PART- 15


Entering her room she bolted the door and then somehow with her wobbly legs reaching near the bed she thumped down on it. Her palms sweaty while adrenaline coursed through her system making her shudder as once again the fear overpower her. She breathed in and out but it was as if air wouldn’t just enter her lungs. Starved for air her heart raced at tremendous speed while her chest rose and fell in time to gather as much as it can. Her brain had totally shut down remembering all those horrific incidents which she’d lived. Her eyes wide as if someone was just going to kill her. Trapped in her own psychosis, each second submerged in fear had make a permanent mark on her heart.


Her slender fingers pressed in her forearms while her whole body shook with the images of past she just relieved when she heard the knock on her door. Gasping for air she wiped the treacherous tears which came out of her eyes. Once looking over at the mirror, when she finds herself presentable she opened the door only to find Ashmita standing there with a worried look on her face.


“Sia! You okay?” she asked worriedly searching her face to find any sign of discomfort.


“Huh! Oh! Yes Ashmita. I’m okay,” she said giving her way to enter.


“Are you sure?” she asked not really buying her lie, seeing her pale face.


“Hmm! Yes! Of course! I’m alright.”


“Okay! But what was that about? I mean the way you were shrieking.”


At this Sia looks down fidgeting with her fingers and said “Umm! Actualy I saw a bad dream.”


“Bad dream? Are you serious? Don’t mind but to me it looks like you were living a nightmare.”


As soon as the words came out of her mouth Sia jerk her head back in her direction with her eyes wide open like saucer.


“Umm! No! It’s nothing like that,” she said after composing herself from the initial shock not wanting Asmita to get even an inkling about her past.


“Oh! Okay!” she said patting Sia’s shoulders while she give a forced smile and then said in a sad voice “By the way I’m really sorry. Due to me all of your sleep got disturbed specially Pari. She must be scared. Right?”


“Well! Yes! She is scared Sia, but for you, not for herself,” saying this she winked and then cupping her face she added “Moreover, don’t worry Arnav is with her now, he’ll handle her.”


“Thanks! I was just scared for her. I mean whatever happened… it was just something… it was….”


Before she could complete Asmita sushed her and said “Shh! It is okay, I understand. Now take some rest,” saying this she patted her shoulder and left from there not before wishing her a good night.


As soon as Ashmita left Sia slumped down on the bed with a sigh of relief, taking her hand bag she rummaged through it and finally took out the bottle of sleeping pills.


‘Oh! How can I be so forgetful that I forget to take you that too when I live in the house surrounded by people who knew nothing about me or my past,’ she thought and then murmur looking at the bottle containing the pills.


“How can I forget what you are to me? What salt is to food, soul is to body, crime is to criminal, god is to saint, parents is to a child and medical-aid is to a patient is what you’re to me. Without you I can’t sustain. I know you’re bad for my health yet you’re the only relief for my state,” saying this she opened the bottle and taking out a pill gulp it down with water, after which she drifted into a peaceful slumber where no dream will await for her.








It was next morning, clock was striking quarter past eight Pari had already left for her school while Arnav, Akshat and Ashmita were sitting in the dine area waiting for Sia.


“Di! It’s too late now. What she is doing? Why hadn’t she came out of her room till now?” Arnav asked frustrated.


“Umm! I think I should go and check on her whether she has woken up or not.”


“What? Don’t tell me di that you’ve not call her down,” he said clearly annoyed.


“Arnav! After the night incident I thought not to disturb her. Moreover it’s a new place so it’ll take time for her to adjust so…”


“Yes! Yes! Queen needs time to settle down now,” he said in exasperation remembering how due to her his daughter has shaken up.


“Arnav! Don’t take out your frustration on that poor girl. We don’t know how she must be feeling currently. Moreover, it’s not something too big even if she hadn’t woken up,” he said remembering her distraught face from yesterday’s night, then looking towards Ashmita he said “Go and call her out.”


Ashmita nodded and went to call Sia while Arnav made a face.







