PART- 5


“What do you think? You will be spared from me? Never… You have to pay for it dear,” said the person.


“No please… Don’t do that… Please… I beg of you,” said the lady.



“Now you are begging me…huh! You should think of it before behaving like a brave person,” said the person in a mocking tone.


“Pease…” pleaded the lady but the person in question has no effect of it.



“You should remember that you are a woman, and a woman is always remain the dirt of a man’s shoe. But today you try to cross your limit and now you have to pay for it,” said the person angrily.



“No, please no… I will never do it again… I promise,” said the lady in a pleading voice.



“Karogi to tab naa jab karne layak bachogi… (You will do it only when you will be able to do it…)” he scoffed and then started whipping that lady with the hunter without showing any mercy on her while the lady groaned in pain.


“No… Please no… Don’t do that,” screamed Sia in her sleep sweating profusely. Upon hearing her screams Madhu too came running there and saw her shouting and screaming for help in her sleep while throwing her hands and legs here and there in the air. Seeing Sia’s condition she knew that once again she is dreaming something horrible and to bring her back to reality she shakes her and said “Sia beta get up… Get up beta… See your mom is here… Sia beta…”


Slowly Sia open her eyes and hearing the voice of her mom she immediately sat on the bed and started sobbing while tightly hugging her.


“Again you got the dream?” she asked at which Sia nodded in affirmative while Madhu parted from her and gives her a glass of water which she immediately gulps down and placed on the side table.


“Sia you have to forget it baccha… whatever it is but you have to forget all those bad memories,” said Madhu while patting her head.


“I… hiccup… I tried mom…hiccup… I tried my best… But i just can’t…” she said while sobbing.


“Okay, now just try to sleep…chal lay down and close your eyes,” said Madhu.


“No I can’t… I just can’t… Mom please… Please mom…” she said sacredly.


“Okay then the only option is you take the pill and sleep.”


And saying this she give Sia the sleeping pill after taking which went to a deep slumber while Madhu caressed her head and wiped tears from her eyes.


“Hey devimaiya! Protect my child. Please make her come out from her grief and make her life colourful.”




Here in Raizada Mansion Ashmita entered her room and saw her hubby dear busy in some files. So she closed the door and went towards her hubby & sat beside him.


“ACP Akshat Kapoor I want to lodge a complaint which I think you should immediately resolved,” she said faking being serious.


“Complaint… Ashu really… I mean having a personal ACP with you also you have a complaint… Sounds interesting and serious too… So tell me what’s the compliant?” he asked playing around.


“Problem is that my husband is too busy now a days that he is not giving me enough time making me think that I have a sautan,” she said pouting.


“Your sautan???? Ashu please don’t tell me you are serious about it… You know naa how much I love you… then how you can even think about it?” asked Akshat seriously. At this Ashmita tries to hide her laugh and making a straight face said “But whatever I am saying is true Akshat.”


“Ashu!!! Okay who is that bitch according to you which can come between us?” he asked a bit angrily.


“Wohh….Your work… Aur kaun ho sakta hai…” she said giggling while Akshat sighed in relief…


“Ashu you just scared me…”


“Come on Akshat, I know you loves me a lot… and nothing & no one can take my place in your life,” she said cupping his face and they both hug each other.


“And I can make your mood now,” he said winking at her and then picking her up in his arms he move towards there bed, laid her down, switch off the lights and joined her in the bed.




Arnav is sitting on the recliner and staring at Lavanya’s photo with moist eyes when he felt someone beside him. Upon looking beside him he saw Lavanya sitting there with a sweet smile on her lips and staring at him.



“Lavanya you come back…. I am so happy,” he said hugging her while she caressed his back and said “Arnav I have never left you then how can the question of coming back arises?”



At this Arnav parted from the hug and looking at her confusedly then said in a shaky voice “Lavanya you… you left me with Pari alone…”



“No Arnav I never left you. Maybe physically I am not near you but I am always present in the heart of all of you,” she said pointing towards his heart at which he cutely nodded in yes.


“But Arnav I have to talk something important to you.”



“Yes tell me dear.”



“ASR I want you to give every ounce love to our Pari… You will do that naa…” she asked.



“This is not something to ask Lavanya. She is my daughter too and I loved her very much.”



“Then why are you not giving her a love of a mother ASR…tell me… Why???”



“You are asking this question to me Lavanya? You??? Don’t forget you are her mother… And you left her alone not me Lavanya.”



“That’s not in my hand ASR and you very well know it. But you can give her share of happiness to our Pari, please do it ASR.”



“Are you mad Lavanya? You know I love you, and still you are… height of stupidity… And why are you talking like that?” he shouted.



