Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 20)


PART- 20

  Keeping the photograph he turned back just to discover his love emerging out of lavatory, wiping her wet hairs with the towel and wearing a charming pink shading teddy-printed night suit looking not less than any angel.
  Arnav was gazing at her with his honey orbs when he heard her musical voice.
  “Arnav! You here?” Khushi asked widening her eyes on this startling visit that too at the odd hour.
  “Ugh! Yes! Really couldn’t converse with you the entire day so now came here to have some time with you.”
  Khushi was stunned to hear him say so, yet she couldn’t trust anything less from him. Could she? No. The man who is so much in love with his better half that he can overlook everything else in her love & affection can do everything without exception.
  Gosh! I was so happy, that in any event for a day I’ll be far from his cheesiness, however no… this love sick man will never give me a chance to live in peace. Huh!
  She was thinking all this when her eyes landed on the closed door.
 “Why have you bolted the door?” asked Khushi stepping back, apprehensive of his expectations now.


  As though understanding her thought Arnav himself steps back and said “Muski don’t get frightened. It’s that that you’re my better half and love of my life, however I also know that you don’t recollect about our affection any longer. And trust me I’ll never constrain you for anything with which you’re not happy.”
  “Is it so?”
  “But, then why’d you bolted the 
door?” asked Khushi innocently.
  At this Arnav just grins and said “Well! That is on the grounds that I don’t need anybody to see me here else they would have something to embarrass me like they used to do earlier, which I don’t need, particularly when you don’t recollect anything about us.”
  Oh God! Nobody had said him anything as they knew very well that I’m not Muskaan but Khushi. But, then unquestionably for you I’m Muski so you would think all of these things, she pondered to herself and afterwards gave him a forced smile.
  “Oh Okay! Thanks for thinking so much Arnav.”
  “If not for you then for whom I’ll think?” he asked sweetly at which she looks down wriggling with her fingers and afterward asked “By the way, aren’t you feeling sleepy? Ugh! I mean it’s getting late and tomorrow you’ve to go to your office as well. So…” she trailed off.
  “Well! At present I’m with one of the most important person of my life so no worries. Also, furthermore, it’s me as well as you too who needs to go to office with me tomorrow,” he said winking.
  “That is simply the main issue,” she mumbles and after that looking towards him with a smile said ‘Yes! That is the reason I was thinking that we should rest.”
  “Not reasonable Muski! I’ve been kicking the bucket to be with you from morning and here you’re hell bent on driving me out of the room,” Arnav said whimpering like a little youngster.
  At this Khushi gives a sheepish smile while Arnav proceeded “Yet don’t believe that I’ll comply with this. No ways. I’ve concluded that I’ll go to rest simply after my heart got fulfilled even a bit, so now come and sit with me,” saying this he sat on the bed while Khushi too sat beside to him making faces.
“So how was your day?” asked Arnav.
  What’s more, with that, began their tattles. Khushi who wasn’t interested earlier later she too got engrossed with him and none of them realised that they’ve been talking for so long until Khushi started yawning.
  “Muski! Feeling tired?”
  “Well!” murmured Khushi with her drowsy eyes while Arnav looked towards the wall-clock which was indicating quarter past one.
  “Oh! Now, it’s quite late. I think you should sleep now,” saying this he makes her stand and after that bringing her towards the bed makes her lay down.
  As soon as Khushi hit the bed she went into deep slumber while Arnav secured her with the duvet.
  “Sweet dreams my love,” saying this he placed a light peck on her brow and left from that point towards his room.
  Next morning Arnav was very-energized and this was seen on his sparkling face too and why not? After all today his Muski will go along with him to his office.
  While on the other hand Khushi was sulking inside. Though she can’t show it to anybody, however in her heart she was cursing herself to propose Arnav about office. In any case, she knew she can’t do anything.
  Here these two were in their own glad and dismal world, but there were others too who were worried for the same.
  “Shyam! I hope things will go according to our plan. You realize that it is Khushi’s first day and she’d never been to office, so…” trailed off Anjali.
  “Try not to frenzy so much sweetheart. It’s bad for your health,” said Shyam and after a hiatus he added “Also we’ve disclosed everything to her as much as we can.”
  “But still Shyam.”
  “Then we’ve to trust Aman, Anjali. I know he’ll deal with everything,” he said squinting his eyes in affirmation at which Anjali too nodded while both Arnav and Khushi left in the car towards the office.
  All the while Khushi was gazing out of the car thinking about her first day in the office, past the hurdles of numerous cars towards the horizon where the sun was descending spreading the reddish hue in the welkin making the sky look ethereal. And this time for her good luck, Arnav too didn’t disturbed her as he’d to reply to some urgent mails. And, till the time he answered to them they’re in their office.
  Khushi was dumbstruck to see such an eminent building before herself. It’s an enormous five-story office assembling, all bended glass and steel, a modeler’s utilitarian dream, with RFH composed discreetly in steel over the glass front entryways.
  When the car came to halt she steps out of it in trance while Arnav too steps out and came towards her side. Putting his hands on her shoulder he brings her out of her trance and said “Come!” and move towards the front entryway while Khushi matched his steps. The two were trailed by Arnav’s bodyguards.
  While inside the siren rings declaring that their boss has come and everybody scattered towards their work space in order to not baffle their hot-headed but rather attractive boss.
  Every one of the young ladies were looking towards the entryway like normal however today along with young ladies, others too were looking in the similar direction and the reason was to see the spouse of mighty Raizada who was presumed to be dead two years back.
  Here all the staff and workers were interested to see Mrs. Muskaan Raizada who was once used to work with them while on the opposite side Khushi was in a daze as she realized that she is with someone who is not less than any king of the fairy tales she used to hear in her childhood. Thinking this she enters inside the elevator alongside Arnav and the bodyguards which whisks them at its terminal speed to the fifth floor. The entryway slide open and they turned out in another extensive lobby – again all glass, steel, and white sandstone.
  Arnav holds her hand as though giving her assurance and afterward the two enters inside through the glass entryway just to discover all the employees gazing towards them.
Precap: Khushi thinking about Past.
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  1. Arnav in this story is so much in love with his muskaan. I can feel it from this single update.
    And now khushi is in office where she is known as muskaan. Dont know she will handle this situation.anyway i am eager to know about khushi's past.

  2. Nice one
    Arnav trying to talk to khushi n spend time with her
    Whilst khushi is irritated with his lovey doveyness
    Arnav not taking no for answer though n soon khushi relaxed
    Now it's her first day at work hope goes ok
    cant wait for mystery to be revealed is khushi anything to do with mishty
    Wouldn't it be gr8 is she was mishty n she just lost her memory or something
    Looking forward to next update for past
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment Heatsha8176 🙂
    Well definitely it would be great… but then things are still under wrap here….
    Let the story move forward and you will get to know many things…. 😉

  4. So Khushi finally is here at office with Arnav.. well can understand enthusiasm among workers to meet their old colleague.. will be waiting to see what happens that Khushi is thinking about past.. loved the updates..

    thanks for pm 🙂

  5. so khushi is still in daze… with arnav stand
    in love with muskaan…
    now both in office…this love sick arnav…
    very soft … when do we see the active one back



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