Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 19)


PART- 19

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  “But why hadn’t Arnav come till now? It’s been already more than half-an-hour that I’d talked to Aman while it hardly takes twenty-twenty five minutes to reach home from office,” Priya added after a hiatus, a bit worried for her son.


  “It must be due to traffic, he must be reaching. You don’t worry,” Shyam tried to console his mother-in-law.



  “But! I’m afraid. It’s been two years that he’d gone out somewhere that too alone and…” but her voice trailed off as soon as she heard the screeching sound of car and hurriedly dashed outside while Shyam followed her not before giving instruction to Ramlal to handle the cooking.



  Arnav entered inside the mansion with laptop bag in his right hand, a small smile playing on his manly lips while a spark in has caramel orbs only to be greeted by the enchanting sight of the love of his life- his wife sitting with his elder sister and niece talking animatedly, making his smile widen.



  Priya who has come out of kitchen by now saw her son standing on the entrance making her frown, but when she follow the eyes of her son she finds the reason behind it too.



  She doesn’t know what should she feel now? At one instance she is happy and thanks god zillionth of time to send this angel in their home, because with her their lost hopes too had rekindled, but at the same time, fear of the consequences on the revelation of truth appal her, sending goose-bumps down her body.



  But she was soon brought of her stupor when she felt someone wiping the tears which came out of her eyes unknowingly.



  She looked up only to find her son-in-law standing beside her, wiping her tears while gesturing her not to cry.



  “Mom! Our sad time is over. See for yourself,” saying this he pointed towards Arnav and then added “Now all we’ve to do is give him our support so that he’ll never fall back again.”



  “I know dear! But I’m scared… scared for his reaction when he’ll get to know about Khushi’s truth,” Priya said worriedly.



  “I totally understand your concern mom, but then nothing is in our hands. Let the time decide its fate, but till then be happy and live each and every moment which you’ve missed from last two years with your son,” he said with a smile and then move towards Arnav.



  Placing hand on his shoulder he lightly whispered near his ear “Arnav dear! If you’ve fill of staring towards Muskaan then do have a glance towards your mother too who from god knows how long was waiting for your arrival.”



  At this Arnav jerked back from his revere and looked beside him to find his brother-in-law winking at him. Giving out a sheepish smile he looked towards his mother who was standing near the threshold of Kitchen with damp eyes, while her right hand having the end of her lemon colour printed georgette sari with blue floral border to wipe the moisture of her eyes was clearly showing her state.



  Not able to see it anymore he move forward towards her other while keeping the bag on the sofa which grabbed the attention of his sister, wife and niece who squealed in happiness to find her mamu back and got up to hug him only to stop when she saw him hugging her naani.



  “Mom! Why’re you crying? You know that I can’t see you like this?” Arnav asked taking his mother in his warmly embrace which was reciprocated with the same intensity.



  After a minute or two they parted from the hug and cupping his face Priya asked “Then why’re you making me cry from last two years?”



  At this Arnav looks down and said “Mom you know I… I… I never wanted to… but it’s just that… I… I… I loved her so much mom that I couldn’t control myself and…”



  “Okay! Enough now! I don’t want to get emotional otherwise later on you guys will be cribbing about the same. So better you guys stop talking all senti,” Anjali said pouting not wanting her brother to get emotional or stressed out.



  “Well! I second Anjali in this,” said Shyam.



  “Of course you’ll, because it’s only you who has to bear the burn of it,” Arnav said winking at his brother-in-law.



  At this everyone laughed out loud while Pari move towards Arnav and pulled his pant making him looks down.



  “What happened to my cutie-pie?” he asked taking the little girl in his arms.



  At this Pari placed a wet-sloppy kiss with a loud smacking sound on his right cheek and said pouting in her babyish voice.



  “You forget to take me in your arms and gives me your special kiss, so I’ve to remind you naa…”



  At this everyone just double-up with laughter while Arnav rubbed his face with Pari’s after which he placed five kisses in a row at the same place and then said “Sorry doll! But promise this’ll not happen ever again,” saying this he pinched his throat



  “Then where is my chocolate?” she asked cutely at which Anjali rolled her eyes, Khushi frowned as to where this chocolate comes up while others except Arnav just smiled.



  “Chocolate? But for what?” Arnav asked frowning.



  “Arey! Buddhu mamu! You’ll have to give me a chocolate to seal the promise,” saying this Pari face-palmed while Arnav’s eyes widen remembering his niece’s weird demand and he look towards his brother-in-law who just shrugged his shoulder and said “Arnav always remember ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ Remember earlier you used to give her chocolates while making every promise. So now here is the result,” saying this Shyam pointed towards his daughter who pouted sadly while every other member giggles at Arnav’s plight.



  While the man in question looked towards his niece to find her sad and not able to see the same he said “Baby! As of now maamu has no chocolate but I promised that tomorrow when I’ll come back I’ll bring not one but three chocolates for you.”



  “Three chocolates? Really?” asked Pari with her twinkling eyes as if she’d got the whole universe down her foot.



  “Really! Two for my two promises and one more as maamu is sorry for forgetting his princess promise deal,” said Arnav kissing her nose making her squealed in happiness.



  “Arnav! No! Don’t pamper her too much,” said Anjali eyeing her daughter.



  “Oho! Come on di! For last two years she was away from my pampering, so now time to settle things,” he said with joy evident in his eyes.



  “But…” Anjali tried to say something but was interrupted.



  “Okay! First go and freshen-up, after which we’ll talk and have dinner,” said Priya interrupting her two grown-up kids.



  At this Arnav put Pari down and nodding his head left towards his room while everyone else were having smile on their faces.



  After that all have their dinner together except Raj who was out for dinner-meeting. While dining they chat on various topics, happy to spend time with the one who was not with them all this time even after being living with them. But the man in question was stealing glances of the girl sitting across him while impatiently waiting for everyone to finish the food.



  After having their dinner for around one more hour they kept talking, making Arnav to test his patience until Raj came back after which everyone retires to their room while after some time Arnav stealthily came out of his room and move towards Khushi’s room.



  But when he peep inside to see what she was doing he didn’t find her anywhere but soon heard the sound of shower making him realise that his Mrs. is taking night shower.



  Smilingly, he sneaked inside and bolted the door and move towards the bed post, taking the picture frame of his lady love placed on the corner beside the bed, he trailed his finger upon it while his lips curved up a bit.



  When’ll we be like the old times Muski? Though I always told you that I’ll wait for you but it’s not as easy as it seems. You don’t know my condition to see you so near to me but couldn’t reach you, could touch you but can’t feel you. I’m just like the thirsty man in deserted area who feels happy to see oasis but as he reaches near it he knew that it was nothing but mirage, he thought to himself when he heard the opening sound of door.



  Keeping the photo he turned back only to find his love emerging out of bathroom, wiping her wet hairs with the towel and wearing a cute pink colour teddy-printed night suit looking no less than any angel.



  Arnav was staring at her with his honey-orbs when he heard her melodious voice.



  “Arnav! You here?” Khushi asked widening her eyes on this unexpected visit that too at the odd hour.



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  1. Nice part.. felt good to see everybody having good time in Raizada mansion after long.. can understand Arnav's condition but at the same feel sorry for him.. loved the update.. 🙂


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