“Arnav she is Sia, Madhu aunty’s daughter and a very nice girl,” said Ashmita with a soft smile and then turning towards Sia and pointing towards Arnav she said “And Sia he is my brother Arnav.”


Sia politely smiled at the introduction and said hi to him at which he greeted her back but before they could talk anymore they heard Pari’s excited voice “Areee bhui, she is the one who gave me ice cream.”




At this Sia smiled looking towards her while Ashmita first looked at Pari and then at Sia…



On the other hand Arnav is amused at the antics of his daughter and then frowned thinking about what ice cream incident she is talking? So he looks towards his sister with raised eyebrow and in return Ashmita narrates the whole incident which took place between Sia and Pari while Arnav just smile hearing the whole fiasco.



‘I am happy Arnav that beside Pari today Sia also made you smile. I just wish now that whatever I am thinking may come true,’ thought Ashmita to herself.


Above in the heavens devimaiya is smiling seeing all this and hearing Ashmita’s wish her smile widens and she said “Your wish is granted Ashmita, but conditions applied.”



“So you are the one who gives ice cream to Pari,” asked Ashmita looking at Sia who smiles and nodded in yes.



“Then I am really glad that you have met Pari, but I just hope that she has not torture you from her mischiefs.”



Hearing what her bhui just said Pari look towards her with narrowed eyes and said pouting angrily while looking away “I don’t do any kind of mischief, let alone torture anyone.”



“Areee my baby got angry with me kya???” asked Ashmita hiding her smile knowing well that if Pari saw her smile then she will be really a gone case.



While Pari still looking away nodded her head in yes.



“Awee… baby don’t be angry, bhui was only pulling your leg nothing serious.”



But seeing Pari not budging from her place Ashmita used her trump card and said pouting sadly “Okay baby, bhui will not say anything like that.”



At this Pari looked at her bhui from corner of her eyes while Ashmita continued pretending to be hurt and fake crying said “But if you still think that I am at fault then I deserve punishment… So I…”



But not able to see her bhui crying, Pari’s fake anger flew away and she immediately hugs her bhui saying “Never say like that again bhui, you are the best and you know you can pull my leg too.”



And then they both again hug each other while seeing their lovely bond Sia’s eyes got moist.



“Nautanki… both are perfect drama queen and should go to bollywood for trying their luck,” murmur Arnav while shaking his head and smiling a bit.



“Will definitely go Arnav,” said Ashmita and look towards him making Arnav’s jaw drop.



“Did di hear me? Am i talking so loud?” he thought to himself and as if on a cue Ashmita said “Yes Arnav I heard you.”



But both of their conversation comes to an abrupt end hearing the giggles of Pari and they instinctively looks towards her and saw her giggling and talking to Sia.



“Aree.. You are playing with so small kids…” said Pari innocently at which Sia smiles and said “Yes beta…I am playing with them.”


“But you are elder than them naa…so how can u play with them???” she asked.


“Pari, there is no age limit to play the games… It is our heart which decides what to do…and I like spending time with them…” she said as a matter of fact.


“Childish…” murmurs Arnav.


“Really… So that means you can also play with me haina…” she asked very cutely making Sia’s smile widen.


“Of course Pari… But only if your dad has absolutely no problem with it…” said Sia gesturing towards Arnav who was looking at duo.


“Aree no worry aunty… Dadda only wants my happiness…he will not say anything,” saying this Pari turn towards Arnav and slightly bending down on one side and giving a side look to him while biting her tounge ask “Haina dadda???”


At this Arnav looks amusedly at his cute baby- his Pari, and slightly nodded his head in yes. At this Pari starts jumping and screaming “Yipeee… Now I too will play with you,” and saying this Pari kissed Sia on her cheeks while in return Sia also kissed her back.



“You are very cute and beautiful Pari, and you know your name suits you a lot,” said Sia while Pari gives her a cute smile hugging her.


Here Arnav is just amazed seeing Pari talking happily with Sia as he know very well that she never interact with stranger so easily.



‘Arnav even devimaiya wishes for Sia and you to become one, otherwise why would Pari meets Sia and become so happy and attached with her. Now I will do my best to make both of you come close to each other without your knowledge, but for that at first I have to bring Sia to our home and upon that have to make Akshat agree for the same. Hmmm… Chal Ashmita lagja mission Bring them together par…’ she thought to herself.






“I think you all should come inside now,” said Madhu.



“Yes mom,”said Sia and then turn towards the children and make them agreed that it is going to be late and send all of them towards their room and herself enter inside the house along with all others.


“So aunty when you are coming to my house so that we can enjoy further? Hmmm!” asked Pari to which Sia had no reply but not wanting to break the heart of this little angel she said “Aree… I am to ever ready… Tum bulao to sahi… I will come asap…”



At this Pari gives a cute and innocent smile and then turn towards her dadda and winks at him making him realize that she is in a mischievous mood and now no one can save Sia from her.



