Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 23)



“Muski! I’d always wanted to see you in this sari. And now I want you to wear this day after tomorrow on the eve of karvachauth.”


As soon as she heard him say it her eyes widen in shock, she look towards him and then at the sari horrified.


How can she? She thought shifting on her legs.


“Umm! Arnav I think I heard you wrong.”

“No Muski! You heard me right.”


“But Arnav. This sari you’ve designed for your Muskaan, not me,” she tried to say but was interrupted by Arnav who look towards her with a frown marring on his forehead.

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“Muski! What do you mean by that this sari is designed by Muskaan and not you? You’re saying as if you’re talking about two different persons.”


At this Khushi gulps her saliva realising what a big blunder she did. Closing her eyes she rubbed her forehead with her forefingers.


Composing herself she opened her eyes and said “No Arnav! It’s not like what you’re thinking.”


“Then what is it like?” he asked.


“Umm! Actually! It’s just that! Umm! Yes! It’s that I don’t remember anything so…” she trailed off giving him a puppy look making him smile.


Pulling her cheeks he said “You know you’re too cute to be good. And what if you don’t remember all this, I’m here for that,” saying this he placed the sari in her hands while she looked at it helplessly


“Now you’ll wear this on karvachauth. I really want to see you in this,” he said excitedly while Khushi’s face paled.


“Karvachauth? What do you mean by it? Are you by any chance thinking that I’ll fast for you?” she asked bewildered.


“What is there to think in it when I know you’ll,” he said with such a conviction that Khushi wondered how will she deny him.


Taking a deep sigh to calm herself she asked “What do you mean by that I’ll fast for you?”


“Muski you’re my wife. And this is one of the fast which a wife keeps for her husband’s long-life. So of course you’ll be keeping this for me like every other Indian wife,” saying this he winked while she just wishes to bang her head somewhere.


‘Here I’m trying to think of a way to deny him and this man is making things more complicated by giving such examples,’ she thought irritated and then placing a sweet smile on her face she said “I know that you’re right Arnav. But please try to understand me too. I don’t remember you or taking those sacred vows with you, don’t feel how your Muski used to feel for you. Then how can I keep fast for you. Moreover I know myself too well to say that I can’t keep without food for so long let alone whole day.”


Hearing her say that Arnav felt hurt. He never though that his wife, his love, his Muskaan will ever deny to keep fast for him. The same Muskaan who used to see dreams of fasting for him is standing before him not even to ready to acknowledge him or his love. Tears come in his honey orbs realising that she is denying the dream which they both had seen together and he said in a cracked voice “It means that just because you don’t remember us and our beautiful past you’ll not even take a step towards it. Will you let it go Muski? Are you trying to say that you’ve moved on from me? You don’t want me anymore in your life? Tell me Muski. Tell me!” he asked shaking her a bit while her heart cries in pain seeing him so broken.


Not able to take his broken form she move towards him, cupping her face in her hands she wiped his tears and said “I’m sorry Arnav. I really am. Never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.”


At this Arnav look towards her with his damp eyes and hugs her tightly trying to give assurance to his heart that his wife will not leave him again like earlier.


While Khushi couldn’t help but try to sooth his pain. Her mind said her that she shouldn’t agree to him because she is Khushi not his Muskaan, but at the same time her adamant heart didn’t let her mind win. All she knew is that her heart cried seeing him sad. It was as if when it comes to him, she always loses her control on her heart and do things which she shouldn’t.


Parting from the hug she said “I’m sorry if I hurt you, I’ll fast for you. Happy now?”


At this he nodded happily and then both left from there for doing their work.


Whole day passed like that. Arnav was happy that his Muski even after forgetting her memory still cares for him and will be keeping fast for him. While on the other hand Khushi was regretting on agreeing to him because down the line she knew it’s his wife Muskaan’s right not her, but then she knew that that time she had no other choice but to agree to him, but that doesn’t mean she’ll fast for him. Would she?






It was next day, Khushi came downstairs ready to go to office when she heard Arnav’s husky voice from back making her heart to increase its pace.


“Morning Khushi!” he greeted.


“Morning Arnav!” she greeted back.


And then both together move towards the dine area and have their breakfast after which they move out to go for office.


Both of them were in car when Khushi noticed that the way isn’t leading to the office. She turns towards Arnav and said “Arnav! Where are we going? This isn’t office route.”


“Ugh! Yes Muski we are not going to office.”


“Then where?”


