Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 14)



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PART- 14

Khushi came on the terrace and stared at the sky remembering the words of Shyam while her eyes turn moist.

‘Why? Why can’t people stop judging others on their own. Why can’t they see that their judgmental thinking sometimes hurt the other person to an extent that it destroys their life and leave them deserted with no one around? Why?’ she thought bitterly closing her eyes and remember her fateful past.

“How could you do this Khushi?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh Please! Now don’t behave like an innocent. How could you betray me like this Khushi?”

“Betray? You? I am not able to get what you wants to tell,” said Khushi.

“Oh! Really? Well then let me clear the mist. What were you doing all these days behind my back with Nikhil?”

At this Khushi’s eyes widen in shock and before she could even utter a word she was cut off.

“Don’t try to even think of any lame excuses Khushi because I myself has seen you with him in your room doing…” she trailed off not able to even say it but then giving a disgusting look she stormed off from their but not before saying “It is not over Khushi. You will have to regret it Khushi and I am warning you that before I do something which I shouldn’t just left from here, from our life and maintain distance with Nikhil.”

Khushi opened her eyes which were brimming with tears and murmurs “Hope I had left that day then nothing would have happened that has happened. I am the one due to which all this happened. I am your culprit Nikhil,” saying this she hide her face in her palms not able to bear anymore when after a few minutes all of a sudden she felt someone arms around her waist making her stiffened while her heart beats raised erratically making her confused. She knew who the person is? And why not? She is very well aware of the fact that other than Arnav no one can do something like this with her. She remove his hands from her waist and turn towards him after wiping out the moisture from her eyes.

As soon as she turn towards him the smile from Arnav’s eyes vanished while a frown settled on his face and cupping her face he asked “Muski were you crying?”

His question makes her stunned and fumbling she said “No… Why you think so?”

“Don’t lie Muski. Your eyes are red and face is pale which clearly indicates that you were crying,” he said rubbing the corner of his eyes which still has some moisture making Khushi looks away.

“Tell me Muski what is bothering you?” he asked pulling her chin towards him.

“Nothing like that. It is just that something got into my eyes making them teary.”

“It is an old excuse,” he said and then with a jerk pull her more into him from her waist while Khushi’s hands landed on his chest. Both look deep into each other eyes while their bodies rub with each other. After a few minutes both broke out of the reverie due to the sound of thunder making Khushi looks away in embarrassment while Arnav just smirks. Khushi was unable to comprehend the changes his touch ignite in her. While on one hand her mind strongly resist it reminding her that it is not right, at the same time her heart cherished it. But one thing she knew very well that there is no future of them together. Never ever… She has born to be left deserted. Sighing she tries to free herself but in response his hold on her tighten making her eyes widen.

“Wha… What are you doing? Leave me.”

“Well I am just holding my wife in my arms which is totally legal and romantic. So no law either of our country or of god can say it wrong,” he said winking at her playfully while his fingers started creating patterns on her waist sending ripples of pleasure in her body.


“But I don’t remember you as one so you can’t do this all with me,” she said trying to sound stern while in reality she was losing herself in the pleasure he is giving her. Her mind was telling her to wave off his hand and slap him tight for doing all this with her but her body was reacting totally opposite to it which should not happen in any circumstances knowing well that what is their future and her heart? Well her heart is a total different case.  With his proximity it looks like that her heart has took pace of running in a marathon.

“Arnav please…” she said warding off all reactions of her heart and body and concentrating on the voice of her mind.

“I have not hold your hand while taking those vows to leave you in mid Muski. I know you are angry on me to leave you alone when you need me. But please you know me that I can never leave you alone. Your love is my life. If I ever desert you my love then this life will desert me. And to be honest I am facing this from past two years but now I don’t have enough strength to bear all this. I need you more than ever. I know you don’t remember me, our love or the beautiful moments we spend together but you have to try and remember them and still if you can’t then we will make new ones. With you by my side I can make as many memories as you wish, but I just can’t stay apart from you. And I know you too. Maybe you don’t remember us but your heart does Muski that is the reason you are crying here alone. You don’t want to show that today’s incident has effected you in any way but see seeing those things which is a part of your part burning has brought tears in your eyes,” he said cupping her face and placing a peck on her forehead.

Khushi has stopped struggling the moment he started baring out his heart. She don’t know why but his pain is paining her more. Her heart is aching seeing that vulnerability in his eyes. She wants to hug him, sooth his pain but she can’t knowing well that things will get more complicated. But his last words make her livid upon understanding that whatever she did till now once again turns futile. He has once again connect her with Muskaan in his own way, turning her helpless once again.

She closed her eyes and said “I want to be alone for some time. Please Arnav,” saying this she opened her eyes only to find him looking towards her with an understanding smile. Though his eyes has that look which screamed pain and agony but his smile assured her that he understands her.

“Muski, it is true that I want my old Muskaan back, but at the same time I am happy with you being around me too. Don’t stress yourself after hearing me out, just be with me,” saying this he kissed her forehead then her eyes one by one and then left from there while Khushi kept looking at his retreating back and then slumped down on the floor and said “Oh god! What to do? He is making it difficult for me. Please help me.”

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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Lovely dialogues from Arnav, poor Khushi in a dilemma, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. hi
    something bad happened with khushi in d past n she is so much affected still. It is getting difficult for her to pretend in front of Arnav. god help her.

  3. who was the person who was shouting at Khushi? Arnav is all understanding as he loves his muskaan a lot however it is making things hard for Khushi… loved the amazing update..

  4. Interesting update
    a bit of khushis past seeping through there
    wonder who nikhil was n was it him who was saying she betrayed him??
    as for khushis plan it backfired
    Arnavs slowly winning khushi over bit by bit
    Just hoping khushis past doesnt come back n ruin everything
    hope he doesn't find out truth from 3rd party khushi needs to be the one to tell him
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin Heatsha8176

  5. Yaar crystal too much at one movement ii think as muskie n next as kushi I know u don't reveal that now to get hold on this ff till last chap making us go on nerves

  6. Hey Hi..
    This is ina_saahil from IF. I would like to read your stories from beginning as I was away from the fiction world for long and need to get a hold of my ground.
    But I see that your content is password protected so I would appreciate if you could send me the same over PM or my mail id.

    Thank you.

    Lots Of Love…. 🙂 🙂

  7. So Khushi is trying her level best to make Arnav realise that she is not Muskaan but instead Arnav has the opposite effect on her. Whenever he comes near her, well what I can say,,, dhak-dhak… dhak-dhak.. <3

    Arnav is hell bent on making Khushi remember her past thinking that she is Muskaan. And Khushi wants to stay away from him!!! So lets see where this cat and mouse race will lead them to.

    Also Khushi's past revelation is something which I am eagerly waiting for.

    Continue soon…

    Lots Of Love… 🙂 🙂


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