Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 24)




Not able to resist himself anymore he move towards to taste her when the beep of his mobile brought both of them from their revere.


Khushi hurriedly open her eyes only to get shock as the reality sink in while tears falls from her eyes.

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Arnav too realise what just happened. Though he wasn’t regretting it but seeing her teary eyes he felt bad and move forward to console her when she showed him her hands stopping him.


“Arnav please! I want to be alone,” saying this she faced her back to him while he too left from their silently not wanting her to hurt her more. But there was one more person who had witnessed it all and it was none other than Shyam. Yes, Shyam was passing by her room to go downstairs when he saw the light of her room are on and so he stopped in front of the room only to witness it all. But as soon as he saw Arnav coming out he hide himself so his presence went unnoticed by him. After a minute or so he peeped inside the room only to find Khushi sitting on the floor with tears running down her eyes.


Here as soon as Arnav left, Khushi couldn’t hold it anymore. She doesn’t what is happening with her She is angry not on Arnav but on herself as she knew that he did what he did thinking her to be his dead wife Muskaan but she, how can she let it happen. Plastering herself to the wall, she slumped down, her face creased, fists closed so tight that even sweat trapped inside it, while tears trailed down her cheeks.


“How? How can I let it happen? And why did I let it happen? These people trusted me enough and here all I’m doing is breaking their heart. Whatever Arnav did was just thinking me to be Muskaan, but I, I do know who I’m and who he is then how can I? God! Why my own heart is betraying me at every step? However hard I try this foolish heart forget everything and start pacing a marathon when he is near me? Why? Why god? Why? I’m not able to understand anything. I don’t know how the family will react when they came to know of it. They… They’ll feel betrayed and why not when I myself isn’t able to grasp what is happening with me then how can they? And Arnav…. How will he feel? God! I’m here to make him realise the truth but I myself is getting trapped in this maze and my own heart has become my enemy but why?” she murmurs to herself sobbing into her hands while the tears dripped in between her fingers. Her breathing was ragged, grasping for air while she sank her chest more into her knees when she heard a voice making her look up only to find Shyam standing at the threshold making her to immediately stand up wiping her tears.


“Shyam you?” Khushi asked trying to regain her composure while Shyam move inside. When he reached near her he stops and said “Yes me Khushi, by the way why’re you crying?”


“Ugh! Oh! Nothing like that,” she said gulping down her saliva.


“If you don’t want to tell me anything then it’s okay. But…” he trailed off looking at her intently while she immediately jerk her head.


“But?” she asked scrunching her forehead in nervousness.


Taking a minute or two studying her expression he said “But I’d seen and heard everything.”


As soon as he finished saying it he heard her gasp.


“You! You saw and heard everything.”


It was not a question but a mere statement from her side as she realised what he had just uttered. Staring at the floor, fidgeting with her fingers she shift nervously on her feet and said “Sorry.”


“What?” Shyam asked astonished.


Gaining all her strength she look towards him and said “I’m sorry, sorry for whatever was going to happen. But believe me I never intended to do it. Not even in my dreams. But don’t know how… how I let him come near me. I… I’m really sorry. I don’t know how and why but…” she couldn’t complete as hot trails of tears escaped her eyes. She couldn’t meet his eyes as she was really ashamed at herself as to how she can let it happen when she felt a hand on her shoulder.


Looking up she saw Shyam gesturing her to sit, obeying him she hesitantly sat on the bad while he too sit beside her maintaining a decent distance.


“Can you see me angry at you?” he asked at which she looked at him and to be honest when she didn’t find even a trail of anger on his face she scrunched her eyebrows in confusion.


“You… You’re not angry on me,” she asked at which he nodded his head sideways making her all the more confused as to how he is behaving so normal.


“I know you’re confused as to why I’m not angry upon you even after all this. Aren’t you?” he asked at which she affirm.


Sighing, he said “It is because I knew the reason behind this.” Seeing he looking towards him with widen eyes he continued “Yes! You heard me right Khushi. If it was before then for sure I would’ve been angry on you. But now after knowing it all I can’t.”


“What? What do you mean by it?” she asked not able to comprehend what he is saying.


Seeing her confused face he added “Well! I heard your little talks with Dr. Ajit Roy and don’t mind but later I met him and got to know about the surgery you went through two years earlier.”


“Oh!” was all she said and then after a minute she asked “But what my surgery has to do with all this?”


“Well! To be honest your surgery has everything to do with this.”


“What? What do you mean?”


