Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part 11)


                                                       PART- 11

“Umm… Actually I am sorry I just heard uncle and Shyam talking about how it is becoming difficult for them to handle business clients are asking for you Arnav. Ugh! I think you should start focusing on your company like before. See Arnav from past two years you were immersed in your own miseries with Muskaan’s memories but now as you think that Muskaan is back so you should start doing your other duties too,” said Khushi making the other members of the family happy as they too want their old Arnav back and this will be the first step towards it and now they are eagerly waiting for his reply. But one thing which other members other than Shyam ignore at this time is the fact that not for even once Khushi refers to herself as Muskaan. Every time she refers Muskaan as if she is referring to a third person. This on one hand made Shyam believe that she is some Khushi and not their Muskaan but on the other hand he still have some doubts, especially regarding her past. He can never forget the way she has behaved when he has asked about her past.


‘No Shyam, don’t trust her so easily. No one with a good motive will hide her true identity. You have to find out about her so that you can be assured that she will not harm my family,’ he thought to himself but then get distracted hearing Arnav’s voice.



“I understand Muski that whatever you are saying is absolutely right but then I have got you back after so much hardships and I don’t want to miss even a single chance to be with you,” he said holding her hand while she thought to herself ‘And that’s what I don’t want Mr. Majnu Singh Raizada.’



“So you see I will not be going to office. At least not till I am assured that I will not lose you anyhow.”



‘Why don’t you understand Arnav that I don’t want to make any false promises which holds no value for me but at the same time holds your whole life at stake. Oh! Devimaiya where have you stuck me and foremost why Ave you given me the same face like Muskaan. No-no-no I love my face. So the correct question will be why you have given Muskaan the same face like me?’ she thought to herself and then look towards Arnav and said “Just because of this insecurity of yours, your whole family is suffering. Have you realized it Arnav?”



“I know Muski that whatever you are saying is absolutely correct but at the same time I just don’t want to let you away from my eyes even for a split of second let alone whole day.”



“It’s called selfishness Arnav. You are just doing thing things for yourself not even realising that in all this process you are hurting your own family. And not only your family but your Muskaan too.”



“What? How am I hurting you Muski?” asked Arnav.



“Every time you ignore your family and becomes selfish you hurt your Muskaan. Every time you just thinks either about yourself or Muskaan. I am sure this is not the Arnav Muskaan has ever loved,” she said with sadness laced voice.



But this time not only Shyam but everyone’s notices her way of referring Muskaan. For rest of the members it was not something shocking, but for Arnav it was very shocking and thus he asked her “Muski why are you referring yourself as if you are referring to someone else?”



At this first Khushi was shocked but later she composed herself as she knew very well what she has to answered.



“It’s because that I am still not able to accept that I am Muskaan and not Khushi. I need some time to grasp all this.”






“Please Arnav try to understand that I have been living a life of Khushi for almost two years and it’s not easy for me to suddenly one day change myself in Muskaan. I need some time and I hope you do understand. But the fact remains the same that whether Muskaan or Khushi, no one can love this selfish Arnav at any cost,” saying this she left from the leaving a thoughtful Arnav and a smiling family behind her who from the core of their heart are thanking her. Though they don’t what’s going in his mind but they do know that Khushi’s words have left a deep impact on Arnav and now he will surely ponder over all this with a cool mind, and thus they all too left from there.






It was evening and Khushi was sitting in her room and thinking about the turn her life has taken, when there was knock on her door. Wondering who it could be she asked the person to come in only to realise that it is none other than Arnav who comes inside with a soft smile playing on his lips and sat beside her.



“Muski whatever you said in morning…”



“I am sorry Arnav… I shouldn’t have said all this to you. I have been wondering on it and came to this conclusion that I don’t have any right to pressurize you for something. I do know what happened to me that time that I….”


Before she could speak anymore Arnav put his finger on her lips, stopping her from speaking anything else and then cupping her face said “No Muski, only you have all the right in this world to correct me if I am wrong in any case. And you know what I have ponder over what you said to me only to realize that whatever you were saying was absolutely right. And I should join office back.”



At this Khushi excitedly said “What? You mean you are joining your office back. That’s amazing Arnav.”



“Hmm…. I know, but at the same time I don’t want you to be away from me and thus I came up with this idea.”



“Idea? What idea?” she asked. Her earlier excitement was replaced with worry now realising that once again her plan is going to be failed by him.



“Umm…. Muski see I want to go to office but at the same time I want you around with me. So I have come up with the idea of you joining me in office. How is it?” he asked in a child-like excitement.



“What? Me and office? Have you gone mad?” she asked in a pale voice while praying internally that he is just joking about it.”



“No Muski… not at all… I am very serious about it.”



“But how can I?”



“The same way you used to do before.”



“What? What do you mean?”



“Oops! Sorry… I forgot that you don’t remember you past then how can you remember yourself being my secretary. Yes Muski, you were my secretary. Too be honest I met you only due to this job,” he said smilingly and then added “So it is decided that you are going with me to office from tomorrow.”



