Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 22)




But soon Khushi was brought out of her revere when she heard someone calling her, only to find a man with curly hairs wearing white shirt, loose pants, a thin, metal framed pair of spectacles settled on the bridge of his pointed nose looking towards her.


“Aman?” she asked.


“Yes Khushi,” he said with a small smile, taking a seat in front of her while she gaped at him.

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“You? You know my real name? I mean to say that you know I’m not your boss’ wife?” she asked unsure as to how come and how much he knows about it.


“Yes Khushi I know your real name and also why are you acting as Muskaan,” said Aman with a smile.


“But how?” she asked with panic in her voice.


“Oh! Don’t panic. Actually Shyam itself told me about you and the circumstances in which you become Muskaan from Khushi.”


“Oh!” she sighed in relief, and after a hiatus added “But that means everyone out here knows about it?”


“No Khushi, apart from me no one here knows about this truth because it can create problems in front of ASR.”


“Hmm! You’re right. But I’m happy that I don’t have to pretend in front of you,” she said with a sweet smile lingering on her lips which was reciprocated by Aman who responded in positive.


“Yes, you don’t have to pretend in front of me. Okay! Now as you’re working as ASR’s personal secretary so tell me dear how much you know about this post. I mean have you ever worked somewhere?”


“Ugh! No Aman I’ve no experience in this. Have never worked somewhere so…” she trailed off feeling a bit uneasy.


“Oh! Okay! No problem Khushi! There is always a first chance. Isn’t it?” he asked raising his brow at which Khushi nodded her head with a smile.



“Okay! So now I’ll brief you about your work and then you can carry on from there,” he said rubbing his hand then started briefing her while Khushi keenly listened to him not wanting to make any mistake.







Here in Raizada Mansion Anjali was pacing up and down while Priya too was sitting on the couch looking worried.


“Mom! I’m really worried. Will she be able to handle it all? Should I call her?” she asked biting her nails.


“Anju darling, like you I too am worried. But we can’t just call her. Right? It’s not even two-hours. Moreover Aman is there and I really trust him. He’ll handle it all.”


“But mom what if?”


“Don’t worry dear. By the way if something has gone wrong then he must has call us. So relax.”


“My Mother-in-law is saying correct wifey,” came a voice from the threshold of main door making their head turn to find Shyam Jha standing at the threshold.


“Shyam you so soon? Weren’t you saying that today you’ve a hearing at the court so it can take more time?”


“Yes Anju. But then judge wasn’t well so it got postponed and then I thought to come home because I knew my wife too well to understand that she’ll be hell worried and see I was so right,” he said placing an arm around her shoulder after keeping his briefcase on the table and made her sat on the couch while he himself sat beside her.


“Why’re you getting so worried dear?”


“Shyam! You know how the things are here then…”


“Shh!” he sushed her placing his finger on her lips and said “I know baby that you’re worried for Arnav. But at the same time you shouldn’t forget that you’re not alone now.”


Keeping a hand on her swollen belly he continued “There is someone with you every second and your feelings affect him/her. And regarding Arnav and Khushi, then why to worry when Aman is there. You know Aman is capable of handling everything. And if still something goes out of control then he would definitely let us know. So just relax now.”


“You’re absolutely right daamadji. I too was trying to tell her the same thing for so long, but you know her. She’ll never listen to any of us when it’s about Arnav. My dear now you’re not alone so don’t take so much stress,” Priya said caressing her hairs.


“Don’t worry mom! I’ve something for her which’ll in a split second bring a smile on my queen’s frowning face,” Shyam said with a smile.


“Oh! Is it? Then show us. After all we too should know what it is that will bring a smile on my daughter’s face,” Priya said seconded by Anjali.


“Of-course!” saying this he opened the brief-case and took out a packet, handling it to his lovely wife he said “Open it and let me know do you like it or not.”


Smilingly she took the packet from his hand and tore it open, only to gasp upon seeing the beautiful seafoam colour net sari with heavy embroidery.


