PART- 12

  When Akshat entered inside the Mansion he glanced around for the young lady who has turned into a puzzle for him. A puzzle which by each passing day is getting more tangled. Until today he’d considered her as an orphan young lady with a shrouded mystery, who has been living with Mrs. Jaiswal, and accordingly needed to think about her with the goal that he can reach till the object of his interest. Be that as it may, but now getting acquainted about her, he is feeling pity on the soul who has bear such a great amount of pain in her life.
I realize that till now I’ve seen you with doubt. Perhaps in light of the fact that I never recognized what had unfolded in your past and was likewise imagining that you can be one among them. But, not anymore! I neglected to ensure my baby-sister however I’ll not fizzle this time. In spite of the fact that we share no such relationship and regardless to the point that I know nothing about you, yet then the one thing for which I’m certain now is that you’re a casualty of somebody’s monstrosities and not the convict. What’s more, along these lines as a human-being and a cop it’s my duty to protect you. And now, I’ll ensure it.
Akshat was so much occupied with vowing to himself, that he failed to notice his adoring spouse who had come and now stood before him. However, he was soon brought out of his stance by Ashmita’s sweet voice.
“Akshat! What was the deal? Why’re you remaining here?” asked Ashmita with a frown on her face, after observing her sweetheart spouse standing on the threshold.
“Huh! Oh! Actually Ashmita it is just that…” fumbled Akshat.
“Okay! We’ll talk this later, first come inside. You must be tired,” she said after taking his bag, and asking the servant to bring a glass of water.
  After getting seated Ashmita asked “So how was your day?”
  After taking the glass brought by the servant and gulping down the water he answered “As usual Ashmita, just the same old thing.”
  “Well! Perhaps there is just the same old thing occurred with you, yet a tempest has come here without a doubt,” said Ashmita recollecting evening ebbs.
    “What? Storm? Ashmita dear do not talk in enigmas and get to the heart of the matter,” Akshat said befuddled.
  “Oho! Today in our home Word-War happened.”
  “You’re joking right Ashmita? I know my brother-in-law too well, he can’t even raise his voice on you not to mention contend with you on anything.”
“OMG! You’re such a dumbo Mr. husband, god knows how you turned into an officer,” Ashmita said rolling her eyes.
“Okay! Okay! Apologies! Be that as it may, truly hubby dear why did you ponder over Arnav and myself when all I’m discussing is Sia and Arnav.”
“What? Sia and Arnav? But why?” he asked confounded.
“Well! Just like that! Sia disclosed to him some bitter truth of his life which was not invited by my dear sibling in this way, beginning the word war. By the way you can’t precisely say it a word war since it was just Arnav who was berating to her while poor young lady was quietly standing and listening.”
“Gracious!” murmured Akshat and then recollected every one of the things Mrs. Jaiswal had enlightened him regarding her.
“What happened?” Ashmita asked seeing him lost in his considerations.
  “Hmm! Nothing Ashmita. Was just pondering that your sibling would begin anywhere and now that poor young lady had to endure.”
  “Yes! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! By the way I’d instructed him to apologize to Sia and I trust he would’ve apologize to her otherwise… ”
  “Gracious! My tigress! You exceptionally understand that your sibling never conflicts with you so I’m certain he would have. Presently you returned to your flawless spouse part from this tigress state of mind,” Akshat said winking at her, making her grin.
  “That would be better for him,” smilingly answered Ashmita. “Okay now freshen up! Till then I’ll call others.”
  Gesturing his head in agreement, Akshat left towards his room.
  Here in his room Arnav after talking with Sia was working on his laptop relaxed when from nowhere his little girl burst in like a tornado, promptly bringing a grin all over.
“Dadu! Are you busy?” asked Pari adorably.
Putting the laptop aside, Arnav get Pari and making him easily sat on his lap he said “Yes doll a bit.” But after observing his girl’s fallen face, he threaded his fingers through her plush hair and said “However work is there my little pie yet it can hold up, but not my sweet little muffin,” saying this he winked making his little girl giggle.
“Dadu I lub (love) you,” saying this Pari gives a wet sloppy kiss to her dad.
“Ufo! I overlook why I came here,” she added doing face-palm.
  At this Arnav’s lips curved in grin and flicking her little charming nose he said “No worries princess! You can disclose to me now as well.”
  “Actually dadu, bhui asked me to call you for supper.”
  “Is it? Then what are we waiting for? We should go down my cutie-pie,” saying this he lifted her up in his arms and left for downstairs.
  As soon as he reached near the dining table he found his sister’s eyes on him, asking him whether he did the needful or not, to which Arnav gestured in affirmative bringing a grin on her lips, all the while Sia was just silently standing aside when Pari left her father’s side and went towards her aunty.
  Soon they’re joined by Akshat after which they began their supper.
  “So? I heard that today you’d a word-war with Sia?” asked Akshat in a low tone, raising his eyebrow towards him.
  At this Arnav first looked towards the person in question, who was caught up with chatting with his little girl and sister, and afterward he look back towards Akshat and said “Well! I know that through which you’ve got this information is trustworthy so…” he trailed off while Akshat just grinned looking towards his cherishing spouse.
  “Well! Yes! In any case, you see pulling one’s leg is something else, particularly when that individual is Arnav Singh Raizada,” Akshat said winking at him while Arnav simply feigned exacerbation while proceeding with supper.
  “So? Let me know? Did you truly apologize to her or not?” Akshat asked knowing well about her brother.
  At this Arnav was tounge-tied. Making a fool out of his sister is somewhat simple yet the same doesn’t go well when the person opposite you is your brother-in-law-cum-friend-cum-officer.
“Let it be Arnav! You don’t have to answer me as I’ve as of now found out the answer.”
Hearing him say that Arnav feels embarassed and attempted to state something when Akshat halted him and said “No need to clarify Arnav! One ought to apologize when it comes straight from one’s heart.”
At this Arnav lower down his eyes.
Tapping Arnav’s shoulder Akshat said “Arnav! I realize that you’ve endured a ton however never surmise that your torment is the greatest torment. Never forget that there are individuals out there who may have endure more than you can even imagine.”
After that supper was a silent affair.
PRECAP: Another nightmare of Sia and Arnav-Sia moments.
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P.S.: Those who have forgotten let me remind you that Sanaya is playing the role of Sia whose past is a mystery till now.
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  1. Nice update
    Akshat now feeling different after finding out about sia
    Liked his wee talk with arnav n how he can see right through him
    As for father daughter moment was so cute
    Looking forward to next update
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  2. Akshat…feel bad for sia..
    thinking victim of circumstance..
    he is not going to rest until he find answer
    shame on you arnav



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