It is the story of two souls who have lost all the hope of living a life. It is not that they wanted to end their life. No, they are living but like a dead corpse that too not for themselves but for others.



Why I loved you so much that now it pains to not find you near me?


Why you left me alone that now I don’t feel like living anymore?


Why before leaving me forever you don’t think about me?


Why everyone wants me to move on in my life when they knew that how much you meant to me?


Why they wants me to keep smiling when the reason of my smile was snatched brutally from me?


Why god didn’t kill me the day you left me?


Why all this happened with me only?


Why I am still alive after losing you for forever?


The questions in my heart are never ending but the answer to all these question is only my Angel- Pari.



-Arnav Singh Raizada




Those nights are still afresh in my mind…


It has bruised my heart and my mind…


Living a life now looks like a nightmare…


Which makes me just tremble in fear…


The fear which has gripped my heart so strong…


That now I fear to be alone…


No one knows the real me…


And I just wish to let it be…


But will they let me live in peace…


Or will they come back to make me cry and scream…



-Sia Jaiswal or ?



Will these two souls who have been living in their own miseries all the while can realize that life is ready to give them another chance to enjoy, to cherish and to live again?


Will they go ahead and try to grab this chance?


Will they ever try to understand the pain of other person?


Will they be the salvation of the other person?


Will they ever fall for each other?


Will their love blossom in the barren land?


So many questions but answer to all this is hidden in the hands of future only.



But one should never forget that:-



Destiny has its own plans…


Nobody knows what is stored in our fate for us…


What we thought is the end of our life…


Maybe in reality a new beginning…










He was a jolly person who lives his life with enjoyment, not to forget his hot, sexy and charming personality. But after the death of his beloved wife Lavanya he turns into a rude, arrogant, insensitive and heartless person who don’t know the word enjoyment. Now he works like a machine with no enthusiasm and living only for his daughter Pari, his di Ashmita and jeejaji Akshat.






She is a beautiful girl with hazel eyes who can make anyone fall for her. She carries an aura of innocence around her. But there is sadness in her eyes which contradicts her beautiful smile. She has a haunted past and an unsolved mystery which no one is aware of and which scares her to the core.






She is the daughter of Arnav and Lavanya. She is very stubborn and possessive but at the same time sweet and prankster. Loves his dadda alot and can only bring Arnav out of ASR. 






She is the wife of Akshat Kapoor and sister of ASR. She is innocent yet mature, treats Arnav more like her son. Loves her family very much.






He is the husband of Ashmita and brother of Lavanya. He is very caring and smart. Loves his wife a lot.






She is a very good natured lady who helps the needy. She is running a NGO ‘Heavenly Home Orphanage’.






She was a very beautiful, pretty and modern woman married to Arnav having a sweet, little and naughty daughter Pari. She used loves Arnav a lot. She died in an accident.




Other characters will add as the story progresses…





The sun is kissing the sky and the redness of it is spreading in the world. Birds are chirping high in the sky, People are trying to leave the cozy bed which is inviting them to become lazy and be crazy. But in Raizada Mansion one soul is still sleeping on his back with his mouth slightly open looking as cute & hot as ever. But then suddenly a small hand pat his back making him smile in his sleep and turn his face to the other side. Seeing him still not getting up that person took the jug full of water from the side table and throw it on him making him jerk out of his sleep and sat straight on the bed with shock written over his face and only to utter those favorite words of his “What the?”



While the person who dares to throw water on him started giggling and clapping which immediately brought a smile on his lips and he said “Pari- my angel now a days you are becoming naughty child.”



“Oh really dada,” she asked raising her one eyebrow just like he used to do it and then continued pointing her finger first at herself and then later at him “Well, If I am becoming naughty then you too are becoming lazy.” And saying this she twisted her lips showing fake anger to her dadda.



“Oh! So my baby is now angry with me,” he asked.



No… I am not angry because I am very angry on you,” she said very cutely.



“So, What I have to do that my baby does not remain angry on me anymore,” he asked pulling her in his lap and turning her face towards him.



“Hmmm…. For that first you go freshen up and then came home early and then we will go for masti,” she said after thinking for a while.