“Don’t do that ASR… calm down… Don’t forget I am no more ASR…But please think about our daughter. At least give a thought to Ashmita bhabhi’s wish. She have only asked you to accept Sia as Pari’s nanny,” she said.



“No… It is not right. My daughter doesn’t need any nanny,” he said.



“ASR whatever you are thinking is not right… Just because of the fear that she will take my place in Pari’s heart you can’t do this. Can’t you see that this dilemma of yours is not letting Pari receive the love which she deserve? Moreover ASR no one can take my place in Pari’s heart. She too loves me like you after all she is your daughter.”



But Arnav’s sleep broke soon when he hears someone calling him and he sat on the bed, moving his head here and there try to find Lavanya only to realize that it was his dream only and then looked towards his daughter-his life who is sitting beside hiom pouting her face and said “Dadda… You sleep like a log… You know I was trying to wake you up from such a long time but you are not budging even an inch. Thank God you wake up otherwise I thought that I will have to bring bhui here.” And then tilting her head sideways she added “Chalo jaao take a bath & come downstairs… and yes Good Morning (Okay now go and have a bath after which come downstairs… and yes Good Morning).”


“Good Morning my baby,” he said while kissing Pari who just smile and then added “Baby you know you look adorably cute in this green dress.”


“Really dadda,” she asked cutely at which Arnav nodded in affirmating resulting in getting a sweet kiss from her daughter.


“Chalo ab jaldi aa jaao… (Okay, come soon)” and saying this she ran from there.




“How are you feeling beta?” asked Madhu at which Sia smiled sweetly and said “Good mom… Sorry mom…”


“Sorry for what Sia?” asked Madhu frowing.


“Mom for taking those pills,” she said.


“You don’t have to Sia… I know you are not taking it on your own wish, instead you are taking it because you can’t manage without it. But I now beta you are trying and that’s enough for me.”


This makes Sia smiles and they both hug each other.




Arnav is sitting in his cabin in deep thought. He is thinking about his morning dream and Lavanya’s words.




‘Am I really doing injustice with Pari? Is my insecurity really affecting her??? No I don’t want Pari to be ignorant of anything… What to do??? This is so difficult…’ he thought and then once again remember Lavanya’s words and after a lot of thinking came to a conclusion.


‘I should give a chance to Sia. If she is good at her work and my Pari is happy with her, then I have no problem. Moreover I want Lavanya’s soul to rest in peace…hmm… I should give her a chance and then decide about it… I will talk to Ashmita di about the same’ he thought. But soon he is brought back from his reverie with the knock on his cabin’s door.


“Come in…”


And soon the door open and Aman enters iinside and stuttered “Hehehe… ASR woh model Tamanna has come to India and as you had said I have scheduled your meeting with her.”


“Good Aman… When is she coming?” he asked.


“She is here only ASR.”


“Then what are you waiting for? Let her know to meet me right now.”


“Okay ASR…” and saying this Aman called the receptionist to let Tamanna know that ASR wants to meet her.


Soon Tamanna enter in his cabin doing cat walk and reached towards Arnav.




“Hello I am Tamanna,” she said while extending her hand for a hand shake which Arnav reciprocated and then gestures her to sit.


“I hope Miss Tamanna that you have no problem reaching here.”


“Not at all ASR.”


“Mr. Raizada for you…”


“Sorry… I will keep it in my mind,” she said apologetically.


“It is good for you… By the way I hope Aman has briefed you about your assignment,” he asked.


“Yes Mr. Raizada.”


“Okay, then start your work from today.”


“Okay” saying this Tamanna left from there.  


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  1. Loved Part 5, brilliant. Sia has a painful past, eager for this to be revealed. Arnav ready to give Sia a chance. Tamanna new entry, eager to find out the impact of this new entry. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Lovely!
    Want to know Sia's past but its gonna take time, isn't it?
    Now that Sia will be in RM, there will be ArShi scenes<3

  3. Sia is facing nightmares bcz of her past.wonder what her past is.Akshat Ashmita romance is gud.La coming n advising Arnav in his dream was touchy.bcz of that arnav decided 2 give more attention 2 pari n bring Khushi as nanny.thats nice.waiting 4 khushi 2 enter RM.Tamanna has arrived.wonder what twist she will bring 2 d story.will she create probs in arshi's life?

  4. nice one
    poor Sia her nightmare really shaking her
    looks like shes been through a lot
    nice romantic moments between akshat and ashu
    Lav visiting Arnav in his dream
    looks like sia will be coming home soon
    as for this Tam glad Arnav put her in her place but have feelin she aint givin up yet
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  5. khushi bad past.. hunting her..
    lavanya dream advise to arnav…
    he really is thinking about it..
    pari is so cute and smart



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