Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 16)


PART- 16



  Arnav was on his way to his office after almost two years. From the day of his accident on his marriage eve till today he hadn’t been to his office.


  And today too if he is here then it’s only due to his Muski.


  What an irony of life? The one due to whom he has neglected everything from his life, today she once again is bringing him close to all those things, thinking this he smile.


  He smiles remembering his PA-cum-friend Aman’s voice upon hearing that he is joining the office back.


  For a starter, he knew today all his employees are in for a shock seeing him back in action, but he is happy- happy to join his baby, his life back.


  Though he is sad that he has to be away from his love for a day, but at the same time he is excited to join his dream, his baby – Paradise Fashion House (PFH) back.


  Thinking this with a small smile forming on his M-shaped lips, while his eyes glowing in anticipation he gazed out of the car window, past the hurdles of numerous cars over the horizon to look at the sun effulging brightly and bestowing its radiance, spreading verve and zeal of passion around the world.


  Smilingly he steps down from his car, as soon as it stops outside the gallant building of Paradise Fashion House, nodding at the sentinel as he opens the door, he moves inside only to find the employees who were gossiping till now stood dumbstruck with eyes wide open in astonishment upon seeing him in the office.




  Smirking at their reaction, he roamed his eyes once around and then said in his usual hard tone “Well! I know that I have not been here for quite a long time. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll never be back. So, stop staring at me and get back to your work.”


  Saying this and leaving stupefied people behind him, he went towards his cabin with his PA Aman following him.


  As soon as he enters inside his cabin, his eyes brimmed with joyous tears with the feeling of being home.


  Wiping the corner of eye with his thumb pad he sat on arshi-ff-deserted-lovethe arm chair and gestured Aman to take the sear asked “So what’s the progress Aman? I know the projects on which I was working had already been finished under dad’s supervision in my absence. But now as I am back, I need to know the details of all current projects.”


  But when he got no answer in the response he looks up, only to get startled upon seeing Aman staring back at him with moist eyes.




  “Umm! Sorry sir,” he said and then wiping his damp eyes continued “It’s just that I wasn’t able to believe that finally you are back. I had really missed you and your orders in these two years sir.”


  At this Arnav slightly smiled and said “Don’t worry! Be happy as much as you can, because from today onwards you are going to curse me as you used to do earlier.”


  Hearing him say so Aman looks away embarrassed knowing that he was aware of his cursing session about the mighty ASR.


  “Okay! Jokes apart. Bring me the current project files so that I can have idea about what’s going on in currently.”


  After a pause he further added “Oh! Yes! Make Muskaan’s cabin ready as she’ll be resuming her work from tomorrow.”


  “Hmm!” hummed Aman in a voice laced with sadness, aware about the fact that it’s all a ploy and not the reality. But not having to say anything he left from there while Arnav leaned back on his chair with closed eyes wondering what his Muski will be doing.


 Here Khushi along with Anjali and Shyam entered walk past two security guards standing at the entrance of grand glass door of the mall, all the while Shyam giving instructions to Anjali to be careful.


  “Shyam! You are behaving like this is our first time to become parents. Don’t forget that we are already proud parents of Pari.”


  “Yes! I do know it. But still I can’t help myself being protective…”


  But before he could complete his sentence Anjali cut him off in the mid and said “Over-protective.”


  At this Shyam glares at her which was reciprocated by tantamount from Anjali’s side.


  Not wanting them to start fighting here Khushi intervenes and said “Guys! I think we are her for shopping and not to win the game ‘Who behaves more childishly?’ Right?”


  Now the glares thrown by Anjali and Shyam which were till now pointed towards each other were now held Khushi at the end point, and realising the same she nervously fidgeted with her fingers.


  Thinking they didn’t like her words she said “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


  Upon not getting any response she looks up to find both of them controlling their laugh, poutingly she said “That’s not fair!”


  “Sorry Khushi, actually wasn’t able to resist the temptation to tease you back.”


  “So you are not angry on me?”


  “No! And yes, I like you behaving casual with us. Khushi you mayn’t be Arnav’s wife but you have become a part of our family now.”


  Hearing the word ‘family’ Khushi looks away lost in her own thoughts.


  Family, Huh! She smiled mockingly. This is the one word which gives immense happiness and strength to one person, but what if the same family leave your hand to walk alone on the path full of crampons, she thought.


  Khushi was brought back from her revere hearing Anjali’s voice.


  Upon seeing Khushi lost in some thoughts Anjali shook her saying “What happened Khushi? Where are you lost?”


  “Umm! Nothing Anjali.”


  Though to her it felt weird but then shrugging her shoulder she said “Let’s move.”


  As they wander around the shops, Anjali starts telling Khushi more about Arnav- his likes, dislikes and then the sweet and lovable bond between Arnav and Muskaan, while at the same time they continue to pick up some good suits, night-suit and various other accessories which could go with them.














  Though Khushi was first hesitant to buy so much that too which wasn’t purchased by her hard-earned money but then after lot of insistence from both of them she agreed for the same.


  After finishing their purchasing they walk into starbucks and took a corner table.


  “Cappuccino?” Shyam asked.


  “Yes, Please!”


  Shyam goes off nodding and stands in the queue at the counter, waiting for his turn to come.


  Anjali sighing placed her hand on Khushi’s making her look up at him.


  “Do you need anything?” asked Khushi.


  “No! I don’t need anything but I wanted to ask something to you. Can I?” she said.




  “Khushi! Don’t take me wrong. I was just wondering that, why were those people behind you calling you a thief. Because being with you for few days I had reached to this point that for sure you are not a thief.”


  At this Khushi sighed, but before she could say anything Anjali added “Don’t think I am intruding in your personal space. I am not asking who you are. As I know if you want you will tell us yourself. But I just wanted to know why they took you wrong?”


  Staring at Anjali for few minutes Khushi looked at her hands and then said “It’s true that I am not a thief. Actually when I was passing by them they starts to pass comment on me. It has been going on from few days. Not able to take it anymore I slapped them and in result they did what they can.”


  “Oh! I am sorry.”


  “Don’t worry. It’s my past about which I don’t want to talk anymore.”


  At the same time Shyam comes back with a tray having three cup of cappuccino and then all three have it in silence and later left from there for the mansion.



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  1. Good Arnav is back to work and Khushi is all prepared to follow him with the shopping done.. waiting to know more of Khushi's past.. loved the update.. 🙂

  2. Loved the update. Arnav back to his work. What is Khushi past, eager for the unveiling. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  3. Well she must tell some one shyam already suspects something is wrong so she can't tell arnav because he already thinks khushi is his wife that leaves shyam and angeli.I am curious but its okay i can wait for the story to go on and will see what happens thank you again for the amazing stories.

  4. Beautiful story. Like it. Read all chapters in one go but confuse that how arnav know muski is there when khushi came to Raizada mansion without seeing her. & khushi's reactions with arnav & her feelings. Somewhere feel that khushi is muski

  5. Nice update
    Arnav rejoining work
    Khushi out with Shyam n Anjali shopping
    Sharing a little bit with Anjali
    I can't wait to find out her past
    N find out if she's connected in any way to Arnavs wife
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin


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