing said “I thought you… You forgot me.”

At this Sia parted her, cupped her face and kissing her chubby cheeks said “How could you think that I can forgot you? Awee baby… In this whole world no one is capable to forget an angel like you.”

Saying this Sia pinched her cheeks and then kissed her while Pari’s eyes bright up hearing it and she very innocently asked “Sacchi?”

“Mucchi,” affirmed Sia and then she started tickling Pari.

“Hehehe… Leave me… Aunty…hehehe… Please leave me… Hehehe… Leave naa,” said Pari almost rolling on the bed while laughing. And then at last Sia stops tickling her and asked “How was that?”

“Awesome… Umm aunty…”

“Yes Pari…”

“Wohh… Can I kiss you?”

At this Sia looked towards her and slightly nodded her head while Pari move towards Sia for kissing her…


And Sia rub her hand on her cheek because instead of kissing her Pari bite her and then showing her tongue ran away from there.

“Shaitaan ki naani… Ruk tu… Let me catch you… Then I will show you,” shouted Sia and ran behind Pari to catch her.

Unaware that a pair of eyes are watching their growing bond and is smiling.

‘Hey devimaiya… Let this bond between the duo grow strong that no one can break it. And I think that whatever I am thinking about Arnav & Sia will come true surely. I know devimaiya that you are giving me signals that whatever I am thinking is right by all these small things. Just protect them from evil eye devimaiya,’ thought Ashmita with moist eyes.

Here in the garden Sia is still chasing Pari who is laughing and shouting “You can’t catch me aunty… No one can catch Pari Singh Raizada.”

“Achha Pari… May be till now no one can catch Pari Singh Raizada… But today I will turn your this statement wrong,” said Sia too in the same voice.

And the chase goes on… But at last Sia catches Pari and twirls her in her arm…

“So how do you like being caught by me? Huhh…” asked Sia winking at Pari who with attitude said “Vaise I don’t like losing anything… But if the winner is you then I can happily loose it. After all you are too sweet to be lose.”

And saying this Pari kissed Sia’s both cheeks while Sia’s eyes teared up hearing Pari’s innocent talks.

“Why are you crying aunty? Have I done something which I shouldn’t? Are you crying because of me?” asked Pari in a sad voice thinking that due to her mischiefs her Sia aunty starts crying.

“No Pari… You can never be the reason of my tears… Instead you are the reason of my smile,” said Sia kissing her chubby cheek.

“Sacchi naa aunty… You will never cry or get angry because of me?” asked Pari while running far away from her.

“Never ever Pari…” said Sia confusedly seeing her running away from her.

But her all confusions wiped off as the very next moment she got drenched in water. When she made herself look up she saw Pari standing with a pipe in her hand and splashing water on her.

“Teri tooo…” shouted Sia and once again their chase starts.

“Madhu aunty aren’t they both looking so happy?” asked Ashmita.

“Yes they are beta…” said Madhu.

“I wish they both remain so forever.”

“Don’t wish for the things which are not possible Ashmita beta,” said Madhu sadly looking towards her daughter.

“Things can only be possible if we try for them. Without giving a try how can we say that it is not possible aunty?” asked Ashmita.

“What do you mean dear?”

“You will know it soon aunty.”


“You will not believe Arnav how happy Pari was with Sia. The glow on her face was telling it all… But alas it was not for long,” said Ashmita remembering there cute moments.

“Di i have to tell you something.”

“Yes Arnav…”

“Di I am ready for Pari’s nanny… I mean if you think that Pari needs a nanny and Sia is the right one for this post, then I am okay with it.”

“Really Arnav? You agreed for it… I can’t believe it,” she said happily.

“Di I can do anything for Pari’s smile and if it lies with Sia then yes I agreed for it too,” he said with a small smile.

“It means Sia will be here. She will be with our Pari?” exclaimed Ashmita.

“Sacchi bhui?” came a sleepy voice of Pari.

Hearing Pari’s voice they both looked towards the stairs where a sleepy Pari was standing while rubbing her eyes…

“Tell me bhui… Will Sia aunty really be here? She will be with me?” asked pari at which Ashmita nodded in affirmative while Pari ran to her bhui and tightly hugs her.

