PART- 14

  [sg_popup id=”2″ event=”hover”][/sg_popup]A man was dragging a girl from her hairs her while the girl was whimpering, pleading him for mercy. But not giving any ear to her plea he keeps on dragging her until he reached to a dark room and then throw her there making her yelped out in pain.


  “Aahh!” she moaned in unbearable pain which coursed through her already wounded body.


  “So you try to run again?” came a menacing voice making her shudder in fear. Somehow gathering her courage she looks in front of her only to realise him sitting on his usual sofa wearing a rugged jeans along with a Black hooded top which was covering his face entirely as usual.


  As soon as she saw him in front of her, once again fear found her, like speaking to her in its cackling voice making her legs go weak while her stomach lurch.


  She wasn’t able to breath, it felt as if someone was choking her. Her heart was racing and all she wanted to do was to curl up into a ball and wait for someone to come and save her. But then she knew, no one would come as no one was there to save her, to help her escape from this living hell.


  She looked down not knowing what to say as she knew very well that her words will only ignite the level of his anger. She was thinking about her miseries when she once again heard his angry voice but this time it was not directed towards her but that man who had just dragged and thrown her in this room, in front of the devil incarnated.


  “And you bloody dogs! Can’t even do a single work given to you correctly?” screamed the hooded man.


  “No… No sir… We tried but….” fumbled the goon.


  “I don’t want to hear any if’s and but’s. You bastards are getting paid to do your work and still here all I got to hear is that this shit of a girl runs away,” he said throwing a nasty glare towards him making the goon scared.


  “This time along with her you assholes will also get punished for your carelessness. Wait for me outside,” he said while the goon just nodded his head and left from there closing the door.


  After that goon left he came towards her and kept his foot on her right hand making her wince in pain.


  “Aahh! Please,” she pleaded looking towards him while tears welled up in her eyes.


  “This you should’ve thought before trying to escape ONCE AGAIN,” he emphasised on the last two words making her look down in defeat.


  “I… I’m sorry. This’ll not be repeated. Please pardon me!” she pleaded but only to be replied back by a hollow and menacing laugh coming out from his mouth.


  “You say and I’ll believe you” he asked amused rubbing the sole of his show on her fragile hands a bit more making her yelp in pain.


  “Aahh! Please! Aahh! Don’t! Please! I beg you! It’s hurting,” she cried out in pain, not able to bear it anymore.


  “Oh really? Is it paining?”


  “Ye… Yes…” she hardly mumbled and took a sigh of relief when he let her go as his mobile beep showing an incoming message to which he hurriedly replied and then look towards her.


  “You! Get up from the floor.”


  Though scared, but she follows his command knowing well that she has no other way as of now.


  Seeing her standing up from the floor with her shivering body he smiles and then turned on his heel and went back towards his big lush sofa, making himself comfortable on it he speak “Hmm! You know I’ve given you so many opportunities to redeem yourself. But you are such a bitch that you always try to defy me. And I like a gentleman I always forgives you. But know what? You took my gentleness as my weakness and today I’m going to show you the real hell,” saying this he laughed like a devil making her already shivering body to curl-up in the fear of what is coming towards her.


  “Come and Sit on my lap,” he commanded her, patting his thigh while blood drained out of her body after hearing him.


  “Ji?” she questioned not really believing that what she’d heard is correct, praying to her deity- the same deity who’d never help and protect her to at least help her this time.


[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”hover”] She’d been here from last four years and during this time she’d tried to escape from here numerous time, but to no avail, as everytime when she ran away, at the end of the day she’ll be standing in this same house which has now become dungeon of her life, waiting for her punishment which always will be worse than before. What had she not bear for her freedom? Be it rubbing her nose on his shoes, or getting the beating, or the worse- drinking the water in which he had spitted. Though unwillingly and forcefully, but she did it all, just so that her dignity will not be harmed. But today the same dignity for which she had bear all this is on the verge.[/sg_popup]


  But soon she came out of her stupor after hearing his angry voice.


  Upon finding her lost in her own thought he lost his patience and shouted “Haven’t you heard me? Come and sit on my lap.”


  “Please! No! Please!” she pleaded.


  “Do as I told otherwise consequences will be more dangerous,” he said in a menacing voice.


  Not having any other option she did what was said to her, while tears welled up in her hazel eyes for the humiliation she has been subjected to.


  As soon as she sat on his lap, he put his hand on her waist making her jerk but he firmly hold her.


  She tried to turn towards him to plead him for mercy but he held her neck from his one hand and moving his face which was covered from hood towards her ear and said in a slow but dangerous voice “Do not try to look back. Keep facing the wall without uttering a word and let me do my own work, otherwise you’ll see more deadly consequences.”


  At this she just nodded gulping down her saliva, not really wanting to make him angrier, knowing well that it’ll only harm her in worse ways, still hoping and praying in her heart to make all this her nightmare rather than a reality.


  “Wow! It feels heaven. Always knew that bitches like you can make us feel heaven and here I’m in one,” he said grazing her both arms making her shudder in fear.