“Okay baby,” he agreed and pecks on her chubby cheeks.



“Promise,” she asked forwarding her hand.



“Yes my angel,” he assured her placing his hand in her little hand.



At this Pari kisses on his cheek and then push him towards washroom while she herself left downstairs.






Here in Jaiswal House a beautiful girl is sleeping on her bed just looking like an angel. Whoever will see her will just say that she is the luckiest and world’s most beautiful and innocent girl. But the question is “Is she really that lucky?” Well only time can tell us… Because it is said that “Jo jaisa dikhta hai, vo vaisa hi ho ye jaruri nahi” (It is not necessary that what you looks like, in reality also you are the same).



At the same time an elderly lady enters in her room and seeing the girl still sleeping she shook her head and then patting her head she said “Sia dear… Wake up…”



But she just hummed and then turns her face to the other side taking the whole blanket over her face and sleepily murmur “Please let me sleep mom.”



“Sia it is already 8:00 and you have to reach orphanage till 9:00. So wake up now,” she said trying to make her understand.



“I will mom, you don’t worry about it and please let me sleep for 5 more minutes.”



“Okay as you wish,” and saying this the lady starts tickling her making Sia laugh and breaking her slumber who finally gets up and hugging her said “Morning mom.”



“Good morning, now go and fresh-up, till then I will make your breakfast,” she said kissing her forehead affectionately while Sia nodded in affirmative and left towards bathroom.


Here Madhu was folding the blanket when her eyes landed on a packet placed on the side table. She picks it up and is shocked seeing it and murmurs to herself “Not again, I have to talk to her this time.”






Arnav descended from stairs wearing his typical three piece suit and upon seeing his family already sitting at dining table and taking his seat he said “Morning di, jiju…and my little baby-my Pari.”



While all of them greeted him back.



“How are you feeling now Arnav?” asked Ashmita.



“Better than before di, moreover nothing can happen to the person who has such a loving and caring family.”



“Ofo Saalesahab, such a heavy dialogue that too early morning,” asked Akshat while looking towards him and then added turning towards his wife “Ashmita darling my stomach is already full by hearing such praises that too early morning, and I don’t think that I can have any more place in my stomach.”



Hearing him say all this dramatically all of them started laughing heartily.



While Pari second her phups (uncle as in phuphaji) and said “Dadda, don’t say these heavy dialogue because it does not suits you. Moreover you should say your trademark dialogue with ASRish attitude.”



“Ahaa! It clears the air Arnav that Pari likes your ASR attitude not these cheesy dialogue,” said Ashmita and winks at her brother.



“Yes bhui (aunt as in bhua), after all the father of PSR (Pari Singh Raizada) will look good in only in his ASR attitude,” she said raising her fake collar and cutely winking at him making a smile broke on his lips while the other two just laugh their heart out.






While here in Jaiswal house, Sia came in the hall and seeing all her favorite dishes she just couldn’t stop her excitement and kissing her mother’s cheeks she said “Wow! Mom all my favorite dishes, thank you for making them.”



“Yes dear I have make all your favorite dishes because today is a very special day,” said Madhu.



“What special day mom?” asked Sia.



“You again forgot Sia. How can you? Well I don’t know about you but I can’t as today was the day when you came in my life to give me all happiness.”



Hearing her mother reminding her about it she becomes a little emotional and hugs her.



“I don’t know mom that whether I give you any happiness or not, but you have definitely given me loads of happiness, and not only this but you have also provide my life a new meaning and I will always be indebted to you for this,” she said emotionally while tears threatened to fall from her eyes.



“Pagal girl, never say like this again. I am your mom and a mom can do anything for her child.”



‘Yes anything,’ thought Sia but soon came back to reality hearing her mother’s next words.



“Can I ask you something?”



“You don’t need to take my permission for it mom.”



“Hmm… then what is this Sia?” she asked her showing those packets which she had found earlier on the side table at which Sia immediately looks away not knowing what to reply.



“I am asking you something Sia, and don’t you dare lie to me… Why are not leaving it?” she asked.