Slowly and reluctantly Sia uncover her face hearing the faint sound of knock on the door. Streaks of sunlight penetrate through the window, blinding her. She blinks, close her eyes and then blink again. Sitting up she drag her feet closer to her chest and rubbed her knuckles onto her eyes. Stretching her hands above her head she yawns when she one again heard the knock on the door, but this time clearly.


Getting up of the bed she move towards the door and opened it only to find Ashmita standing there with a sweet smile.


“You haven’t gotten up?”


Hearing her ask so she looked towards the wall-clock only to find that it’s already quarter past eight. Embarrassed for sleeping till late she stuttered “Ugh! No! Actually it’s just that…”


“It’s okay Sia. Go and freshen-up. We’ll be waiting for you,” she said with a smile.


“No! No! Please don’t make others to wait for me. They’ve to go to their work also. You guys have your breakfast. I’ll join you soon.”


“Are you sure Sia?” she asked apprehensive.


“Cent Percent,” she said giving her a hearty smile and after Ashmita left downstairs she once again bolted the door and hurriedly took out her toiletries and left to take a shower.







Here when Ashmita came and tell them to have their breakfast Arnav sighed in relief, thanking his stars that he didn’t had to face her because he himself don’t know that how he would react to her. While Akshat too was happy as he just want to run out to meet the psychiatrist who was treating her to find about her past. After having their breakfast both the man left for their respective destination while Ashmita waited to give Sia her company.







Akshat entered the room as said by the receptionist only to find a man in his late forties sitting on a chair reading a file. A thin, metal framed pair of spectacles settled on the bridge of his pointed nose. As soon as he entered he looks up from his file, a serious look adoring his face. Gesturing him to take the seat he waited for the man in front of him to convey what had brought him here.


“Ugh! Hello Dr. Rawat! I’m Akshat Kapoor,” he said extending his hand for a handshake which was reciprocated.


“That I know Mr. Kapoor. After your call in morning I’d call back to Mrs. Jaiswal and she’d told me that you wants to know about her daughter- Sia and I should co-operate with you.”


“Oh! That’s good then. So can you please tell me anything and everything you know regarding her,” he asked hopefully.


“Well! Why should I tell you about her,” he asked raising his brow.


“Excuse me?” Akshat asked astounded.


“You heard me in the first time Mister. Why should I help you?” he said in the same tone.


“Umm! I don’t you need to know about this. Moreover Mrs. Madhu Jaiswal had already told you to co-operate with me and if that’s not enough then let me tell you I’m an officer and you can’t deny me.”


“Well! Well! I’ve answers to both of your question. For the first one I would say that as you must have already knew that she isn’t her real daughter, neither she had accepted her legally so she doesn’t has any right to take decision on her behalf and as a doctor and that too a psychiatrist it’s my duty to maintain the secrecy specially when my patient doesn’t want anyone to know about it,” he said with such a conviction that Akshat felt speechless.


“And yes to your second point I would like to ask that whom are you scaring to? As far as I remember neither I’m a student nor you’re a teacher that I’ll get scared of you. See Mr. Kapoor you’re not on any official work that you can scare me showing your post,” he added after a hiatus.


Akshat crouched back in his chair with a defeated look on his face as he knew whatever Dr. Rawat said is totally true. No one can force him to reveal about Sia and her past, but then he couldn’t lose… not now. This is the only hope in the darkness for him to reach till the bottom and in no way he can let it go. Looking towards the Dr. Rawat with pleading eyes he said “Please try and understand doctor. It’s very important for me to know about her past. Please!”


“See! It may be important for you but then I can’t help you. I can’t breach her trust.”


“Dr. Rawat I understand that whatever you said is absolutely correct but sometimes for something better we have to do things we’ve to do things which are not right. But believe me at that time they’re more right than the righteous things. Telling about her is the same thing doctor. You’re just trying to maintain your professionalism, but try to understand that there are things far more important than all these. Please try to understand Dr. Rawat,” he said a bit frustrated.


“Then make me understand, tell me why’re you so interested to know about her past,” he replied a bit seriously looking straight into his eyes.