  “So how old are you?” he asked knowing the answer too well.


  “I… I’m seventeen years old,” she said in almost inaudible voice at which he groaned and spanking her butt said “Say aloud.”


  “Aah!” she winced but then gathering her courage speak a bit loud this time so as to not get another spank this time.


  “I’m seventeen years old.”


  “Hmm!” he hummed and then grabbing her waist pushed her more into himself while she tried to get up feeling really uncomfortable. But this only increased his anger.


  “I SAID DON’T MOVE. CAN’T YOU HEAR IT?” angrily he pulled her more and then put his hand inside her top and starts caressing her waist, pinching and squeezing it.


  “No… Please… Don’t do it… Please…”




  An ominous boom startled Sia out of her horrifying nightmare. Her face was wet while her body was bathed in a frosty sweat. The sheets around her limbs were twisted most likely in the light of the fact that she was walloping in her sleep. She jolt up in the bed as she saw a worried man charging towards her who was soon followed by a lady and a man. She didn’t recognise that they’re none other than the people in whose house she is staying currently as nanny of their little daughter. She didn’t saw Arnav charging towards her, she didn’t saw his sister telling him to be with his daughter, she didn’t heard Asmita calling her, she didn’t saw the small girl looking scared of all the happenings, neither did she heard Akshat asking her something. And how could she? When the remnants of the nightmare were still clung to her mind, sucking the life out of her body, but she was soon brought out of her stupor with the jerk she received from Ashmita. Her limbs flex in shock while eyes darted around the room making her remember where she is and soon enough her eyes landed on the sweet little girl who was standing in a far-away corner with shock written all over her face, clinging to her dad who was telling sweet-nothings into her ear so as to bring her out of the shock.

  Reality dawned upon her, cursing herself she closed her eyes. How can she be so irresponsible? She knew that these nightmare are a part of her life now? How can she forget that she can never have a peaceful sleep without those sleeping pills. How can she? And as if that wasn’t enough that she slept beside that little girl knowing very well what it will lead to.

  Sia was thinking all this cursing herself when she realised that someone was patting her shoulder. Opening her restless eyes she look ahead only to find Ashmita looking at her with worry etched all over her face along with the confusion… confusion as to what had happened and before this confusion turn into question she decided to leave towards her room.

  “Sia? You okay?” Ashmita asked at which she nodded in positive not meeting her eyes and then hurriedly get up from the bed wiping her sweaty face from the back of her hand and murmuring a soft sorry she left from there while all other present in the room kept looking at her retreating figure.

  “What happened to her? Why she ran away like a thief trying to hide something?” said Ashmita confused seeing her behaviour while Akshat was too lost to heard his wife. After hearing from Mrs. Madhu Jaiswal about her nightmare he was thinking that it’ll not be as serious as she was emphasising it, but now seeing it with his own eyes he realized that it is more than what she said, and this only increased his curiosity to know the truth.

  ‘I’ll have to meet her psychiatrist soon to solve this maze and reached to the bottom of it,’ he thought to himself.

  “What the hell? Di was this the reason you wanted her as my Pari’s nanny?” Arnav asked giving a disapproving look towards the door from where Sia left.

  “Arnav! This isn’t the way to behave. I agree that Pari is scared but she didn’t do it in her conscious state.”

  “Whatever? I only know that because of her my daughter is scared,” he said patting Pari’s head who whimpered a bit and then in a shaky voice said “Dadda! Aunty… okay?”

  At this everyone look towards her while Arnav bend on his knees and cupping her face said “Pari! You don’t worry! Dadda is with you, so there is nothing to be scared. And tomorrow I’ll scold your nanny as to how dare she scare my princess?”

  “No… dadda… no… she… she wasn’t scaring me… but… she… she… dada she was scared… she… she was pleading… she was scared dada…. And…was… she… she was thrashing… she… was pleading and… and crying…. She was scared… and… and I… I was scared for her dada….”

  Pari said in a shaky voice while Arnav hugged her patting her head to calm her down. After a few minutes she calm down and parting from the hug she asked.

  “Will aunty be okay dada?”

  “Yes my cutie-pie she’ll be okay. Now you sleep,” he said laying her on the bed.

  “But aunty?”

  “Pari baby don’t worry I’ll see your aunty. Okay?” Ashmita said and then left towards Sia’s room while Arnav patted her daughter to sleep.


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  1. sia’s past seems to be painful and scary.wonder what exactly happened and who that monster is.hope ashmita pari arnav will be able to pacify her

  2. Amaaaazing update !
    Feeling so bad for khushi :(:(
    How can anyone be treated that way ?! So hate that person!!
    Hope Arnav gets to the bottom of it and help khushi recover:)

    • Thanks dearie….
      Well only heartless people can do it…
      Phle Arnav ko kuch pata to chale tabhi to vo bottom tak pahuchega 😉😜😂

  3. Wonderful update loved it
    Khuhsi’s past was really horriblepoor soul what more she had to bear from that small age
    But who was that monster
    Hope Arnav will not scold her again
    Waiting for next update eagerly


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