“Actually I’ve planned a surprise for you,” he said with a smile.


“Not again,” Khushi murmurs to herself and then looking towards him with a sweet smile asked “Oh! Really? By the way what is the surprise?”


“Muski surprises aren’t meant to be disclosed.”


“Not fair,” she said twisting her lips.


“Well! Everything is fair in love and war. And it’s my true love for you Muski,” saying this he winked while she looked away cursing her fate.


Don’t know what has he planned now? I just wish that it’ll be not something which will make my situation more complicated. Already things are getting out of hand and now I don’t wish to add one more in the list. Huh! Taking the role of Muskaan I’ve thought that I’ll convince him but here it seems that he is all ready to convince me. God! If this goes on for some more time then I’m sure that I’ll forget who I’m in real. And as if that is not enough that this stupid heart of mine instead of supporting me always supports him, she thought closing her eyes and leaned back knowing well that the man sitting beside her will not tell her about his surprise.






After a long journey of around four hours they finally reach their destination. Arnav parked the car and look towards his wife to find her sweetly sleeping with her mouth slightly open. Taking out a kerchief from his pocket he leans over her and without disturbing her tries to tie it on her eyes. But this broke Khushi’s sleep.


“Arnav what are you doing?” she asked trying to stop him.


“Nothing much! Just let me tie this on your eyes so that my surprise will not get spoiled and obeying him she took her hands away.


After tying the clothe Arnav came out of the car and move to the other side he help her come out then locking the door he move towards the destination while Khushi follows him.


After reaching in the front he moves to his back and opens the blindfold. As soon as Khushi opens her eyes she gasps upon finding herself standing in front of the seventh wonder of world.


“Taj Mahal?” she asked astonished.


“Yes! Taj Mahal. What better than bringing my love to the symbol of love?” he asked cupping her face while she looked at him in astonishment, his words echoing in her ears making her feel guilty for hiding the truth from him, for betraying him, for faking to be his dead wife Muskaan.


Placing the hair strand behind her ear he caressed her cheek from his index finger and said “You know Muski I’d always wanted you to bring here on the eve of our first karvachauth. I know that karvachauth is not tomorrow, but what to do as I know tomorrow you’ll be tired so I think today is the best option.”


Then he bend down on his knees and taking her hand in his he said “Muski today standing in front of the symbol of love I want to share my heart with you. I know you don’t remember me but I can never forget it. You know our first meet was so different. You came to me for getting donation for your orphanage and I was all lost in you. It was love at first sight for me. And then I asked my PA to find out about you after which I kind-off becomes a stalker of yours. Though at first you were irritated of me but then you know that no one can resists ASR’s charms so you too fell for me and we starts dating. But when time comes for taking our relationship ahead, your were scared, scared for the reaction of my family. But after all it is my family and they accepted you whole-heartedly and soon we got married and then that accident,” saying this he choked while Khushi’s eyes too got moist seeing his unadulterated and pure love for Muskaan.


Wiping his damp eyes he gives a small smile and then looking straight in her eyes he said.


 “Love was an alien feeling for me…
 Till you came in my life like a honey bee…
 Never thought things would change like this…
 But it did for the betterment of me…
 Your existence gives me a new life….
 Your togetherness makes me fly high…
With you things had always been different…
Because you makes me a better person…
You’ve become the reason I breathe…
Never leave me otherwise for sure I’ll die bit-by-bit…”




Hearing him say it all, Khushi couldn’t help but smiles with a teary eye while her heart does a flip. She knew all these words are not for her, but then also she couldn’t stop herself from feeling happy though these words maybe not meant for her but it’s her to whom he is saying it all. Never had she experienced such a cute gesture of someone in her entire life and today when it did happened even if it’s meant for someone else, she couldn’t help but felt elated.


After saying his heart out Arnav peck the back of her hand and stands-up on his place while Khushi who was feeling overwhelmed quickly hugs him making him stumble a bit, but then balancing himself he too reciprocated her with a smile on his face.


After a few minutes Khushi realised what had she done and immediately parting from the hug look away embarrassed at herself.


Realising her uneasiness Arnav wanted to tease her, but not wanting her to once again go in her shell he said “Let’s go Muski.”


“Umm! No! Arnav! Actually I want to sit here for few minutes. Can we?” she asked at which he nodded and then both sat their looking towards Taj Mahal, letting the silence to talk.


