Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Teaser)

Khushi was stunned to hear him say so, yet she couldn’t expect anything less from him. Could she? No. The man who is so much in love with his better half that he can overlook anything and everything else in her love & affection can do anything without exception.
Gosh! I was so happy, that in any event for a day I’ll be far from his cheesiness, however no… this love sick man will never give me a chance to live in peace. Huh!
She was thinking all this when her eyes landed on the closed door.
“Why have you bolted the door?” asked Khushi stepping back, apprehensive of his expectations now.


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  1. Nice Look V, I will call you V bas <3

    Great looking , I am so happy seeing your creations thriving and growing.muahhh dear and enjoy the journey.I know I am not as active as I used to be , almost everywhere I am slow, life and its demands have changed, but I never forget my friends.

    Dair se sahi but I am always there

  2. Hehehe…. Thank you so much di…
    Well I'll love if you'll call me V only coz it's unique and only you call me like this…
    So among a millions too I can recognise you…
    Oh! Don't talk about laziness di… because I'm one step above you in this case… And you too knowe it… Lol
    I know you'll always be there and that's why I love you so much… Muaah dii… <3

  3. awe, so sweet, 🙂

    Hope life is not as harsh as it is for me right now.Time has changed,Idk, we had such a good fun loving period and now it seems like Hate , tension is prevailing, it is better to be away when that happens …our own little world full of Arshi bas.

    Love u dear <3

  4. Well! seems like life is not too good for many people out there… Hehe…
    Right di… There was a time when life was so smooth but now…. all we have with us is never ending tension… Yes right… Our small world of Arshi which gives us happiness… 🙂


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