PART- 11 (C)


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  “What are you guys doing with that girl?” she asked angrily looking at the knife in his hand and then at the girl who was sitting there scared of all the happenings around her.



  One look at the girl and she knew that the girl had been tortured, maybe physically abused too… Not wanting to go on those lines and wanting to save her anyhow from those goons she looked back at them with a challenging look and move towards him.



  “Hey! Don’t come near us,” said the head goon when he saw the lady advancing towards them.



  But she didn’t budge and continues to move towards them, making them frown.



  Both shared a look among each other, then nodding their head one move towards the girl who was whimpering in pain and carelessly makes her stand on her foot earning a loud moan of pain from her mouth, while the head goon pointed his knife on her neck and said angrily “Can’t you hear what we’re asking you?  Do as we say or else?”



  Now seeing the girl being held on gun-point, she stopped moving forward towards them and said “What are you trying to do with her? Can’t you see that she needs immediate medical attention? Leave her?”



  “Huh! Do you think that we’re going to leave her anytime soon?” said the head-goon showing his rotten red and black teeth.



  “See! She is bleeding and needs immediate attention. Leave her! You can take my money but please leave her,” she once again tried to make them understand, but all in vain.



  “And you think we’re doing this all for money?” asked the other goon smirking.



  “Now, go from here and yes keep your mouth shut,” added the head goon.



  “But don’t you think she can be a threat to us now as she’d seen us,” said the other goon.



  All this while Madhu’s eyes were on the girl who was losing her conscious, and she knew that now a minute’s delay can cost this girl’s life.



  As she saw both the goons indulging among themselves, she quietly open her purse and took out her licensed revolver and aims it at the goon who was holding that girl and shoots at his leg.



  As soon as the bullet hit its target the man in question yelps in pain while his grip on the girl loosen.



  At the same time due to the noise of shot and then cry of his partner, the concentration of the head goon holding the knife across the girl’s neck gets disturbed and taking the advantage of the situation, Madhu pulled the girl towards herself.



  “Dear! Are you alright?” Madhu asked patting her cheeks only to find the girl who was almost giving into unconsciousness.



  “Hey! Give that girl back to us,” shouted the head goon.



  At this Madhu pointed the gun towards them and said “If you wants to save your life then run away from here otherwise I’ll shoot you both. Run!” she bawled.



  Seeing her pointing the gun towards them and not having any other option, they both ran away from there muttering profanities.





“Then what happened?” Akshat asked. 



“Knowing well that they’ll not get any vehicle there I dragged the girl with her and somehow reached till main road. And from there taking an auto I took her to the near-by hospital,” Madhu said looking at nothing in particular.



  “She was badly injured. Doctor had denied treating her without police complaint. But somehow I managed to handle the situation and they took her inside to get her operated while I was left to fill the form and wait for a positive reply from them. I didn’t knew her name that time so I’d given her my daughter’s name- Sia to her. It’s also required as I was sure that those goons will surely try to find her, knowing well about her condition,” she added after a hiatus.



  “Hmm! So then? What did the doctor’s said?” he asked apprehensive as to what is coming next.



  “The same thing which I’s thinking earlier after seeing her state. The doctors have found many wounds on various parts of her body, some were faded and some knew and upon doing a close inspection they’ve concluded that she has been physically abused. At that time she was unconscious so I thought that first let her come into her consciousness after that will file a police complaint. But…” she trailed off sadly.



  “But what?” he asked.





  Here in Raizada Mansion, Arnav was sitting in his room looking lost remembering the words he’d spoken to Miss Jaiswal and then the interlocution he’d with his elder sister.



  “Was I wrong in saying all those to Miss Jaiswal?” he wondered.



  Somewhere deep down in his heart he knew he shouldn’t have told all that to her. After all he knew nothing about her or her life then how could he point this to her. True, that she too shouldn’t have poked her nose in his business. But then if she was wrong then he too wasn’t right on his part. But it all started due to her. Ugh! Why should he bend first then? But what if she takes it to her heart and leave from here. Then what about Pari? No… He should remember that she is here for his family so it’s he who needed her and not the other way.



  “I’ll apologise to her… for Pari only,” he said aloud and determinedly leave towards her room to set things right.





   Here in Jaiswal House, Madhu was silent remembering the past when her daughter has gained her consciousness making her sigh in relief.





Madhu enter inside the ward where that girl has been shifted to only find that girl staring towards the ceiling.



  Taking the seat beside her she caress her forehead making her jump in the bed.



  “It’s okay dear! It’s okay! You’re safe now! Away from them!” she said holding the girl’s hand in hers, reassuring her of her safety.



  While the girl just looked towards with her addled eyes.



  Seeing the blankness in her eyes which stared right into her, numb her. To her it feels as if someone has just sucked the life out of that girl.



  She knew that this girl had been through worst which had led her to this emptiness. But somehow composing herself she asked “Dear! Who’re you? And why those goons were behind you?”



  But in return all she got was a blank stare from her showing the emptiness which she is holding inside her.



  “Dear! Dear Please! I know that all this must haven’t been easy for you. But dear if you’ll not tell me then how’ll I help you?” Madhu asked.



  But the response from that girl was same. She didn’t utters even a single word from her mouth as if she isn’t even present there.




  “Even after lots of pestering from my side when I didn’t get any response out from her then I met with her doctor who once again examined her and then told me that she is under trauma,” Madhu said.



  “Then what?” Akshat asked feeling bad for the girl who has went through so much.



  “I knew nothing about her. Knowing her family was a far-off thing, I even didn’t had an idea about her real name too. And she wasn’t in a condition to tell anything. Police complaint too wasn’t of any use until she’ll tell something. So, I decided to keep her with me until she comes out of her trauma and let us know what had actually transpired with her, leading her to this state. But…”






  “But that day never comes.”



  “What? What do you mean by it?” Akshat asked confused.



  “I mean what you heard dear. Till date I knew nothing about her, not even her real name.”



  “But why? Hadn’t you ever asked about her past?” he asked.



  “I did, not once but numerous times. But all I got in return was her silence.”



  “Silence? That too till date? But she is okay now? Right?”



  “To the world it seems that she is all right, but reality is not what meets your eyes,” Madhu said with pain evident in her voice.



  “Means?” asked Akshat.



  “It has been years to that fateful incident when I met her but till today she’s been living in the eidolon of her past. Every night she would get up crying and bellowing making me give her sleeping pills.”



  “But it can be dangerous.”



  “I know! But that time I had no option other than this.”



  “You should’ve taken her to psychiatrist.”



  “And you think I hadn’t done this?” she asked sadly.





~One more part of Madhu-Akshat conversation left~



* I know that there is no Arshi… but it’s important as I want you to connect to the characters and feel what they’re going through… Hoping that I’m getting at least a bit of success in the same*



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