After Arnav and Akshat left from Pari’s room, Ashmita made Pari stop crying and made her ready for her school and said “Baby tomorrow is Sunday, you don’t worry will go there and no one can stop us, not even your sadu dadda. Now smile…”


At this Pari made a big ‘O’ and said “Don’t call my dadda Sadu. He is world’s best dad.” And smilingly kissed Ashmita on her cheek and afterwards left towards her school.







Here in Jaiswal House Sia hugs her mom from back and said “Mom I am going to a nearby shop.”



“Why Sia? What happened?” asked Madhu.



“Ofo! Nothing mom… my colors are over so I am going to take them,” she said.



“Okay Sia, go but be careful as you are looking very pretty today.”



“For a mother her daughter is always pretty mom. Moreover I am just going nearby our house as you know I too don’t prefer going out much. So, don’t worry I will take care of myself,” saying this she winked and left from there.



“I just wish Sia that there will be someone in your life who will lessen your pain, bring back the smile of your face and will understand you- the real you. To whom you can let close to yourself, to whom you will open your wounds and let him heal them. I just wish….” Saying this Madhu sighed.






Arnav was leaning back on his chair with his eyes closed remembering the past.







“Lavanya where are you?” asked Arnav on the phone.



“Baby, I am just coming naa… Don’t worry will reach home in half an hour. Okay,” said Lavanya while driving her car.



“Hello… Hello… Lavanya your voice is not coming clear sweetheart,” said Arnav.



“Hello baby…hello…Arnav… I am not able to hear your voice properly so I am cutting your call,” saying this she cut the call and concentrate back on driving.



*After one hour*



“Why her phone is going not reachable? She has told me that she will come home in half an hour, but then why has not she come home till now? Is she in any problem? I hope no…. But if she is stuck somewhere then at least she  can let me know the same,” he whisper to himself staring at his phone wishing to at least receive a call or text from her so that he can assure his heart that everything is fine.



At the same time his phone ring and upon seeing Lavanya’s name flashing on the screen he hurriedly picked it up and started scolding her “Where are you Lavanya? You are late darling… Can’t you just call me or drop a message saying that you will be late and the reason behind the same. You know how worried I got. Tell me where you are now?”



“Are you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?” said a male voice from the other side.



Saying that Arnav was shocked to hear a male voice from other side will be an understatement. He check his phone to confirm that the call is from Lavanya’s cell making him quail, but then gathering some courage he speaks.



“Yes Arnav Singh Raizada here. Who’s that? And how is this phone with you as it is my wife’s phone,” said Arnav in a panic stricken voice not understanding what his wife’s phone is doing with someone else.



“Yes Mr. Raizada, it is your wife’s phone. And Myself Inspector Raj Shekhawat,” said the person from other side in a very authorative voice.



“Ins…Inspector… What???  Lavanya… My wife…Where is she???”



“Mr. Raizada please come to the City Hospital immediately.”



“Hospital…but why??? My lavanya is ok naa…Please tell me…” he said in a malaise voice.



“Please Mr. Raizada first you come to the hospital as soon as possible,” said the officer and then cut the call. While Arnav rushes to the hospital.  



*In Hospital*



“My wife Lavanya… Lavanya Raizada is admitted in your hospital,” said Arnav panting hard as soon as he reached the reception desk of City Hospital.



“Sir, your wife is in ICU,” said the receptionist and showed him the direction towards ICU while Arnav ran towards ICU and as soon as he reached there he saw am officer standing outside the ICU while he too sees him and move towards him.



“Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?”



“Yes officer, my wife?” he asked.



“She is getting operated.”



Hearing him say that tears rolled down Arnav’s eyes but wiping them he asked “But…how it happened?”



“It was an accident Mr. Raizada. Your wife’s car collided with a truck resulting in a serious blast,” he said and at the same time operation light goes off, and doctor came out.



“Doctor…Doctor…my wife…how is she???” asked Arnav.



“I am sorry Mr. Raizada…we try our best but…”



“But… What do you mean by but doctor? You have to save her doctor please…” he pleaded.



“I am sorry Mr. Raizada but we couldn’t save her, before coming here she has already lost too much of her blood, and with the iron rod piercing through her kidney and near heart…I am really sorry… But she is no more,” saying this and patting his shoulder doctor left from there while arnav slumped on the ground screaming “No…no… Lavanya you can’t leave me and Pari… Nooo…” 






Arnav opened his eyes, wiped his teary eyes and composed himself on hearing knock on the door of his cabin and said “Come in…”




“Sir…” said Aman.



