Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 12)



PART- 12

“No, this is not happening. Already Arnav is all ready for making me his Muskaan and by following what he is asking me to do will only add on one more reason as to why I am his Muskaan and not Khushi. No, I can’t let it happen in any case. I will have to do it. I know it will hurt his sentiments. Don’t know whether whatever I am going to do is right or not, but then he has left me with no other option. I am sorry Arnav I have to do this, I have to hurt your feelings once again,” said Khushi closing her eyes in distress.

She couldn’t fathom how every time she tried to do something which will be able to bring him back to reality, where he will be able to accept that his wife is no more, things go haywire making him more prominent towards his belief. Sometimes to her it feels like fate is playing some kind of game with both of them. On one hand he is not able to forget his Muskaan and on the other hand she is here enacting the role of Muskaan to make him alright and along with it trying to hide herself from…

“Why devimaiya? Why are you doing this? What kind of ploy you are making. Isn’t the past enough for me to lament that now you are adding one more chapter in it by making me play with someone’s feelings. It is like I am making a mockery of his pure and unconditional love. I don’t know what he will think of me when he will comes to know about all this? And as if it is not enough then I too behave weirdly whenever he is around me. It is as if my heart is not ready to listen me. Ugh! Why all this with me? Why me devimaiya? What animosity you have with me devimaiya that you are doing this with me? Please show me a way to keep him away from me and make him realize the truth. Please devimaiya, I beg of you,” she said to her deity looking upward as if she will get all the answers of her questions and then slumped down on the floor.

After a good few minutes she murmurs to herself “No Khushi, you can’t lose your hope. This whole family is on your belief and if you will accept defeat so easily then how will they try to fight back. No- I can’t lose, I have to win, I will win and then will left from here for forever.”

“But the problem is- Is it right to do so? Will this time my plan succeed or not? I don’t know the answers to all this questions, but I do know that I will be able to get a day to plan my strategy as to how to behave with a moody Raizada. Yes, I need some time to prepare myself to be near him all the time and tolerate his lovey-dovey talks. And this is the only way I can come up with as of now,” thinking this she look towards the cupboard and then Arnav’s words about Muskaan’s dress started reverberating in her ears and soon her eyes lit up with determination in them.

“Now I will see what you will do Arnav? You will not be able to take me with you and along with it I will try my best to make you realize that you have to come out from this illusionary world of yours and live in the present accepting the fact that your Muskaan is no more in this world,” thinking this she move towards the cupboard of her room.


Arnav was sitting in his room remembering his old good memories with Muskaan, when he heard the siren making him jerk back from his dreamland and soon his eyes widen realizing that this siren will only buzz if there is any fire. And he ran out of his room only to see smoke coming out from the room which belongs to his Muskaan.

“Muski…” is the only word uttered before running towards her room and soon get joined by all other members too.

“What’s happening?” said Raj.

“Muski…” utter Arnav.

I hope she is fine,” said Shyam entering the room only to see all the clothes on fire while Khushi is nowhere to be located making him frowning while others too were looking around the room to locate Khushi.

On the other hand as soon as Arnav saw his Muskaan’s clothes on fire, tears brimmed in his eyes while he leapt forward to dodge the fire and prevent the clothes from getting burned making all the family members worried and starts calling him. But he was not in his senses to listen them. For him seeing his Muskaan’s belonging in fire it was as if his Muskaan is burning in that fire and he wants to prevent her from the same. He was just going to put his hands in the fire inspite of all members trying to stop him when he heard the one voice he wants to hear- his Muskaan’s voice.

Khushi who till now was hiding behind the door to see what will be Arnav’s next action gets shocked seeing him trying to dodge the fire with his bare hands. She knew it is not for saving those clothes, but the memories associated with them- the memories of Muskaan. And so, before he could do any such thing she came out from hiding and called him out.


Upon hearing her voice Arnav came back to his stance and rather than trying to dodge the fire he look towards her and immediately take her in his arms as if to assure himself that everything is fine while she too patted his back in an assuring way, knowing well that how much he needs it currently.