“I tried mom… But I just can’t…”



“But it is harmful for you my dear. Why don’t you understand that it is not good for your health.”



“I know mom that it is not good for me but I just can’t…sob… I tried my best to avoid it…sob… But I…sob… Mom it is not that I take it on my own but I just become helpless,” she said in a grave tone while tears of anguish and helplessness rolled down her cheeks.



“But it is….”



“Mom I don’t take it on a regular basis, whenever I just can’t tolerate all those nightmares then only I took these sleeping pills, but mom I am trying my best to sleep without them but then…”



“I understand dear but then you too have to understand that it is not a solution to all these.”



“I am trying my best mom, but I need your support for it,” she said looking with expectant eyes towards her mother.



“And I am always there for you my dear,” she said patting her head and then hugging her.






As soon as Arnav enters his office all become silent as if no one is there in the office. While Arnav moves towards his cabin in his ASR attitude with Aman following him shortly. Entering in his cabin he took his seat and started checking his mails while Aman pass him the file saying “In this file there are portfolio of all the models who are shortlisted ASR.”






“Have you go through it?” he asked still busy working on his laptop while ignoring the file Aman gave him.



“Yes ASR.”



“So?” he asked now moving his eyes away from his laptop and looking at him with raised eyebrow.



“Umm… Actually there is this girl Tammana and I think she will be the best.”



“On what basis you think that she is the one?” he asked still staring at him. If there was someone other than Aman then till now that person must have become so nervous that he/she would have forgotten the work for which they must have come there by the continuous staring of the mighty Raizada. But it is Aman who is not only ASR personal assistant but also his closest friend who know him in and out and thus replied him in the same way which can satisfy him in an instance.



“She has looks with brain ASR. She has all the qualities which we are searching in our model, and last but not the least she is in demand.”



“Hmm… Then inform her to meet me,” he said and then again got busy in his work giving Aman the cue that he can leave now which he did.






When Arnav enters inside the mansion he saw that all the lights of mansion are off except one making him frown and thus he looked at his watch and saw its quarter past ten and that was when he remembered that in morning he has promised his doll that he will come early and then they will spend some time together but then it totally skip out of his mind. He closed his eyes in guilt- guilt of disappointing his daughter, guilt of snatching the smile of his daughter, guilt of not able to keep up the expectations of her daughter. It’s common for him to come late as after the death of Lavanya he has drown himself completely in his work shunning every other relation, with only exception his daughter Pari but today he had failed in it too. Guilt like never before starts suffocating him to the extent that he fisted his fingers in his palms making his knuckles turn white. He was in his own thoughts when he realized his di is standing in front of him with pain visible on her face. He immediately sobered himself masking his emotions once again like he always used to do.



“Di you haven’t slept till now?” he asked while Ashmita keeps looking at him for few seconds and then cupping his face she said “What is this Arnav? You are late knowing that Pari has told you in morning to come early but you.”



“Sorry di… But what could I do? At last moment those clients came and I have to attend that meeting.”



“I understand Arnav but not her. She is angry on you for break her promise. All the while she was waiting for you. Her eyes were stuck to the door and whenever she heard some footsteps she thought that now her dadda came but every time she gets disappointed upon not finding you.”



“I know di that she is super angry on me, but you don’t worry I will persuade her.”



“It’s not so easy to persuade her Arnav, don’t forget that if you are Arnav singh raizada then she is Pari Singh Raizada who is as stubborn as you. It will not be so easy for you to placate her.”



“Hmmm… I know that but then you too should not remember that I am her father not the vice-versa,” he said proudly while Ashmita smiles at this and then said “Well Arnav I want to talk to you something really important.”



“Yes di, tell me I am all ears.”



“Ugh! Actually I am thinking of keeping a nanny for Pari.”



“What the? Di why will she needs a nanny for her? We all are here for her, Aren’t we?” he said in astonishment.



“Arnav I am not saying that we aren’t here for her. Of course we are, but you have to understand it that she needs someone for herself. We can’t be their all the time with her. You spend most of your time in office busy romancing with your laptop. And as far as I and Akshat too have our work. I am not pressurizing you, but think about it Arnav.”