“Yes Aman,” said Arnav straightening himself.



“Sir are you crying?” asked Aman seeing the moisture below his eyes.



“Why should I cry??? What is there to cry Aman? You should know by now that ASR never cry,” said Arnav in his rude voice.



“Yes sir, you are right… ASR never cries, But Arnav can cry,” he said.



“Don’t overreact,” said Arnav rolling his eyes.



“Sir I know I am an employee here, but at the same time no one can change the fact that I am your friend too.”



“I know Aman, but you tell me that what I can do??? Tell me… I can’t forget Lavanya. She was my soul…but she… She just left me with Pari alone,” he said with damp eyes.



“ASR I would just say that to forget her you have to give her place to some other girl,” said Aman little nervously knowing well that his statement will not go well with him and the same happened as the next instance he heard Arnav roaring in anger.



“AMAN…  I am leaving you this time but dare you say that again. No one can take my Lavanya’s place and I mean it.”



“Poor Aman, have to bear the wrath of ASR that too for putting some brain in him. But don’t get disheartened so soon because the girl will soon enter in his life. In fact he himself will make her enter in his life,” said Devimaiya smilingly sitting above in the heaven.



“I am sorry sir I will keep it in my mind next time. Well I have come here to tell you that Tamana is coming tomorrow.”



“Okay, you can leave now and yes tell her about the meet.”



“Okay sir,” saying this he left from there feeling bad for his boss and best buddy and wishing to god that make him the old Arnav shredding off the mask of ASR.






“Just tell me Ashu that what you are planning now?” asked Akshat.



“Akshat whatever it is… I would just say that it is really important.”



“That’s what I wanted to know Ashu that what is so important that you and Pari both are making Arnav a fool. Don’t look shock. When you and Pari were doing your eye talks then I understood that all that was just a ploy. So, now come on spit it out.”



“Akshat I don’t know how will you react but please understand that I want my brother and Pari to be happy,” said Ashmita apprehensively not knowing how he will react on the same matter.



“Ashu I understand it, but what I don’t understand is the point- what is the link of their happiness and the orphanage,” said Akshat frowning.



“ofoo! Akshat it is too simple… I want Arnav to get married again and lead a happy life.”



“What???? You know Arnav’s point of view and then also you are saying this,” he said shocked as well as surprised and then added “Before you built your sandcastle make Arnav agreed for it have you thought that it is not so easy to make Arnav agree for this marriage because you and me both knows that Arnav is not ready to give Lavanya’s place to anyone.”



“Don’t worry hubby dear because this time I have the key to make him agree for the same,” she said smilingly.






“Our very own Pari,” she exclaimed happily.



“You are absolutely wrong then. You are thinking that Pari will agree for it, but I don’t think it is so.”



“Don’t be so negative dear hubby.”



“I am not negative just realistic, by the way when you have think about the future then I think that you have chosen the girl too,” he asked at which Ashmita nodded happily.



“Then dare to tell me that who will be the girl who will take my sister’s place in this house and Arnav and Pari’s life?” he asked and then smiled at his own question thinking ‘What an irony? At one side he is happy thinking that may be Arnav will start living like he used to and on the other hand he is sad too just by the mere thought of seeing someone else at his sister’s place. But his trance broke down hearing his wife’s words.


“I have chosen Sia Jaiswal for Arnav,” she said happily not seeing the shocked face of Akshat which soon turn worried.



“Sia Jaiswal? Nooo… She can’t be the one.”



“Why??? What happened Akshat?” she asked hearing him say that while Akshat just closed his eyes for few seconds and then after a few minutes opened them and said “Nothing like that Ashu. But you know that Sia is not in the favour of it.”






“No but Ashu, we will talk about it later,” saying this he left from there pondering over his wife’s words about Sia being the one for Arnav.






Sia was passing through road when she saw a small girl trying to pass the road. She immediately ran towards her and stopping her said “Beta what are you doing??? Why are you trying to cross the road, and where are your parents?”



“Dadda is in his office, my mumma is with god and bhui will be coming to take me, but I want to eat ice-cream,” she said innocently pouting her face which immediately broke a smile on Sia’s face and patting her head she said “Baby if you want to eat ice-cream then you should wait for someone elder naa… Chalo you wait here… I will bought it for you,” saying this she left from there to brought an ice-cream for her and later they both enjoyed it while talking to each other.



“Oh shit!!!” exclaimed pari.



“What happened darlo?”



“My bhui came I should leave now… bye,” saying this Pari kissed on Sia’s cheek and left from there.



“Pari where have you gone baccha?” asked a worried ashmita.