“Wow! It’s beautiful,” she said looking towards the sari with appreciation in her eyes.


“Yes daamadji. This sari is really beautiful,” seconded Priya.


“By the way, how come you get the time to buy this beautiful piece of work,” Anjali asked showing the sari in front of his eyes.


“Well! If not for anyone else then for sure I can take out time for my beautiful wifey that too when Karvachauth is around,”


“Not around damadji. It’s day after tomorrow.”


“Same mom,” he said with a smile but soon found the sweet smile vanishing from his wife’s face which soon got replaced by a frown.


“What happened Anju?” he asked upon seeing the frowning lines appearing on her forehead


“Don’t tell me that this time also you’ll not be with me on Karvachauth eve like last time.”


“Oh! No! No! Can’t take the risk this time otherwise don’t know what punishment I’ll get especially when you’re pregnant? Can’t bear your anger and mood swings together,” he said with a while while Anjali pout in anger.






Here in the office, Khushi was seriously engrossed in her work not wanting anyone to point a finger on her capability. Though all this was new to her but then she is a very good learner and thus grasped everything in one chance making Aman to give her an appreciative glance. Moreover she wasn’t able to supress her emotions today. Though it isn’t what all she’d wanted in life. But definitely it is one of her wish- a wish to work with a big company. Though it’s exactly not what she’d wanted but then something is better than nothing is what she thought and continued doing her work with full enthusiasm.


While Khushi was so engrossed in her work on the other hand Arnav from his cabin was kept glancing at her every while with a sweet smile like cherishing all her cute antics like chewing her pen, blowing the strand of hair coming in front of her eyes to his heart fill when his eyes suddenly landed on the calendar.


“Oh fish! How can I forget it?” sighing he look towards the wall-clock only to realise it’s almost time for lunch-break. Immediately he dialled to Khushi and ask her to come in his cabin.


After a few seconds there was a knock on his cabin door which immediately bring a smile on his perfect M-shaped lips.


Saying a soft come-in he waited for his love to enter.


“Sir, you called me?” Khushi asked coming in front of his chair while the smile from Arnav’s lips vanished giving a place to the frown to settle on his forehead.


“What the Muski? Why’re you calling me sir?” he asked a bit angry.


“Ugh! Oh! Then what should I call you? I mean you’re the boss here so shouldn’t I call you sir?” she asked a bit scared cursing herself for not asking from anyone as to how Muskaan used to address him earlier.


“Yes, it’s true that I’m the boss but that doesn’t mean that you’ve to call me sir. My staff calls me ASR and I too prefer it over sir or boss.”


“Oh! I see! So that means I should call you ASR,” she asked at which he groaned and said “From when did you started calling me ASR Muski? As far as I know you never loved calling me ASR as you always feel that it’s like a child recalling some alphabets.”


“Oh! Well! Umm! I thought I forgot that,” she said giving a sheepish smile not really knowing what to do.


While Arnav came near her and cupping her face said “I’m sorry Muski. It’s just that I was so happy to spend some time with you alone and when you called me sir getting so formal something snapped inside me making me forget that you don’t remember about us,” he said with a sad smile while Khushi’s heart dropped a bit seeing him so sad. Placing her hand over his she said “It’s not that I forgot only you Arnav. It’s just that I even forgot myself,” she said trying to ease his sadness not knowing why his sadness was effecting her so much that instead of making him show the difference between Khushi and Muskaan she was giving him one more reason to believe that she is Muskaan and not some Khushi, courtesy her heart which wasn’t able to bear his hurt look.


“It’s okay Khushi, I understand,” saying this he pecked her forehead making her heart flutter.


To ignore the irregular and pacing lub-dub of her heart Khushi asked taking a step back from his embrace “Umm! Arnav you’ve called me? Something important?”


“Oh! That! No! Nothing as such Muski. It was nearing lunch-break so I thought of you joining me.”