After an hour or so finally they decided to go upon realising that their empty stomach too is waiting for its lunch. Though Arnav wanted to have lunch in some five-star hotel, but Khushi insists him to have it on the road-side dhaba, and at last Arnav had to agree with her. After having their lunch they both left from there towards their home.






It was next morning. Khushi descended downstairs only to find Anjali and Priya along with Shyam already sitting there for having the sargi before the sunrise. Reaching the dinining table she take her seat beside Anjali after greeting them which was reciprocated by them.


“Khushi dear why you get up so early? I mean we all know that you’re just pretending to fast for Arnav. So?” asked Priya.


“You’re right aunty. But then you never know the mood of your son. God knows if he came here and didn’t saw me then what will happen,” she said, and soon they heard the footsteps coming downstairs, only to find Arnav descending from the stairs.


“Morning guys! Wow!! Everyone is already here?” he asked.


“Yes Arnav. But what are you doing here?” Anjali asked confused upon seeing him up so early.


“Well! The one who fasts for karvachauth should get up early and eat sargi. Isn’t it?” he asked taking a seat while everyone else look towards him in astonishment.


Seeing everyone staring at him he raised his brow and asked “What?”


“Come again?” Shyam asked.


“Why are you so shocked jeeju? You too are fasting right? Then why can’t I?” he asked shrugging his shoulder.


“Yes Arnav I’m fasting. But that’s because your di can’t fast as she is pregnant. Not like you.”


“Well! Bad for you,” he said and started eating his sargi while all gaped at him.


Seeing everyone still staring at him he shook his head and said “If sun rises and you guys still didn’t eat sargi then don’t come to blame me.”


At this everyon started having their sargi along with Khushi who was cursing her fate to always make her stand in such a situation from where neither she run nor stand.


After having the sargi everyone retires to their room. Though Arnav wanted to talk to Khushi but she made an excuse of sleep and ran away for her dear life.






Now it was almost afternoon and Khushi was really feeling hungry, but couldn’t have even a drop of water as Arnav was not leaving her even for a single minute.


Cursing her luck she went toward Anjali and said in an exasperated voice “Anjali! I’m famished and your brother isn’t leaving me alone. What should I do now?”


“Let me think something,” she said and then after a few seconds smiles.


“Why’re you smiling now?”


“Because I’ve an idea.”


“Really? Then tell me,” she said excitedly.


“Do one thing take Pari with you making any excuse and then have your lunch.”


Khushi sighed and said in a sad tone “Such a bad idea Anjali.”




“Think for yourself. If I take Pari with me, then the first thing she’ll do after coming back is telling everyone that I’ve broken my fast,” she said twisting her face while Anjali too nodded her head.


“Don’t worry I’ll take you out,” said Shyam coming there.


“But what will you say?” Anjali asked.


“Not me but you. Actually I’ve to go meet my client. So I’ll drop Khushi at a nearby café and then will go to meet my client and coming back will pick her again and till then Khushi can have her fill.


“Superb! Well I know it’ll be hard to convince Arnav but then I can do at least this much for the person who is helping us so much,” she said. And then both of them left.






Khushi was sitting in the café when the waiter placed a burger and coke in front of her as per her earlier order. Seeing the food in front of her eyes she immediately took the burger in her hand and was going to take the first bite when Arnav’s sad face came in front of her eyes making her remember the words he uttered yesterday. And as soon as she remembered it she herself kept the burger down on the plate while her eyes got moist. She doesn’t know what happens to her in that one minute, doesn’t know why she is feeling sad remembering his sadness. It was as if her heart has got connected to his pain and she isn’t able to amend the same. She was in her own contemplation unaware of how much time had passed when someone patted her shoulder making her jerk out of her thoughts.


She looks upward to find a man of almost late twenties standing in front of her with a smile on his face.


“How are you Khushi?” he asked making her confused.


With a confusion marring her face she asked “Sorry! But do I know you?”


“Well! I thought that you do if only you would refresh your memory a bit,” he said taking the seat opposite her. But seeing her not able to remember he himself added “Two years ago… that accident…. Your surgery…” he said giving her hints and this time she grasps it. Widening her eyes she said “OMG! OMG! OMG! Dr. Roy?”


“Thank god that finally you remembered me.”


“Oh! Sorry for not remembering the one who gave me another life. But what amazes me is the fact that you do remember me?” she asked surprised.


“Well! What to do? You were one of my patient whom I can never forget due to your total weird case. By the way I hope you’re doing fine now?” he asked.