In the meantime Shyam was finally able to dodge the fire but the remnants were just ashes of burnt clothes which were of no use. This makes everyone sad as all of them knew very well how much these things matters to Arnav.

Khushi parted from Arnav and cupping her face said “Don’t worry Arnav, I am fine.”

“I… I was so scared. It felt like I have lost you again,” said Arnav with choked voice.

“But see… nothing happens to me. So, don’t worry.”

“But how does it happen?” asked Priya who was now finally able to recover from the shock.

“Oh! My mistake, actually was checking all these dresses when the light went off. I think some problem in the bulb. So inspite of disturbing anybody I lit the candle and take out all the dresses when all of a sudden I felt thirsty and was going to pour some water in my glass only to see that the jug was empty and hence decided to go to kitchen to fetch a glass of water for myself when I heard the fire alarm and rest you all know.”

“But how come the candle fall on clothes? Haven’t you maintain a proper distance between the two?” asked Shyam.

At this all of them look towards Khushi making her nervous, but this time Arnav come as her savior and said “It doesn’t matter jeeju that how all this happen? The main thing is that my Muskaan is safe. And that’s what all I want.”

“Yes, Chotey is right and I think it’s quite late and we all should sleep,” said Raj adjusting his spectacles.

“But Muskaan…”

“Don’t worry Arnav, I will be fine. It all happen due to a mistake and mistake does not happen twice. So I think you too should go and have a sound sleep because from tomorrow you are going to join your office back. Don’t forget,” said Khushi smilingly.

At this Arnav happily nodded in affirmative and left from there with other family members making Khushi sigh in relief of accomplishing her mission and then look towards the burnt clothes with sad eyes.

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  1. Nice update… But I really think Khushi had no right to do that. Just because she wants to be free she shouldn't have burnt those clothes that belonged to Muskaan. Honestly I felt that was ruthless of her, and it was very very wrong.

  2. wow amazing update loved it can't wait for next part hope we get to know what khushi's past is and why is she running away and from whom thank you for pm

  3. That wasn't expected from Khushi! If Khushi is Muskaan, then she can do anything with them but now as she doesn't know the truth, its not at all right!

    And Arnav only cares about Khushi now, not his memories, atleast then she should have realised!

    Anyway, good one!

  4. Well…. you are right at your place…..
    But don't worry there is more to what met Ur eyes 😉
    As for Arnav…. he believes it is his Muski and not Khushi so he behaves the same way he should have with his Muskaan

  5. Khushi burnt muskaan's dresses.. why? agree she didn't wanted to go to office wearing those clothes but she shouldn't have burnt them.. however for Arnav she is more important than those clothes which he proved with his actions.. well hope Khushi understands it.. but didn't liked Khushi burning all the clothes..
    nice update..

  6. If that's so, then i would love to know the reason behind khushi's ruthless deed!

    I don't blame Arnav bcoz if it comes to select between muskaan's memories and muskaan, he selected muskaan and that's right!

  7. Loved part 12, brilliant. Khushi has made plans to make Arnav realise Muskaan is no more and the first part was burning of the clothes, what else has she planned and to what extent, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  8. hi
    that was so sad to watch Arnav to prevent clothes from burning. Why did Khushi did that? I hope she have valid reason. Wat is Khushi past??

  9. Oh! Why she did that? She hasn't any right to destroy muskan's clothes. And they were valuable for arnav. By doing like this i don't think she can escape from arnav..

  10. Amazing update …..felt bad for arnav …some times memories are also required in once life to move …what is khushi upto ….??? Excited to know her past …plz plz update soon

  11. Amazing update loved it & emotional too ….felt bad for arnav ….memories are also required in life to move on ….what is khushi upto ….excited to know her past …..plz plz update soon

  12. sad for Arnav
    his reaction to muskaans burning clothes
    khushis plan was extreme
    hoping she doesn't hurt him too much in her attempt to make him relize his muskaan aint with him anymore
    I am still hoping khushi is muskaan n just has lost her memory or something
    plz keep the pms comin my way


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