Arshi FF- DESERTED LOVE (Part-10)


PART- 10


“This Arnav Singh Raizada has become such a laad governor… no… shameless laad governor. Hey devimaya! Where have you stuck me? I thought that I will help him in his condition and make him believe that his wife Muskaan is no more, but here he is all set to make me believe that I am his wife Muskaan. Khushi think fast otherwise that day is not far when he will really make you mad,” she said to herself and then starts thinking what to do when suddenly she jumps in excitement shouting “Idea!!!!”
Arnav was sitting on the recliner and thinking about the events which took place just some time before while a small smile is playing on his lips. Though he is sad that his Muskaan doesn’t remember him but at the same time he is happy that he is able to tell her his feelings and what is he expecting from her.


“Muski I know that it’s not easy for you to cope up with all this as it is just unexpected for you. You have been living as some Khushi- who doesn’t even exist in the world. But don’t worry now I am here for you, I will make you remember each and every moments of our life which we use to cherish so much. And mind it Muski if you are not ready to accept the truth of your life that you are only my Muskaan and not some Khushi then you are in real danger dear because I will not let you leave me this time, not at any cost,” he murmured it to himself and close his eyes in content.




Anjali is sitting in her room and thinking on her husband’s words about Khushi. She is really confused as to what the truth is and what is lie. On one side her heart wants her to be Muskaan- her chotey’s wife, Pari’s partner in crime, her best friend and the younger sister of her husband. But at the same time other side of her heart is telling her that how can she be their Muskaan when they themselves have lit fire to her pyre. And all this confusion is just resulting a battle inside her mind that whether the girl is Khushi or Muskaan. She has her own doubts on her being Muskaan. But at the same time the confidence Khushi is showing whenever she said about herself is making her step back from thinking of the possibilities of Muskaan. She really don’t know what should she belief in. Her mind is juggling in between all these thoughts. But one thought which is dominating all of them is How can Arnav claim her as Muskaan that too with so confidence and as if that was not enough then she is doing things when she don’t know anything about their family.


“I have to find out how can Khushi makes rice pudding just as the way Arnav likes when she don’t know anything about her likes or dislikes as she claims her to be Khushi and not Muskaan,” murmur Anjali to herself and left from her room towards Khushi’s room.




When Anjali reached Khushi’s room she saw the door open, so she peep in only to find her sitting on the bed while smiling to herself.


“Is she mad? Here we all are so much stressed and confused, and see here this girl is smiling to herself. Huh!!!” she said making face and the added “Let it be Anjali. You just do for what you have come here,” murmuring this Anjali knocked on the door making Khushi to come out of her reverie and look towards the door.


“Anjali you? Please come inside,” she said while nodding her head Anjali walk inside and said “Khushi I wants to talk to you regarding something important.”


“Yeah say then, but please have a seat,” she said pointing towards the bed at which Anjali sat on the bed and patted her other side as if gesturing her to sit which Khushi complies.


“Yes Anjali tell me what is it?” asked Khushi wondering what important thing is she talking about.


“Umm… See Khushi I just wants to know how does you make rice pudding (kheer) as Arnav likes it to be?”


“I don’t know. I just make it how I make it for myself,” said Khushi shrugging her shoulders.


“Please Khushi be serious because I am not in a mood to joke, so don’t be casual,” said Anjali a bit sternly.


“Neither am I Anjali. First tell me why you are so hell bent on knowing this?” she asked raising her eyebrow but upon not getting any response from Anjali she herself added “Oh! I guess once again you are thinking on the possibilities that I can be Muskaan. Isn’t it?” she asked making Anjali avert her eyes and this act of her surely make Khushi angry who stand up from the bed and said in a frustrated voice “I have told you guys earlier too and I am telling you again that stop finding your dead sister-in-law in me. Just because my face resembles her doesn’t mean that I am her Anjali. Why are you guys hell bent on turning me as Muskaan? Can’t you guys understand my feelings? I have my own identity Anjali but you and your brother are hell bent on snatching that from me. Why can’t you understands my feelings dammit? Here I am trying to help you guys but you people…. Argh!!! And about the rice pudding then I just said you that I make it the way I do only.”


“But then why you didn’t add cardamom (elaichi) in it?” asked a confused Anjali.


“Because I have allergy with it.”




“Yes, but what is the relation of cardamom with Arnav?” she asked frowing.


“Actually chotey don’t eat cardamom as he just can’t stand its smell.”


“Hmmm… Okay… But Anjali I think that now it’s clear to you that just because I don’t add cardamom in rice pudding doesn’t means that I am your Muskaan.”


“Hmm… I understand. But Khushi I have one more question.”


“Now what?” she asked frustratedly.


“Voh… Actually I wanted to ask you why do you wear lenses instead of spectacles and that too the one which change the shade of your eyes. I mean naturally you have hazel eyes but after you put up these lenses it becomes black. So…”


Before Anjali could complete her sentence she saw a forlorn look cross over Khushi’s face before she composed herself and said sternly “It’s something personal which I don’t think I should share with you and now if the stock of your questions are over then I would like to rest.”


At this Anjali nodded and left from there but not before grasping the fact that there is a big reason behind it and thinking to herself that why this girl is such a mystery?




It was dinner time and all the members were sitting together and having their dinner in silence. Khushi was getting frustrated on seeing no one is ready to break this silence and thus decided to do it herself. She clears her throat making everyone look towards her which makes her a bit nervous but then gathering her courage she said “Umm… I wants to say something, though I don’t know whether I have this right or not…”


“You have every damn right Muskaan to say whatever you wants to,” said Arnav cutting her off in the middle making her astounded but soon she realised that he is saying it because he thinks her as Muskaan and hence she nervously look towards other family members who also give her a go ahead.


“Umm… Actually I am sorry I just heard uncle and Shyam talking about how it is becoming difficult for them to handle business clients are asking for you Arnav. Ugh! I think you should start focusing on your company like before. See Arnav from past two years you were immersed in your own miseries with Muskaan’s memories but now as you think that Muskaan is back so you should start doing your other duties too.”






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