Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 13)



PART- 13

“Don’t worry Arnav, I will be fine. It all happen due to a mistake and mistake does not happen twice. So I think you too should go and have a sound sleep because from tomorrow you are going to join your office back. Don’t forget,” said Khushi smilingly.

At this Arnav happily nodded in affirmative and left from there with other family members making Khushi sigh in relief of accomplishing her mission and then look towards the burnt clothes with sad eyes and said “I am sorry Arnav but I have to this.”

“So I was right you did it deliberately. But Why?” came an angry voice from behind making Khushi startled and when she turns to look back she saw Shyam standing on the threshold throwing draggers towards her.

“Shyam you?” fumbled Khushi.

“Yes me. Haven’t expected anyone here? Oh! I guess you must have thought that you would do whatever you want and no one will question you,” said Shyam angrily.

“No Shyam. You are getting me wrong.”

“Oh! Really? But why doesn’t it feels the same to me?” he asked raising his eyebrow and then added “I have asked many questions to you earlier but you have evaded them then and assured me that you want no harm to my family but now seeing your today’s stunt I have doubt on you. So care to tell me why had you done all this drama?”

“Shyam actually…”

“See Khushi just tell me the truth. You are here to make Arnav alright but not to burn Muskaan’s memories and hurt Arnav.”

“Shyam I am just doing what I am here for,” said Khushi.

“How? By snatching the memories of Muskaan? Have you even realized that the day he will know your truth and realized that in all this you have even snatched Muskaan’s memories he will be once again left heartbroken.”

“Enough Shyam. Enough! From the time you have entered the room you are just blaming me not even letting me tell my side of story,” shouted Khushi.

“What story? Oh! Are you going to make any new story for all this?” mocked Shyam.

“I can’t believe it. You are going on assuming things on your own and accusing me for the things I haven’t even done.”

“Oh please! Don’t try to act all innocent now. I knew who you are? A cunning, wily and sly lady about whom we knew nothing. Just tell me are you here for some hidden motive of yours trying to take advantage of this face of yours,” said Shyam coldly pointing towards her face.

“I am not like the one who you are referring me as,” said Khushi with moist eyes.

“Oh really? Then why don’t you divulge the facts about yourself? When I ask you that who are you then why you told me that it is none of my business and why did you burnt Muskaan’s clothes?” he asked.

At this Khushi wipes the corner of her eyes and then looking straight in his eyes said “Because it truly is none of your business. I am here because your family wants my help and not vice-versa. And about the burned clothes then…” she trailed off and move towards the bed, bend down and took out a suitcase. Put it on the bed and then open it only to give a shock to Shyam.

“These…. These are Muskaan’s clothes,” exclaimed Shyam in shock upon seeing the suitcase filled with Muskaan’s clothes and then look towards Khushi with a questioning look as he didn’t get anything.

“Yes Shyam, you are right. These are Muskaan’s clothes.”

“But you have burned them? Haven’t you?” he asked in confusion.

“Yes I have burned Muskaan’s clothes but not all of them. Only the one which have been worn by me as those dresses will not carry any importance for Arnav now because those dresses will only remind him of my treachery. So I burned them along with my own clothes making it looks like Muskaan’s clothes. I know what these dresses meant to him Shyam. I can see the glimpse of his pure love in his eyes when he was explaining me all that thinking me to be Muskaan. And by no chance I can hurt his sentiments, it is just not in my heart to hurt him. Already I am cheating him by acting as his dead wife and this guilt is too big for me to add another one in it,” she said looking at the picture of Arnav and Muskaan which was kept on the side table.

Her this statement left Shyam speechless. He couldn’t comprehend that how can he think so low about someone who is helping them without asking anything in return. Yes it is true that he has his own doubts on her and why not? She has been hiding about herself which makes him doubtful, but then too he can’t just come and accuse her without letting her present her side of story. He felt ashamed on the words he hurled upon her. He looks down and said “I am sorry Khushi. I know that the words I called you are just not forgivable but still I am asking you for forgiveness. I shouldn’t have mistrust you, but what to do your sly behavior always makes me doubtful and then today whatever happened I just… I am really sorry. Please forgive me.”

“I forgive you Shyam because I can understand your concern for your family. But do remember one thing- Never accuse someone before even thinking because sometimes the words make musch deep impact on one’s life than any other physical trauma. Words have this power to heal someone’s wounds then at the same time they have the power to give such deep wounds which can break you to an extent that you will find the meaning of your life worthless,” saying this Khushi left from there while Shyam ponder over her words and realized that somehow this statement has to something with her past.

**Okay, I know no Arshi but I feel it was necessary to show you both of their perspective. In next update you will get your Arshi 🙂 **

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  1. Loved the update. Khushi is helping Arnav. Good that Shyam listened and apologised. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Awesome khushi .. Loving it .. And please do not mind as I am in India and traveling if I comment late that is mean that I have not wifi access

  3. Khushi makes it looks like she is doing harm but she isn't! Why so much care for someone she doesn't even know? This is what shyam probably has to think!
    Good one

  4. nice one
    so Khushi never actually burnt all mushkaans clothes
    she just made it look like it
    curious as ever to know khushis past
    n see what happens when Arnav finds out truth
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  5. Wow!! Awesum dear crystal….
    Really suprb update dear….
    An extremely sry 4 late commenting…
    were bsy vid studies n exams..
    N vry thanks 4 d pm…

    OMG!!! wt an emotional update….
    Really fantasticone dear….First i also felt Khushi didnt do right…
    By burning muskaan's clothes…
    But she proved wrong…She realises arnav's pure love 4 muskaan…
    Shyam sach mein went overboard..He shud hv think b4 speak…
    He simply accused khushi without hearing her prt….
    Her confession was so emotional one….
    She respected everyone's feelings….
    So fabulous….Eagerly wiatin 2 know abt khushi's past…
    Khushi's last wrdz ws so sad…She s so broken by now…
    Do continue dear..Waitin 4 nxt updtae…

    IF name:Sreeja_babu


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