“Yes doctor. I’m absolutely fine and yes thanks once again for bearing my expense that time. You don’t know what you’re for me. It was as if god has sent you in the form of an angel to save my life.”


“Please Khushi! Don’t embarrass me now. Moreover whatever I did was for the sake of humanity. But where have you gone like that? You know I was so worried for you when you left the hospital just like that,” he asked.


“Umm! Actually…”


She was thinking what to say him when his mobile ring and after speaking to the person on the other hand he said “Sorry Khushi I’ve to leave as my wife is waiting for me. You know today is karvachauth so….” he said with a sad face while Khushi sighed in relief.


“It’s okay doctor. I can understand,” saying this she took a deep breath while Doctor Roy left from there.


But Khushi was unaware of a pair of eye who has witnessed and heard everything. Yes! Shyam who has come here to take Khushi has heard their little conversation.


‘Wasn’t he the same doctor who had treated Muskaan? Yes! He is the same… What was his name? Oh! Yes! Doctor Vikrant Roy. But how does he know Khushi? I’ve to solve this mystery and that too without the knowledge of Khushi,’ he thought to himself and then move towards Khushi who was placing the amount of bill.


“Khushi,” he called her.


“Shyam, you came?” she asked.


“Yes. Shall we move?”


“Oh yes!”


“But you haven’t eaten anything.”


At this Khushi look towards the untouched plate. Not having the feeling to eat anything she lied “No I already have. I had ordered it later thinking that I will be able to eat but now I don’t think so. So I think we shall move.”


Buying her lie he nodded and then both moved out.






It was night time everyone was waiting for the moon to come out so that they can break their fast. But there were three person who were lost in their own thoughts. Khushi who was muddled in the thought of her own strange behaviour towards Arnav. Arnav who was lost in looking at his wife dressed in his own creation. And last but not the least was Shyam who was lost in the happenings of the day.


But soon all three were broke out of revere when they heard the shouting voice of Pari filled with enthusiasm.


“Chanda mama aa gaye… Chanda mama aa gaaye…” (“Moon is seen… Moon is seen…”


And soon everyone move towards the terrace to open their fast.


Husband stands opposite to their wife who circles the plate filled with a lighted diya, kumkum, sweet and a pot filled with waiter in front of them.  After doing their husband’s aarti they took the sieve and look at the moon through it and then at their husband through the same sieve.


All this while Khushi’s eyes were damp knowing well that today she is not only deceiving him but also his family as she is in real fulfilling all the rituals of this fast while her heart was in content.


Arnav then took the pot and made her drink the water and then made her eat the sweet while she too did the same. After opening their fast everyone have their dinner and then retired to their room.






Khushi just came out after changing her dress when she saw Arnav sitting on the bed.


“Arnav? You here?” she asked.


“Hmm! Actually I’ve bought something for you so…” saying this he made her sit on the bed while himself kneeled down in front of her and placed her right foot on his thigh making her gasp.


“What? What are you doing?” she said trying to remove her foot but he didn’t let her do it.


“Shh! Wait a minute,” saying this he took a beautiful pair of anklet from his pocket.


“Arnav this…. This is so beautiful,” she said looking towards the anklet in astonishment. But soon jerk out of her thoughts when she feel the cold metal placed on her ankle only to realise that Arnav has placed the anklet around her ankle.


“Arnav what are you?”


But before she could complete her sentence Arnav sushed her and then made her wearThis is my gift for you the other one too and then making her stand-up he said “This is the gift I’d bought for you. Do you like it?”


“I do. But Arnav.”


“Shh!” he sushed placing his finger on her lips, staring straight in her eyes. While Khushi’s heart starts pacing up and down with his close proximity.


Lost in her Arnav rubbed her lips sensuously with his finger while she closed her eyes feeling new sensation developing in her heart. Though her rational mind was warning her to push him but her heart… her heart which was racing at the speed of marathon was telling altogether a new story to her.


Not able to resist himself anymore he move towards to taste her when the beep of his mobile brought both of them from their revere.


Khushi hurriedly open her eyes only to get shock as the reality sink in while tears falls from her eyes.


Arnav too realise what just happened. Though he wasn’t regretting it but seeing her teary eyes he felt bad and move forward to console her when she showed him her hands stopping him.


“Arnav please! I want to be alone,” saying this she faced her back to him while he too left from their silently not wanting her to hurt her more. But there was one more person who had witnessed it all.


Precap: Some revelation *Wink*


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