At which Arnav just nodded and left from there towards his room not wanting to discuss this matter anymore. As soon as he enter in his room he threw his laptop on  the recliner and slumped on the bed taking Lavanya’s photo in his hand and keeping it near his heart he uttered “Why Lavanya? Why you left me all alone… Don’t you ever think that what will I do without you? You were my life Lavanya… Your smile… Your talks… Your eyes… Your lips… Your love… Your feel… I am missing all these Lavanya… I am missing you. I LOVE YOU DAMMIT… and I am missing you like hell… Come back Lavanya… Come back… I need you, Pari needs you, not only we too but all of us need you back in our life. Please come back Lavanya. You know that I can’t live without you, I am dying every second without you. You are not only my life but my need. Please come back to me,” saying this he breaks down, the facade of a strong man which he is carrying in front of his family and the world has now ripped apart…He is no more the strong ASR or lovely Arnav or Pari’s dadda. He is only a shattered and vulnerable Arnav who is feeling lonely in this world though he is surrounded by his whole family but still the one person with whom he can share his joy, grief and everything is missing from his life.





Arnav cried remembering his Lavanya till his mouth went dry, but still he does not stop as he knows that he alone has to suffer this pain daily… every minute…every second… His whole day got spend with Pari or his office work, but these damn nights become his enemy. After crying his heart out Arnav slept on the recliner itself holding Lavanya’s photo. His tiredness, too much stress and excessive crying makes him so weak that without even eating he just slept there placing Lavanya’s photo near his heart forgetting every other thing in his life.



On the other hand Ashmita makes her way towards Pari’s room silently and when she enter her room she saw Pari silently weeping holding her parent’s photo in her hand. She went towards her; sat on the bed and started caressing her hair making her look towards her with her swollen eyes which makes Ashmita’s heart twist in pain.



“Pari baby, what happened? Why are you crying my doll?” she asked not able to see her in such a state.



While hearing her bhui’s words Pari immediately hug her still sobbing and said “Bhui why dadda breaks his promise? I understand he must have urgent work but then at least he should have call me naa… I am…hiccup… I am waiting for him…hiccup… But he didn’t come…hiccup… Am I so bad?” she asked sadly and then tighten her small chubby arms around her bhui’s waist while Ashmita’s eyes too got moist very well understanding her Pari’s pain and at the same time her brother’s pain too. But what to do she too is unable to do anything as she knew that her brother has closed and locked all the doors which leads towards his heart so tightly that even she is not able to peep inside and sooth his pain. From the day her sister-in-law Lavanya left this world she is just praying to god to do some miracle making the shell of this hard persona which her brother has created around him break open and the jovial and smiling Arnav behind it to come back to his life. But as of now it just looks like a distant dream to her which she is hoping against any hope to come true and filled the life in every person residing in this Raizada Mansion.



Ashmita broke out of her revere when Pari nudged her face in her bhui’s bossom still sobbing and murmuring ‘Why her dadda did this?’ when a thought pop in her mind and she parted from Pari, making her sit properly and after wiping her tear stricken face she said “Pari… my doll, see today ur dadda broke your promise, Right?” And upon getting a cute nod from Pari she added “So that means your dadda deserves a punishment like he gives you when you do something bad,” she concluded winking at Pari who too giggles and then said “Yes bhui, you are correct. Why should I cry when it’s time for dadda to cry as to why he breaks his promise which he has given to his Pari, moreover dadda always used to say that if you do any mistake then you have to seek forgiveness from that person and also rectify your mistake.”



“Yes my darling Pari, so it means that this time your dadda will came to persuade you,” said Ashmita with twinkle in her eyes.



“Yes bhui… I know that dadda can’t see me angry so he will definitely come to persuade me and then I will ask him to give me loads of chocolates and buy me a new pinky bear, my favorite Pooh and many more things,” she said very cutely in her innocent and babyish voice making Ashmita to roll her eyes thinking that here she is planning so much and this Pari is still stuck on her chocolates and toys.



Sighing Ashmita said “Doll all these things which you just recounted you can ask him whenever you want and you know that your dadda will buy all of them, so you should ask him something which in general he will not agree so easily.”