“Okay, then you come daily to my house including Sunday too, and yes it is Pari Singh Raizada’s innocent request,” she said in a total Raizada style making Sia’s mouth opened wide hearing her demand…ohhh noo… Request…



‘Oh!!! So madam is pulling my leg, don’t worry… You don’t know you are crippling with whom?’ thought Sia to herself and then said “Okay Pari will come for sure if no one had any problem with it, but I will decide the time okay.”



At this Pari nodded her head in yes thinking that she is falling for her trap not knowing that who actually is falling for whose trap.



“So Pari the timing will be morning 8-9 or 10” said Sia smiling mischeviously.



“But at that time I will be in school,” said Pari sadly.



“Oho!!! Is it? Now you have to think about it Pari because I have given you the time as promised.”



“But it is cheating naa,” she said pouting.



“No, I did not do any cheating. You didn’t tell me that i don’t have to considered morning time while deciding, so no question of cheating arises,” said Sia smilingly.



At this Pari looks towards Arnav who himself is astounded by Sia’s presence of mind, because he had thought that now she will fall for Pari’s trap and he have to do something to save her. But here the case is just opposite to it and Pari is asking him for help. This is the first time, he thought smiling to himself.



“Dadda see aunty is cheating naa, say something to her,” said pari pouting sadly while shaking Arnav making him look towards her and then at Sia.



“Well I think that,” said Arnav and then took a pause dramatically while Pari looks towards him in hope.



“Umm… I think Pari baby that this time your Sia aunty is right,” he at last said making Pari pout while Ashmita looked towards him in amusement.



‘Good going Arnav, it is the first time you have choose someone over Pari… not bad… and I am glad that this rare thing happened for Sia,’ thought Ashmita.



Not able to see a sad and pouting Pari Sia said “don’t worry Pari… I am just joking… I will definitely come to meet you.”



“Sacchi (Really)” asked Pari excitedly at which Sia just nodded her head in affirmative making Pari squealed in joy.



While all this was happening one more person was sitting there with a sweet smile. That person was none other than Madhu- Sia’s mother who becomes happy seeing her daughter so happy and thanks the devimaiya.



‘I wish my daughter- my Sia will remain this happy forever in her life. No one’s black eye ever fall on her. Protect her devimaiya and blessed her,’ she thought but soon her reverie broke down by Arnav’s voice.



“I think we should leave now, it is getting really late,” said Arnav looking first looking at his watch and then looking towards Madhu Jaiswal.



“jii… but dinner?” asked Madhu.



“Oh no! Don’t worry aunty actually Akshat should be at home by now so I think we should really take your leave now,” said Ashmita smilingly at which Madhu nodded and then they bid each other bye and left from there.left from there.






After reaching Raizada Mansion and having their dinner Ashmita made Pari sleep but not before a lot of cajoling that she will meet Sia soon and after assuring that Pari is asleep she thought to have a talk with Arnav and thus left towards his room.



As soon as she reached his room, she knocked on the door making Arnav look up from his file and asked “Aree di… you here?”



“Why Arnav can’t I come in your room now?”



“Nothing like that di, just was not expecting you here as I thought you are with jiju, so I asked you.”



“No Arnav, today I have seen Pari so much happy then how could have I slept just like that,” she said smiling widely.





“Yes di you are right, but you know what thing amazes me in all this?” he asked.



“What Arnav???”



“Di Pari is talking to Sia, not only talking but laughing too. I mean we know her di, she never ever talks to any stranger, but with Sia it looks so different, as if she knows her from ages.”



“Yes Arnav, I totally agreed with you on this. It is just like that there is a special bond between Sia and Pari.”



“Hmmm… di you are right.”



“So that means Sia can be the right choice for nanny of Pari,” she asked with bated breath hoping against hope that at least now he agrees with her but to her dismay didn’t.





“What the???? Di please don’t start again on this topic, I think we have talk earlier on this topic and my decision is not going to change.”



“Yes Arnav we have talked, and I agree that it will be your decision as Pari is your daughter,” said Ashmita sadly.





“Di…” he said shocked.



“No Arnav, it is just that I want you to understand that Pari needs someone like her mother to guide her. I know that no one can take a place of mother in a child’s heart. But at least she will not feel Lavanya’s absence so much, and Lavanya too will be happy seeing you guys happy. And you yourself see that how happy she is with Sia. I can only say you Arnav…rest depends on you,” saying this Ashmita left the room leaving Arnav in thoughts.





“Finally I am back to India… Gosh whole 3 years… Well working with ASR will definitely pay it off…Lets see what is so special about him and his company,” said Tammana smilingly with a coffee mug in her one hand.


“I think before going there I should know about him too…so that I will not talk unnecessarily there…hmmm…” and saying this she pick her laptop and googled about ASR…and starts reading the information she got…


“Ugh!!! It is nothing useful…this all is known by me… Chalo no problem… I will find out more about him when I will meet him in personal…i just have to wait for tonight to be over…” saying this she laid down on her comfy bed and closed her eyes letting sleep take over her.








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