PART- 11 (D)

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  “It has been years to that fateful incident when I met her but till today she’s been living in the eidolon of her past. Every night she would get up crying and bellowing making me give her sleeping pills.”



  “But it can be dangerous.”



  “I know! But that time I had no option other than this.”



  “You should’ve taken her to psychiatrist.”



  “And you think I hadn’t done this?” she asked sadly.



  “You’d! Then it must had help her, Right?” Akshat asked.



  “Not much.”



  “What do you mean by it aunty?”



  “Well! I’ll not say that it didn’t helped her, it definitely did and the result is what you can see today. The girl whose face was the mirror of her pain, whose eyes bared the melancholy she is carrying, who was always lost in her own world of  grief, who was not even speaking a single word when I met her is not the same today. Now she talks, smiles, plays with children like a normal person.




  Today no one can even doubt that the girl who carries a beautiful smile on her face is shattered from within.



  Yes Akshat! This psychic treatment had helped her to gain confidence even if it is less. Yes! She did gather the broken pieces of her soul and mend it. But you know what the problem is?”






  “The main problem is that even after joining the pieces in one, the cracks formed due to the splinter can never healed, likewise a broken soul can never be healed fully. And here, she has not left us heal her broken soul fully, the cracks are a far-off thing,” said Madhu wiping her damp eyes.



 “Sorry! But I didn’t understand,” Akshat said confused.



  “I mean she never let the psychiatrist heal her fully.”



  “You mean to say she didn’t tell the truth to psychiatrist too?”



  “She did but…”






  “But that too in bits.”



  “What? You mean to say that she didn’t open about her past to psychiatrist too?”



  “No! She didn’t,” said Madhu sighing.



  “But… then if she wasn’t ready to open-up then the psychiatrist can hypnotise her to know about it,” he said as if it’s the obvious thing anyone would do.



  “Right Akshat dear! But that’ll only be possible if she’ll let anyone hypnotise her.”



  “You mean she didn’t?”



  At this Madhu nodded her head in negative while Akshat sighed thinking that all this is just getting more tangled with each passing minute rather than getting solved.




  Here in Raizada Mansion Sia knocks on the door of Arnav’s room making him look up from the scree of his laptop only to find Miss Jaiswal standing on the threshold.



  Acknowledging her presence he gestured her to come in while he himself get up from his seat after folding his laptop.



  Sia who was already holding herself responsible for angering him earlier got nervous when she came to know that he is asking for her through one of their servant making her think that he must be sending her back to her home upon not liking the way she argued with him. Though she knew that she was not wrong but still she is here as a nanny and not a family member that she would butt in to give her two cents, which she shouldn’t had forgotten. But all this is not the reason of her worry, instead the reason of her worry is her mother’s disappointment upon getting to know all this. But now the time has gone to correct it all, so here she is standing on the threshold of Arnav’s room.



  Upon getting an acknowledgement from him she entered inside his room fidgeting with the end of her dupatta which was not unnoticed by him, making him realise that the girl before him is nervous.



  Nervous! But why? He thought to himself because as per him there is no reason for her to get nervous while there is every reason for him to get nervous, keeping in mind that he has to apologise to her.



  Sighing! He look towards the fidgety girl standing before him and cleared his throat to gain her attention, and when he saw her looking up at him he said “See Miss Jaiswal! Today whatever happened few hours back, downstairs was not right. You shouldn’t had said all that to me as I don’t like anyone meddling with my personal life and that’s why I couldn’t control myself and said all those things to you which I would never say in my right frame of mind.”



  After a hiatus he opened his mouth to continue what he was saying and apologise to this petite girl standing before him but even before a word came out of his mouth he heard her speak.



  As soon as she heard him speaks about the same incident her heart started racing fast dreading for the consequences of this conversation they’re having. Not wanting to make her mother’s head bow down in front of anyone that too due to her she decided to apologise to him even though she knew that she is not at fault, at least not fully.



  “Sorry! I know I shouldn’t have interfere in your personal life and thus I’m apologising to you for it,” she said holding her eyes with a cute pout making Arnav stupefied.



  Arnav hadn’t expected that she’ll apologise to him that too so cutely, and that’s what left him astonished. While the cute, innocent look she gave while holding her ear like a little child just made him smile. And not to forget the ease with which she apologised to him make him wonder whether saying sorry is so easy? But soon he came out of his stupor upon hearing her next words.



  “Am I not forgiven?” Sia asked scared as to what awaited her but what she heard next, she couldn’t believe it.



  “Is apologising so easy?” uttered Arnav not able to believe that how easily this girl standing before her had asked for apology while he was talking in round-about rather than apologising to her.



  “What?” asked a confused Sia thinking that she heard something wrong, but when he once again repeated the same, she knew that she had heard it correctly.



  “Well! It’s no big deal if you felt it from your heart,” she said genuinely while he just nodded and then said “Yes! Right!  Actually I too think that I shouldn’t had shouted on you. So…. Ugh! So I think we should forget it and move on.”



  “Yes, you’re right.” She said and then wait for him to say something, but when he didn’t, she herself asked “So, should I leave or there is something more you want me to know?”



  “Huh! No! Nothing! You can go,” he said awkwardly while nodding her head she left from there.



  I still can’t understand how can she say sorry so easily while I’ve to rehears a whole day I think before saying it to her, he thought to himself.



  While Sia took a sigh of relief knowing that everything is well.



  “But can’t he even say a sorry too. After all he too was wrong but no he didn’t said, arrogant ass,” she murmured and left from there towards Pari’s room thinking she must be waiting for her.




  Here in Jaiswal house Akshat was sitting confused knowing well that all this was leading towards a dead end.



  “So you mean to say that neither you nor the psychiatrist knows about her?”



  “Well! Regarding me the answer is no but yes the psychiatrist did know more than me,” she said.



  “So you hadn’t asked her?”



  “I did. But then Sia never wanted the truth to be out and if the patient doesn’t want then the doctor too couldn’t reveal it to anyone so you see…” she trailed off.



  “Hmm!” he hummed and then thinking something he added “Can you give me her psychiatrist number and address?”






  “Please! It’s important and you know with me it’ll be safe and it might helped us punish her culprit too. Don’t you want it?”



  “I do,” she said in a low voice and then nodding her head told him the address and phone number.



  “But will it help you?” she asked unsure whether it’ll help them or not.



  “Not sure, but at least we’ve a hope. Okay! Now I think I should leave,” saying this he gets up and thanking the elder lady for her support he left from there.



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