PART- 10


After getting freshen up Arnav came downstairs and found his daughter sitting and talking animatedly with his di and the new nanny Miss Sia Jaiswal.


Upon seeing his daughter’s smiling face a smile automatically lit up his face and he move towards them and said “So what daddy’s princess did today? Hope you didn’t do any mischief?”


“No dada, your princess behaves like a good girl,” she said pinching her throat and then turning towards Sia she asked “Right aunty?” And upon getting a positive nod she squealed in laughter while Arnav lift her in his arms and while kissing on her chubby cheeks said “And what about your bhui?”


“She was not at home. So I played with aunty only.”


At this Arnav looked towards his di and asked “Di… Everything okay?”


“Yes Arnav- Just some work had come up at the last moment so had to rush.”


“Oh! Okay,” saying this he sat on the sofa taking Pari on his lap and looking towards Sia he asked “Are you comfortable here? I hope you are able to adjust yourself and no problem occurred.”


“No not at all,” she said with a light smile and then added “Well to be honest It’s just few hours so how can any problem occur,” saying this she looked at her hands which were resting in her lap and thought ‘And the night still has to come. For which I am more worried. I hope nothing goes wrong.’


But soon her revere broke down hearing Arnav’s next set of words.


“Okay. But still if you found any problem then just let us know,” he said genuinely concerned about her stay.


“Yes, Sure.”


Pari upon seeing everyone engrossed in themselves pouted and then pinched her dada’s cheeks and when he look towards him with widen eyes she giggles and said “Sorry dada… But what to do? You were busy with aunty forgetting me. So I had to remind you that I am also there and if you had to be with aunty then also I will be there.”


Though she said those words simply but her words have different meaning for different persons sitting there.


For Arnav it was as if Pari had pierced his heart by letting someone else take his wife’s place. For Khushi she was just numb not knowing what to imply though she knew that she had spoken all this innocently while Ashmita has a smile on her face as she knew too well that Pari is the only connecting link for both of them as of now.


“Pari… How can you think that I can ever forget you? You are the love symbol of my and Lavanya’s soul and you think that I will forget you for someone,” he asked emotionally.


“Ofo!” said Pari doing facepalm and then cupping Arnav’s cheeks with her chubby hands she said “Dada you always get so emotional when it comes to me. But you always forgot that your princess loved you so much that she will never ever go away from you. So now no crybaby because I want my glaring dada back.”


At this his lips curved to form a smile and kissing her daughter’s chubby cheeks he hugged her and said “What to do Pari. You are my prized possession after Lavanya and I am afraid to lose you like her.”


“Then don’t be Arnav,” said Sia at which Arnav look towards her while she continues “I am sorry for interrupting like this in your family matter. But just want to say that it’s true that life is never fair for anyone but at the same time it is also true that life can’t be cruel all time also. I would just say that if god had snatched something from us then he also gives back something. See if god has snatched your wife from you then the same god has gifted you with a cute doll like Pari who is always there to lit your life with happiness.”


“So true Sia. This is what I always tried to make him understand but he never listens to me. Hopefully now after hearing your wise words he will listen. Right Arnav?” asked Ashmita.


At this Arnav first looked at her di and then towards Sia and then patting Pari’s cheeks asked her to go to her room and when she left from there after demanding lots of things, he stands up and said “It’s easy to say then done Miss Jaiswal. Hearing and saying all this looks good. But only a person suffering every minute can understand that how difficult it is to forget. And I know you will never understand it as you have no past. So please stop preaching me and do the work you are here from,” saying this and giving her a last glance he left from there while Ashmita felt bad for the girl who was just trying to help her brother.


“I am sorry for his rude behaviour dear. I…”




“Please Ashmita ji…. Don’t be. It’s not his fault. I think I have spoken something which I shouldn’t.”


“No dear… you didn’t.”


“Let it be. I think I should go and see Pari.”


At this Ashmita nodded in affirmative while Sia left towards Pari’s room.


“You shouldn’t have talked so rudely with her Arnav. What should I do with your stubbornness?” saying this she sighed and left towards her room.




Here at Jaiswal house, Madhu Jaiswal was sitting in her room with a gloomy face and was looking at her daughter’s photo when she heard the doorbell. Frowning who can be at the door this time she immediately kept the photo back in the drawer of the corner placed beside the bed and moved out to see who is at the doorstep.


But as soon as she opened the door her eyes widened seeing the person standing in front of her.


“Aap?” (“You?”)


“Can I come inside?” asked the person standing on the doorstep.


“Of course you can but I hope everything is fine there,” she said a bit worried.


“Yes everything is fine. It’s just that I needed to talk to you regarding something. So have to come here.”


“Talk with me? But what?” she asked a bit worried praying inside that it’s not about what she is dreading to even think.


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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Pari connecting Arnav and Sia. Arnav getting emotional and angry on Sia. Who's at the door, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Awesome update!!!

    Arnav pari adorable…

    Arnav dont know khushi(sia)'s past … thats why he hurt her.

    Hope soon he will know…

    Who is thete to meet sia's mom??

    Eagerly looking forward

  3. Amazing update as usual😊! I'm sad that Arnav was so rude to Sia (Khushi) without knowing anything about her. You can't judge people without knowing anything. I love Sia for her patience, maturity and her big heart.

  4. So started reading this one and loved it till the latest update.

    Arnav was happily married to Lavanya and has a daughter with her as well.
    And I think Sia jaiswal is Khushi only who has a past that we are not aware of. Akshat definitely knows something but that is not yet out in the open.

    I think the latest update has Akshat coming to Madhu for his investigation..

    Please continue soon

    Lots Of Love… 🙂 🙂


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