“But wouldn’t it look odd? I mean a mere secretary having lunch with the boss?” she asked apprehensively forgetting that she isn’t neither Khushi nor only a mere secretary to feel odd. But the very next moment she realised her folly as she got a sharp glare from Arnav.


“Muski though you don’t remember the past but I would appreciate if you do remember this that even though you’re working as my personal secretary but still you’re the owner of this whole empire including Arnav Singh Raizada’s heart,” he said with a glint of pride in his eyes making her feel all the more guilty.


‘I’m sorry Arnav… I’m really sorry for keeping you in dark, for making you wish for a mirage which at the end of the day will only give you pain. But as of now I’ve no other better option than this. I just hope when the truth will surface then you’ll be able to forgive me for breaking your heart in zillionth of pieces.’ Khushi was thinking this when she was brought out of her stupor by Arnav’s next set of words.


“Well! Before having our lunch I want you to come with me,” he said with a smile.


“Me? But where?” she asked like a scared kitten.


“That you’ll know when we’ll reach there now come,” saying this he placed his hand on her tiny waist sending jolts down her body making her jump, but before she could even think of stepping back she found herself out of the cabin and not wanting to create a scene she keep silent throwing profanities towards this love-sick puppy in her mind who at a time is all sweet and cute while other time is hell dominating. The way he pounced on her for calling herself a mere secretary give her a fair idea how dominating can he be if given a chance and she so much wanted to spank him for showing his authority and dominance over her but then the next second she calmed herself realising that she isn’t Khushi but Muskaan for him and it’s not the home but his office.




After a few minutes they were in front of a door which makes Khushi confused. Here she was thinking that he is taking her out somewhere but bursting her bubble now she stood in front of a door in the same office only to find him putting password in the electric locker and soon the door got unlocked.


Opening the door Arnav ushered her inside only to hear her gasps in shock.


“OMG! They’re so beautiful,” she said seeing the beautiful designer saris.


“You liked them?” he asked.


“No stupid, I loved them,” she said still in her wonderland moving towards the collection where all the saris are placed.


“Are all these for any fashion show?” she asked still dazed.


“No Muski. They’re exclusive, neither for any fashion show nor for sale.”


“Then?” she asked now turning towards her in surprise that these beautiful pieces of work aren’t up for any fashion show.


“Umm! Well! They’re my personal designs you see and Arnav Singh Raizada work only for special things or persons. So all these things which I’ve personally made are here in this room and used only by my family.”




“Hmm! Well! I’ve not bring here to show you all these,” he said with a lopsided smile.


“Then?” she asked unsure.


“Wait a minute,” saying this he took out a packet from the cupboard and forwarded it in front of her making her furrow her eyebrow.


“Take it. This is for you,” he said.


Hesitantly Khushi took the packet from his hand and asked “Should I open it?”


“Of course!” he assured while Khushi tore open the packet in wonderment only to gasp upon seeing a beautiful piece of red-pink combo sari with beautiful work on it.


“Marvellous!” was the only word which she uttered upon seeing it.


“You like it?” he asked.


“I loved it,” she simply replied with a beautiful smile grazing her petals.


“I’m glad you did.”


“But why this sari? I mean…”


She hasn’t even completed her sentence when Arnav interrupted her and said “Because It is my first ever work Muski and I’d made it thinking about my future wife which are you but unfortunately never got to give you this before but then what can be the better day to gift you this other than now,” then taking a pregnant pause he added “Muski! I’d always wanted to see you in this sari. And now I want you to wear this day after tomorrow on the eve of karvachauth.”


~So what do you guys think will be Khushi’s reaction to Arnav’s demand? *Wink*


*I’d thought to write more. But this update already crossed 2400+words. So now you’ve to wait for the next update for the upcoming sequence. Giving you a precap for it though*


Precap: A kiss or not? *Wink* *Wink*





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  2. When I read this ff I feel it’s justify title n as aman is strong pillar is wd kushi so no fear dear loved it n waiting for next


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