After hearing her bhui, Pari kisses her cheek in excitement and said “You are awesome bhui, but then you know that dadda always fulfill all my wishes without me even voicing them.”



“Oh that I know darling, but I doubt that he will agree for this one. So, you have to pretend that you are very angry on him,” saying this Ashmita winked at Pari while the later frowned and said “But you know naa bhui that seeing me like this dadda will become upset, and I can’t see him upset that too because of me.”



At this Ashmita murmur to herself “Arnav ki chamchi,” and then cupping her face she said “Yes, I know doll. But you have to pretend and asked him to fulfill your wish so that he can’t deny your wish in any condition.”



“But bhui…”



“Don’t bhui me Pari… If you want me to help you then do as I say,” she said little annoyingly and then murmur under her breath “ofo! Devimaiya isn’t one Arnav enough that you send another female version of him?”



“Okay bhui I will do as I asked me to but then what should I ask him?” asked pari cutely frowning. At this Ashmita smilingly pulled her cheeks and then said something in her ears at which Pari widen her eyes and grinned stupidly understanding very well that why her bhui asked her to enact fake angry drama in front of her dadda and said “Don’t worry bhui, I understand it and now you will see Pari Singh Raizada at her best,” saying this she winked at her bhui who has a small smile on her lips and they both hi-fi each other.



At the same time Akshat enter in the room and seeing the scene unfolding in front of him he asked while raising his eyebrow “What is cooking in between you two? Am I seeing any conspiracy among you guys?”



Akshat said it in a light manner not knowing that his joke is not a joke but a reality which he will soon come face to face with. But our little Pari who already is in a mischievous mood all thanks to her bhui started pulling his legs.



“Phups, don’t overthink or change the topic. I know you are in my room only for bhui, so take a sigh of relief as me leaving her for you,” said pari winking naughtily making Akshat embarrassed to core who could only utter “Pari you are becoming naughty day by day.”



“Ahaa… If not me then who will get naughty phups… you?” she said very innocently still not ready to give up making both of them shy.



“She is really Arnav and Lavanya’s daughter Ashu. It’s better to leave from here before she start again,” whispered Akshat to Ashmita who couldn’t help herself to nod on his statement while giggling.



After which both chorused Good Night to Pari while she too replied the same very sweetly.






Some goons are chasing a girl while the girl was running as fast as she could to escape ffrom the clutches of them.



“Catch her at any case, she should not leave from here at any cost,” shouted the head goon with beard.



“Yes boss,” affirmed his partner in crime and they continued chasing her while the girl keep on running. Her legs were bleeding, there were many cut marks on her hands and back, but she is still trying to run as fast as she can to save herself. But suddenly from nowhere the head goon came in front of her and held her by her neck smirking evilly and said “What you thought you will leave from here like that? No you can’t… and now you will have to bear punishment for running like this. Boss will not leave you. He will make sure that next time you will not think about anything like this let alone doing all these stunts,” saying this he pushed her sideways and that girl stumbles and fall on the ground while her stomach hit a large stone making her screams in pain.



“NO!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Sia opening her eyes and sat straight on bed sweating profusely and murmur to herself “Not again…” and then looking upward she said with anguish tears rolling down her cheeks “Why devimaiya? Why again and again? Can’t you see the pain I am bearing from such a long time? Or you have any personal animosity from me devimaiya… Haa… Tell me… Tell me naa…”



But this time to as usual there are no answers for her questions. So she wiped her tears and take the sleeping pill. Gulping down it with water she slept as she knows that now peaceful sleep will definitely invade her.






Sunrays enters from poolside to Arnav’s room and he open his eyes lazily.



“Ouch! Why my back is hurting so much?” he murmurs to himself rolling his eyes on his surrounding and saw himself on recliner making him realize that while pouring out his grief to his wife he slept on recliner itself. But as soon as his eyes landed on the watch he got shock and said “What the? I am late today, but why has not Pari wake me up today?” But then yesterday’s events came in front of his eyes as a movie making him frustrated and he murmurs “Shit Pari, She is angry on me. Have to persuade her, but at first I have to take a shower.”






