Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 15)




PART- 15



Though Arnav had left to his room but Khushi couldn’t comprehend how to handle this mess. With teary eyes she looked up at the vast expense as if searching for some answers but got none and hence she stands up wiping her teary eyes and left towards her room not seeing one of the star which started shining brightly as if trying to convey something to her.



On the other hand Arnav after entering in her room took Muskaan’s photo from bedside and smilingly kissed her.



“Muski, I know it will take time but now that you have come back I will make everything all right. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore because from tomorrow new phase of our life will start,” saying this to her photo with a watery smile he once again kissed it and then slept hugging it.






The black sky gradually started turned into reddish hue. The grey and cloudy skylines of night gave way to bright and shining morning. Birds were gently flying in the sky and their dulcet dawn chorus was easily audible to people.



As the sun rose above in the firmament its rays peeped from the window of the room and fell on the beautiful form of Khushi making her stir in her sleep. The brightness of morning sunrays lead her to shield her eyes from it before fluttering her eyes open.



Khushi open her doe shaped eyes and came out of the bed, move towards the window and after reaching near it she looked outside at the reddish hue in sky for few minutes before walking back, taking out her clothes from the wardrobe and moving towards the bathroom to freshen up.



After few minutes she came out wearing a pink suit with wet hairs making her look ethereal. At the same time the door of her room opens and Arnav stood there after coming from gym wearing his tracks



Arnav had come here to try one last time to placate her so that he can also join them for shopping rather than going to his office, but now seeing her like this he forgot what he has come here for and get lost in her.



On the other hand Khushi who was earlier shocked to see Arnav on the threshold of her room that too early morning, now become aware of her state and immediately took the dupatta from bed and placed it around her neck and then look towards him to ask the reason as to what brought him here only to see him moving towards her in a haze.



Arnav was so lost in her that he doesn’t know when he started moving towards her and stops only when he reach near her and tucked the wet lock falling on her face behind her ear and rubbing her cheek with his thumb pad he said “I don’t like these wet locks kissing your face as it’s only my right to kiss you and make you blush Muski.”



While on the other hand as soon as he starts caressing her face Khushi’s heart started beating fast as if acknowledging his touch while the words he said brings a surge of emotions in her which she was not able to comprehend. She was lost in her own trying to analyse the reason of her own behaviour when she felt a light peck on her cheeks making her look at him with widen eyes only to find him standing with a lopsided smirk.



“I have just let those pinkish cheeks of your to know that whom they belongs so that from next time they will not let anyone else close to them,” said Arnav looking straight in her eyes with such an intensity that Khushi looked away blushing making Arnav’s smile widen.



But after few minutes she herself got confused on her behaviour and not finding any reason she shrugged it off and composing herself looked towards him and asked “What are you doing here? Have you any work with me?”



This brings him out of his wonderland and making a face he said “Muski, I really wished to join you for shopping. Can’t I? Please.”



“No- not at all,” said Khushi sternly.






“No ifs and buts Arnav. You have already wasted too much of your time- precisely two years and I don’t want you to waste anymore and if now you didn’t move out from here to get ready for office then like hell I am sure that I will not join you in office,” she said authoratively crossing both her hands across her chest while he just murmurs “I think with memory loss she had also inherit someone’s bossing trait in her,” and left from there stomping his foot while Khushi stifle her laugh seeing him behaving like a kid and soon her gaze landed at her reflection in the mirror to only find the pinkish tint on her cheeks making her realize what had transpired just a few minutes back bringing the guilt and confusion back on her face. Guilt for cheating him as someone else while Confusion for her own reaction at his every action. But soon she shrugged of all this and starts getting ready.






All were sitting on the dining table having their breakfast in silence when Anjali look towards Khushi and breaking the silence said “So Muskaan all set to go for shopping?”



“Yes Anjali,” replied Khushi with a smile.



“Mommy you didn’t tell me that you and Muski mami are going for shopping?” said Pari pouting at which Anjali look towards her daughter and raising her eyebrow asked “And what will you do if I had let you know about it?”



“Ofo Mommy! I would have taken a day off from my school and would have accompany you naa…” she said cutely rolling her eyes while everyone smiles.



“Baccha… school is important for you so no need for it,” said Anjali cupping her daughter’s face.



“But I want to go and spend some time with maami. Ugh! I can take a day off. Right?” she asked cutely battling her eyelashes which have no effect on her mother who said “No ways. You are going to school and that’s final.”



“Mommy please. Only one day’s off.”



“No… See your mamu too has his office and thus is not joining us,” she said pointing towards Arnav at which Pari look towards him who nodded in affirmative while Pari looked away annoyingly at which Khushi said “Okay… don’t be angry. When we will go for shopping next time we will also take you, promise.”



“Pinky promise,” she asked cutely pinching her throat.



“Pinky promise,” said Khushi too pinching her throat making Pari smile and soon everyone left from there for their respective works.


Precap: Shopping, Working and…


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  1. Awesome update! I'm almost certain that Khushi is not Muskaan… I just think that Arnav and Khushi are soulmates… And Muskaan was the way Arnav could find Khushi… Lol I might be completely wrong, but I'm enjoying this story a lot.
    Please update next part soon…

  2. Loved the update. So Arnav is definitely affecting Khushi a lot and the reason for that she is still not sure of.
    Lets see how the story progresses.

    Lots Of Love… 🙂 🙂

  3. Loved the update, brilliant. Khushi is confused due to her response to Arnav's attraction, what is the truth, eager to know, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  4. Khushi is so confused about her reactions to Arnav's closeness.. well that's power of Arnav Singh Raizada.. jokes apart this is very intriguing story.. waiting to see what is Khushi's truth?? loved the update..

    thanks for pm 🙂

  5. Nice update
    Arnav sulking because khushi sorry muskaan won't let him go shopping with her
    Liked the cute cheek peck
    Khushi starting to feel guilty for lying to him
    Looking forward to next update
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  6. Superb update loved it can't wait for next part sorry for late reply my internet was down and got it fixed today thank you for pm.

  7. Caught up with your story .I hoping that arnavfigures out that she is not muskaanbut maybe her lookalike ..Or khushie was a twin .Looking FWD to how you unravel the truth


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