Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 21)

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PART- 21

  Arnav holds her hand as though giving her assurance and afterward the two enters inside through the glass entryway just to discover all the employees gazing towards them making Khushi shifts on her legs in nervousness which wasn’t hidden from Arnav.
  Looking towards her he blinks his eyes assuring her and then looking ahead where the employees were gathered he said in a monotonous voice “As you all know that I’d been away from here due to some personal reasons, but now that I’m back I would want everything to be back as to how it used to be. Am I clear?”
  Upon getting a positive response from them he took a deep sig
h and then placing her hand on his waist. Ignoring her loud gasp he said still addressing to the employees “And that’s not all! As you all know that after my marriage we had met with an accident and everyone assumed that my Muskaan is no more. But that isn’t the truth, as you all can see that my life- my wife Mrs. Muskaan Arnav Singh Raizada is standing in front of you alive, though that accident has snatched her memories from her but I would like everyone to co-operate with her and make her comfortable with you all,” saying this he look towards his life and then giving a beautiful smile to her he said “Let’s go Muski. I’ll show you your desk.”


  Here as soon as Arnav kept his hand on Khushi’s waist a small gasped escaped from her lips. His fingers on her waist sends a tingling sensation through her body making her heart took a marathon. She kept her hand on her left-breast scared that he was able to hear it. But soon she came out of her muddled thoughts when she heard him speak to her.
  Not knowing what to say she nodded her head giving him a small smile which was reciprocated by him and then they both move away towards the first floor and soon they enter inside a room painted with puce colour, having one floor to ceiling window facing the main road while the other window having shutter facing another room so that one can see through it when required. On the grey desk sat a desktop computer, a notebook lying on its right side and a stack of paper lying under an apple-shaped paper-weight. In a corner the air-conditioner was blasting at medium, and there was a swivel chair in the middle of the room. A bookshelf filled with different files was placed in the corner.
  Roaming her eyes around the room Khushi murmurs “I like it Arnav.”
  “Why not? After all it’s all your idea,” he said winking at her making her smile faltered.
  “Ugh! Oh! May be!” she said regaining her composure and then after a hiatus added “Arnav! I think you should move to your cabin now. After all you must be having so much of work. Don’t you?”
  “Honestly Muski when you’re with me I don’t want to work. But then I know that it can’t be done. So yes I’m going and whenever I would feel like looking at you then this will help,” saying this he pointed towards the blind-shutter window which connecting both the cabins making Khushi rolled her eyes.
  “Hmm! Okay! Now go and do your work,” she said at which he nodded and turn to go, but then turning back towards her he said “Oh! Yes! Aman will be coming here shortly to brief you about your work and all the past projects.”
  “Oh! Okay!”
  As soon as Arnav left from there Khushi thumped on the swivel-chair while looking around and with a mocking smile twitched on her lips thought.
  Where has my life brought me? Why it is that things always keeps on messing up in my life? The thing which I used to love so much. The thing which I’ve to leave, now today the same thing is with me again but not in the same way. Huh! What a paradox? Someone has said so true, that life is nothing but a paradox of love and hate, selfishness and selflessness.
  Thinking this she leaned back while closing her eyes remembering something.
   “Kitty what’re you doing? And why’re you doing this?” he asked cupping her face not liking where all these things were leading to.
  At this Khushi look towards him with her soggy eyes and said “I’m doing what is good for all Niks.”
 Running a frustrated hand through his gelled hair he said “Oh! Really? And in this ‘all’ of yours are you included by any chance?”
  Hearing him ask her something whose answer she herself doesn’t have, she looked down at the floor, fiddling with her fingers.
  “Your silence had already answered me Kitty. There is nothing more left now,” saying this he stood up to go only to be stopped by her.
  “Where’re you going now?” she asked afraid.
  “Where I should’ve gone long time back,” he said in a determined voice.
  Understanding what he implied by it she pleaded him “No Niks! You’ll not do anything as such. Please!”
  “Why not Kitty? Why not?” he asked a little angrily now.
  “You know it Niks. If you do so then everything will become complicated,” she said sighing, trying to make him understand. But this time he was in no mood to understand anything. He had decided and he’ll abide by it no matter what.
  “Things are already complicated Kitty. And I’m not trying to tangle it more, instead I’m just trying to untangle the knots which you’ve not done from so long.”
  “You think I don’t?” she asked apprehensively.
  “I don’t think Kitty because I knew you haven’t,” he said holding her shoulders, making her disappointed but this time he didn’t back out.
  After a hiatus he took a deep sigh and said “I know you want them to love you and you’ve tried everything in you to the extent of sacrificing all of your happiness just to make them love you but then also you’ve not gotten what you’d wished for- their love. Am I right Kitty?” he asked making her look down with tears trickling from the corner of her eyes.
  Wiping her tears, he cupped her face and asked “But you know why you didn’t succeed in it?”
  At this Khushi nodded her head very innocently in denial waiting for him to tell what was she missing till now.
  “You’re trying to gain the love without detangling the knots of hatred.”
  “Shhh!” he said placing his fingers on her lips and continued “Go to the bottom of this, only then you’ll be able to untangle it all,” he said giving a light peck on her forehead making a bright smile  appeared on her petals.
“You know? You’re the best,” she said with a small smile lingering on her rosy lips.
  “Oh yes! I do know Kitty,” he said wiping the moisture from the corner of her eyes.
  Giving him a sweet smile she garlands her arm around his neck and asked “So what next? I mean have you thought something in regard of it?”
  “Hmm! Khushi your first step will be to stop sacrificing your dreams, wishes and happiness for others. Am I clear?”
  At this she nodded her head in acceptance and then look towards him like a curious kid making him smile.
  “Khushi now that you’ve decided to act upon my advice then the first thing we’ve to do is make them agree for it.”
  “But how? They’ll never agree.”
  “They’ve to, by hook or by crook,” he said winking at her and then added in a serious yet determined voice “And today I, Nikhil Randhawa promised you that I’ll set everything right for you.”
  “What is going in that devil mind of yours?” she asked knowing well that he is up-to something.
  “Well! Nothing much. Just that we both know that we’ll not be able to do anything to make them agree. Right?”
  “Hmm!” she summed in affirmation.
  “But then you’ve forgot that there is only one person who can make them agree for it. Isn’t it?”
  “You mean?” she asked not wanting to think on those lines.
  “Of course it’s her Kitty. It’s only her,” he said grinning ear to ear.
  “But she’ll be disappointed with me Niks and you know it,” she said scared of her reaction.
  “Well! Your fault,” he said with a wink while she pout in disappointment knowing well she is a gone case now.
  But soon she was brought out of her revere when she heard someone calling her, only to find a man with curly hairs wearing white shirt, loose pants, a thin, metal framed pair of spectacles settled on the bridge of his pointed nose looking towards her.
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  1. Superb part.. Arnav is happy to have his Khushi in his office.. well waiting to know more about Khushi and her story.. who is this Niks and more about Khushi's family?? loved the update.. 🙂

