PART- 11 A



  “Yes everything is fine. It’s just that I needed to talk to you regarding something. So have to come here.”



  “Talk with me? But what?” she asked a bit worried praying inside that it’s not about what she is dreading to even think.



  “Ugh! Wouldn’t you asked me to even come inside?”



  “Nothing like that. Please come,” Madhu said and then give a side to enter inside.



  Gesturing to take the seat she was going to get inside to bring some snacks etc. when she was asked to sit opposite rather than doing all these formalities.



   Nodding in affirmative she sat opposite to the person and asked “What you want to talk about?”




  “About Sia.”



  As soon as she heard Sia’s name, sweat beads formed on her forehead which didn’t go unnoticed from the person standing in front of her.



  Madhu wipes her forehead with her sari pallu and then composing herself she said “What about Sia? You know everything about her. I don’t think there is anything else.”



  Though she tried to be confident but the tremble in her voice give away her fear- fear of letting out things which are unknown to the person sitting in front of her which she couldn’t let to happen in any case.



  “Well! Yes I do know about her but only the things which everyone else does. But today I am here to know the things which you and your daughter have kept secret from the world.”



  “What are you talking about? I am not able to understand it,” said Madhu not meeting his eyes afraid that he will read them.



  “You know what I am talking about? Don’t you?”



  “No… I don’t.”



  “You very well do. But still if you want to play hide and seek. Then let me tell you that I am no more in a mood of it. So I would prefer that you yourself unveil this mist of sacrament so that I can reach the truth.”



  “See… I don’t know what you wants to know about Sia, when you very well know about her. She is my daughter and…”



  She has not even completed her sentence when the person cut her off in the middle and said something which numb her to the core.



  “You are lying Mrs. Madhu Jaiswal. You are lying because she is not your daughter. Do you hear me that she is NOT YOUR DAUGHTER.”



  Collecting her wits she looked towards the person while the words still echoing her ears, she move towards him and clutching the collar she uttered every word looking straight in his eyes “Never say that she is not my daughter. Never ever.”



  “Just because you didn’t admit it doesn’t mean that lie will become the truth. I knew like hell that she is not your daughter Mrs. Jaiswal and as simple as that I just want to know who she is?”



  “Akshat…. I said don’t say that she is not my daughter. Can’t you hear it,” shouted Madhu not able to bear his words which are piercing her heart.






  Here at Raizada Mansion Arnav was working on his laptop sitting on the recliner when Ashmita barged inside his room and closing the laptop she starts glaring at him while Arnav gives her ‘Now-what-is-it’ look.



  But upon getting no response he said “What the di? First you barged inside my room like a tornado and closed my laptop knowing well I was working on it and now not even telling me anything, instead glaring at me.”



  “Because you deserve this,” she said angry at his behaviour with Sia.



  “Now what have I done that you think I deserve this behaviour of yours,” he asked raising his eyebrow.



  “You are asking me this? Even after knowing how rudely you behaved with Sia outside in the lounge area,” she said unbelievably.



  Now this surely turn off his mood again as he remembers Pari’s words and then that Miss Jaiswal’s philosophical lecture which she tries to give him.



  “Di, I don’t want to talk about all that now.”



  “Why not?” asked Ashmita annoyed with his behaviour and then continued.



  “What was her fault that you have hurled so harsh words upon her? She was just trying to make you see through the truth.”



  “Not the truth but a big fat lecture to a wrong person that too when she have no experience over the same,” he said grimly.



  “I can’t believe it Arnav that you are saying so. You should be guilty of what you said her but instead here you are blaming her. Don’t forget that she is a guest here.”



  “Right di? A guest. She is a guest here so she should behave like one.”



  “I don’t know anything apart from the fact that you are going to apologise her.”






  “You would. And don’t forget that she is here because of our need, our Pari. So you better apologise her,” saying this Ashmita left from there while Arnav look at her retreating figure.







  “I am sorry aunty, but that’s the truth and I knew it. Correct me if you had given her birth?”



  “Yes, it’s true that she isn’t my biological daughter. But at the same time she is nothing less than that,” Madhu said slumping on the sofa while tears brimmed in her eyes remembering the harsh truth of their life.



  Seeing her breaking down, Akshat kneeled in front of her and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. But just wanted to know the truth about her.”



  “How? How do you get to know that she isn’t my daughter? Nobody knew about it then how you?” asked Madhu in her trembling voice, wiping her tears.



  “From my sister Lavanya.”



  “Lavanya? But how could she? She has promised me that she will never reveal to anyone the truth. Then how can she?” said Madhu looking shocked at the revelation.



  “Well! She didn’t tell me in person.”



  “Then how?”



  “She had the habit of writing diary in which she mention that Sia is not your daughter. And by chance I found it and after reading it I came to know the same.”



  “From how much time you know about the truth?”



  “From last two years.”



  “Oh! But why you wants to know about her now? What has she to do with you?”



  “Not from now, but from last two years.”






  “Yes. The moment I have read that diary from that very moment I have been trying to find out her past but now that I have gotten nothing but failure from all means, I am bound to come here to know about her. Please Mrs. Jaiswal tell me about her- each and everything that you know about her.”



  “But why? Why you are so eager to know her past? How is her past connected to Lavanya’s diary? How is she connected with Lavanya?” asked Madhu confused at the new turn of events.


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  1. Loved the update, interesting and filled with suspense, so many questions, what is the connection, who is Sia in reality, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Amazing update😊! I think Pari is Sia's daughter. There are lots of questions and secrets hidden with Sia. You left us again at a cliffhanger😟. Please update soon😊


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