Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 18)


PART- 18



  After showing the clothes to them and having the lunch she came back in her room. Taking a good nap, now here she was arranging all the dresses she brought earlier in her wardrobe when she heard the knock on the door. Upon looking back she found Anjali standing on the threshold with a small smile playing on her lips.



  “Anjali! You here?” Khushi asked.



  “Why? Can’t I come?” Anjali asked.



  “I didn’t mean it that way,” Khushi said gesturing her to come inside.



  “I know,” said Anjali entering inside the room and then looking around she asked “So setting the clothes?”






  “Good! Well! I hope you are not nervous about your first day at office?” Anjali said trying to help her keeping the clothes in wardrobe when Khushi stopped her and said “Why are you doing this?”



  “Umm! Didn’t you like me helping you?” Anjali asked apprehensively looking at Khushi’s hands which are over hers.



  “Ofo! I didn’t stop you because of this stupid reason. Rather I stopped you because I didn’t wanted you to work in such a condition,” she said pointing towards her little baby-bump.



  “Not you Khushi! Humph! Every other family memberss are already behind me saying don’t do this, don’t do that. Now you also don’t start. Moreover it’s not my first time and anyways I can do this much at least,” Anjali said annoyed at everyone’s babysitting behaviour towards her.



  “Hmm! So what if it’s your first time or second? You needs to be treated the same way one should while being pregnant. And I’m not stopping you because I think you shouldn’t work even a bit. Rather I am stopping you because I knew you must be tired due to our shopping spree. So now you should rest rather than roaming around. Period! Ugh! Sorry! If my stopping you like that hurts you in anyway as my intention wasn’t the one. Period! I know I’m not your family but it’s just that I was concerned for you.”



  “Oho! What are you sorry for? Khushi I liked it that you’re concerned for me because this shows that you feel us as your own,” Anjali said cupping her face.



  “By the way you’d still not answered my question. Are you nervous for tomorrow?” she asked after a hiatus.



  “Umm! If truth is to be said then yes, I’m a bit nervous.”






  “Ugh! What do you mean by it?”



  “Simple! Is it the work? Or Arnav?” Anjali asked raising her eyebrow.



  “Well! Umm! Both,” Khushi said looking down towards her fiddling fingers.



  “Hmm!” she hummed and then taking the clothes froarshi-ff-deserted-lovem Khushi’s hands she makes her sit on the bed, cupping her face she said “I understand Khushi that it’s not easy for you. First you’ve to be around Arnav and if that was not enough now you’ll be joining office and handling the work. Okay! Tell me had you ever work?”



  “Ugh! No!”



  “Hmm! Then it’s going to be a bit difficult for you. But don’t worry we all are with you and Arnav too will be lenient with you,” she said winking at which Khushi just smiled a little.





  Here whole day after going through various project files one after other Arnav got tired and now was resting while leaning his head on the chair-post with closed eyes when someone knock on the door of his cabin.



  “Come in,” saying this he straightened himself and looks up only to find Aman entering inside his cabin.



  “Aman? What happened?”



  “Nothing ASR! Ugh! I think you should leave now for your home.”



  “Huh! Aman! I’m your or boss or vice-versa,” Arnav asked standing up from his seat and folding his hands across his chest.



  “Umm! You of course ASR! But why’re you asking this stupid question?” Aman asked frowning.



  “What to do Aman? You’re ordering me as such that it looks like you’re the boss and I the employee.”



   “Oh!” saying this he scratched the back of his head and then giving a sheepish smile said “Ugh! Sorry ASR! Actually aunty called few minutes back telling me to convey that now you should head back home. So…” he trailed off.



  “Oh! Ugh! Okay! Moreover it’s good that I’ll be able to go home soon as this way I’ll be able to spend some quality time with Muski too.”



  “Hmm!” Aman hummed sadly and then in no time Arnav left taking his laptop bag with him, but not before asking Aman to tell Lisa to arrange his cabin before leaving.



  Aman look at his retreating figure and murmurs “I don’t know whether what your family is doing currently is good for you or not? If one see the present scenario then they should sit and relax as all this is making you come out of the world you’ve created on your own. But if we see towards the future outcome then I’m afraid. Afraid that this time your sorrow will intensify then earlier. Because this time not only your hope will break but also the dream-castles which you’re building will shattered into so small pieces that no one will be able to mend it. Period! I just hope that god will do some miracle to not let you fall apart this time somehow. But other than that I’ll also be keeping my eyes open so that Muskaan’s look-a-like will not be able to take any undue advantage of this situation as we knew nothing about her. Oh god! Please just be with ASR. Help him out to recover from his past. Please god!”




  Here in Raizada Mansion Anjali along with her daughter Pari and Khushi was sitting in the main hall chatting with each other while on the other hand Priya was busy in preparing her son’s favourite dishes where as her son-in-law was also present there busy in cursing the mood-swings of his darling wife while preparing chocolate mousse for her.



  “Mom? Why do these wives got so moody while pregnant?” Shyam asked.



  “Son! This you should ask from the child which is craving for all these sitting in your wife’s belly,” replied Priya.



  “Humph! Baby’s craving had make me a cook,” whined Shyam while Priya rolled her eyes and said “This you should thought before making your wife pregnant.”



  “Will remember it next time,” he murmurs.



  “What? You said something?” asked Priya hearing his murmur.



  “Oh! I was saying that this was not the case when she was pregnant with Pari?”



  “Because every child is different son,” she said while frying the veggies.



  “But why hadn’t Arnav come till now? It’s been already more than half-an-hour that I talk to Aman while it hardly takes twenty-twenty five minutes to reach home from office,” Priya added after a hiatus, a bit worried for her son.



  “It must be due to traffic, he must be reaching. You don’t worry,” Shyam tried to console his mother-in-law.



  “But! I’m afraid. It’s been two years that he’d gone out somewhere that too alone and…” but her voice trailed off as she heard the screeching sound of car and hurriedly dashed outside while Shyam followed her not before giving instruction to Ramlal to handle the cooking.



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  1. Good one.. so Khushi is all prepared to join office.. well she is nervous of work and being around Arnav.. lets see how she controls Arnav in office.. loved the update.. 🙂

  2. Nice one
    Khushi n Anjali having a light hearted talk making khushi less worried for going to work with arnav next day
    As for arnav liked his wee funny moment with aman
    Arnav happy to go home n see his love
    Just hoping like aman that some miracle happens to stop either from getting their hearts broken


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