“I’ll but you’ve to promise me you would never say about it to anyone else?” he asked.


“Count on me,” he replied.


Taking a deep sigh he said “Because her past is the key to unravel the mystery behind my sister’s death.”


“Your sister?” he asked confused.


“Yes my sister- Mrs. Lavanya Raizada.”


“Wait a minute! I’ve heard this name. Umm! Oh yes! Wasn’t she the wife of ASR?”


“Yes she was,” he sighed sadly.


“But as far as I remembered she died in an accident,” he said in a confused voice.


“Hmm! That’s what everyone thought. But reality is far away from it,” he chuckled darkly.


“What do you mean?”


“Well! All I can say is that that the accident was a planned one and there are some reasons why I think that Sia’s past is also connected to it somewhere if not fully.”


Taking a deep sigh he added after a hiatus “See doctor! All I would say is reaching to the bottom of it’ll help me to unravel the mystery and along with it I think it’ll help Sia too. You’re her doctor so you must be knowing that she still had not came out of her past and I think she’ll not come out of it till she gives a closure to her past.”


“Hmm! Though I don’t want to young man yet I can’t help but agree with you. It’s true that somewhere she is still living in her past. Though all these therapies had healed the visible scars but somewhere deep down the invisible scars imprinted on her heart and soul are still present which’ll healed when the pain and fear which she has been living for eternity now will leave her. And that’s the only reason, for the betterment of an innocent girl who I see trapped in a web of pain, hurt and fear, I’m ready to breach the vow I took while I joined my profession,” saying this he get up open his cupboard and took out a pouch on which a white slip was pasted mentioning ‘Miss Sia Jaiswal’. Handling the pouch to him he further added “For the first time in my life I’m doing something going against my morals Mr. Kapoor and all I wish in return is that you’ll not break my trust and bring her out of her misery.”


“I promise you Dr. Rawat that I’ll do what I can and thanks for trusting me,” he said with a smile and after a handshake left from there while the other man just prayed for his success.






“Hello! Have you got it?”


“No honey! But don’t worry I’ll soon.”


“How much more? You know how important it is.”


“I’m trying…”


“But you didn’t succeed till now. Let alone success you’re not able to even come close to him,” came the angry voice from the other side.


“It’s been hardly a few days. Give me time for sure I’ll do my work. You better be Tammanna otherwise…” her trailed off cutting the call.


She looked at the phone in her hand with sadness etched on her face when she finds someone clearing her throat making her jerk back and look upward to find Aman standing at the door.


“Ugh! Hey!” she said composing herself.


“Hi! Tamannaa your shoot is ready,” he said giving a smile to her.


“Oh! Okay!” she said getting up from her seat and then asked “Umm! ASR will be coming. Right?”


“Ugh! No! But why’re you asking it?”


“Oh! Nothing as such. Just have heard a lot about his work so…” she trailed off nervously.


“Oh! Actually he is busy in a meeting as of now. Shall we move?” he asked at which she nodded and left from there.



Precap: Akshat knowing more about Sia & Tammanna in Raizada Mansion


I know no Arnav-Sia (Arshi). But guys it was important too. The story had kick started and now the past will come in fore and with it will come the devil. So be prepared with a tissue box as you’re in for a roller-coaster emotional and painful ride.





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  1. I really appreciate the length of ur ff n all the plot form different from other n when arnav is there no fear for nightmare lovely updt

  2. sia’s dialogues before taking pills were excellent. doctor is right in hiding the truth of his patient. so lavanya’s murder is related to sia.did sia witness her murder?how did akshat know sia lavanya connection? hope akshat finds the truth

    • Thanks di….
      No I didn’t said that….
      All I ever said is Sia’s past has some connection with Lav’s death…. I mentioned about Lavanya’s diary which she used to wrote…. And the same diary had lead him to this conclusion… Don’t worry soon I’ll clear about the diary and what’s written in it too…

  3. That is a good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.

    Simple but very accurate info… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read article!


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