After some time Arnav came out of washroom and after getting ready he left towards Pari’s room. But get halted on the door seeing his di and jiju both in Pari’s room while Pari was sitting there in a grumpy mood making different weird but cute faces.



‘No I can’t see my daughter like this,’ thinking this he moves towards her and sat beside her.



“What happened to my cute, little but smart baby?” he asked showing innocent puppy face.



But Pari doesn’t answer him, after all her bhui had made her understand how necessary it is for her to show anger towards her dadda and she is doing the same making him sighed in disappointment as he knew his baby is angry on him.



“See Arnav… Pari is not getting ready to have a bath,” said Ashmita showing a fake sad face while Akshat is standing there confused seeing all the drama unfolding in front of him as according to him till night everything was right while Pari too was in a jovial mood, unaware of the conspiracy of his wife and his sweet little stubborn prankster niece.



Arnav gestured through his eyes to both of them that he will handle his baby as if it is a cake walk.



“Awee… My cute baby is angry with her dadda,” said Arnav trying to placate his daughter.


“No… No… I am very happy that my dadda breaks the promise he made to me,” said Pari in a sarcastic tone while rolling her eyes and clearly showing him that it will not be easy for him this time.

“Oh! So my baby is too much angry on me this time. Hmmm… Okay, So what should I do?” he asked but then getting the answer himself, he sat in front of her on his knees, hold his ears and making a cute puppy face said “Sorry baby…. It will not happen next time but please forgive your dadda this time.”

But this cute act of Arnav has not the desired result on his stubborn daughter who just faces away from him showing her fake anger and cute pouty face…





“Baby dadda is saying sorry to you naa… Please try and understand that i have an urgent meeting baby, otherwise you know that I will never broke my promise,” he said sadly while Pari too was sad to see her father upset and thought to hug and kiss him, but then she remember her bhui’s words and decided against it and said “But still you broke the promise dadda, and so I am angry on you…vo bhi pakka wala.”



Hearing her not melting in Arnav’s words Ashmita sighed in relief as seeing Arnav talking to her so sadly she thought that Pari will melt now, but thank god that it doesn’t happen, otherwise her purpose will not be fulfilled. But Akshat who is noticing her understand that there is more to it, but decided to ask about it to her later.



“So you will not forgive your dadda?” asked Arnav sadly.



“Okay I forgive u dadda,” she said at which Arnav gives a wide smile to her and after kissing her chubby cheeks he said “Really… Oh! My sweet lovely angel, I knew it that you can’t remain angry on your dadda for too long.”

“Ofo! Dadda… Before reaching at the conclusion first hear out the opposite party fully,” saying this she facepalm and then cutely added “Dunno how you handle your business like this.”

Upon hearing his doll say that Arnav’s eyes widen but at the same time a small smile form on his lips which he enshroud and then asked her “Oh! Is it? Sorry doll. Okay tell me what you want to say me?”


“Simple… You have done a mistake, so now bear the punishment too.”
“Hmm… Okay… Anything for you baby. Now tell me my punishment.”
“So your punishment is…” she said and took a long pause dramatically.
“I am all ears baby,” said Arnav seeing the drama queen at its best.
“We both will be spending this Sunday in Heavenly Home Orphanage and no excuses for it dadda,” she said with twinkle in her eyes while Arnav could only utter “What the?”
He stared at Pari for few good minutes and then left from there all of a sudden without telling anything to her.



Akshat too was stunned on knowing Pari’s request. He don’t know how to react on this as he knew that going to that place will only lead him to reminiscing the past. So, he too left from there without saying a word.



“Bhui… Is dadda angry on me? Tell me bhui is he? I… I know he will not agree for it. I am such a bad daughter who makes her father cry,” she said while two fat tears rolled down her eyes.



“No doll he is not angry on you, and I know my brother he will agree for it if not for someone else then for you he will definitely. You just don’t worry,” saying this she wiped her tears and patted her back.




  1. Interesting start……nice character sketch………Awesome chapters 1 and 2…….thanks for allowing me to read………


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