At this Khushi mentally face palm herself and curse the family for not telling A to Z of Muskaan.



‘What the hell devimaiya? Here I am asking you to show me a way so that I can make that flirty Raizada away from me, but no- you are hell bent on making him glued with me. Don’t you know that excess of glue is also injurious to health. (Lo… And I am thinking ki ye kisne bola yaar). You know naa devimaiya that how much time it took me to come up with this idea. But Argh!!!! You spoiled everything. Don’t know what kind of a templet you carve him in? Huh!!!’ she thought to herself but soon came back to reality hearing Arnav’s voice.



“Hello Muski…. where have you been lost. Tell me you are agreeing to me or I should go back to my earlier mode.”



“As if you have left with me any option other than to abide by you,” she said nodding her head in positive.


At this Arnav squealed in sheer excitement and was going to hug her when she back off and said “But I have a problem.”






“I will come after a day or two.”



“No… Why?”



“Ugh! Actually I have to buy some official dresses before joining office and it will take a day or two Arnav. So yes, I will be joining then only,” she said patting her back mentally for coming up with another excuse to be away from him at least for a day or two. But all her hopes dashed hearing the next words of Arnav.



“You don’t worry for it Muski when you have your personal magician with you,” said Arnav winking at her making Khushi hell confused as to what has he come up with.



“What? What do you mean by it?”



“Oho! Simple darling that you don’t need to buy any new dresses because you already have.”



“But I didn’t buy any dress till now.”



“Yes, the Khushi in you didn’t buy any but the Muskaan in you did years back,” he said moving towards the side wardrobe and as soon as he slide it’s door Khushi’s eyes widen seeing all kind of dresses in it.



“These… these are…”



“These are the dresses you buy for yourself at various occasions Muski. You know in last two years, every day I used to come here and select one dress for you and then use to envision you in the same, after which I use to paint the same on the canvas. You can say that in a way these dresses too were helping me to connect you. But now I no more need to envision you in all this when I can see you in reality wearing all of them.”






“Yes Muski and you know now when I have you back in my arms I will make my all fantasies came true,” said Arnav dreamily while Khushi gasped at this not knowing how to deal with all this so she just said while holding her head and making a face as if she is in a lot of pain.



“Okay Arnav, I will do it but please can I be alone for some time as I really think that I need some sleep to catch before my head burst out with pain.”



“Oh yes Muski I am going. You just take care of yourself or should I give you a head massage.”









“I mean if I take a nap then I will be okay.”



“Oh! Okay,” saying this he kissed her forehead and left from there while Khushi immediately locked the door and took a sigh of relief which didn’t last longer as soon her eyes fall on the dresses of Muskaan and then Arnav’s words reverberated in her ears.



“No, this is not happening. Already Arnav is all ready for making me his Muskaan and by following what he is asking me to do will only add on one more reason as to why I am his Muskaan and not Khushi. No, I can’t let it happen in any case. I will have to do it. I know it will hurt his sentiments. Don’t know whether whatever I am going to do is right or not, but then he has left me with no other option. I am sorry Arnav I have to do this, I have to hurt your feelings once again,” said Khushi closing her eyes in distress.



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  1. Loved part 2 of DL, brilliant. The more Khushi is trying to push Arnav away the more he is coming close. What will she do now, eager for the next part.

  2. hi
    will she going to leave him?? I hope not. How Shyam will find out about her past?? Hope everything will be clear then but don't heart Arnav in this process.

  3. Wonderful chapter
    But what did she mean by when she said ” I hv been living a life of khushi fr almost 2years..”!?

    She IS khushi.. Isn't she..!?

    Loved it..

  4. Good point!
    Does that mean that before 2 years, she wasn't Khushi? Or she just said that bcoz of Arnav?
    But whatever it is, she has a past for sure and want to know about it!
    Khushi is planning so much but every plan is going waste!
    Wonder what d next one is!

  5. Gowthami and .LadyHitler. nice point you guys catch on…
    Well for your doubt I would just say read the same line and you will find that when she was saying all this at that time she was not telling any kinda reality or fact. In fact she was just trying to make Arnav understand that as for him she has been living a life of Khushi from last 2 years and now it is not easy for her to act as Muskaan when she doesn't remember her past. (All this is to make Arnav understand and realized as he believes that she is Muski and due to memory loss has been living as Khushi from last 2 years). Hope that the confusion got cleared 🙂

  6. Hi i want to read your other stories and they are all password proteceted. Can you share the pw with me?


  7. Yh Khushi mujhe samaj Ni aa rahi first I thought she is muskaan… But ab nahi grrrrr yh kon hai
    N this Arnav is so sugar coated… Can we get a bit of ASR-ish touch

  8. hey sorry for late comment..
    Amazing update.. well what will Khushi do now? loved the update..

    thanks for blog link.. best wishes and happy writing 🙂


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