  2. Read a couple of Parts together to get a grip

    After so much struggle to have Khushi close to him , he finally had her in his office, still we don't know much about Khushi in this story.

    Who is this Niksh?
    Was he from the past?
    or he is new to add new twist?

    will wait for the answers

  3. Just read the entire story. Wonder if Khushi actually did lose some memories. Maybe she was pretending to be Muskan for some time and then lost that memory?


  4. Wow! Saw you after a long time di…
    Hope u r doing good…
    Yes! he did had her in his office… close to him… 😉 Poor Khushi! ;P
    Yes! Nikhs (Nikhil) is from her past… I've mentioned him earlier too….
    He is someone really special…. Any you must have got this after reading this update too… 🙂

  5. Wonderful update loved it
    Arnav is very happy to have Khushi in his office
    But Khuhsi is sad what is Khushi's past its look like her past is tensed with Arnav's family
    Waiting for next update eagerly

  6. Nice as the story is moving now.
    Arnav is happy having his lady right next to him yet she is not happy.hmm, tough luck!
    WHo is Nks? another one who will add est in Arshi life or will be cringing one.
    Let’s see

    • Poor her di…. Kya h naa bechari fast gayi h ki kya kare aur kya naa kare… Btw wait karo u will know who is this Normal 😊😉

  7. Nice as the story is moving now.
    Arnav is happy having his lady right next to him yet she is not happy.hmm, tough luck!
    WHo is Nks? another one who will add est in Arshi life or will be cringing one.
    Let’s see

    Sorry I forgot to add my name

  8. so… khushi family never accepted her and give her the love
    only niks supported her .. give her the strength
    so to be successful is khushi dream…is there where she is now…
    niks helping her cause .. khushi to lose him


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