PART- 11 (B)


“Yes. The moment I have read that diary from that very moment I have been trying to find out her past but now that I have gotten nothing but failure from all means, I am bound to come here to know about her. Please Mrs. Jaiswal tell me about her- each and everything that you know about her.”


  “But why? Why you are so eager to know her past? How is her past connected to Lavanya’s diary? How is she connected with Lavanya?” asked Madhu confused at the new turns of events.


  “Well! I myself don’t know wholly what it is about. But I do know that there is some sort of connection and I wants to find out the same. Please help me sort it out.”


  “Connection? Connection in what?” she asked apprehensive of where all this is leading to.


  She doesn’t want her daughter to face any more hurdles in her life. She already had enough of them. And when she’d thought that she can move in, once again this past is catching up with her. What should she do now? Should she tell him what she knows or not? Will it be good for her daughter or it will rather create a chaos and bring back the troublesome past back, she wondered.


  But soon was brought back from her revere with Akshat’s next set of words.


  “I know you are scared, but let me be clear that my intentions are not to hurt her. I just want to reach the past to unravel the sacrament which I doubt somewhere involve my family too. I have lost my sister, but now don’t want to lose anyone else. Moreover you know our family from years Mrs. Jaiswal so you know that we are of no harm until and unless one doesn’t intend to harm us.”


  Madhu stared at him for few minutes, sighing then she wiped her damp eyes and asked “What do you want to know about Sia?”


  “Everything and anything you know about her past.”


  “Her past? Huh! Honestly I knew nothing about her or her past,” said Madhu shocking Akshat to the core, who looked at her wide-eyed and then stares suspiciously trying to gauge if still she is trying to hide the truth.


  As if understanding his thoughts, Madhu passed a small smile and then standing up move towards the window-pane. Looking outside at the skyline which has started turning grey and cloudy giving way to the night, she sighed and said “I know it’s quite unbelievable but it’s the truth too. Just like it is the truth that she is not my daughter Sia, but still to me she is my daughter.”


  “But how is that possible? You have been living with her from years. Isn’t it?” he asked.


  “Yes I had.”




  “For understanding it you have to first understand that in what circumstances both of us meet. It’s around five years back. My daughter- Sia had come back from London after completing her studies. But instead of meeting me first she had went Lucknow to meet her best friend- Rhea. They both were like soul sisters. She’d inform me about the same. Her home-coming was due after two days and I was okay with it knowing well that how much Rhea matters to my daughter. I…sob…I…sob… I was waiting for her comeback when I got a phone call informing me that she has met with an accident and is critical. At that moment I felt like that the ground under my feet slips away. Somehow I gather my wits and immediately left towards Lucknow praying for my child’s health. But alas! Things doesn’t happened as per our wish and my daughter- my Sia slipped away from me, never to come back again in my life.”


  Akshat’s eyes also gets teary listening it. But he composed himself and asked “Then what happened? How do you meat Sia then?”


  “Well! That’s another story,” she said and then after a pause added “After performing the last rites of my daughter I was coming back. Everything was fine but then my car broke down. The road was covered with forest from both sides. There was no mechanic at all, neither any vehicle was passing by from that area. So, with no other option left I starts walking to reach the hotel where I was staying. Everything was fine until I heard rustling of leaves and some faint voices from a far corner. Out of curiosity I went there to find a girl running while some goons were chasing her,” saying this she remembers that day.


  Some goons were chasing a girl while the girl was running as fast as she could to escape from the clutches of them.



“Catch her at any case, she should not leave from here at any cost,” shouted the head goon with beard.



“Yes boss,” affirmed his partner in crime and they continued chasing her while the girl keeps on running. Her legs were bleeding profusely due to continuous running with naked feet, there were many wounds on her hands and back, while her clothes were soaked in blood, but she was still trying to run as fast as she could to save herself from the devil.



  But suddenly from nowhere the head goon came in front of her and held her by her neck smirking evilly and said “What you thought you will leave from here like that? No you can’t… and now you will have to bear the punishment for running like this. Boss will not leave you. He will make sure that next time you will not think about anything like this let alone doing all these stunts,” saying this he pushed her sideways at which the girl stumbles and falls on the ground while her stomach hit a large stone making her screams in pain.






  “What happen now? Don’t you want to run away again?” asked the head goon taking bunch of her hairs in his hand, making her jerk her head upward.



  “No… Please don’t…” the girl sobbed.



  But the man before her just give out a mocking laugh and said “Huh! That you have to think before pulling this stunt,” saying this he took out the knife from his pocket and said “Due to you we have to hear so many things from our boss. Now you will get the due punishment for the same.”



  With that he was going to cut her palm, but hearing a feminine voice he stops and look towards the direction of the voice to find a fat lady standing there wearing a peach colour doriya sari, her hairs plaited back side in a tight bun, glaring at them.



  “What are you guys doing with that girl?” she asked angrily looking at the knife in his hand and then at the girl who was sitting there scared of all the happenings around her.



  One look at the girl and she knew that the girl had been tortured, maybe physically abused too… Not wanting to go on those lines and wanting to save her anyhow from those goons she looked back at them with a challenging look and move towards him.



Precap: Flashback continues…


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  1. Interesting
    So sis is not actually her daughter
    Her daughter sis died
    So who is this sis then n what's her past
    Looking forward to mystery being solved
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  2. Wonderful update:)! Now we'll know who actually Sia is. I think she's Khushi but changed her name to be safe from whomever she's running from. Can't wait to read more and please update soon😊.


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