Taking a deep sigh he look ahead and said “Khushi two years ago you had a surgery in which someone else heart was transplanted into your body. Isn’t it?”


“Hmm!” she hummed not knowing where all this was leading to but what she heard next definitely shook the ground beneath her.


“Don’t you want to know whose heart was transplanted into you?” But without waiting for her reply he himself gives the answer to his own question.


“Muskaan. Muskaan’s heart was transplanted in you that day Khushi and that’s the reason your heart responds to him. Because it’s her love that feels him,” saying this he look towards her wanting to hear something from her but seeing her shocked face he realised that she needed sometime to grasp it all and hence left from there silently closing the door behind him.


If someone will say that Khushi is shocked after hearing the truth then it will be an understatement. Because she is more than just shocked. Never in her life had she thought that she will be helping a family due to whom she is alive today.


“World is so small. Can’t believe that I’m in your house angel, helping your husband and at the same time betraying him too. Should I be happy that I get to know about you angel or sad that the person to whom I should thank, I’m betraying him. Why it always happens with me? You know when I’d first come in this house angel and has got to know about him, I really wanted to run-away but then something stopped me. Maybe it was you- your heart that didn’t let me go. I know somewhere my conscience too held me back from leaving him like that when I got to know that two years ago in an accident all this happened as intentionally or unintentionally I remembered you which stops me from leaving him. Your goodness and kindness that I’m alive today because of you make me think that if I could help him then I should. But I never knew that the person I’m going to help me is the husband of my angel. Angel- yes you’re my angel who though herself died but not before giving me a new life to live and cherish. And I’m really thankful to you for that Angel or should I say Muskaan. Can’t believe that after two years I gets to know about your family and that too in such a way but then why’re you doing it angel? Why? I know you and that god had teamed up above in the heavens but what you’re trying to do isn’t right. It isn’t. Neither it can nor it should be ever.” she murmurs to herself remembering the incident which took place two years ago which had brought her to the brink of death and then an angel called Muskaan had come and dragged her back to the ocean of life.