“Voh Ice-cream…”



“Ice-cream, you have eaten it?” she asked at which Pari nodded cutely in affirmative making her widen her eyes and then asked “Who brought it for you baby?”



“I don’t know her bhui, but she was too cute,” said Pari smilingly while remembering her fun moments with that lady.



“What you took itr from stranger? Pari I have told you that never ever take anything from stranger but you didn’t obey me. What if something bad happened to you? Have you thought that how will your dadda live?” scolded Ashmita at which Pari looks down guiltily and murmur a sorry very cutely making Ashmita broke in a smile and said “Okay, you are forgiven this time, but don’t repeat this stunt next time.”



“Pinky plomise (Promise)” said Pari pinching her throat very cutely…






Here in Raizada mansion Arnav was trying to pacify his daughter who was hell bent on making him agree to his demands as said by her bhui.



 “Baby are you still angry on me?” asked Arnav sweetly at which Pari pouted her face and looks away. At this Arnav looks towards Ashmita with pleading eyes while she just shrugged her shoulder as if telling him that she can’t help him in it.





Arnav sighed and then cupping her cheeks said “Okay baby… We are going to the orphanage tomorrow,”



He has not even completed her sentence but Pari squealed in joy and hugged him tightly while noisly kissing on his cheek making him smile too and then asked him forwarding her hand “Promise?”



“Pinky promise…my baccha,” said Arnav placing his hand in her and they all laughed.






A car stops in front of Heavenly Home Orphanage and comes out Arnav, Pari and Ashmita. As soon as Arnav came out Lavanya’s smiling face flashed in front of his eyes making him closed his eyes and after composing himself he open his eyes and look sideways to see an elderly lady sitting there and he recognized her to be the head of this Orphanage Mrs. Madhu Jaiswal. Trio move towards her and she too saw them making her eyes widen while a sweet smile came on her face and then keeping her emotions in check she said “Mr. Raizada, you here? Please have a seat sir.”



“Thnx aunty ji, She is my daughter Pari and she is…”



“Oh I know her, she is your sister Ashmita,” said Madhu cutting her off in the middle at which both of them smile.



“Sir you here, any problem?” asked madhu a bit scared knowing well that it’s been years that Arnav has come here.



“Firstly stop calling me Mr. Raizada, call me Arnav,” he said gently bringing a smile on the face of the elderly lady and then continued “And well there is nothing serious. I just came here as Pari wants to visit this place.”



“Arnav you take a look at the orphanage as you have come here after a long time and moreover I have to discuss some matters with auntyji,” said Ashmita at which Arnav nodded and left from there with Pari.



After some time he reached towards the garden and saw some children playing hide and seek…But what shocked him is the thing that a young girl also playing with them, and saying this he could only mutter “What the??? Is she a child??” to himself while still looking towards her amusedly.



Here Sia was blindfolded and was trying to catch the children while they were running here and there laughing and giggling. The environment was so serene that time, the only sound reverberating in the environment was of the children’s laugh making it all the more beautiful. At the same time Arnav from the corner of his eyes look towards his daughter to only get a shock of his life upon seeing her laughing like mad seeing all this which automatically brought a small smile on Arnav’s face. In all this Arnav doesn’t realize when Sia came near him and held his shirt and starts shouting enthusiastically making him shocked.



“Gotcha… I have caught you,” but then she realized that she was playing with small children but the one she caught seems to be quite tall and maurmur to herself which was quite loud enough to be heard by others “But how come this child become so tall. I don’t remember playing with anyone so tall just like a poll.”



Hearing her murmuring all this to herself Arnav looked at her amusedly and then open her blindfold only to hear her gasp.



As soon as the blindfold was removed, her eyes widen seeing a well-built man standing in front of her and she immediately back off from him, but in the hurry her leg got slipped and she was going to fall when Arnav hold her waist so as to prevent her from falling and make her stand properly. And then for the first time they both look straight in each other eyes like trying to find something. But soon their stance broke by Ashmita’s voice.




“Areey… Arnav you already met her?”



Arnav raised his eyebrow looking towards his sister as if asking what?



“Arnav she is Sia, Madhu aunty’s daughter and a very nice girl,” said Ashmita with a soft smile and then turning towards Sia and pointing towards Arnav she said “And Sia he is my brother Arnav.”



Sia politely smiled at the introduction and said hi to him at which he greeted her back. But at the same time they heard Pari’s excited voice “Areee bhui, she is the one who gave me ice cream.”



At this Sia smiled while Ashmita first looked at Pari and then at Sia…







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