PART- 13

  After having their dinner everyone retired to their room, but not before bidding a good night to the sweet little angel. While Sia went with Pari towards her room as now the duty to make the little angel sleep is now on the shoulder of Sia instead of Ashmita.
  Entering inside the room of the little princess, Sia first make her change after which she told her to go to sleep.
  “Pari! Now like a good girl go to sleep.”


  “What? Just like this? No way aunty. That’s just not happening,” she said in babyish voice making a cute pout showing her disagreement.
  “Baby! It’s sleeping time, so obviously you’ll sleep. Right?”
  “Of course it is aunty. But princess sleep after hearing a story only. Till now bhui used to do it but now she told you to do all the tasks related to me. So it’s your turn now,” saying this ever so sweetly she hopped in the bed and lie down waiting for her Sia aunty to join her.
  “Story? And me? Hmm! Well! Okay!” saying this she covered her with a duet and sitting beside her asked “So which story you’ll want to hear from me?”
  “Umm! Anyone aunty. But yes it must have emotion, drama, action etc. etc.” saying this she winked.
  Smiling a bit at the little angel’s antics, she ruffled her hair a bit thinking which story to narrate, but remembered none. Huh! A mocking smile twitched on her pink petals as if asking her which was the last day when she heard or said any story and in response her wounded heart answered that it was ages ago. Ages? Yes ages! For this selfish world it may be few years but for her it’s been ages to that time of which she remembered nothing.


  “Aunty! Where’re you lost? Tell me a story,” Pari said cutely bringing Sia out of her stupor.
  Not remembering any story she decided to tell her own story to Pari, because it’s the only thing she remembered and will remember.
  “Aunty?” this time Pari whined seeing her Sia aunty lost in her own thoughts.
  “Sorry baby! Sorry! Okay! Will now tell you a story,” ruffling her hairs she said making Pari smile.
  Knowing well that remembering those fateful events will only make her wounds bleed more. Those revulsions of her life which she doesn’t has any desire to recollect but at the same time  still which never leave her for even a moment, which haunts her like a blood sucking vampire each and every moment making her a living carcass. The past which she has not even confined in her mom who’d given her a new birth. But today! She wanted to bare it out to this little soul who may not understand all this but for sure will make her heart feel a bit lighter.
  Lost in her contemplations, she said “There was a small beautiful girl who used to live with her parents and a small sister. Her house was not very big but it was her sweet little home which she used to called her paradise.  Her parents used to love her a lot and she was really happy in her own world unaware that it’ll not last long as a storm was coming towards her to snatch every ounce of happiness from her life. Soon her happy family starts falling apart making her paradise filled with love and warmth to crumble down. The little girl who used to find happiness even in the worst of situation, stopped smiling as bit by bit she starts losing all those who were and near and dear to her. The girl whose face was always adorned with a beautiful smile, the same girl now forgot even the meaning of smile.”
  “Haw! It’s so bad. Why does it happened with her?” asked Pari in middle feeling bad for the girl of her new story.
  “Huh! She too don’t know why it all happened with her. Not till date,” Sia replied in a trance.
  “But aunty! I know what happened after this. Should I tell you?” Pari asked enthusiastically but upon not getting any reply she herself started to tell “You know as the princess was so sad then a prince charming must have come and rescued my princess from her sadness. Right aunty?” she asked to confirm her belief at which Sia look towards her with empty eyes but seeing the little girl smiling with the lovely ending of the story she nodded in affirmative.
  “Now, your bed-time story is over, so close your eyes and go in your dreamland.”
  “Dreamland of my Prince charming?” she asked cutely.
  “For that you’ve to grow-up first. Now sleep,” saying this she gestured her to close her eyes and starts caressing her forehead softly.
  Wish! Real stories can also become similar to fairy-tale. But, this is the harsh truth of life that it’s real life, not any fairy-tale where a handsome prince charming will come and rescue the damsel in distress. Huh! This only happened in fairy-tale and that’s the reason that every fairy-tale has a happy ending. But in real not all the stories have a happy ending Pari. Not all! The point where you’ve decided that a prince-charming must have come and rescue the girl is not the truth. Yes! A man does come but not to rescue me, instead he took me in a more-darker world with him, to torture me each and every moment of my life, from where there was no escape, and if tried then?
  Even the thought of it shudders me. Hadn’t I tried to escape? I did, not once or twice but numerous times. But in return all I ever got was a more miserable life than before. For years I had endured all this, for years I had cried alone in one corner, for years no one ever heard or saw my tears, my pain or my ache…. What’s more, why this? Despite everything I don’t have the foggiest idea. All I knew is that, pain and sorrow took place of joy and mirth in my life and I was left all alone to suffer in that hell until that day! The day when finally Tarana came as a hope for me, who showed pity on my condition and helped me in running away from there. But why she did it? Why she felt sudden pity on me after all those years? I don’t have the foggiest idea about this as well. And how could I? That time all I knew was that I have to escape from there, which I did and then I met this humble lady- Mrs. Madhu Jaiswal who has now become my mom. The missing warmth of a mother from so many years is the only thing which brought me back to the life from the brink of insanity. I know she tried her best and is still trying but the fear which had been instilled in me in all those years is not ready to leave me and now I’ve become habituated to all this. I knew I’m not a normal girl and neither can I ever be because of my haunted past but still I tried to show this world that I’m just like them, any other normal girl who has no past to be scared of. I’m living a life of someone who is not me. I’m living the life of Sia Jaiswal forgetting that I’m not Sia but Khushi Gupta- a girl with a baggage of horrendous past.
    Wiping her own tears with a painful smile etched on her lips she looked down to see Pari sleeping peacefully. Giving a small peck on her forehead she tried to get up only to realise that Pari is holding her hand and when she tried to free it her hold only strengthen while her angelic face started furrowing. Not liking it a bit she decided to sleep beside her and lay down while soon sleep took over her to give rest to her already stressed mind.
PRECAP: Another nightmare of Sia and Arnav-Sia moments.
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  1. khushi telling her own story to pari in an indirect way n pari completing with the arrival of prince saving her was nice.sia thinks its impossible.but she herself doesnt know that d prince has already entered her its confirmed that she is

  2. Wonderful update loved it
    Khushi had told her story tried to lessen her baggage by pouring it in front of Pari as she can't understand anything and Khushi will able to lessen her sorrow some how

    But we really want to know Khushi's past very badly
    Wish Arnav would have listen this story so he would let her live in peace
    Let's see how will Arnav able to know about her
    Waiting for next update eagerly


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