  She was running through the roads huffing and puffing for saving her life. Though she was gasping for air, falling short of breath, her head was feeling as if someone was hammering it but still she was running to save herself as fast as she could.
  Everything was a mirage, everything was a betrayal. She couldn’t believe what has just happened few hours back. But then she doesn’t have to ponder over all these as of now. What was more important for her was to run away far away from there which she’d done but these men, they’re still behind her and why not revenge is something that one can never forget and currently all they wants to do is kill her because they want revenge, revenge for what she’d done to him. But she couldn’t let it happen. No! She couldn’t and thus she is running…. Running to go far away from them and in the same need she’d reached to Delhi from Lucknow but she is still being chased by them- the goons. And a few minutes later she heard a gunshot which hit her in the chest making her stumble and falls down while she found blood gushing out from where she had been shot damping her white top turning it red.
  The goons who were chasing her came near her and seeing her lying down in her own blood smiles.
  “Our work is done,” said the one who had shot her.
  “Yes! But I think we should call him to let him know that his work is done,” said the other goon standing beside him showing his red and rotten teeth.
  “But she is still not dead. Shoot her more till her soul left her body,” the third goon with long brown hairs said.
  “Why to waste the bullet on her? It’s a lonely road. No one seems to come there. So there is no chance of her survival. We should go back now,” said the first goon kissing his gun.
  “No… pleases… Aah! Please… save me…” Khushi said in a feeble voice wincing in pain but they didn’t heard her and left her from there and soon she too lose her consciousness.
  When she opened her eyes she found herself on a hospital bed making her realise that she isn’t dead, that someone saved her. But the question was who? When she saw an elderly man who must be in his late forties wearing a spectacle, entering the ward.
  “Hello Miss! I’m Dr Roy,” he said extending his hand for a handshake which she hesitantly reciprocated.
  “Umm! How am I here?” she asked confused.
  “Well! You’re here because I brought you here.”
  “Yes! Actually I’m handling your case and I’m the one who found you lying on xyz road in a pool of blood and thus brought you here.”
“Oh!” she said as the events happened earlier came crashing to her.
  “See! I don’t know who’re you and who had shot you but now that you’ve come to consciousness I believe I should call the police.”
  “Police?” she asked scared.
  “Of course Police. Someone had tried to kill you it is clear and thus it involves police.”
  “No!” she said with fear evident in her voice.
  “But why? You know that your life is in danger and for your safety the killer should be behind the bars,” he said.
  No… it can’t happen… she can’t let it happen. If it happens then…. She couldn’t even think what’ll be the consequences. Sighing she look towards the elderly man and said “Doctor, I really appreciates your kindness and am really grateful to you for saving my life. But please I beg you don’t inform the police as rather than reducing my problems it’ll just manifold it. Please try and understand,” she pleaded.
  Though the elderly man wasn’t convinced but then he can’t do much because even if he informs the police and she didn’t tell the real events then there will be no use and if the girl is saying the truth and her problems will increase then the danger looming on her will only darken, thinking this he nodded his head and said “Okay! I’ll not call the police as I don’t want your life to be in more danger. Moreover it’s your life but yes if later something goes wrong then only you’ll be responsible for it. Moreover due to you our hospital shouldn’t be any problem.”
  “I assure you doctor nothing like such will happen. In fact I’ll leave now.”
  “No…” he screamed making her jerk back.
  “I’m sorry miss. Not intended to scare you but please see you’re not well and in such a condition I would advise you for complete rest and no stress. By the way what’s your name?”
  “So, Miss Khushi I would like you to call your family as I need to talk to them regarding your case,” he said taking the seat.
  “Actually doctor I don’t have one,” she said looking down at her hand.
  “Oh! Umm! Sorry about that. But then if you don’t have anyone then I think that you yourself needs to know about all.”
 “Umm! Sure doctor. Tell me,” she said.
  “I don’t know how you’ll react to this but as you know that you were shot in your chest,” he said and seeing her nodding her head in affirmative he continues “The bullet went touching your heart. Call it luck or whatever that it didn’t cross your heart otherwise you wouldn’t be alive today.”
  “Thank you doctor. Thank you so much,” she said really oblidged to the man sitting in front of her who had saved her life.
  “Don’t thanks me but the person who saved you.”
  “Sorry! I didn’t get you. Wasn’t it you who operated me?”
  “Yes! I did operated you Khushi but if it wasn’t for her then even I don’t know if I would be able to do anything or not.”
  “Please don’t talk in riddles doctor and come to the point,” she said a bit annoyed not understanding what he is trying to say and whom is he referring to.
  “Well! Though the bullet passed touching your heart but in such a way that it leads to an obstruction in your ventricle valve which in time can further leads to heart failure and upon that you’d lost a good amount of blood. And there was no other option but to transplant your heart. But the problem was from where we would get a heart which will match your blood type and body size. But call it your sheer luck that we did get. She comes in your life as an angel.”
  “Who? And why would someone give me her heart?” she asked in stance trying to grasp what she heard but maybe everything isn’t yet over.
  “Well! She is an accident victim, brutally injured in it and the chances of her survival were 0.01% to none. And hence when she comes to know about you she donated her heart to you. We weren’t having much time so without thinking much we checked whether her heart matches to yours or not and when the result comes out as positive we operated you and thus you’re here sitting in front of us alive due to her.”
  Tears ran down her eyes not able to believe that in today’s world also there are people who can help others without any selfishness, when her stance broke with his next set of words.
  “She’d left a letter for you,” he said extending the letter towards her and then silently left from there.
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    • Well… If u remember then u must know that she never wanted to behave like Muski in the first place. She has decided that though Arnav will think her as Muski but still she’ll not act as her… And regarding the disclosure about the truth… Then wait and see what’s going to happen soon 😉

  1. Awesome update! Ahh finally we see the connection between Khushi and Muskaan. So Muskaan had donated her heart to Khushi. I wonder how Arnav is going to react after he finds out everything though…

    Thanks for the pm and please update soon

    • Thanku dear 🙂
      Let’s see howwill he gets to know about it and then how’ll he react… but abhi Arnav ko pata chalne m thoda time hai 😉

  2. Wow.. awesome update
    So ut is muskan’s heart and she died in an accident. But how they are similar and related?

  3. Wow it was wonderful
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  4. What have Muskaan written in the letter to Khushi? will be eager for next update.. do update soonish.. loved this amazing part.. so it is Muskaan’s heart which is pulling Khushi towards Arnav.. interesting..

    Happy New Year buddy 🙂

    • In next update Muskaan’s letter will be disclosed 🙂
      Yes it’s Muski’s heart which is beating inside Khushi 🙂

    • I didn’t get the point u wants to ask?
      You mean to say that by any means Khushi is the reason behind that accident or not?
      If so… then that’ll be cleared in the next part 🙂


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