“Thank you bhui… Thank you so much…”

Arnav now understand that the decision of his is absolutely right hearing Pari’s happy voice. And now he knew why his Lavanya was asking him to agree for it, and a smile crept on his face.

‘Thank god Arnav agreed for it… Heyy devimaiya! I just want that like today Arnav agreed for Sia to be Pari’s nanny similarly one day he will agree for Sia to become his life partner too,’ thought Ashmita.


“What are you saying Ashmita dear? Is it true?  Okay dear… I will talk to her,” saying this Madhu kept the receiver back. At the same time Sia entered her room and give a questioning look to her mother.

“Sia, Ashmita dear has called me just now,” said Madhu upon seeing the questioning look in her daughter’s eye.

“Ashmitaji… But why mom?”

“Dear, they want you to become Pari’s nanny.”

At this Sia looked at her mother blankly upon seeing which Madhu gets worried and asked “What happened dear? Aren’t you happy for it?”

“No mom,” replied Sia.

“But Why Sia? Don’t you like Pari?”

At this she instantly look towards her mother and then replied “It’s not like that mom. Pari is so cute & lovely, nobody can ignore her. She is just too sweet & cute though a little naughty.”

“Then what’s the problem? You will be with Pari… And I know you will be happy with her,” said Madhu.

“You are not understanding mom. I don’t want more people to know me. It will not be good mom. I want to live as I am living. I don’t want to mingle with more people mom,” saying this she left towards her room ignoring her mother’s voice.


“What happened Ashu? Am I missing something? You are looking quite happy today?” asked Akshat.

“That I am hubby dear,” she said winking at him at which he hugged her from back and nuzzling her nape said “Can I know the reason of your happiness and be a part of it.”

“Of course Akshat, you know Arnav has agreed for Sia to become Pari’s nanny,” she said this while turning towards him with a smiling face. But as soon as she uttered those words Akshat’s smile was gone which she did not notice due to her excitement and continued “And Akshat,  I am sure that like today one day will come when Arnav will accept Sia as his life partner. And I am eagerly waiting for that day.”

On the other hand hearing what Ashmita said made Akshat restless. He squeezed his eyes and parted away from Ashmita which brought her attention back on her husband and seeing him so she asked “What happened Akshat? Aren’t you happy?”

“No… nothing like that Ashu. I just remember some important work, so you should go to sleep and I will come after finishing my work,” saying this with a fake smile plastered on his lips Akshat left towards the study room while Ashmita just shakes her head and mutters “He and his work… No time for romance at all.”

And then move towards her bed for getting a sound sleep imagining the bright future of her brother.


Here at Jaiswal House Madhu was trying to persuade Sia who was reluctant for the same.

“Sia till the time you will not answer my question. I will not left you.”

Sia: Mom I already told you the reason I am not agreeing for it. So please stop pestering me because I have taken my decision.”

“Okay, I will not pester you. But just tell me the real reason for your denial because I knew that whatever you said earlier maybe true but can’t be the sole reason. So tell me now.”

At this Sia looks towards her mother and cry…a cry of helplessness… and soon hugs her mother and said sobbing “Mom, I don’t want my ill fate to even put her shadow on Pari or her beautiful family.”

“You are over thinking dear. Nothing like that will happen as you are thinking,” said Madhu cupping her face.

“But what if? What if something bad happened to her due to me? No mom I can’t take a risk with anyone else now. I just can’t… I have lose enough in my life and I will not be able to take anymore. You don’t know mom. You don’t.”

At this Madhu looked at her daughter with a pained face and said “Look towards me Sia, nothing will happen. Got it… I will not let anything happen to you or your near ones. That was your past. Please try to forget it dear and believe in devimaiya.”

“I don’t believe her mom, not anymore. And why should I? She has always snatched everything from me. For me she doesn’t exists,” said Sia with moist eyes.

At this Madhu cupped her face and said “Okay, Calm down dear. If u don’t believe in devimaiya then believe me… Tell me Sia do you believe me?”

At this Sia nodded her head frantically in affirmative making Madhu smiles who said “Then accept it beta… Nothing will happen either to you or them.”

“You sure mom… Nothing will happen to them,” she asked in a desperate child-like voice.

“Yes nothing will happen to her…nor to you… I promise… I will not let your happiness snatched away from you,” assured Madhu and kissed her forehead asking her to rest now.
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